hello all, sorry for not updating my other story but i have been very busy as of lately but here is another story of mine that i just thought of so here you go.

a long time ago on a planet named earth during the dark ages there was a war betwean man and beast.

these beasts were called dragons, ruthless creatures and after many years of fighting they came to an agreement that they will not fight anymore and so after that the dragons made a stone of life and death so that if someone broke the promise a person could kill him just by thinking of that person, years later the dragons left through a portal never to be seen again.

year 2010

life was going good for myka and pete they had a good job at warehouse 13 where they collect strange artifacts, they had even better friends, and an awesome boss named artie Neilson. today they were investigating an artifact that was stolen from a museum.

"so a guy steels a silver stone that does what exactly?" pete asked looking at mika.

"well all we know is that it can kill people in seconds without you using a gun, we don't know how or why we just know it does." mika replied.

"oh rig..." just before he finished speaking tnere was a yell of pain and pete turned to mika and said "well here we go again."

"you don't say." she replied running towords the yelling. when they get to a hallway they see a man lying down on his back bleading from a stab wound. mika checked the wound and said "he's losing a lot of blood we need to get him to the hospital quick before he dies!"

"no don't, you can't just get him quick before he leaves." the guy said before dying from blood loss.

"shit we lost him, he's dead, we will catch that son of a bitch." mika said getting up just when they heard a laugh and they turned around to see a guy in a suit holding a shining stone in his hands.

"you think you can kill me, malefor, i cannot die not with this i won't." he said laughing but then they heard the police comming bbut then he held the stone up high and it glowed and the police started to chaoke and die right in front of them, then he ran off and dissapeared in a flash of light.

a couple hours later pete and mika were back at the warehouse exhausted from the day that they had but thay new for sure that there day was nowhere near over and that they had to catch the guy before he kills them all and destroys the world.

so what do you think guys let me know and if you like it anough i will make a new chapter