Joan had been having a very long day. To be more precise, a long week. Or a bad day, bad week. Or… I'm sure you get the point. It all started with the news that Jay had given her about Thad and Martín. That was Sunday. Monday, Wally got infected with a virus on a mission. Joan had barely seen him, but she attempted to console Barry and Iris. Tuesday, the air conditioning had gone out. Not the biggest thing, sure, but most of the week was just a build-up of the day before. Then Jay got captured on Wednesday by Edward Clariss. They found him Thursday, but not before he got sick. Not exactly the virus level, but still. Fevers are difficult. Today was Friday. When Thad and Martín had been captured.

They were captured by whoever this new player was. He looked like Eobard Thawne, however, and just that simple fact sent a chill down Joan's spine. After all that Jay went through with the Rival, Barry with Thawne, and now Thad and Martín. She just hoped he would get back okay.

Jay's fist slammed down on the table. Complete silence filled the room where there had once been an unrelenting orchestra of sound as if the orchestra had not tuned their instruments first. All of the Leaguers were shocked. Jay never showed his anger in a violent way, even if it wasn't against another person. "Can you all be quiet for one second?" He yelled. "Two young boys' lives are on the line and here you are bickering like a bunch of children!"

"Jay, how about you take a breath, we'll get this sorted out soon enough and the boys will be back in no time," Superman said, trying to calm Jay down. However, Jay simply laughed. A sad and morose sound.

"That's the problem," he said, chagrined. "We always assume we're going to win. That goodwill always triumphs evil. But someday, someday, we will lose. Are we going to let our pride cause the death of these two young boys? We may not know them well, but they are in our care. They are children. We have no idea who this new player is. He could be Eobard Thawne wearing some new kind of high-tech gadget for all we know. We have no idea. And as much as I want to get these boys back safe and sound, I believe this will take more than us to just burst into wherever they're being held, guns blazing, with no thought of what might happen to these children because of this."

The room was quiet. Then Green Lantern spoke up. "Do you suggest that we spend so much time on recon that we may never get the Inertia and - what was this new kid's name, Scarlet Scarab - back?"

Jay sighed. "Not at all," he said. "But this may be bigger than any of us realize. And if he is a time traveler, especially from the future, we may have no idea what we're getting into. People from the future are normally Thawne's, and everyone knows we can't trust them."

There really was no debate about who would go on the rescue mission. By no debate, I mean there was no rescue mission. Not that they didn't want to get the boys back, of course, they did, but they had no way of knowing who this person was.

Two months passed. The Garricks were keeping up hope that some new clues would resurface, but everyone else was losing faith. That is until a very deja vu moment happened.


I am so sorry. Let me just say that. I have been terrible on the updates and everything else that has come with writing this. I posted this on a whim and had no idea where this fic was going. It took me months to write this pitiful chapter. My love of Inertia has dwindled, (even though I still love him, I am not as obsessed as before) and I do not have any ideas where to go with this. When I started writing this, my writing was much worse. It's not great now, but I have started writing regularly and I have improved quite a bit. There was no plan for this and not enough people love this story for me to stick it out. I understand why I just need to start over. I have also recently started having academic problems in school and I am receiving no hope. I am in advanced classes and everyone just expects me to understand everything so I have to spend much more time on schoolwork than I normally would. I am extremely grateful to every single person who posted a comment, bookmarked this story, or gave me a kudos. Each one is greatly appreciated. I am sorry for my inability to continue this. I thought I would post what little I had written as a small consolation. If anyone wants to adopt this, please contact me via comments or messages and I will give you the story. Please tell me so I can add you to this one, though.