It was a nice morning when the Wild Kratts' Tortuga was hovering through the sky.

"Why are we going to Royal Woods, Michigan again?" Aviva asked.

"Because we're going Creature Adventuring with Lincoln Loud" Martin spoke.

"Also known as the hero named L-10" Chris added.

"L-10? You mean the superhero kid who and the Omnitrix Team protect Royal Woods from bad aliens, Evos, monsters, criminals and stuff?" Koki asked.

"Yep. The one and only. And uses the alien device known as the Omnitrix on his left wrist to transform into 35 different kinds of aliens by choice" Chris said.

"Finally. I've been waiting to use one of the DNA samples of the Omnitrix for the Creature Power Suits for a long time" Aviva mentioned.

"Really? For the Creature Power Suits?" Chris and Martin both asked excitedly.

"Yeah. Tetramand, Pyronite, Florauna, Kineceleran, Vulpimacer, Methosian, Galvan, Loboan, and even Necrofriggian" Aviva classified.

"It's surprising that there are different species" Koki said.

"Yeah. Some of the aliens in the Omnitrix have many things in common with the animals we had creature adventures with. Like Wildmutt to dogs. Or XLR8 to Cheetahs" Martin start off.

"Or Blitzwolfer to wolves. Or even Cannonbolt to pangolins" Chris added when their screen monitor began beeping.

"The map says we're close by. Full speed ahead, Jimmy" Koki told. "You got it" Jimmy said as they flew down to Royal Woods.


He's a kid, and he wants to have fun!

But when you need a superhero, he and the Omnitrix Team get the job done.


With his teammates and a device that he wears on his arm,

He can change his shape and save the world from harm.

When trouble's taking place,

They get right in it's face.


When lives are on the line,

It's hero time!


Moments later, Lincoln and the Omnitrix Team were just arrived at the park.

"Lincoln, how long until they get here?" Ronnie Anne asked.

"The Kratt Brothers said they'd be here in a minute" Lincoln answered.

"I wonder if Aviva and Koki need any help with their technology. My nanites can activate or deactivate any machine I touch at my will" Rex spoke.

"We already know Rex. Besides, I might use my powers to boost them up in case they need it" Jazz mentioned.

"Good thing you're not a bad ΒΌ Illumitarian like your sister. Ow!" Kevin commented earning a zap from Ronnie Anne.

"Can you smell them yet, Chase?" Julie asked.

"Hm, well they're getting closer. Great that I can smell from a distance as the Half-Varakonian who transforms into dinosaurs. And here they come now" Chase sniffed as the Tortuga arrived.

"They're finally here" Lincoln responded as the Omnitrix Team greeted the Wild Kratts.

"Hey Omnitrix Team" Chris greeted.

"You guys made it" Jazz said.

"Of course we did" Martin said.

"Hola Ronnie Anne" Aviva greeted.

"You too, Aviva" Ronnie Anne greeted back.

"So, how's it going?" Martin asked.

"Well, we've been having a day off from fighting bad guys in Royal Woods" Rex spoke.

"Cool. That means we can make a creature adventuring about one of the aliens in the Omnitrix" Chris said.

"Really? That sounds cool" Julie said in excitement.

"So, what do you think Lincoln?" Jazz asked.

"I guess that would be okay" Lincoln accepted.

"Awesome!" Chris and Martin both responded.

"Great. With Rex's help and whatever alien you choose, I get the Creature Power Discs ready in a snap" Aviva said.

"Don't get too hasty. My nanites work like weapons to protect the innocent or my teammates" Rex said.

"Hold on. Let me Rex, Chase and I get my Creature Power Disc kit" Aviva said as she, Rex and Chase went inside the Tortuga.

"So, Julie, where's Pattifly? Isn't she with you?" Chris asked.

"Yes, he is. But I'm letting her rest in my Lady Rose earrings" Julie mentioned.

"Good. A few minutes without her voice" Kevin commented getting another zap from Ronnie Anne.

"Guess your magic training with the plumbers is paying off" Martin complimented.

"Thanks. Getting better at it" Ronnie Anne said.

"Guys, maybe we should go into our hero outfits first" Lincoln mentioned.

"Good point" Jazz agreed as Pattifly just appeared from Julie's bag.

"Pattifly, bright wings!" Julie commanded as Pattifly entered the earrings and made Julie turn into Lady Rose while Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, Jazz and Kevin also changed into their hero outfits as L-10, Lucky Girl, Light Queen and The Absorber.

"What do guys think?" Jazz asked.

"Cool. And perfect record for timing" Chris said. "Good thing we always keep a low profile while doing this" Ronnie Anne said.

"Okay, we're ready now" Kevin said.

"Great! A Creature Adventure about L-10 and the Omnitrix Team!" The Kratts both said in excitement.

"Let's just wait for the guys and Aviva to get back with her disc making kit" Jazz said.

Unknown to them was a Zachbot that just recorded everything after the Omnitrix Team's outfit change.

Moments later at the Zach Varmitech headquarters building, Zach Varmitech just got the recording send by the spying Zachbot.

"Great! A Creature Adventure about L-10 and the Omnitrix Team!" The message repeated when Zach noticed it.

"What?! Now the Wild Ratts are having creature adventures with L-10 and the Omnitrix Team?! The famous L-10 whose been saving Royal Woods by turning into different aliens and his team of other kids who are just as famous?! No fair!" Zach complained as he continued to watch the recording.

"So, which alien are you gonna turn into?" Chris asked.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out" Lincoln answered as Zach got an idea.

"That's it! Maybe if I capture L-10, I'll discover the secret to how he turns into aliens and use it against those Wild Ratts and get my hands on their technology. Zachbots, set course for Royal Woods! Hahahaha!" Zach laughed evilly as his plane left his headquarters to Royal Woods.

Meanwhile back at the Royal Woods park, Rex, Chase and Aviva came out of the Tortuga with Aviva's Creature Power Disc maker.

"We're back guys" Rex said with him and Chase also in their hero outfits (as Gen-X and Dino-Fang).

"I got it. How about Big Chill?" Lincoln asked scrolling the Omnitrix dial to Big Chill's hologram.

"Yeah. I've been eyeing that one for a while now" Aviva agreed. "In order to get the data for the Creature Power Disc, we'll need the information of Big Chill himself" Chris said.

"Okay then. Here goes" Lincoln said as he pressed the Omnitrix and turned into Big Chill.

"Big Chill! That's perfect" Big Chill spoke.

"Awesome!" The Kratt brothers both responded.

"You think it'll work?" Jazz asked.

"Don't worry. Aviva got a little help from me and Chase" Rex said.

"We both made sure it capable of making disc with the Creature Powers of whatever alien Lincoln transforms into" Chase added.

"Okay L-10, let's see what Big Chill can do" Aviva said.

"You got it. Watch this Kratt bros" Big Chill said as he unleashed his ice breath.

"Yep. Very familiar with the ice breath and the intangibility. Perhaps with a closer examination would help" Aviva said as her kit scanned Big Chill's whole body.

"Okay, let's begin. This will be my best Creature Power Suit yet" Aviva said as she began to run some test on Big Chill's abilities.

"Can't wait to see how this turns out" Ronnie Anne said.

Meanwhile on Zach Varmitech's plane, Zach was preparing his plan to capture Lincoln.

"I never thought I would have plans for L-10. Usually I use animals for my inventions, but using L-10's ability to transform into aliens would be even better. Still I wonder what transformation L-10 has that I can use" Zach planned when his monitor was beeping. "Perfect. The coordination is close. Full speed ahead" Zach ordered as his plane flew faster.

Back at the Tortuga, Aviva was just finishing the programming the Creature Power Discs.

"And done. I never knew I'd this chance. Thanks Rex" Aviva thanked.

"No problem" Rex said.

"Time to test out these suits" Aviva said.

"Awesome!" The Kratt brothers both said in excitement.

"You think it will work?" Julie asked.

"Probably. With Aviva and Kratt brothers, anything's possible" Chase answered.

"You're ready, Lincoln?" Chris asked.

"Yeah. I'm ready." Big Chill nodded as the Kratt brothers touched him.

"Activate Creature Power Suits!" They both shouted when the discs gave them Necrofriggian powers.

"Woah!" The Omnitrix Team (minus Big Chill, who turned back into Lincoln) all said amazed.

"Yes, it work" Aviva responded.

"Cool. So this is what it's like to be Big Chill. The power of ice and flight" Chris said.

"And the frost breath and intangibility" Martin added.

"Thanks for the help, Lincoln" Aviva thanked.

"You're welcome, Aviva" Lincoln accepted.

"Hey, do you guys here something?" Ronnie Anne asked hearing hovering sound.

"Yeah. It sounds like a plane landing" Kevin said as they saw Zach's plane land.

"Zach Varmitech? What's he up to this time?" Chris asked.

"Whatever it is, it can't be good" Martin said when Zach and his Zachbots.

"You must be the Omnitrix Team, are you not?" Zach asked.

"Yeah, we are. Why do you ask?" Jazz asked back.

"This is why! Zachbots, get me L-10!" Zach commanded as the Zachbots zoom towards Lincoln.

"What the?" Lincoln asked.

"Oh no, you don't!" Ronnie Anne denied when she levitated two Zachbots and threw them.

"Finally, a fight" Rex said activating his smack hands and bashed a few more Zachbots away while Chase used Therizinosaurus claws to slice a couple of Zachbots.

"Need a hand, Chase?" Kevin asked turning his hands into hammers and smashed the Zachbots.

"Thanks buddy" Chase thanked.

"No problem" Kevin accepted.

"Lincoln, by an chance you like to help?" Jazz asked in whisper blasting light energy.

"Don't worry, I got you guys covered" Lincoln said shooting lasers from his suit (which along with Jazz's light energy) blasted a few more Zachbots.

"What do you want with me, Zach Varmitech?" Lincoln asked when Zach approached him.

"I want to capture you, L-10, so I can discover the secret of how you transform into different aliens and use it against those Wild Ratts!" Zach answered.

"That's Wild Kratts!" The Kratts and Aviva corrected.

"Whatever. Once I get the secret and use it, I'll take them down and steal their technology." Zach laughed evilly when more Zachbots charged at Lincoln.

"Leave him alone! Nobody tries to use my friend's powers for evil!" Julie swore as she magically created a fist to take down the approaching Zachbots.

"Let's give them a hand with Big Chill's creature powers" Chris said.

"I'm with ya, bro" Martina agreed as they used frost breath to freeze the Zachbots.

"Saving L-10 and the planet with creature power!" The Kratt brothers both said turning intangible.

"Hey Zachbots, over here" Martin called (with the Zachbots unable to see him) while bashed them away.

"Wahoo! This is amazing!" Chris said freezing more Zachbots.

"Thanks guys. Now it's my turn" Lincoln said.

"Stop! You're ruining everything!" Zach complained.

"Then you won't like it when I do this. Time to be a hero!" Lincoln catch phrased dialing the Omnitrix into Big Chill again.

"Big Chill! Now get ready for another thing I can do as this!" Big Chill shout flying towards the remaining Zachbots.

"Well, here goes nothing" Big Chill said as he unleashed cryokinesis one of the Zachbots.

"What?!" Zach asked in shock.

"Woah! Big Chill just use cryokinetic powers on a Zachbot!" Chris responded in surprise.

"Duh. Big Chill can use cryokinetic powers. And I thought he wouldn't be more cooler before I noticed it" Ronnie Anne remembered.

"Trust me. It happened to me once. Frankly, it was annoying" Rex added.

"I should've added that to the Creature Power Suits" Aviva said.

"Now to take care of Zach" Big Chill said as his frost breath froze the remaining Zachbots.

"Alright Chase. They're all yours!" Big Chill signaled.

"You got it!" Chase accepted turning into an Ankylosaurus and swatted the remaining Zachbots into Zach's plane.

"Alright Zach, you leave or we keep doing this the hard way!" Big Chill warned.

"Fine, I don't wanna use those secrets anymore, anyway. I get you, Wild Ratts!" Zach vowed as he retreated into his plane which flew away.

"That's Wild Kratts!" The Kratts brothers and the Omnitrix Team corrected.

Later on, the Omnitrix Team changed back into their civilian outfits.

"Creature Mission accomplish" Chris said.

"Yeah, we learned about all about Big Chill and stopped Zach from capturing Lincoln for the transformations of the Omnitrix." Martin added.

"Though, I still can't believe Big Chill can eat metal" Aviva said.

"Metal is a Necrofriggian's natural diet" Ronnie Anne informed.

"The first time we saw that was when Big Chill made Lincoln Mr. Mom. The second time was when we got Big Chill's DNA back into the Omnitrix " Rex remembered.

"Did you guys have remind me again?" Lincoln asked in annoyance as everyone else laughed a bit.

"Well Lincoln, Big Chill's fellow Necrofriggians are living free and in the wild of outer space" Chris said.

"Thanks Guys. You have a good point there." Lincoln thanked in agreement as he secretly broke the fourth wall by winking.