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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you cancer, you do all you can to fight it, even when you just want to give up.

Isabella Swan was currently on a plane to go live with her father, Charlie Swan in Forks, Washington. She would have stayed with her mum, Renee Dwyer in Phoenix, Arizona however there was a new trial starting at a hospital in Seattle. Bella, as she liked to be called, was a typical 17 year old if a typical 17 year old had cancer. She liked to read but kept to her self a lot, though when you have cancer everyone wanted to feel sorry for the sick girl and gave her too much attention and she didn't like all the attention on her. Her parents had divorced when she was little and she went to live with her mum. They were a happy family even if she was the one that had to act like an adult most of the times. Renee met Phil and they married shortly after. Phil is a great guy, he puts up with mum and all her crazy ideas and even eats the recipes that she invents even though they taste horrible. He is always supporting her in everything she does as well such as all the hobbies she tries to take on but gets bored of after 2 days. Charlie is great, even though I don't see him often, we talk on the phone every week. I used to go and visit him every summer and some Christmases up until the point where I put my foot down and made him to Arizona to visit.

You could say that everything was perfect, life was good. I had lots of friends that we used to go to parties and hang out every weekend and even the friends that invited me over when I told them that Renee was going to be cooking that night. They knew that as soon as I said that Renee was cooking, that I would most likely be eating very little of it and then pretending that I had a lot of homework and going upstairs to 'study,' but most likely waiting until Mum and Phil had gone to bed so that I can sneak into the kitchen and eat some proper food. Then at the end of March and the start of April everything changed. I was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.