Dragon Ball Out of Place

Hello there, I hope you will forgive me, but I have broken a promise I had made just a week ago from my perspective. I'm writing this story because I feel like it's not always gonna be easy to come up with mission ideas for my other Fic Dragon Ball Xenowatch, because of what I said in chapter 8 about Overwatch's somewhat empty world in terms of developed plot. Mind you I will keep working on that one whenever I can break through some writers block, but I will also be working on this one because I've mostly kept the DBZ timeline the same for now, but I will be making some changes. I have the basic outline worked out for this, and where it's going to go.

This will be a Self Insert in a way. The character will basically be me, but because of some changes this me has undergone will make them act at least somewhat differently. Being turned part saiyan will do that to ya. Not to mention the whole having DBZ powers thing.

Anyway, let's dive in...

Chapter 1 Good Morning Sunshine

Well, shit. Here I was, on the business end of an energy beam that was going to put an end to everything. Not just me, but as a bit product of my failure the entire world, entire universe I now called home was going to be gone, forever.

Ever since I got here I'd changed. I'd become something a badass space warrior. Some might even call me a superhero even. But I could never hope to match….. them. No matter how hard I worked, no matter what little cheats I tried thanks to what I remembered from before, I couldn't really match up to Goku, or Vegeta, or Gohan when he actually remembered to train.

Hell, for a while I thought I didn't have to. But, ever since I got here the world began to change with my being here. That had never been more clear than in this scenario.

So here I was. Goku was half dead, Vegeta, Gohan, 17, and the others were out of the ring and I was my world's last hope. And Jiren had me stuck in a corner.

But how did I, a human from the 'Real Earth' end up as a part saiyan about to lose the Tournament of Power?

Well that dear reader, is exactly the story I'm about to tell you.

And like most stories it's probably best for me to start with the first thing I remember...

(Potential Intro sequence?)

Do you know that feeling when some jerk points a laser pointer right into your eye? Imagine that feeling, except all over your body, and lasting much longer. That is what I was feeling right now. Everything stung. It didn't help that I felt a ringing in my ears, and the ambient noise of the forest I seemed to be in, that being singing birds, and croaking frogs from a possible nearby body of water.

It took a full minute of laying there for me to fully come to my senses. As I opened my eyes I saw just as my now overly sensitive ears.

"Why am I in a forest? The last thing I remember was….. what was the last thing I remember?" Nothing apparently. I was totally at a loss here. I couldn't even remember my name. That was certainly concerning.

Then I sat up, and saw I was in the middle of a crater. "Why am I in a crater!?" then I came to another important question, as I looked down a my body. I was wearing something that looked like rags, and a brown, furry bel-?

"IS THAT A TAIL!" I screamed internally as i noticed the, what I for some reason knew to be, new appendage that was wagging around, almost with a mind of its own.

"What the hell is going on? Where am I?" I asked aloud. Then I did something that probably wasn't smart, but I've never really been known for decent decision making.

"Uh….. HELLO!, ANYONE!?" my voice echoed for a while, but received no response for a while. It did get most of the animals to shut up though.

Then I began to get up slowly, my body still stung, and I got a good look at my surroundings, to find nothing familiar.

Not having a clue what to do now, I decided to start walking, I'd have to end up somewhere eventually. And so I picked a direction, I choice the nearest landmark, a large mountain off in the distance, maybe with the high-ground I could find something in the way of civilization? So I walked for about four hours give or take.

Then night began to fall, It was freezing cold for what I assumed to be a summer night due to the fireflies I saw making their presence known. It was quite the sight, but I couldn't quite enjoy it while I was freezing my brand new tail off.

After another hour of walking I something felt off. It took me a full minute off walking to notice what was wrong.

The noises one would normally associate with nighttime, the forest critters, were completely silent. Not something to be ignored.

I stopped my walk, then looked around for a bit, My instincts were screaming at me, telling me to run, or fight, but I didn't know what they were talking about. I wrapped my tail around my waist expressing my uncertainty, then I saw it.

Two eyes were glaring at me in the undergrowth. I was then overcome by the feeling of not knowing what to do. I then knew that I'd never felt like this before. This fight, or flight response was a totally new sensation. I stood there long enough to get a better view of my stalker.

It was a wolf, larger than I believed they should be. It then approached me slowly, growling. I then overcame my fear somewhat, and made a run for it. A more rational brain might have realized that a normal human being can't outrun a wolf, but I wasn't thinking clearly at the moment.

"Shit, Shit, Shit Shit!" I ran as fast as I could, and the canine gave chase, but I then remembered at the last second a rather important detail pertinent to this situation.

Wolves hunt in packs, this one was no different as I twisted away just in time to avoid an ambush from one of its companions. But they weren't giving up, but neither would I.

My lungs, and legs were burning by the time of the next ambush (I wasn't quite in the best of shape) and I only just barely moved out of the way of it, only to be bitten by the first pursuer. I screamed in pain, but managed to punch it for its efforts, getting it to let go.

Without spending time checking the wound I continued to run, now with a limp in it. This allowed the other animals to try taking a piece out of me themselves, to which I tried fighting back, but became less and less able each time.

I was then completely out of breath. I HAD to stop. I then turned around panting, the wolves were right there, approaching me slowly. I was forced to allow them to surround me. I screamed in frustration, anger, and fear.

"'pant' Come at me you bastards!" I then put up my fists to fight. Then they charged, and time slowed down, and after having an internal breakdown out of fear of death I received a weird vision.

An unfamiliar man was standing before a young woman, and was lecturing her about something...

"Feel the energy from your stomach and slowly bring it out…"

Not having too many options at the moment I decided to follow the visions advice. I reached inward, grabbed onto something that felt…. warm I guess, and ripped it out. The effect was immediate, and satisfying. The wind that flew out stopped the wolves in their tracks. They seemed unsure about the energy that was now radiating from my body.

It felt…. amazing. It was something I couldn't quite describe beyond that. But it didn't deter what I assumed to be the alpha of the pack from shaking off its surprise and attacking again. It leapt at me to try and take me down, but with this new energy I felt confident for some reason. I charged right back at it with my fists at the ready.

I then punched it in the face before it landed on me. I did get tipped over by it, but the canine was thrown back as well with a whimper of pain. I was on my back though, which the others took as encouragement to strike. They were savage, despite my attempts to fight back they just couldn't be stopped. I tried protecting my throat, punching, and kicking back at them with all my remaining strength. But it wasn't enough.

"I-I'm going to die?" I was screaming in unbearable pain from their biting, and was finally running out of strength to fight. I didn't remember much about my life before a few hours ago, but I felt like it was ending too soon…

But then one of the wolves got kicked away from me, the others took notice, and backed off a bit, growling, then a familiar voice then spoke to him

"Hey, are you alright? You look like you were in big trouble there." I tried looking to him, but I couldn't quite make out his face due to the darkness of the night. But I could see that his hair was shaped like a palm tree's leaves which did stand out to me for some reason. He was wearing loose, orange, and blue clothing.

The wolves then started approaching him too, ready to take on their new challenger.

"Hey! Back off!" He yelled at them, and they listened. They started backing off whimpering.

He was currently standing like he didn't care at all about the animals trying to make a meal out of us, or me considering they seemed afraid of him.

"Hello? Are you in there?" He looked at me curiously, and i then got a good look at his face, and then for some reason I knew exactly who he was, and I was shocked.

Protector of the innocent, Saviour of Earth, Champion of a lot of Martial Arts Tournaments, Pure hearted Warrior, all around Hero, and above all else Fictional-

"G-Goku?" was what I got out before I blacked out.

Son Goku was up unusually late tonight, bored. He had saved the entire world five years ago from the evil King Piccolo, the biggest fight of his life so far.

He was now married to his wife Chi Chi. and had a son named after his Grandpa Gohan, and was very happy, but he missed having someone to fight. His friends had all gone their separate ways since then so he didn't get to spar with any of them, so every once in a while, that itch he'd get to go fight something would come around, and go unanswered. But he had the strangest feeling that tonight would bring an end to that.

He was staring up at the half moon when it happened, he felt something off in the forests, a burst of energy that felt…. strong. Not as strong as him, or even some of his friends but it was worth checking out. Especially if it was this close to his home.

"Nimbus!" He shouted, and his faithful yellow cloud raced over to him, he hopped on, and took off towards the power source. The flight didn't take long, it wasn't very far away. He looked on from above at a fight for someone's life taking place.

A young man, looking between eighteen, and twenty years old was bleeding from multiple bite wounds on his arms, and legs. Likely put there by the wolves trying to tear him apart.

Goku leapt off his cloud, and kicked one of the animals away. He then glared at the others, who seemed to be getting the message, and backed off, still angry.

He then looked at the person on the ground, currently losing a lot of blood at a worrying rate. He seemed stunned to see someone there to help him.

"Hey, are you alright? You look like you were in big trouble there." Goku asked, concern plain on his face. The guy didn't answer, looking strained.

Then the wolves came back snarling, thinking they could take him on too.

"Hey! Back off!" He yelled at them, and they listened. They started backing off whimpering, clearly afraid of him.

Goku then turned back to the stranger, and tried to get his attention.

"Hello? Are you in there?" Goku asked, which got a surprised reaction out of him.

"G-Goku?" He stared for a moment, then passed out. This confused Goku, he was sure he didn't know this person himself. Maybe he saw one of the tournaments? Or maybe they did meet once and he just wasn't remembering that well. Either way, the stranger was losing a lot of blood, and needed help soon.

"Nimbus, over here!" His cloud hadn't gone very far. So it was ready when Goku boarded it carrying an extra passenger. The nearest hospital was over an hour away, and Goku didn't want to risk waiting that long so he decided to take the stranger back home.

My first thought after regaining some kind of consciousness was,

"Owwwww. Everything hurts!"

My second was "Yeah, okay, this kind of pain is somehow worse than the last time I woke up." I felt, weak too. Like I'd become brittle, and made of glass.

I opened my eyes to see yet another unfamiliar scene. This time I seemed to be in a bed, in a room I didn't recognize. At first I thought the events of before might have been a dream, then I saw the bandages on my body that had covered up all the places I remembered the animals had gotten to.

"Did, Did that really happen?" I asked with a whisper. But it had apparently had been enough to get the attention of my hosts.

The door to the room opened, revealing a woman that looked like a chinese princess. I felt like I should know her from somewhere as well, but I couldn't place a name.

"Oh, that's good you're awake." she then spoke with a voice that instantly rung a bell. Enough that I tried sitting up in the bed, only to be brought back down by the pain.

"You shouldn't try getting up right now, your body has been fighting off an infection from the bites." She explained. I definitely knew her now! This was-

"Chi Chi! Is he awake?" Goku walked through the door as well. Looking curios.

"Yes he is," She turned to me "Be careful now. How are you feeling?" she asked. I was stunned. I didn't know how I knew but I knew this shouldn't be happening. This couldn't be real. These were anime characters for fucks sake!

Deciding to play along with whatever weird cosplay bullshit was going on, I answered. "I feel like I'm bathing in ice, and lava at the same time, and everything hurts." She nodded, and went over to the side of my bed where a cup of ice water was resting.

"Hold still now." She said as she gave it to me. I hadn't even realized how thirsty I was at this point.

"Thank you miss…?" I asked trying to at least at least pretend I didn't know them. If this was real, how would I explain I knew them from an anime without looking insane? Especially when I didn't remember a good part of it?

"Son Chi-Chi, and this is my husband Goku." She looked to the (Though he wasn't sure they knew it yet) Saiyan standing next to her.

"Hi, nice to meet ya! Unless I know you from somewhere." I looked at him curiously, wondering what he meant by that.

"Back in the forest, you said my name like you knew me." he explained.

"Oh, shit did I already blow my cover?"

Maybe not, Goku can be gullible. I'd hate to lie to him, but we can't explain the truth without sounding crazy. Also, what cover? I don't really think we've developed one yet. I then remembered that I did talk to myself in my head a lot. Maybe I really was crazy.

Meh, crazy is relative. And I think we're at least slightly more sane than most people in this room alone at some points. Let alone others we may encounter if we are in DBZ

"Fair enough, but what do I say then, that I saw him fight in the tournament or something?"

No, we didn't even watch the original Dragon Ball, so we couldn't back that up with any details. Maybe we say he looks familiar but we don't really know from where. It can play into that amnesia we seem to be having right now.

"Good idea, speaking of, do you remember anything?"

I'm a figment of your imagination, I know what you know. Now get to lying before he thinks we're not home

"Oh, right- I guess, you look familiar and all, but I can't say from where. I can't remember much at all really." I told him, an explanation he seems to have accepted.

"Lost your memory huh? Well that's a bummer. Can you at least remember your name?" I tried remembering hard, but nothing came up. I was kinda disappointed.

"Sorry, nothing, I just woke up yesterday, and can't remember anything from before then." That wasn't untrue, I did recall choice scenes from the anime. Most of them from around what I remembered to be the Saiyan Saga.

"Nothing at all? Well that's a shame. We tried looking for anything that could tell us who you are, but we hadn't had any such luck. Well, except that tail…" Chi Chi explained. And I looked to the appendage with surprise.

"Oh shit, we forgot about that!"

We seem to be forgetting a lot of things lately….

"So what? Am I a saiyan now?"

For all we know we could have been born a mutant.

"That seems unlikely."

So does being transported into an alternate reality, but we seem to be doing a lot of unlikely things lately. But, odds are yeah, we might be a saiyan now.

"We can at least confirm at what point in the timeline we're in. This has to be between the ending of Dragon Ball, and the time Raditz shows up. Otherwise they would have asked about us being a saiyan."

True, but do you see Gohan anywhere? If not, this must not be too long after the tournament.

"Or Chi Chi is hiding him somewhere. Being that overprotective mom she is. Besides, if this was right after the tournament I think these two would look a little closer to my age. They seem somewhat older, but not by much. Or at least Chi Chi would, I seem to remember saiyans age different."

This raises some questions, like how we conveniently remember certain things about the series, things that may become relevant soon, but have other things left out.

"You think our memories might be being tampered with?"

Possibly, just act naturally for now. Pretend you know nothing

"Yeah it's weird actually. I used to have one just like it when I was a kid." Goku said with a smile on his face.

"Er, Yeah I don't really remember much about that either…" Goku just shrugged.

"It's no big deal. Hey, maybe if you got a tail like me you got that same itching for a fight! What do you say? Maybe a good spar will jog your memory." Goku asked with a grin full of excitement on his face

"I-is he really not going to question it any further?"

Goku had never really been that observant outside of a fight. Just be glad it wasn't Piccolo that found us.

"Goku! This man is still sick! And you're asking him for a fight?" his wife told him to which he laughed nervously.

"Oh, right, sorry about that. Maybe when you get better?" He asked with an almost childlike anticipation.

Tell me you're not going to agree.

"Well, if I am a saiyan now, that battle instinct should kick in and help me if I do agree."

It's Goku, you're going to get slaughtered. We're going to get slaughtered. If I had popcorn, and a body of my own, I'd take a front row seat, and watch him kick the crap out of you, and laugh. I don't know about you, but I remember us not really being much of a fighter.

"Yeah, but we've got to start somewhere right? And if we were put here for a reason, we're probably gonna have to be able to fight."

Yes we'd have to start somewhere, but with Goku? He could kick our ass when he was ten! Let alone now.

"Well, one of DBZ's main themes is taking on people stronger than yourself, and growing from the challenge. Besides, if he does beat us to within an inch of our life, which he won't because he's Goku, we'll just get a power boost from the recovery. And I think we might already get one from the fight with those wolves."

...You already made up our mind before this entire conversation didn't you?

"Yeah, I guess i really am a saiyan. This excitement from a potential danger to my life is a feeling I don't think we've had before. And sounds like something a saiyan would have."

'Sigh' just don't die. Even with the reset button here I don't think it's a pleasant experience.

"...If you think that might help Goku." I finally answered getting him all giddy, and ChiChi exasperated.

"Just go easy on him when you do Goku, if he doesn't remember any fighting in his life you might hurt him." she reminded him.

"Sure thing…. Oh man, I can't wait!" He seemed like he'd been holding in his urge to fight for a while.

"By the way, how long have I been here?" I asked, probably about time.

"Goku brought you here three days ago. Your fever started not to long before that. We almost thought you weren't going to make it." ChiChi explained.

"Oh! That reminds me!" Goku explained and reached into a pouch on his gi. "I just got back from Korin's tower to get a senzu bean for ya just in case. Maybe we can get to fightin' sooner then!" He then found it and presented the green bean. I feigned confusion, and curiosity as I looked at it.

"Korin's tower? Senzu bean? What do you mean?" I asked hiding the relief I felt at knowing I didn't have to put up with this illness for long.

"Oops, I forgot you didn't know. Well, a senzu bean will heal your body completely. And Korrin is a friend of mine, here just try it!" he handed the little lifesaver to me, and after some mock scepticism, and inner curiosity about how it felt like to be healed instantly, I put it in my mouth, noted it tasted pretty bland, chewed, and swallowed.

What came next can only be described as a sudden rush of energy. To have one's injuries, and illness removed instantly is a rather surprising experience.

"Wow!, Your energy just skyrocketed! You might be almost as strong as King Piccolo was." Goku remarked, getting my attention. I definitely felt much stronger than ever before, but I could have sworn it would take a lot more hard work to get to that level, but at least I can be absolutely sure about me turning into a saiyan now.

"I, uh, don't know who that is." I lied to maintain character.

"It's a long story, but the short version is, he was really strong. I can't wait to see what you can do now." he explained.

"Just be sure to take it outside. I know how destructive you can get Goku." ChiChi said as she started to leave.

I then got out of bed, and took a look at my body. The wounds were completely gone, I didn't feel sick at all! Goku was absolutely right. Who knows? Maybe he was right about fighting jogging my memory too.

I'm pretty sure that was just the saiyan blood in him talking.

"'Cmon! I know the perfect place to have a spar." Goku asked me to follow him, and I obliged. Totally ignoring the fact that this entire idea seemed insane.

I then followed him through the house, quickly discovering ChiChi as she lecturing Gohan who was buried in one of his books.

The poor kid was wearing that stupid looking clothing that he wore early in the series. The one with the dragonball on his head?

"Almost forgot how badly ChiChi wanted him to be a scholar. I don't think I was ever that dedicated with my school work."

"That's my son Gohan. I'd get him to join in too, but ChiChi doesn't want him to grow up to be a fighter, I think she wanted him to be a…. a…. What did she call it again?" Goku said as we passed them by.

"A safe, and productive member of society?" I finished for him.

"Yeah that one. Hey Gohan! Come over here and meet our guest." The…. four, or five year old at this point? Got his nose out of his books and walked over to us with a smile.

"Hi there mister, I'm Gohan, what's your name?" He asked.

I'm pretty sure we hate kids, but I'm finding it pretty hard to dislike him.

"It's hard to imagine he's supposed to become one of the strongest people on earth in a few years. But you know what they say. Never judge a book by it's cover."

"Well, I wish I could tell you Gohan. I can't seem to remember much. But i can say it's a pleasure to meet you." I answered. To which he tilted his head curiously.

"You don't remember your name? That's strange. What do I call you then? My Mom says it's rude not to call someone by their name." It made me think for a bit. In the end I just shrugged.

"I don't know what to tell you Gohan. I can't think of anything." I said, somewhat disappointed with myself for not even knowing that detail. Then it seemed like a lightbulb went off over his head.

"Hm, hey I know! How about until you do remember you can come up with another name. It's better than saying 'Hey you'.".

It seemed like a rather simple idea, but it did make sense for now. I didn't know if I'd ever get back my memories completely, so maybe a new identity would help. Plus, I may very well be a different person than I was before. A new name to go along with a new body

"That….. makes sense, but what would my new name be?" I wondered aloud.

"I'm sure something will come to you eventually. Now get going, Gohan needs to get back to his studies." ChiChi seemed already determined to keep the kid away from any fighting influences. But Goku seemed to have other ideas right now.

"Actually ChiChi, I was wondering if he could watch. He's been reading all day and you know what they say about 'all work and no play'." Gohan seemed interested in watching his father fight, and his mother seemed a bit apprehensive, but surprisingly went along with it.

"Alright, but be please be careful, I don't want him getting hurt." I guess I was wrong just then, or maybe she just hadn't had her son put into harm's way just yet. That could understandably change some parents opinions.

"Sure thing. Come on." Goku then lead us outside, where it was revealed to be around midday, with only slightly clouded weather.

The property looked just like it did in the anime, with the late Grandpa Gohan's house standing a few meters away from the house I just exited. The Son families house was also right by a clifface that presented quite the view. The landscape beyond which showed some impressive rock formations, the likes of which were rare in the world I'd come from.

"Whoa." I unintentionally said aloud. It was weird, I wasn't one to normally be impressed by cool rocks.

"Yeah, It's a neat view isn't it? Over here, this place seems good enough." he brought us to a fairly open space not far from the house, and turned to his son, and wife that came to observe

"Now Gohan stand back, this could get dangerous." he said, worrying me.

"He….. he's gonna hold back right?"

Remember, you asked for this.

"Are you ready?" Goku asked, and I gulped nervously, but i couldn't help but feel a bit of excitement.

"As I'll ever be." I told him, preparing myself for what was bound to be an enlightening experience.

"Um, any strategies for this?" Goku got into his turtle style fighting stance, and I responded by forming into a sloppy version of a boxing stance.

Just one, dodge

"Dodge wha-" My thinking was cut off by a sudden blow to my face that sent me back several feet. The pain was unexpected, and boy did it knock the wind out of me.

I was able to recover faster than I thought I could though, and I reorientated myself in time to dodge a follow up attack, and that was about all I could do. Goku was faster, stronger, the smarter fighter, and more skilled than me, and it easily showed.

All I could hope to do is dodge his strikes, I just couldn't counter attack. And even then he did land several painful blows. The fight seemed to last for an hour, even though it was probably less than a minute so far.

I became proud of myself for a second when I was able to land at least one punch on his jaw, but he recovered quickly and continued his assault.

While I was having trouble Gohan seemed to be having the time of his life, imitating his father's punches, and kicks, it was kinda adorable actually.

By about two minutes in I was surprised I was still conscious. I guess it made sense why Goku was the world champion then. Though I'd bet if he were really going all out I'd be out cold or dead in less than thirty seconds in. I was relieved when he finally hopped back and stopped for a bit with a surprised look on his face.

"Well, you must be a fighter, that's for sure. No ordinary guy could take me on for this long while I'm going about sixty percent." that got my attention, I guess I was a better fighter than I thought if i got Goku at any age to put in about that much effort.

"Heh heh, thanks you're not too bad yourself. I got to admit, you got me on the ropes right now, but I'm having a lot of fun right now actually." when did I become such a masochist?

"Do you think you can still keep going?" he asked, a little concerned after he noticed the fresh bruises he'd left on me. I just shrugged off the pain somehow.

"Yeah, I guess I still got some fight left in me." I told him, and he grinned.

"Okay then, let's see just how far you can go." he charged back in fists at the ready, and I answered in kind. Now that I'd gotten into it I was having some actual fun despite the pain. He seemed to be trying a bit harder, but I was learning quickly, my newfound saiyan battle instincts were starting to kick in.

I was actually able to land more than one punch, and I could dodge more of Goku's attacks. But he still clearly had the advantage.

It was all going well until one well place punch sent me rolling off the cliff. I heard Goku shouting for nimbus to help him get to me before it was too late.

I saw the last few days of my life flash before my eyes, and I was afraid again. I had closed my eyes preparing for another untimely end, but a vision had other plans.

I saw an older Gohan teaching Videl, and Goten how to fly. The lecture then becoming ingrained into my mind

I opened my eyes and forced my energy down to my feet. And I flew! I was actually flying! It was an amazing experience. But the coolest thing was the look on the Son families faces when I came rising over the cliff.

"Wow! You can fly? I guess your full of surprises huh?" Goku remarked as I came in for a landing.

"Heh heh, yeah. I'm kinda surprised actually. I didn't think I could do it." I said relieved. But I was stopped from continuing the conversation when the fight turned back on

In another two minutes we both seperated, with me a little out of breath.

"Alright, I guess I have an idea about how tough you are. Maybe we should take a break then? I don't know about you, but I'm getting kinda hungry." Goku said, and his stomach clearly agreed with a roar that sounded like a lion's…. Or an oozaru.

At first I didn't want to impose, but my stomach's rumble that rivaled Goku's had objections to that idea. Apparently the fight had made me forget that I'd probably hadn't eaten in some time. My ignored hunger then quickly caught up with me and I instantly grew weak. My legs almost gave out on me from it actually.

Goku tried to come over and help, but I refused and I found my balance again. "If it's no trouble…"

Lunch was amazing. Goku wasn't exaggerating when he said that ChChi was a great cook, I just wish my newfound saiyan hunger would let me enjoy it. But, at least I wasn't the worst in terms of table manners. Goku, and even to some extent Gohan, seemed to inhale the stuff faster than they could put it in front of themselves.

Another plus of that lunch was that I was able to accurately place the time I had arrived here.

It was currently June 24th Age 761. Give or take three months before Raditz was supposed to show up. Hopefully though things would go about the same as the regular timeline, even if Goku dies things ended up alright in the end when he was wished back to fight the other saiyans. In fact beating them might not have been possible if King Kai didn't train him.

But I got the strangest feeling that that wasn't the way this was going to go down. People don't just appear in an alternate reality for no reason. And they certainly didn't change species for no reason either. I was brought here by an unknown force, or entity, and they needed me in this specific place, in this specific time. But why?

If it were for the Time Patrol, or Time Breakers I'd think the first would tell me what they needed before sending me in, and the other would choose someone a little more significant to do their work. Assuming they even exist in this version of DBZ. And I don't think either would resort into turning me into a saiyan.

For now I had too many questions, and not enough answers. And so, prefering to act on the side of caution, I'd decided to train myself to fight, just like the other Z-Fighters. Just in case things weren't going to turn out the way they were supposed to be.

Thus, I had also decided to investigate where it had all began for clues. I wasn't being particularly observant then. But hopefully some clue about my recent history would turn up over there. Maybe some, tracks, or message, or anything really.

When lunch was over I had asked Goku to give me a ride in the direction I remembered waking up in, to which he agreed. Of course he was curious about where his house guest had come from, and if it lead to another adventure then all the better.

"Alright be careful you two. Don't do anything completely reckless." Chi Chi mostly asked Goku, but it was at least partially directed to me.

"Don't worry so much Chi Chi, I know what I'm doin'." Goku explained, confident about his status of the worlds strongest.

There wasn't enough room for two full grown men on the flying nimbus, so I decided to work on my newfound method of travel, flight. It was a truly freeing, but tiring feeling. Kinda feeling like using a muscle I didn't know I had.

Of course this time we traveled unharassed by wild animals, and made decent progress. Eventually reaching an area that seemed very familiar.

"Yup, this is it. You can tell by the crater." I told him. And there it was, shaped like I was simply dropped there from a high orbit, rather than thrown. We both made our way to the ground then.

"Yeah I can see it. Wow, it looks like you were dropped from pretty far huh?" it seems he had come to the same conclusion.

"Look around, maybe there's some clue in the area about what happened." he nodded and picked an area to look around in. I just picked the crater itself. It was quite impressive actually. About as wide as a school bus. But that was just about it's only distinguishing feature. I looked around for a few minutes with exactly nothing as a result until I heard Goku calling me over.

"Hey! I think I found something." I walked over to him to see him looking at a slab of rock that was almost too perfectly squared to be natural. It had something scratched into it that we both spoke aloud.

"Beware The End?" he looked at me curiously, wondering if I knew anything. I didn't.

"The end of what though?" I asked aloud. More to the rock itself than Goku.

He was about to ask me something, but something else caught his attention, something that had him worried.

"Chi Chi!" he then started running back in the direction of his house and after a moment of confusion I decided to follow.

Goku was much faster than me, so it took me more time to get over to his house. Spending some of that time wondering what had got him so worked up.

By the time I got there I had realized what the problem was.

By now Goku was holding his unconscious wife, begging her to wake up. Gohan was nowhere to be found. And the Ox King was there, also on the ground.

"Where did they go? Chi Chi?" he questioned, but received no answer. It was at this point that I made my presence known.

"Goku what happened?" He looked at me with the first serious face he'd had since I'd met him in person.

"Someone kidnapped Gohan, they were after the dragonballs." he explained.

"They're after a dragons what?" I asked, still pretending to be ignorant about the way this world worked.

Goku then went on to explain what the dragonballs were, and how the one that was on Gohan's head was supposed to represent his grandfather in a way. It was touching really, but I saw one major flaw in his decision making.

"So assuming you're telling the truth, you placed one of the seven most valuable objects in the world on your sons hat, and didn't expect there to be any trouble?" probably not the thing I should be worrying about right now, but I always had to wonder how he ever thought that was a smart idea. Goku wanted to argue back at me, but couldn't exactly find a reason why I was wrong.

"Right now isn't the time for that, I need to get Gohan, and the dragonball back. But how? They're too far away for me to sense right now." he tried to think of a way to get his son back. But thankfully, I was here to come to the rescue.

"Here's a thought. They're after the dragonballs right?" he nodded. "Then why don't we use that dragon radar you mentioned to find the highest concentration of them. That's probably where they'll be." he grew a smile back.

"That's a great idea! Nimbus!" he shouted after strapping on his power pole. He then jumped on and took off, presumably over to Kame house.

I didn't particularly remember this part of the series though. Maybe this was one of the movies? I didn't watch a lot of those. Never really considered them cannon.

After getting his wife, and father in law inside the house I eventually followed through the air. It felt like running a marathon due to my inexperience flying, but I got along fast enough. Luckily it seemed like Goku had flown in a straight line, so navigating my way over wasn't that hard.

I eventually reached Goku's destination, a house on an island that looked like it might be the home of bikini bottom. I ended up sticking the landing fairly poorly. Creating a small crater that lead up to the house that I then bumped my head into. Making a noise that caught the attention of the residents inside.

"Arrgh damnit!" I clutched my head in pain. I really needed to tick my landings better.

Yeah seriously, that was a two out of ten at best. The two coming from the sheer hilarity of it.

It was at this point that Goku, and his friends came out of the house looking ready for a fight. That's when Goku noticed me.

"Oh, hey! Sorry I kinda just left you there." he said sheepishly. I just waved it off while clutching the bump on my head.

"Uhhh, someone you know Goku?" Krillin reasonably asked, to which he got the full backstory.

"Lost your memory huh? Well don't worry! Enough crazy stuff happens around here that your bound to find the reason eventually." he assured

"I hope you're right. Now, there's this business about these people taking the dragonballs?" I reminded them, to which Bulma responded,

"That's right, my dragon radar was just showing that someone was collecting them. If you hurry Goku you might be able to stop them in time." She told him, and he looked to her with seriousness in his eyes.

"Sure thing, thanks Bulma!" he jumped on nimbus and took off again.

"Wait! Don't leave me again! 'Arrg'" I flew off after him still winded from my last flight. Apparently I hadn't learned my lesson yet. It seems like I was much more tolerant of spending a lot of energy than I was before. Maybe a by-product of this being a saiyan thing?

Anyway, I'd probably end up getting to the destination latter than Goku again (Nimbus was really fast!). Probably for the best in case he gets himself into trouble. I didn't remember this particular adventure, so anything was a-go here.

Why do you even want to get involved anyway? This isn't gonna a friendly spar, this is going to be an all out battle.

"...I…. I don't know. I just know we have to. It seems like the logical thing to do right?"

The logical thing to do at this point would be to check ourselves into the nearest loony bin. Think about it. We've been transported to an alternate reality, fought, and survived a spar with a man that can bench press a planet, and are currently following a sentient yellow cloud by following it on our own flight power. What part of this sounds sane to you?

"Absolutely none. But checking into an asylum isn't gonna get us back home any time soon."

...Just saying that none of this, and none of what you are doing is making any sense.

"That reminded me, if Goku mentioned the fact that he had a son to his friends just now, why would they all be surprised about Gohan's existence latter when Raditz showed up?"

A misunderstanding maybe? Krillin will end up asking if Goku picked up babysitting to make some extra cash.

"Hm, maybe. It doesn't sound right though. Something about this seems fishy."

Think about it later. We're here.

The voice was right, and I ended up seeing one of the weirdest castles I'd have ever remembered seeing. Which isn't saying much right now, considering.

I then saw someone that I could only assume to be Kami getting the crap getting kicked out him by a teal dwarf.

"Dragonball villains are weird…"

You don't say….

The little guy had him hanging on the edge of a cliff, one that would surely lead to a person's death if they couldn't fly.

I then landed as silently as I could behind the dwarf, and prepared a sneak attack to catch him off guard. I'd need every advantage I could get in this fight due to my inexperience.

The dwarf was going through some sort of cliche villains "I'm going to kill you and rule the world!" rant when I made my strike. I could only hope Kami knew how to fly.

I kicked the little blue man in the side of the head like a soccer ball hard enough to send him flying into a wall, causing it to crack. God I loved this new strength.

Thankfully enough, Kami didn't need to fly, he managed to grab on to the edge before he fell. I then moved to help him up, but he seemed to have himself taken care of.

You have to remember that at this point he was one of the strongest people on the show. Don't underestimate him.

"Thank you for your help, but you must leave, this is too dangerous." Kami tried to persuade me to leave, but I wasn't having it.

"Yeah, cause it looked like you had it under complete control before…"

"You don't understand, Garlic Junior has used the dragonballs to make himself immortal. I can't even make a scratch on him." that worried me.

"Great, first big fight, and I pick it with a guy I literally cannot beat..."

The little bastard then started to pick himself up from the rubble, and looked at me with bloodshot eyes that put me on edge a bit.

"'Grrrr' You'll pay!" he said, getting ready to attack again.

"Awww, crapbaske-" was what I could get out before the beating started.

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