DragonBall Out of Place

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Chapter 24- Remembrance at last!

Last time on Dragonball Out of Place!

Our heroes found trouble in the vast reaches of space. However, it was not what they expected.

Children from a world lost to Frieza's genocidal army attempted to capture, and kill them all, but luckily they all came to an understanding.

Will this be the last detour on Hiro, Gohan, and Bulma's trip? Find out, now...




"Gohan! On your left!"


"Hiro no! I...I will avenge you! Take THIS!"


"Yeah, that oughta-!"



"No… I… I failed you-"

"Could you guys take it down a notch?"

We both turned from the console to our exasperated pilot.

"'hehe', Sorry Bulma. Just got a little carried away." I laughed embarrassed.

"Yeah, this game is really fun! Wanna join in?" Gohan asked her.

"No thank you. Besides, those games will rot your brains." she warned.

"Suit yourself."

"You might want to turn that thing off anyway, and come see this." I raised an eyebrow at that, and walked over to the viewscreen to see-

"Namek." We finally made it.

Soon, we'd be off this god-forsaken contraption, and back on solid ground… or… well… probably in the air fighting, but you get the idea.

"Best strap in guys, we're going in for a landing!"

Me, and Gohan scrambled to get to our seats as she, once again, tried to move us through an atmosphere with only a moment's notice.

As a result, I didn't get to my seat in time, and was thrown back into the other end of the ship.


"Damnit!" I shouted as I got full force into the bulkhead, totally unprepared, and unprotected by any ki barrier.

The G-Forces involved were so powerful, I think I broke something.

I tried to move what I thought was the affected shoulde-

"'argh'!" yup. Definitely broke something.

When the ship stopped shaking I tried standing up, but was quickly thrown back into the bulkhead head first-


"'ugghh'... What the…" I came too in haze. My head throbbing like it had met the lovechild of tinnitus and a jackhammer.

"What the fuck happened?" I tried getting a feel for my surroundings.

Someone was saying… something. It wasn't coming in clearly.

The headache became worse. Like someone was squishing it like a grape.

I tried moving my hands to hold my head, I… don't really know how that was supposed to help, but I did it anyway.

Slowly, I began to notice that this was awfully similar to when Yaku tried to mess with my head back during Slugs attack.

Panicking, I threw up whatever mental defenses I could. And just like that, the pain began to fade away.

Soon enough, my vision began to clear.

I wasn't on the ship anymore. I was in a large building.

I didn't recognize the place at all. But it seemed awfully familiar.

Throwing off my little case of deja vu, I tried spreading my ki senses out to find the others, but was shocked when I found I couldn't.

Not just "couldn't find them", I couldn't use my ki.

I rose from what seemed to be… a completely normal bed?

"Rob! You got to get moving! You'll be late for work!"

A familiar voice rang out from elsewhere in the house.

For some reason, it struck me right in the gut with so many emotions at once I couldn't process it.

"Get in the shower already! You're almost an hour late at this point!"

I slowly got out of the bed, ignoring the urgency in that woman's voice. Trying to understand what was going on.

I looked around again, and I… I just knew this place… like the back of my hand.

This was… this was home. My room, in my home, in the real world.

I walked around the room until I stood in front of a large mirror that was attached to my closet.

I looked… definitely different than I was just a moment ago.

No tail, for one thing. This was a human body, after all.

My hair wasn't at all spikey like it just was. It looked like… well, like I'd just gotten out of bed. As a half-saiyan, It definitely could've been molded to my desire, but it fought back like hell to look spikey.

My muscle mass… was significantly disappointing.

I wasn't exactly fat, though, I did seem to have a bit of a belly. It really just seemed like everything was underworked.

In other words, I looked like Hiro's nerdy, boring twin brother-


"M-Moving!" I stuttered.

Showering had been an… experience. Let's just leave it at that.

Moving around the house seemed like, and probably was, second nature.

Moving downstairs, because my room was on the second floor, I saw my second suckerpunch to the gut.

The voice that had called up to me belonged to a woman about 2/3rds my size, with long red hair. I almost instantly knew who she was.


"What, did your alarm not go off? 'Sigh', your luck I'm off today, otherwise you'd be nearly two hours late, not good, not good. Get some coffee, and get ready, move, move, move!"

Rushing to follow her orders, I moved around the house like… like I'd done this yesterday.

Eight hours later…

The day had been like a long, tedious pain in the ass doing paperwork for a workplace that seemed just barely familiar.

I don't know why, or how I was going along with all this. Taking orders from, and talking casually with, people I couldn't recognize.

Even at my worse… I should be questioning all of this. Challenging this world. But it all just seemed so… so warm. I wasn't sure I wanted whatever "this" was to end.

I learned a few things… or, at least, remembered.

My name. My real name. Robert Orso.

I was twenty years old, in college for… I'm not sure actually, didn't go there today.

I worked as a paid intern at the local elections office, it could often be boring but… it paid decent for an internship.

My hometown was Mays Landing in New Jersey. It was in the pine barrens, right where rural, meets suburbia.

It wasn't exactly quiet. Plenty of traffic came through, there was a large prison nearly two miles away from home, but surprisingly, nothing ever happened here.

Possibly, the most dull, boring, unimportant, peaceful, town in the country.

Home sweet home.

Going home, I met the rest of my family.

My brother Joe, he was clearly more athletic than me. Really tech-savvy too. Always had been. I often found myself wondering whether or not we were actually brothers with how different our interests could be. But then I remember how we keep laughing at the same comedy, how we both are fast adapters to just about any situation we're thrown into (Come to think of it, I can't help but wonder how he would do in my situation), and occasionally finish each other's sentences.

My step-father, Wayne. He was… a good man. I never personally recognized him as a "Father Figure" really, but he was good for my mother. And, I had no negative feelings about him.

My mother… ok, I'll be honest, even with video evidence of her holding me in the hospital after I was born, I really have to wonder how we're related. We don't look alike, her personality seems entirely removed from mine. She was very religious while I lived with the son of god for a few months and still had a hard time believing in anything. She often needed help to figure out the basics of a remote control, while I could work three devices at once. She was very sociable and cheery, while I was about as antisocial as it could get.

Seeing them all like this-


Something strange happened.

I felt something… in the periphery of my senses.

"What are you standing around for? You ok?" my mother asked me, clearly worried.

"Y-Yeah I'm good."

"'Uhuh'… you sure? You've been spacing out all day." She didn't believe me for a moment.



"Gohan…" it was him. I knew it.

"What'd you say?" my brother, a fellow fan of dbz, overheard-

No. That's not him.



"A- An earthquake!? Here!?"

"Under the tables! Now!"




I stole one last bittersweet look at this… this dream.

I… I remember now.

This could only mean…

"Fake Namek... "

At the revelation at what was going on, once again, I was overcome by one thing.


A tear fell from my face. Coming to accept this world for what it was…

An illusion. Created by those… those…

Those dead men.

My energy swirled, and EXPLODED outward, blowing away the illusion.

I could feel clearly now.

My saiyan body, my ki senses, and now, most of my memories…

I had them back.

Only now, I wasn't just "Hiro", or "Rob" anymore.

Whoever I was though… I was pissed.

Finding Gohan's energy, I felt it flared to full force. He was in a panic.

"Oh, hell no." I blasted away from the broken down building I was in over to where the fight was taking place.

In about ten minutes, I found the battlefield. Some massive tentacle monsters were distracting Gohan from two insectoid aliens trying to force Bulma to open the ship.

I got here just as they pointed some weapon at her, while making their "We're taking your shit" speech.

Not in a mood to listen to their nonsense, faster than they could blink (Assuming they could)-

"-better hope some other kind soul comes along to-OH SHIT!"

"What the-!" only one of them was still there anymore.

"Z-Zigarou!?" The only one remaining looked around confused as he was hit by a gust of wind. "W-Where are you!?"

"Orbit. He went into Orbit."


I came down with a superhero landing that knocked the bug off his feet.

"It's funny actually, you did want off world, right?" I asked in a barely controlled monotone voice.

"No! Not you! We put you under our illusion! How did you-"


Suddenly appearing in front of him, he quickly tried crawling away before I put pressure on his lower back until I heard a snap.

"It's simple. I'm all too familiar with asholes messing with my head."

I held a blast to his head, and before he had a chance to beg, I blasted it off.

"In comparison to the last guy… you're an amateur."

I looked over to Gohan to see he was having trouble still, and coldly raised my hand to the various tentacle monsters around the place.

"Gohan! Dodge!" With that simple order, he focused his energy to flying away from my blast radius.


In less than a moment, a flash overcame the area, and in another, it, and the monsters were gone.

"H-Hiro!?" Bulma looked shocked.

Without ceremony, I threw her on the ships landing pad, and called out to Gohan.

"C'mon! We haven't got time to lose!"

We loaded up on the pad, and I uttered "Piccolo."

"Get this hunk of junk moving now!... Bulma!?"

Bulma shook off some kind of shock she seemed to be undergoing, and worked her magic with the controls.

We flew off quickly. The turbulence worrying me slightly, but I was more concerned with being stuck on that hellhole forever.

Once more, shit got thrown around.

You know the routine at this point. I get hit by a lot of it. We scream. Everything turns out fine.

Let me tell you, I've never been happier to see the stars.

Ten minutes later...

"Aaaand just like that, we're back in business." Bulma announced once we got back on course to Namek

"That was… an adventure… I guess?" Gohan was ultimately left confused by the whole incident.

I hadn't given the bastards time to fully monologue what they were doing, so just about everyone except me was out of the loop.

"Yeah… let's just be glad this one is over." I ended up agreeing fully.

"By the way… are… you ok Hiro?" Bulma asked nervously.

This immediately caught me off guard. Hearing her using that tone…

"Yeah? Why would-... oh." I then remembered she just saw me blow a person's head off right in front of her.

Rather coldly too.

"I… no. I'm not "ok"." Bulma, and Gohan we're surprised.

I lost my cool. Again.

This time? I did kill someone.

Letting that catch up to me…

I just killed another living being.

Not because I had to.

I could've just knocked them out!

I didn't need to kill!

But I did.

Because I got angry.

An entirely different feeling of cold washed over me.

I just committed a murder.

Two even.

They weren't human.

But, was I really at this point?

And the strangest part?

I don't even care that I killed them.

And that… that brings its own feeling of something being very wrong.

Does that make much sense?

I should be feeling something right?

After an hour of talking about what happened down there, about what we all saw.

The main theory is that those aliens knew I could not be stopped by anything they had, so they decided to trap me in my memories using the same powers they used to read Bulma's memories about Namek.

They must have been very powerful "memorypaths", able to drag up details even we couldn't remember.

They had Gohan, and Bulma run off on a fake Dragon Ball hunting adventure thinking I was in a deep coma after the crash.

It didn't take Gohan long to realize the Namek they created was not at all like the one I described. And the threats they faced in their illusion wasn't even close.

He confronted the aliens quickly, a fight broke out, weakening their hold on me.

You read the rest.

When I went to my bunk that night, I didn't sleep. I spent the entire night thinking.

Wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

So, a short chapter I know, but it's something.

Next one should be a little more content filled.

After all, it's not like nothing has been happening on Earth...