Hi All,

Sorry this is not an update. Unfortunately we lost our family computer to age earlier this year and it took a while to replace it. As a result I have lost all previous work on my stories. Everything.

I have looked upon this as a semi good thing. The only version of my stories are what I have already uploaded. As a result I have downloaded everything and will be starting over. I will be going through everything and editing and adjusting where I have screwed up either between chapters or overall. I will be doing this with both of my continuing stories, Wrong Move is currently completed although a lot of people would like to me add another chapter or two. If I get inspiration I will add, but currently not sure where to go if I do.

My plan is to re-work these and hopefully have them edited and reposted by the end of the year (Natural Disasters not occuring. Gotta love the Floods in Australia earlier this year.)