Finding Dashie's House

A Third Neopets Story

By fantasy_star541

Featuring: buizelmaniac's TAR (Talk About Random) main neopets: Sylvestre the Kougra, Buizel II the Lutari, Blayne the Hissi, and Zappz the Ixi

A month and one sibling after Darling Dash shared his story, things were a bit quiet. Since Fantasy has been very busy, she had not fed her neopets regularly. She comes home very tired and goes straight to sleep while the rest of the family tried desperately to get food everywhere else. And since they have a new brother named Jay Bass, who was in love with music and wants to share it with his older siblings, food and neopoints were really starting to become scarce. Yet through it all, they are still a growing, loving family.

One Saturday morning there was a knock at the door, which was loud and made everyone jump a little. Charles Charming, who was on the couch playing Snowmuncher, got up and answered the door, saying "I gat it!" He opens the door and he's excited when he sees his long time best friend Dashie, a green Pteri who is an expert at videogames more than anything (literally), is at the door, and they greet each other at the door, Dashie starting (and yes, this they how they speak), "Wha's good, ma boi!" "Ay, wha's good, ma boi," Charles says as they do their welcome handshake (and yes this is how he speaks, too), "I di'nt know you wus comin hea" "Yea, bro," Dashie replies, "You my friend, 'n we stik to it." Gryffon and Darling, who were in the kitchen talking, looked over at the two in confusion and walks over to them. "Um, Charles?" Gryffon asked, "who is this?" Charles turns to his two older siblings, "Oh! Right!" He then turns to his best friend, "Dashie, these ma big bro and sis, Gryffon Magesty and Darling Dash."

Dashie shakes their paws (well, paw for Gryffon, hoof for Darling), "How y'all doin?" "Good," Gryffon replied, "It's nice to meet you, Dashie." "Nice ta meet y'all, too, fam," Dashie says, then turns back to his friend, "Say, man, do y'all mind if I stay here for a bit?" Charles shrugs and turns to his sister, "If it's a'ight wit you, sis?" Gryffon nodded in reply, "Sure, he can stay with us for a while." They both beam in reply and head back to the couch and pick up the controls. A few hours later, Dashie and Charles put down the controls and Charles sighed, saying, "Aww man, you beat me again. Dey don't call you da expert fo nuthin'."

"It's a'ight, bro," Dashie replied, "but listen. I came here 'cause I ain't got no place ta stay yet. I haven't chosen a Neohome in what, about a month now?" Charles looked at him in surprise, "Dude, you serious?" "Yeah, I'm serious," Dashie replied back, "I mean I know you can get like free furniture on da first day, but then you have to pay fo everything else! That's messed up!" Charles looked his friend in confusion, "Isn't dat wat you was supposed ta do?" Dashie sighed, "I know man, but that's besides the point. I need to find a place to live, man. I can't keep livin' in a box." "You right," Charles agreed, "we gotta find your new home." Charles and Dashie both get up and head for the door when Darling called out to them, "Hold up, boys." Darling hands the two of them backpacks, "Don't leave without some equipment and food, you two." Dashie was confused and looked to Charles, who was chuckling nervously, "Aw man, I forgat, Mah big bro is kinda da 'mom' o da family, so he doesn't leave anyone unprepared." Dashie nods and they both head out the door to find Dashie's new home.

They first went to Neopia Central's realtor, who got Charles' sister's house at the beginning. He told them that everything was full, and all the other properties of Neopia Central told them the exact same thing. Then they traveled to Kiko Lake's main realitor for Kiko Lake homes and looked at the houses. Dashie was kind of uneasy looking at the houses of Kiko Lake and said, "Uh… Look, bro. I don't mind the inside of the houses, but the outside of the houses…I-I don't know, ma boi." "Well, they supposed to look like it," Charles said to his friend, "I mean, yeah its kinda girly 'n wut not, but it's still how Kiko Lake made these." "I just don't know, ma boi," Dashie said, "I just don't know about this place." Charles nodded his head in agreement and asked, "A'ight. Well, should we look somewhere else then?" "I think that's a good idea," Dashie answered, "let's go." They wave goodbye to the realtor and walked back to Neopia Central, since it was that close to the lake.

The next place they went to was the dock to Roo Island. As they were sailing to the island of the Blumaroos, they were seeing Neopia Central's signature rainbow of Rainbow Pool riding to the said island. When they arrived, almost ALL of the population was made of Blumaroos. They were in complete shock and awkwardness. They look at the exterior for the house. Again, Dashie didn't like what he saw and exclaimed, "Man! This dat Kau dung! How the heck I'm gonna live in a flippin' mushroom, man?!" "Now calm down, bro," Charles said, "I'm sho dey know what they doin." "I dunno, ma boi," Dashie replied, "I just don't like this." After a couple of hours, they go to the dock and board a new boat to sail to their next housing destination.

On the boat, they talked with a lot of other Neopians, especially the females, as they pass the time of their cruise. Charles went to the bow of the boat and there two giddy male neopets, a fellow Ogrin who's painted Faerie, and an Ixi who is pastel colored, walk up to him and say hi. They talked about a lot of girly things, and this made him uncomfortable, so he slowly moved away and went back to talk to his friend. Before long, they were at Terror Mountain, the coldest place in Neopia. Dashie and Charles grabbed the provided coats and went to the land owner of Happy Valley. She showed them around to the houses and Dashie gets a sudden chill. "I don't know about this place man," Dashie said, "The outside of the place looks like somethin' of a book, and you KNOW me and books, we ain't cool! And the inside looks just as much like it too!" "Hey, chill," Charles said, "I don't like it eitha, but its how Terror Mountain is, the occasional avalanche falling over it-" that's where he was cut off by Dashies yell, "AVALANCHE?" That yell could be heard from miles away and just as Dashie said it, the avalanche came, and both him and Charles gulps before screaming and running.

They ran all the way to the border between Happy Valley and Tyrannia, and they both pant as they lay on the desert floor back first. "Ma boi," Dashie says, panting, "We…Are NEVA…goin' back there again!" His exhausted friend turned to him, "You not goin…But I might return there for scratchcards…" After resting their energy, they get up and go to the jungle part of Tyrannia. There they meet the realtor… a Chomby who is as big as a house. They both drop their jaws to the ground in pure shock. "Don't worry," the realtor said, "you'll both get used to me in a little bit." They walked to the houses and looked around as the realtor was talking to them about the houses, and they were as solid as a rock. Every house was the same way. So by the time they were done looking, they were aching in pain. "Dang, man," Dashie said, making sure the realtor didn't hear him, "These beds are hard as a rock – pause – and I hate it here! This place looks like the Stone Age! Its Y21, and they need to step their game up. How are we supposed to live in a time period that ain't eva changed since the dawn of time, man?! This is wack!"

Charles straightened his back and replied, "That's how the resedents like their homes, bro. They always keep time the same way." They go to the dock to a submarine taking them to Maraqua. There, they were at the realtor for Maraquan homes and looked at all the houses. After their tour, they go to the dock for Mystery Island and sail off. They go there and immediately, Dashie is already feeling like he's found his home. He could feel his vibe just ruffle through his feathers as the Mystery Island's salty sea breeze flowed through his wings. He felt like flying, and he couldn't believe it! Charles looked at his best friend's sudden excitement and smirked, knowing that this was the place for him. They get off the boat and onto the dock, well, Charles does, and Dashie is just soaring above in pure joy, whooping and hollering, "WOOOOO-WEEE! Now THIS is what I'm talkin' 'bout! OWW! This might be my home, ma boi!"

Charles was happy as well, seeing that his friend had a good feeling about Mystery Island being his new home. That is of course, until he collided green Hissi and they both collapse to the dock. After a brief moment of daze, Charles shook it off and got up dusting himself off, saying to the Hissi, "My bad, bro. Me and my friend was just heading off to find his new home." The green Hissi also got up and dusted himself, but he scolded in reply, "Yeah, well, next time watch where you're going, bub!" Just as he said that, a blue Lutari came up to the green Hissi and scolded him, "Blayne! Could you at least be considerate for once?" Then the blue Lutari turned to Charles, "Forgive my brother. He's usually like this whenever we get out of the house…" Charles replied, "It's cool. No need to trip about it. I got two older siblings and one younger sibling, so I get the feeling a lot."

Then something clicked about this familiar Lutari, "Hold up! Aren't y'all da two brothers from Talk About Random? Buizel 'n Blayne?" The blue Lutari answered in confusion, "Yes? Why?" Charles' eyes lit up with excitement, "Oh Snap! This is awesome!" Then he shook Buizel's hand, "Me and my family are such big fans of y'all! This is too awesome!" Then he took out his camera, "Is it cool if I take a picture wit you two?" "Sure," Buizel said in reply, "we don't mind." Then he turned to his grumpy brother, "Right, Blayne?" "Pshh, whatever," Blayne huffed in reply, "Got nothing better to do anyway…" They both get in the shot of Charles' camera as Charles snaps it, creating a flash. Then the picture comes out of the camera and he grabs it, smiling with excitement, "Thank y'all so much!" "Not a problem," Buizel said, "you can come back any time."

"Hey Buizel, Blayne!" a voice came from behind them, "Where are you guys?" Then the voice behind them, who was none other than Sylvestre, came up to them, "Oh, there you two are. Listen, have you both seen Zappz?" Just then, Dashie and a familiar yellow Ixi walked up to the group, "Ey fellas, this who you lookin' for?" "Yes," Sylvester said, "Thanks, dude." Then he turned to his little brother, "What did I tell you about running off like that, Zapps?" "But big brother," Zappz said, making those puppy dog eyes, "I was only gone for five minutes." Then Dashie stepped in, "Hey, young man, in this crowd, five minutes coulda turned to five hours had I not found ya. These crowds are no joke, little man." "That's right," Sylvestre agreed, "and you know we don't leave each other's side." Zappz sighed, "Okay. I'm sorry…" Sylvester gave him a hug, "Hey, I'm just being the big brother." Charles nodded in reply, "That's right, so don't be discouraged, he still loves you like a brother." They say thank you and take a picture with Charles, then the brothers head off to Dashie's new home.

They arrive at the property and Dashie is full of excitement as they look at homes to attend to. When Dashie found the right home, he shook the realtor's paw and bought the house! "YES!" Dashie shouted from the top of his lungs, "I did it, ma boi! I bought my house!" Charles pats his friend's back in reply, "Awsome! Now we don't have to worry 'bout you sleeping under a box." The boys go their separate ways as Dashie moves in to his new home.