Chapter 14

Tony's mind is still reeling from the major discovery. He had just apprehended Garret Halsworth but... this was not the man that Ziva had seen earlier.

"Garret?" Tony says the man's name again in total astonishment.

Garret Halsworth only nods vigorously. "I-It's my brother, man! It's Adrien! I-I don't know what's up with him but you have to listen to me!" Garret's voice is frantic yet stern- as if complete confidence was all that was holding him together.

Tony still has his gun pointed at the man. There was no way he could just trust this guy- heck, he had been the main suspect all along!

He tries to shake his head from the swarming questions that now troubled him and he goes to speak into his comm system.

"Uh... Boss, we've got a problem."

McGee has his gun clenched within his hands. His heart is pounding. He knows this time it ain't no wild hare that's outside...

This was different.

This was Halsworth.

While sitting here silently to himself- he had just got word from Ziva that she had finally spotted Halsworth. But within a few minutes later- footsteps and scuffling noises began making themselves known just right outside his barn's door.

He's here... McGee now thinks to himself as he holds his breath and fidgets ever so slightly. He wasn't ready for this..


He was.

Oh, he didn't even know!

He knew the Boss was going to come aid him for this apprehension but would he be on time? Or would he be too late?

Suddenly, as if the whole world were now holding its breath, the barn door creeks open- sending an eerie ear-splitting noise ricocheting around the place. McGee is on edge and his eyes are huge as moons now.

Footsteps lightly sound around the barn's external structure and it is then when McGee spots the dark man's face simply peering into the barn.

Timothy McGee's breath hitches within his throat.


The dark eyes flit around the room- as if he were scanning his surroundings for anyone perhaps like McGee.

The Probie stays concealed by his boxes that he hid behind- but would it be enough?

Finally, as if accepting that the place seems clear, the man steps slowly into the room at last...

This however, was not the man that McGee had expected to see.

This man was different from what Garret Halsworth looked like from within the pictures online.

W-Who on earth is this guy? McGee thinks incredulously to himself.

The man has piercing amber eyes with a long pointed nose and a light scruffy black beard that clings to his face tightly. McGee nonetheless recalls Garret with having brown hair and not black... So, who is this man?

Doesn't matter... Maybe it could even be a disguise? I-I have to catch him anyhow... He tells himself. This was his big moment.

He notices that the man did not appear to be carrying a weapon so this completely makes the situation easier.

Timothy counts to three before finally throwing himself out from behind his boxes and he snaps his gun up.

"NCIS Federal Agent! Freeze! Don't move!" He yells as best and as clearly as he can. Upon revealing himself, the man instantly ignores McGee's demands and jerks for the door.

Dang it! McGee quickly takes off after the suspect and rapidly charges out the door. The night air instantly blasts into his face as he turns and sees the man heading for one of the nearby cattle fences.

"Stop!" McGee yells loudly- but it is no use.

The man leaps onto the fence and jumps it like a hurdle with ease. McGee follows in hot pursuit. He clamors over the fence roughly before turning to see the figure running for the front of the ranch.


This causes for McGee to hurriedly climb back over the fence- in fear of disturbing any of the bulls or cattle, and begins talking into his comm system.

"B-Boss! I-I have him on the run! He's-" But McGee is cut off from speaking as footsteps sound behind him suddenly. He turns to see both Gibbs and Ziva coming to stand beside him- their chests heaving from their recent run.

"I know, I see him McGee!" Gibbs snaps before coming to a halt beside the Probie and Ziva only simply begins darting off along the side of the fence in the direction of the man. She was determined not to lose him.

"H-He wouldn't stop and now he's heading for-" McGee tries to explain his situation but Gibbs just nods as if understanding the whole thing and this causes for McGee to trail off again.

"He won't make it far..." Gibbs mutters before placing his gun back into its holster. McGee, who is still panting from the chase, only looks to his boss with confusion. How were they ever going to catch him now? And why wasn't the boss concerned about the guy getting away?

Suddenly though, as if to answer his questions, there comes a giant uproar from the field just adjacent to them.

Both McGee and Gibbs' heads turn and Ziva, who was still trying to chase down the fleeing man, stops in her tracks now at what was beginning to happen.

Just as McGee had rightfully feared, the cattle within the enclosed fence were beginning to stir from the fast-moving figure of the runaway suspect. He was still trying to run through the field- but this wasn't too bright of an idea.

More noises comes from the field and McGee practically quivers from what exactly was going on.

Up ahead, the man yells frantically as he now swerves for the fence- no longer aiming to escape the feds, but to escape the disturbed cattle and bulls.

McGee, who can hardly believe his eyes at what is taking place before him, looks to Gibbs with a slight surge of panic for their suspect. What if he gets wounded by one of the cattle? Or worst...?

Gibbs however only shifts nonchalantly with a certain cool to him as he watches on.

The man hurries for the fence where Ziva waits for him; a few of the cattle beginning to let off startling noises as a warning nearby.

"See... he made one dumb mistake. They'll think you're a coyote or something and try and spar you off..." Gibbs remarks rather thoughtfully towards McGee before moving forward to apprehend the man.

McGee only stares on- rather shocked from the scene.

As the man approaches them, one of the younger bulls even starts to chase him, and the suspect shrieks loudly before coming to throw himself over the railing of the fence.

He lands hard on his side before Ziva goes to wrestle him to the ground. "Stay down!" She demands with intensity, and Gibbs comes to cuff the man on queue.

McGee hurries to join them while still holding his astonished expression.

"Wow. That could have ended badly. Quite dangerous." The Probie remarks abruptly, and Ziva only smirks in agreement.

"Augggh! Let go of me! I-I didn't do anything wrong!" The man yells with his face pressed hard into the dirt and gravel. He attempts to continue his speaking but Ziva only shoves him harder into the soil.

Gibbs only chuckles before clasping the cuffs on hard and tight- and this only gains another yell from the man.

"S-So this isn't Garret, right?" McGee questions with a look towards Ziva and Gibbs jerks the man to his feet.

He didn't want to be the only one who noticed how different Garret appeared from this guy.

"No. DiNozzo's got Garret. This here is good ol' Adrien." Gibbs explains with a hard nudge to Adrien's shins. McGee feels his mind cloud with confusion and Ziva only winks at him. "I'll fill you in on the way back." She assures him. She then turns to lead the way towards the main barn where Tony awaited their arrival... along with the notorious Garret Halsworth.

"Apparently there's two of them." Tony remarks ungratefully as he makes his way into the bullpen with McGee and Ziva at his side. Ziva only chuckles in response as she sets her gear down at her desk.

"Uh Yeah. I-I really figured it out at the last moment." McGee remarks; still feeling a little shaken from the scene and the mad chase. He couldn't quite grasp how Adrien had decided to run through a field of cattle as his escape route. He was completely insane.

"Yeah. When Garret pulled up I didn't know what in this world was going on! I mean I was thinking he cloned himself or something!" Tony jokes humorously at his co-workers who only seemed unamused at his remark. He clears his throat next. "Well... At least now we'll get to figure out this whole situation." Tony concludes with an awkward look before hurrying out of the bullpen.

"Oh yes. Would not want to miss this." Ziva agrees as she and McGee follows him into Observation Room 1.

Garret Halsworth is already sitting in one of the chairs. Either way, he was probably going to be involved somehow through this whole mess and charged with something... Even if that something was small and short-termed.

Upon entering the room though, Abby and Ducky are already there and waiting for the interrogation. Normally these two didn't watch the interrogations- but on this occasion? They didn't want to miss the conclusion to this awful case...

Abby instantly snaps her head around and towards her friends now. "Ohhh! You're back! And you're safe!" She squeals before going to give each field agent a hug.

Tony smiles broadly before crossing his arms. "Nothing we can't ever handle." he muses.

Ducky only grins. "Yes. We figured out that Garret had a brother and Abigail here found the man's prints on some of the grocery items." The doctor explains thoroughly.

"Yeah! But we didn't want to call... we thought we'd blow your stakeout or something." Abby adds with a slight guilt-stricken look. McGee however only shrugs. "Eh, its alright. We surprisingly managed to catch them both." He points out.

"Yes. And that is all that matters." Ziva agrees.

Abby however only turns back to the glass with an expecting look. "I'm still just curious as to how Adrien even fits into all of this... I mean, Rebecca's best friend was Garret! Not Adrien!" She flails her arms in an exasperated manner and Ducky nods.

Just then, Gibbs enters into the interrogation room- his eyes already icy and hard.

"...Welp! We're about to get some answers." Tony chuckles.


Gibbs roughly takes a seat before folding his hands on top of the table before him and Garret. The man doesn't even lift his head.

"So..." Gibbs begins abruptly. There was no patience with this one- much less Adrien who'd be next.

Garret heaves a troubling sigh before speaking. "L-Look, I know what it looks like..." He stammers hard and Gibbs only glares.

"Oh Yeah. It looks like a bunch of people were murdered from poison... All over a childhood friend!" The Boss growls loudly out of rage for the situation. There were hardly any 'good' reasons to kill... but to kill over simple jealousy? Who would do such a low act?

Garret clenches his teeth before finally looking to Gibbs now. He frowns. "I did not kill Jerry. Adrien did. Not me!" He defends himself and Gibbs only rolls his eyes.

"Oh real smooth. Ask your brother to do the dirty work for ya, huh?" Gibbs scoffs dryly and at this, Garret hardens his look.

"You don't understand the situation, sir!"

Gibbs only shifts. "Well then tell me about it. Cause I know all about you and Rebecca..." He grumbles.

At the mention of the name Rebecca, Garret flinches ever so slightly. "Look... I don't know why my brother did it. I did not ask him to kill Jerry, alright!? I was trying to figure out what was wrong with him!" He implies strongly.

"That's why I even went looking for him, okay? I was trying to help! I didn't want to be dragged into this whole mess!"

At this, Gibbs simply raises an eyebrow. Garret tries to continue.

"Adrien... He had been acting strange lately. I think he was just trying... you know, to get back at her or something. Look, I don't even truly know!" The man's eyes scream for Gibbs to believe in his statements but it is no use.

Something was off about this guy...


Within minutes Gibbs simply heads for the door and slams it behind him. Once in the hallway, he shakes his head irritably. Garret was completely lying about something. It was one of those gut-feelings...

I'll find out soon enough. He thinks to himself.

He then heads for Interrogation Room 2 where Garret's brother, Adrien Halsworth, is being held.

Tony looks to the team with an expecting look. "You think he's involved?" He questions the lingering group.

McGee gives a small shrug while Ziva nonetheless gives a short nod. "Somehow. He seems to be hiding something." She remarks and Ducky agrees to this with a nod. "I may not be a field agent but being a Psychologist sometimes does the trick. And this man indeed seems to be hiding something..."

With this, Tony leads the way into Observation Room 2. They weren't about to miss part two.

This was the final showdown. Adrien Halsworth would give all the answers. If not, they'd both still possibly be charged. Gibbs would break them at some point.

Abby quickly grabs a spot in the front as Gibbs goes to sit down in front of Adrien now.

The skinny man blinks slowly at Gibbs- his eyes practically lifeless and dull.

"This man makes my skin crawl." Ziva mutters towards Tony and he only nods in agreement.

The room then falls quiet before Gibbs breaks the settling silence.

"Wanna tell me why you murdered a good marine? Along with two children whom you didn't even personally know?" Gibbs' voice is harsh- as it should be.

Adrien rolls his eyes slowly before shrugging. "Hmm... Why do you think I did it?" He asks lowly. His face still holds a ghastly bruise from his frantic leap over the fence just last night.

His attempts to escape the NCIS agents hadn't been very smooth. Running through a field of cattle was never a good idea. Especially at night.

Gibbs narrows his eyes before simply stating, "Your brother ratted you out.. Or are we going to have to arrest the both of ya?" He threatens without a care- and this seems to bother Adrien a bit.

"Arrest us both? Why both of us?" He argues bitterly now and Gibbs only wants to smirk. "Well.. Unless you tell me which one of you made the kills. Or... did you split them between the two of ya?"

"No!" Adrien now stands to his feet- his eyes burning.

This is what the team had been waiting for. Finally this long strange case seemed to be coming to a close.

"So who killed them?" Gibbs asks again and this time Adrien swallows hard. "It was me. I did it." He gestures a hand to himself before taking his seat again.

Tony only chuckles from behind the glass. "Boy, ain't this guy a real card!" he grins.

"Yes, he doesn't seem to hold any emotion for the deaths of the people he killed. He seems to only care about his brother." Ducky observes carefully.

Meanwhile, Gibbs crosses his arms before going to lean back within his chair. "What if I said I don't believe you?" Gibbs mocks with a taunting tone and Adrien only scoffs. "Look. I killed Jerry. I did it to get back at that wretched woman! She was the one who broke my little brother's heart! You just don't do that to your best friend!" he growls before going to curl his fists up into balls. He was clearly trying to refer to Rebecca Phax an obviously he hated her guts.

Ziva only raises an eyebrow at the man. His acts of anger didn't seem threatening to her at all.

Gibbs now holds a thoughtful look though to what this man had to say. "You took Jerry.. into a grocery store? And decided to kill him with poison?... All for your brother?" He stares at Adrien with disbelief. He felt like he wasn't gaining the whole picture. And he was determined to get to the very bottom of this.

"Yes! Believe me! Jerry saw me, and followed me into the grocery store. The break-in was just a facade." He admits willingly... a little too willingly though. "I was going to poison all of the food- that way most of Rebecca's hometown friends would fall sick. But then there was Jerry and... it was the perfect opportunity to kill him." He explains thoroughly.

McGee all the while has his brows furrowed in a confused manner. "You guys buying any of this?" He questions.

Abby quickly shakes her head. "No way..."

"Too easy." Ziva remarks.

Gibbs thinks this too. Heck, he knows this. He's interrogated people for far too long and knows all of the tricks.

"I think.. that you did kill Jerry." Gibbs finally admits, and this gets a relieving look from Adrien. "I did." He nods.

"But..." Gibbs then goes on.

"I also think your brother helped."

And with this, Gibbs begins to head for the door- ending their conversation. He wanted Adrien Halsworth to believe that this talk was over- and yes, Adrien buys it.

"No wait! Okay, fine!" The man yells desperately, and Gibbs pauses at the door.

"My brother..." He pauses with a hesitant look around the room. "H-He may have gotten me the supplies... He gave me stock, alright?"

Gibbs rolls his eyes before snapping at the dark-haired figure with a booming voice next, "What kind of stock?!"

"H-He got me the poison... But! He did not kill anyone!"

A silence quickly falls upon the room with this. And there's the connection...

There's the missing link...

"That's all I need to know." Gibbs mutters before yanking the door shut.

So it was true. Both of them were in on it- and now both of them would be going to rot in prison.

Adrien and Garret Halsworth teamed up and killed a marine. Not to mention those two kids. All because Rebecca chose someone else rather than Garret.

Tony snickers from inside Observation. It was completely ridiculous to think that they had actually hoped to get away with something like this...

"Wow... That's it?" Abby breathes in disbelief. "He like, just told on his own brother! Right then and there!" She gestures towards the man still sitting in the chair. He seemed pleased with himself now- as if he had saved his brother from the fate of prison... but no. He had done the exact opposite.

"Yeah, sometimes they don't even think when they confess. Some people just aren't too smart in these areas." McGee tells the startled Goth- his eyes still on Adrien.

"Well I'm just bloody glad that you caught the killers!" Ducky praises with a relieving smile before heading for the door. "Those poison attacks were getting way too out of hand." He adds, and Ziva only gives a look. "I cannot believe Garret was the supplier. Makes sense now though. Both of them went off the grid for a reason..." She points out.

Once back out into the hallway though, Gibbs is standing there- a coffee cup already in hand. He is waiting for his agents.

"Boss? So like, now what? We've caught the bad guys. Like always." Tony chuckles as he comes to stand in front of his boss.

Gibbs takes a sip of his coffee before nodding. "Guess I should tell Rebecca the news before letting her go. Hopefully she'll be able to move on from all of this." He mutters. He'd also need to question Adrien some more for the whereabouts of any more leftover poison... But that would be for later. He'd surely crack him some more.

He then though looks back at his three agents expectantly at the thought of the poison. "Well. We don't exactly know if Adrien left some of his poison behind at that ranch yet or not."

All three of the agents look at each other. "W-Well.. he didn't seem to have any poison, right?" McGee inputs slowly.

Gibbs only furrows his brow.

"No. I'm not taking any chances. Go back and retrace his steps. I want you to collect any and all things that might be vital for touching. He may have dropped off some more poison there. I mean, it was his next targeting place anyhow... Heck, he could have dumped his poison container in the woods nearby or something. Who knows..."

The three only fall silent. Nobody liked the thought of what was to come.

"But Boss... that could take like.. forever?" Tony questions rather stunned. Was he kidding or something?... Was he really going to make them go back to that ranch and collect more horrid evidence? With those unfriendly ranch people and everything?

Gibbs just smirks. "Yeah, I know. But, it needs to be done." And with this, he heads back around the corner that would take him to the squad room. But not without yelling, "Bag and tag it!" Over his shoulder.

He then just grins to himself. One more case solved.

Meanwhile, Tony's mouth is already agape. He did not want to go back to that ranch! And for what? Looking for poison? Searching for residue of some sort?

He then slowly turns to his two co-workers- the thought of their endless work straining each one of their minds. He shifts a bit. "Hey... Just so you guys know..." He begins rather awkwardly. "Once we're done bagging and tagging... I call dibs on not carrying all of the evidence back to the car..."

McGee and Ziva just roll their eyes...

This was going to be interesting.

A/N: Hey everyone! And the story finally comes to a close. This was like my first crime story so I am sorry if I left anything out or didn't do the very best at meeting expectations. I worked really hard on this though! And I wanted everyone to enjoy every bit of it :)

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**Oh! And for those who wonder how Tony and Ziva were poisoned at the beginning- yeah it was after they helped finish with the evidence. When they took off their gloves to throw them away, this was when I imagine a slight accidental graze from the side of a glove or something to one's skin. That's all it would take anyhow. And then this would soon transfer to the other from the touching of the car keys. This is why and how Tony and Ziva were poisoned for a short bit.