A/N: Hey everyone! Okay so I've decided to write another story but this will be based on a crime. The name 'Bag and Tag it' comes from the expression which is used frequently by Gibbs. This story is going to hold an interesting plot revolved around a case- like in the TV episodes. I've had this idea in mind for a while and I'm going to make it as mysterious and interesting as I can so tell me what you think and please enjoy!

Chapter 1

The elevator doors open with a ding, revealing one charming Anthony DiNozzo as he struts out into the NCIS squadroom with style. He wears a fitting jet-black suit, a navy blue tie, and his usual tinted sunglasses that clung to his face.

He throws his backpack and equipment down with thrusting ease before turning to take a seat at his desk; a wide dashing smile already smearing across his lips. He glances around at his co-workers' desks.

All were vacant.

First one in. Third day in a row DiNozzo. You are good... He muses to himself before turning on his computer for work.

Next thing you know, the elevator doors ding again and slide open to reveal one frantic looking McGee. He looks in a hurry and practically is out of breath; signaling to Tony that he had attempted to get here first.

The Probie wore a simple white dress-shirt with his usual brown suit over top of it and no tie.

"Well, well, well! Look who finally decided to join us?" Tony teases with a prideful look perched on his face. McGee slows his pace and lets out an exasperated huff at the sight of the Senior Field Agent.

"What? Really? How did you honestly get here before me?" McGee rolls his eyes before heading for his own desk now; his annoyance clearly visible for his defeat of the day.

Tony only soaks it in as McGee adds, "And by the way, there is no 'us' here Tony. Just you. Nobody else is here yet."

With this though Tony simply gawks a chuckle. "Oh? How interesting. Just shows how dependable I am." He leans back within his seat before throwing his legs up on his desk and McGee just gives a snort.

"You know what? I don't really even care..." The Probie says before turning to his desk, but Tony only shakes his head. "Then why in the world were you bookin' it to get up here before me?" The senior agent questions; and suddenly the elevator dings yet again- revealing another one of DiNozzo's co-workers.

Both men turn their attentions towards the elevator to see none other than their Israeli friend.

"Hola, Mi Ziva! Bienvenido!" Tony throws a wink over towards his arriving partner while Ziva just smiles at his use of Spanish. "Good morning everyone." She greets as she sets her backpack and bags down behind her desk.

She wore a tight dark brown vest which revealed some of the skin on her lower stomach area, a clasping belt, and even tighter cargo pants that hugged her waist perfectly.

Tony practically wanted to melt at her appearance. Her attire looked so good on her... Though he'd never admit it.

McGee nods at the Israeli as Tony also suddenly notices how Ziva's hair seemed rather damp at the moment.

"Been swimming, David?" Tony asks with a questioning look and Ziva just lifts one shoulder before dropping it. "No, actually I went for an early run this morning. And when I got to work, I was sweaty so I showered." She explains with a simple gesture to her extra bags she had hauled in.

"Ahh..." Is all Tony manages to mutter as he begins trying to picture what she had looked like while out on the run. Had she been in tight work-out attire?

She certainly had to have taken her clothes off for the shower... He thinks rather naughtily.

"So, you were here really early? As in early early?" McGee finally brings Tony back to reality with his question and Ziva nods in response.

The Probie then swings his attention back onto Tony with a grin and gives a boastful laugh. "Ha! You weren't the first one here after all! Ziva was!" He taunts, and Tony just rolls his eyes.

It is then that finally their silver-haired boss comes strutting into the room with his usual coffee in hand. "Got a dead marine." he informs in a gruff tone; which causes for each field agent to leap from their seats and begin grabbing their things.

"Tony, gas up the car; I'll meet you guys there." He demands, and Tony cocks his head like a dog. "Where we goin' boss?" He asks.

"We're going to Harwood, off of Davidsonville." He replies with a snap before heading for the staircase that would take him to the third floor.

McGee's gaze stays on Gibbs before he turns to catch up with his co-workers at the elevator. "I know where Harwood is." He comments once he joins the other two in the elevator.

"Oh goodie! Then you can tell me how to get there because I'm driving." Tony grins with a flick of the car keys.

The car pulls to a quick halt before the three field agents hop out. Once Tony pulls on his NCIS jacket and cap, he lets out a groan. It was a hot day to be wearing this kind of apparel.

"Oh don't be such a child, Tony." Ziva chides with a smirk as she finishes pulling her hair into a neat bun.

"Okay so, where to?" McGee questions next as he scans their surroundings. There wasn't much to see on this little street.

Police cars however directed their attentions over towards a warehouse-looking building. Obviously the murder had taken place over there.

"Guess we better join them." Tony grimaces before leading the way through some of the tall grasses that lined the roadway.

The three agents file before the warehouse where four to five local LEOS stood; some with clipboards in hand and others talking simply.

"You three feds?" One woman finally acknowledges them with an attempt of a smile.

Tony just holds his credentials up before nodding in response. "Good guess." He muses.

"So, what happened here?" Ziva asks next with a short glance towards the warehouse building. The police official crosses her arms before shaking her head. "Victim has been shot multiple times in the chest. Someone found him among the pile he was under." She explains, and McGee gains a confusing expression to his face. "Um, pile? What pile?" he asks.

The woman pauses. "He was found under a pile of food- or groceries for that matter. This place is a food market. You know, a grocery store- or was one I guess." She corrects herself as suddenly Gibbs comes strutting up to the team; his eyes glancing to every officer in turn. "I'm Special Agent Gibbs, we'll take it from here guys." He flashes his badge and credentials to the woman and a few other by-standing cops before turning towards his team. That was his cue for the police to be on their way.

"So? What happened?" He asks them.

Ziva quickly explains to Gibbs what they've just learned on the victim. Once she finishes she adds, "No suspect yet and not much to go on either."

Gibbs nods as McGee continuously feels his curiosity linger.

Food? He was under a pile of food? He frowns. This was going to be one strange case.

"Get in there and check it out. McGee, Tony, crime scene photos. Ziva, check if we can get the security footage here." He demands, and each agent only nods before voicing their responses:

"On it Boss!"

"On it."

"Sure thing, Gibbs."

Gibbs then watches as Tony and McGee head over to their backpacks for their cameras. Ziva starts off for the building just as a hand comes to land on Gibbs' shoulder.

He turns before cracking a small smile at his friend Ducky.

"Duck, we got a body." He remarks, and the Medical Examiner grins. "Those are my specialty, Jethro."


McGee pulls out his crime scene camera before falling into step behind Tony. The Senior Agent leads the way towards the Grocery building before coming to a halt in front of it- McGee nearly colliding into him from the abrupt stop.

"Something wrong?" The Probie asks before casually following Tony's gaze onto the building.

The place seemed normal. It held a big sign on the front with words that said, 'Fresh From Afar Foods'. It was nothing but a simple Grocery store...

So what was the hold up?

"Tony?" McGee questions louder this time, and DiNozzo only shakes his head. "Sorry, Probie. This place just seems a little eerie... don't you think?" He asks with a narrow of his eyes towards the doors. McGee however just snorts. "You afraid to go in?"

With this, Tony turns and glares at McGee. "What kind of man do you take me as?" He scoffs before finally heading into the building.

Once inside though, Tony feels the room drop from the warmth of outside to a couple tenths of degrees colder. He wraps his arms around himself and hurriedly zips up his jacket. "Geez! It feels like the North Pole in here!" He barks before sweeping his gaze around the giant store.

Aisles of food lines the room perfectly, however most of the food was flung off of the shelves and onto the floor below. Cereal boxes, canned goods, meats, veggies, and packages were strewn everywhere. It was a total mess.

"Wow." McGee breathes adjacent to Tony- who still had his arms tightly around his body.

"I know, looks as if a food fight had broken out in here." Tony muses through chattering teeth. The two agents begin slowly making their way farther into the large room; the temperature only seeming to drop more and more.

"D-Did someone like leave the freezer doors open?!" Tony growls while yanking his jacket tighter around himself. McGee however just shrugs before glancing around through the growing shadows. The room was only getting darker as they moved away from the doors and windows.

Odd. He thinks to himself as he then looks upwards to notice that all of the LED lights had been broken- or perhaps shot at.

"Okay.. this is getting rather weird." McGee finally agrees with the Senior Agent now; his eyes trying to capture everything around them as if something were to happen at any given moment.

"Relax. We just have to find the correct aisle that the body is on." Tony suggests as he starts with the first row.

He glances down each dark aisle before finally coming upon aisle number six.

A dark mass lay in the middle of the walkway and instantly he suppresses the slightest of shudders. "Found it." He calls over his shoulder before heading down the lane- McGee right on his heels.

As he approaches the body, he quickly finds that the officer was right.

The dead marine lay in a disfigured stance upon the cold tile floor with nothing but foods and bags of groceries strewn around him. It looked as if he were literally buried alive from nothing but food.

"Okay, this is just sad." Tony mutters as he holds up his camera to snap a pic. McGee makes a face as he comes to stand beside Tony; his stomach turning from the scene before him. "Poor guy. The smell isn't very welcoming either." he agrees before taking some pictures.

Once they finish with their crime scene photos, Tony takes another look at the marine's body position again before coming to a conclusion.

"Look at the way he's literally buried under the food. I mean, I'm getting the feeling like this scene was staged." Tony points out rather skeptically and McGee raises a questionable look to the older agent. "Well how can you be sure?" He asks.

Tony shrugs. "I've seen crime scenes similar to this before. I mean come on, how does one dead guy end up underneath all of this food without a little help?" He shifts his gaze to the empty shelves overhead of the body.

He then kicks a bag of groceries away from the marine's head before squatting down on his knees for any clues or evidence of someone else being here. "Yeah, brings a whole new meaning..." He starts, and McGee glances at him.

"To what?"

"I mean when you've had enough food, you've really had enough..." Tony jokes, though his tone holds no signs of his usual playfulness.

McGee only frowns at the saying but nods.

"Yeah, I don't think he planned on paying for all these groceries by himself." he attempts a chuckle but it doesn't come.

This was going to be one strange case...

A/N: Okay so I've had this story plot in mind for a while and don't worry it really picks up. It's going to get really interesting and I can't wait to continue writing more :)

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