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Edge of Satan City

In a small boutique, placed out near the border of Satan city, people moved in and out of the store, hoping to find their desired items. Unbeknownst to the shoppers was a blonde girl sitting behind a rack of clothes.

Erasa had made her way there by sneaking around the employees and finding the first place to hide.

The teen had her knees pushed against her chest as a few tears escaped her eyes again. She couldn't get the memories of her father from replaying in her head. Her fight with Gohan kept popping up as well making her chest tighten.

'What is wrong with me? Why did I make Daddy so angry? Why did I yell at Gohan? Why am I such an awful person,' Erasa thought as she sniffled loudly.

"I'm so sorry Gohan," The blonde whispered softly.

"Hello, are you okay?" A voice inquired causing Erasa to lift her head up. The teen saw a little girl with blonde pigtails in a pink dress.

"O-Oh I'm fine sweetie nothing to worry about," Erasa assured the girl with an attempt at a bright smile. "Just go find your Mom and Dad k?"

"Well, I was going to, but I heard you say Uncy Gohan's name."

Erasa's eyes widened as she stared at the girl. "Y-You know Gohan?" The little girl nodded with a bright smile. "Does he have spiky hair and a goofy grin?"

"Yup, that's him! He's the best Uncy in the world! He's always bringing me toys, and he lets me play with Icyris all the time."

'What the hell is in an Icyris,' Erasa thought as the girl continued to list off all the great things her uncle does. The blonde teen couldn't help but smile at the small child, and her tales of Gohan only made her beam even more.

"Marron, what are you doing back here?" A male voice questioned until he moved the wracks to find Erasa and the girl.

"Daddy!" Marron shouted then jumped up to her father who caught her in his arms. Erasa stood up and tried to wipe her puffy eyes dry.

"Woah their firefly calm down. I'm sorry about my daughter she likes to run away from us sometimes." The father spoke with an embarrassed chuckle.

"It's okay, she's a sweet girl," Erasa said as Marron smiled back at her.

"Daddy, she knows Uncy Gohan." The man turned to face Erasa with his eyes narrowed a bit. The blonde didn't know why but it seemed like his demeanor changed in an instant. The man seemed to tense up, and he eyed her suspiciously.

"Oh, how do you know him?"

"W-Well Gohan and I both go to Orange Star High, and he's in some of my classes," Erasa explained. The bald man relaxed and put on a wide smile.

"Ahh that's right I forgot Gohan went to school now. My names Krillin and as you've probably guessed this is my daughter, Marron."

Erasa stepped forward and shook Krillin's hand as she introduced herself. "I'm Erasa."

"So, how long have you known Gohan for?" Krillin asked with a suggestive smirk.

"Only about two days know. It kinda feels weird saying that out loud because it feels like I've known him for so long."

Krillin chuckled a bit as he reminisced. "Yeah, their lot has that type of effect on you. I still remember the first time I met him 14 years ago. Kami, it feels like it was yesterday."

Suddenly a cold voice interrupted them. "What's going on here?"

The three turned to see a gorgeous blonde woman standing behind Krillin. The bald warrior stumbled back in fright while Marron jumped up and landed in the woman's arms.

"Mommy!" Marron shouted.

Rubbing the back of his neck, Krillin began to speak. "Geesh 18 you can't sneak up on me like that." Ignoring her husband's complaints, 18 turned to the teen in front of her.

"Who are you?"

"O-Oh my name is Erasa I'm classmates with Gohan," Erasa answered quickly as she stretched out her hand. For some reason, the lady looked scary and ominous.

18's face softened, and she shook Erasa's hands. "It's nice to meet you, I'm 18. Gohan's a good kid; he's done a lot for my family and me." The blonde cyborg spoke with genuine gratitude.

"That's what I keep hearing," Erasa replied with a small laugh at the end. Erasa looked at the two and was a bit surprised that they were married. 18 resembled a model while Krillin was short and bald. It was an uncanny pairing but one she respected.

'I guess they most love each other a lot.'

18 turned to her husband and spoke. "Krillin we have to go; the real estate agent is already at the place we were looking at."

The bald human nodded his head but glanced over at Erasa. "Okay, can you go pay and I'll meet you in the car?"

18 nodded her head and began to leave with Marron in her arms. "Bye Miss Erasa!" Marron shouted as she left with her mother.

"Bye Marron," Erasa smiled as the mother and daughter disappeared from her sight.

Krillin turned towards the teen girl in front of him. His face went from happy to stoic as he eyed the girl. "So, what happened between you and Gohan?"

Erasa looked shocked at the man in front of her. 'How does he know something happened?'

"N-Nothing Gohan and I ar-," Erasa began but was halted by the serious face of Krillin. Tears began to swell in her eye as she recalled the event. "How'd you guess?"

"My daughter said you knew Gohan, and a name like his just doesn't come up in casual conversation. Also, your eyes are red which indicates you were crying." Krillin scratched the back of his head with a small grin on his face. "Sorry, I just got promoted to detective, and it's following me into my real life."

Erasa wiped a tear from her eye and responded. "It's okay I definitely get that. Gohan and I kind of got into an argument earlier. It was all my fault, and I got so angry that I said some things that I shouldn't have."

Krillin nodded his head and took a deep breath. "Look, I've known Gohan for virtually his whole life. That kid, he's something special. In my entire existence, I've only met two other people who are as powerful as Gohan and so kind in the same breath. I promise if you talk to him about it, he'll forgive you."

Erasa nodded firmly finally being able to dry her tears. "I will."

The warrior smiled widely at Erasa. "You have a kind heart Erasa. You'll fit in with our group for sure."

The blonde then blushed a bit but also raised her eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Krillin turned to leave with a grin on his face. "You'll understand when the time comes. I'll see ya soon Erasa." The bald man walked away to go join his family as they left the store.

"Bye Krillin, thank you for everything!" The blonde exclaimed.

Erasa stood by herself with a confident look on her face. 'I can do this! I'm going to make things right with Gohan.' Even though they had fought, she was determined to make it up to him.

The teen girl marched out of the store with a new purpose. On her way, towards the sidewalk, she spotted Pierce waving her towards her from the parking lot.

"Miss Cil, over here!"

Erasa smiled and ran over to the car. When she got there, she looked up at the butler with bright eyes. "Pierce, why'd you stay?"

"I would never leave you by yourself, Miss Cil. I must look after you." Pierce assured her.

Erasa smiled and pulled Pierce into a hug. The older butler stiffened at first but relaxed into the embrace. "I'm so sorry for not assisting you Miss Cil," Pierce apologized as he held back tears.

While stepping away from the butler, Erasa flashed him a bright smile. "Don't worry about it, Pierce. Just know that both of us can move on from this, and we'll be stronger in the end." Erasa explained.

"Thank you, Miss Cil," The old butler said as he wiped away a stray tear. "Now where too?"

"Back to Orange Star. I've got to right some wrongs." Erasa said as she slipped into the car.

Pierce got in as well, and he began to drive towards Orange Star High. Erasa looked out the window in both excitement and nervousness. The sun started to part the clouds, and she had hope again.

'Kami, I hope Gohan will forgive me.'

From the other side of the parking lot, Krillin and his family watched Erasa drive away.

"So, she's the one Bulma called you about," Krillin spoke with a grin on his face.

"I believe so. Chi Chi said she suspected Gohan of trying to 'swoon' a girl and a beautiful one show's up crying over him. It's too much of a coincidence," 18 said with a small smirk etched on her lips.

"Our group has never been one for coincidences. What do you think Marron?"

The little girl perked up from her car seat at the mention of her name. "I think she's really pretty and she would make a great Aunty Erasa."

Krillin and 18 chuckled at their daughter. "Well, I think it's her. Call Bulma and let her know."

18 picked up her phone and dialed the number for Capsule Corp. "18 what's up didn't we just get off the phone?" Bulma questioned over the phone.

"Oh, we did, but I've got some interesting information to share."

Orange Star High

Gohan entered the gym and walked towards the back wall. The young Saiyan leaned against the surface and closed his eyes hoping to clear his mind. He just wanted to get through the day without being noticed.

With his mind cleared Gohan's heightened senses began to pick up chatter about him.

"That's the kid the one with the spiky hair," A boy student said to his right.

"He's kind of cute; hopefully his face doesn't get messed up," A girl voiced on his left.

"Remember, don't go near him," Gohan heard from another group of guys.

Gohan's eavesdropping was interrupted by the whistle of Coach Myg. "Listen up! Even though we have a shortened period, we will still be getting dressed. Head to the lockers!" The coach ordered, and everyone followed suit.

The teen Saiyan made his way towards the lockers. When he got to the entrance, he noticed all of the guys were lined up to the side. Almost everyone avoided eye contact except for one who pointed towards the door. The boy had bright red hair and was trying to keep himself calm.

The kid who pointed mouthed "sorry" at Gohan, then turned away. The Saiyan warrior accepted what was going to happen and entered the locker room. Even though he was trying not to get involved in a matter like this, his Saiyan side itched for an altercation.

Inside the locker room stood Sharpner with his hands in his pockets and a scowl on his face. Gohan looked behind him and saw that the door had been closed.

Wishing to get this over with and to keep himself from snapping, Gohan spoke. "What do you want Sharpner?"

The blonde teen approached Gohan, anger visible on his face. Doing this was going to make his day. He finally had a reason to knock the living daylights out of Son Gohan. "Where's my sister?"

"I don't know," Gohan responded with a stoic expression.

Sharpner nodded along until he kicked over a bench causing a loud crash. "Don't you fucking lie to me!"

Gohan's face stayed cold and motionless as Sharpner continued his tirade. "Videl told me you went after her when she left history, so you know where she is!"

Since Gohan continued not to respond Sharpner got in his face. "Listen here Brains! If you don't wanna' tell me where my sister is, then I'll gladly beat it out of you."

Gohan felt his temper skid at the humans' actions. "Do it then."

"What was that!?" Sharpner yelled even louder. Gohan felt his restraints slip at the pure annoyance that was the man in front of him.

"I said do it!" Gohan yelled back with ferocity. Sharpner was thrown off by this and took a step back.

"Oh, what you're scared now? You said you would beat me up, but now that I'm challenging you your gonna' back up!?" Gohan pressed forward causing Sharpner to stumble backward.

"You said you were going to hit me so do it!" Sharpner gaped at Gohan and stayed silent, not being able to formulate words.

The Saiyan stared down his opponent until he refused to speak. "That's exactly what I thought." Gohan declared as he turned his back on Sharpner. "I swear some of you humans disgust me," Gohan spoke softly.

The teen began to exit the room until he swiveled his head and looked at Sharpner. "I saw your sister get in a car with an older man in a black tux and white gloves. That's all I know."

With that Gohan slammed the door shut and walked out. Sharpner stared at the shut door, his mind running ramped. 'What the hell was that? I-I can't believe Brains had that in him.'

Students began to enter into the locker room, a few friends of Sharpner approached him. The blonde immediately got up and glared at students who walked by him.

"Yo, what happened in here?" The blonde teen straightened out his jacket as he addressed his friends.

"Nothing you have to worry about. Pick this shit up, I've got things to do." Sharpner ordered as he exited the locker room.

When the blonde went out to the hallway to find that Gohan was nowhere in sight. The teen cursed and grabbed his phone.

"Videl, Erasa's safe with Pierce, but we've got another problem." Sharpner texted as he walked away from the gym. The young teen couldn't help but think about something Gohan said.

'What the hell did he mean by you humans?'

After another hour of driving Pierce pulled up at the school, and Erasa jumped out and began to run inside. "Thanks, Pierce, I'll see you soon!" The blonde yelled.

The graying butler waved at Erasa as she entered into the building. "Good luck Miss Cil!"

Once she was inside Erasa began her search for Gohan. She walked through a few hallways until she found a student from her gym class wandering the halls as well.

"Hey, you!" Erasa flagged the boy down. The kid was pale with red hair and freckles. The teen turned around with a slightly fearful look on his face.

"W-Where you talking to me?" The kid inquired.

"Yeah, you're the only one here. Your Koob right?" The redhead nodded his head timidly. The teen knew who Erasa was and didn't want to get beat up by Sharpner if he was seen talking to her.

"Yes, I-I am."

"Good, I was going to ask if you've seen Gohan anywhere?"

The boy shook his head as he spoke. "No, I haven't, not since the incident in the gym. Coach Myg actually sent me out here to look for him."

"Wait what happened in the gym?" Erasa asked suspiciously.

"Oh well, Sharpner came in during the beginning of the 4th block and told everyone to steer clear of the locker room. He said that only Gohan was allowed in. After that Gohan walked in, there were a few loud crashes, and Gohan walked out looking pretty pissed," Koob narrated.

Erasa absorbed all the information she just received. "Oh shit." She knew her brother was quick to be overprotective, but this was too far.

'I've gotta get to Gohan quick.'

"Are you 100% sure you haven't seen Gohan?" Erasa asked.

"No, I haven't, I'm sorry," Koob replied with a bit of sadness at the end.

The blonde began to pace around in circles. 'No no no this can't be happening! I'm so sorry Gohan. I wish I could just go back to yesterday when it was just you and me on the roof.' Erasa thought as here hopes began to dwindle. 'Wait a second.'

Erasa ran up to the boy in front of her. "Koob did you check the roof!?"

"N-No that's probably the only place I hadn't checked." Erasa's eyes widened, and she took off down the hallway and up a flight of stairs.

Koob stared at the blonde as she ran. "This school is getting weirder by the minute." The redhead turned around and began his trek to his gym class.

Erasa dashed through the empty Cafeteria and up the stairwell until she busted through the door in front of her.

At first, the sudden brightness blinded Erasa, but her eyes quickly adjusted. Looking around the blonde saw no one until she spotted him.

The Saiyan was strumming his guitar with his eyes closed in the corner on the roof. Erasa took a deep breath and slowly walked towards him.

Quietly Erasa closed in on Gohan and sat on the floor next to him. The blonde watched as he continued to strum the instrument as if she didn't exist.

'Come on Erasa, just say something,' The blonde thought to herself.

Finally gaining the courage, Erasa spoke to him. "H-Hi."

Gohan immediately stopped playing. The teen placed down his guitar and turned to Erasa. "What're you doing up here?"

"I-I came here to say I'm sorry," Erasa spoke quietly with a hint of fear. The last time they'd seen each other she screamed and told him off. The blonde was afraid that they were through.

"There's nothing that you have to be sorry for," Gohan said causing Erasa to gaze at him with hopeful eyes. "You told me how you felt. We're not friends. We never were, and we never will be, it's as simple as that."

Erasa felt her heart shatter into pieces. He was done with her, it was all over. 'N-No it can't end like this.'

"N-No don't say that! Everything I said earlier was a lie, please don't do this," Erasa pleaded as tears welled in her eyes. She didn't want him to go, for some reason all she wanted in the world was for him to stay.

"I'm not doing anything different from what you've already said. You told me we weren't friends, so we aren't. In hindsight, we've only known each other for what two days? I guess we were moving too fast anyway." Gohan as he clenched his fist, attempting to keep his emotions hidden.

"I'm so sorry, all the words I spoke were me being stupid! I-I didn't mean to..." Erasa began but chocked up on her words as tears seeped from her eyes. Gohan had enough, and he abruptly stood up.

"To what Erasa!? You didn't mean to scream at me to call me a liar when all I did was try and help you! Tell me what the hell did you mean to do!?"

Erasa jumped up to ready to match his anger when suddenly, she stopped. All the rage she'd been feeling, all the fury in her heart just disappeared. She felt empty like everything inside her just collapsed and the only thing that remained was her sadness.

The blonde fell to her knees and placed her head in her hands. Tears poured out of her eyes as she tried to speak. "I-I never meant t-to hurt you."

Gohan froze at the girl in front of him, it was as if time had stopped and his eyes had been cleared from the anger blinding him.

"That's never what I wanted not in a million years. It's just when everything happened, I don't know I-I just lost it! I said so many things that I regret, and I lost you. I lost someone who I was beginning to consider my friend, and I threw all that away just because I was mad!" Erasa yelled as tears streamed from her eyes.

Gohan knelt to the ground and stared at the girl in front of him. 'What've I done.'

Suddenly Erasa threw herself into Gohan's shoulder, and she began to wail loudly. "It's always my fault! Everything wrong in my life is because of me! I'm the reason why I have no friends, I'm the reason why my Dad hates me, I'm the reason why my Mom died!"

Gohan quickly grabbed Erasa and pulled her closer towards his body. The memories of his father and his death came rushing back. "Don't say that. Don't ever speak those words again."

"G-Gohan," Erasa whispered into his chest.

"Your mother loved you Erasa. You can't put the guilt of her death your shoulders, or it'll destroy you. I care too much about you to see that happen." Gohan spoke, holding the girl close to him.

Erasa felt heart and body wash over with a sudden warmth. It felt like all her fears and worries disappeared just by his touch. That feeling reminded her of her mother. "Thank you, Gohan. I care about you too." Erasa spoke with her arms wrapped tightly around the Saiyan.

"I'm sorry for trying to pressure you into telling me. I should've just respected your space." Gohan apologized. The teen felt the guilt from all his actions pierce his heart.

"Don't feel bad for a second. You were just being a good friend." Erasa assured him.

With a small chuckle, Gohan tried to lighten the mood. "So, we're friends now, huh?"

Erasa rolled her eyes at the teen. He would make a corny joke like that at a time like this. "Not if you keep that up bub."

"Sorry, just trying to make fun of you while I can," Gohan added with a smile etched across his face.

"Yeah, well don't get used to it," Erasa responded with a smile of her own.

"I don't know, I think I could get used to this," Gohan said with Erasa's warmth in his arms. The Saiyan instinctively tightened his hold on the beautiful girl in front of him.

Erasa nuzzled into Gohan's chest as she agreed. "Me too."

For a few minutes, the two sat in each other's arms. Unfortunately, the bell rang causing the teens to get scared and separate from each other. Suddenly realizing how close they were the teens began to blush fiercely.

"S-So, I guess we have to get going," Gohan suggested as he sheepishly scratched the back of his neck.

"Y-Yeah we should," Erasa answered as she stood up and prepared to leave. But before she could even start moving, a thought popped in her head.

Erasa turned back to Gohan and placed a hand on his arm. "Can you come with me?" Erasa asked as Gohan stood up as well.

"To where?"

"I want to apologize to Mr. Hiz. What I did earlier was wrong and I wanna' right it. Doing that would be easier if you were there with me." Erasa spoke as she smiled up at Gohan.

Taking a second to think the Saiyan smiled back at her. "I'll go. Besides I'm sure, Mr. Hiz wasn't too happy that I ignored him and left class early. I should apologize as well."

"Thank you. You're a great friend," Erasa spoke as she gave Gohan a hug which he returned. Both of them flushed a bit as they released their grip.

The two teens made their way down the stairwell and towards Mr. Hiz's class.

When they arrived Gohan knocked on the door causing Mr. Hiz to look up from the multitude of paperwork on his desk. Both Erasa and Gohan approached their teacher's desk with a bit of nervousness.

"What brings you two back to my class?" Mr. Hiz questioned while still focusing on his work.

The two friends glanced at each other until Erasa stepped up to speak. "I-I mean we decided to apologize for what happened earlier." The older man looked up at the two, his interest peaked.

"I shouldn't have disregarded your rules and left the class when you forbade me from doing so. I was wrong, and I'm sorry," Gohan said with a shame-filled voice.

Erasa nodded her head at Gohan's words and began to talk again. "When I snapped and left the class, I was just so angry that I lashed out. The whole thing was completely my fault, and Gohan wouldn't have left if it weren't for me, so please, just suspend me."

Mr. Hiz looked at his students and collected his thoughts. "If I wanted to suspend you two, it'd be done."

Gohan and Erasa both exchanged looks of surprise. "Wait, so you're not going to suspend us?" Erasa questioned.

"No, I'm not. In fact, I spoke to both of your teachers and had relieved you of any reprimands. "

The two teens gaped at their teachers' words. "But why?" Gohan asked causing him to get a slap on the arm from Erasa. "I-I mean it's not that we're ungrateful! Just curious is all."

Mr. Hiz chuckled a bit and got up from his chair, leaning against his desk for support. "When I was 15 my father passed away leaving behind my mother and three children. My mother was heartbroken, and my sisters were older and had other responsibilities. At that point in my life, I'd never felt more alone, and I began to build up resentment and anger towards my father. So, when my History teacher called me son while trying to get my attention, I snapped. I threw my books yelled and cried, it was terrible," Mr. Hiz explained.

The two teens were listening to each, and every word their teacher spoke, neither of them missing a beat.

"A week later I came back to class and instead of my teacher scolding my actions she just hugged me and told me everything was going to be okay. That moment changed me, hell it changed my life, for the better. The point I'm trying to make is that I know what it's like to have a bad day. And if I were to suspend you both, it'd be going against the kindness my teacher showed to me."

Gohan and Erasa both smiled at their teacher. "Thank you, sir," They said in unison.

Nodding his head, Mr. Hiz returned a smile. "Erasa, remember if you ever have a bad day come to talk to me and we can sort something out. And if on the off chance there's a test I'll allow you to retake it like I am now."

Erasa's eyes twinkled as her mouth hung open. "A-Are you serious?"

"Yes, although I expect you to be here during lunch on the Monday following this one. I will be out the rest of this week and all of the next. That will be the only time you can take it." Erasa began to jump with joy.

"Thank you so so much, Mr. Hiz!" Erasa exclaimed.

The gray-haired teacher nodded at her and focused his attention on Gohan. "Mr. Son, if you are too remember one thing from this altercation let it be this. I will never reprimand my student's for being a friend."

With a wide smirk, Gohan nodded his head. "Yes, sir." The young Saiyan was ecstatic that he wasn't getting in trouble, but he was especially happy that he was now considered to be Erasa's friend.

The old teacher eyed his two students. "Both of you messed up today, but I have hope that you will not replicate what transpired. Don't let history repeat itself; you are dismissed." Mr. Hiz spoke as he sat down and continued his work from before.

The two teens nodded and exited the room with smiles plastered on their faces. They didn't want to stay longer just in case he changed his mind.

Out in the hallway, Erasa and Gohan walked in the direction of the entrance. "I can't believe that just happened," Erasa said in astonishment.

"I know. I was not expecting Mr. Hiz to let us go and give you a chance to retake the test."

"Yeah I'm totally going to be taking the weekend to study for it," Erasa assured him.

Gohan turned to Erasa and began to blush about the question he wanted to ask her. "I uh was actually thinking about that. I had this thought that maybe I could help you study this weekend?"

Erasa stopped moving immediately at the entrance of the school. The blonde felt her body suddenly heat up at Gohan's question. "O-Oh I-."

"I mean if you don't want to it's totally fine, I'd completely understand," Gohan added when he noticed her stuttering. The teen was taking a huge risk, and he didn't want to feel like he was pressuring into it.

The blonde teen composed herself and flashed Gohan a smile. "I'd love too."

"R-Really?" Gohan asked in disbelief.

"Of course, it sounds like a lot of fun. How about next Saturday morning at my place?"

"Yeah, I should be free." Gohan couldn't help but grin. He was actually going to hang out with Erasa for a day, and he was so excited.

"Great! I'll text you the details later." Erasa said as Pierce drove up to the school.

"My rides here but I'll see you, tomorrow right?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, "Gohan responded with a confident nod.

Erasa began to walk towards her car with a warm blush on her cheeks. The blonde turned back to Gohan and waved as she got in.

Gohan waved back at his Erasa as she drove off to her house. With a small smile, Gohan stepped away and began his journey home. The teen Saiyan couldn't help but think about the adventures ahead.

'This school is definitely going to be interesting.'

In the Sky

Shooting through the air with immense speed was a dark haired man with a scowl on his face. It had been a long day, and this wasn't something he was happy about doing. The man summoned a golden aura and shot up into the sky.

Within a matter of minutes, the man reached his destination. He landed on the white floor below him and began to walk towards the stunning architecture in front of him.

"Hello, Vegeta." A gruff voice spoke. Vegeta turned around to see a tall green man with antennae sticking out of his forehead. The figure was dressed in a purple gi with a cloak on and a turban.

"Don't talk to me like this is a normal greeting Namekian! You speak to me in my head while I'm in the middle of performing a kata and then beg me to interrupt my training to come to talk!" The now blonde man yelled accusingly.

"For the last time Vegeta my name is Piccolo, and you will address me as so," The green alien spoke with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "And I asked you to up here for the same reason as last time."

The prince scoffed and dropped out of his Super Saiyan form. "You called me up here because the little Namekian had something for me, but then you sent me away due to him being 'busy'! Why should I waste my time here now?"

"Because he's got something to tell you. I think this will be something you'd be interested in, especially you." Piccolo said making Vegeta understand that this was not a situation to be trifling with.

A smaller version of Piccolo exited the temple behind them. This person was Dende, and he had an anxious look on his face."I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Vegeta but," Dende paused, trying to gather his words. "We've got a problem."

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