S2: 12:

Miles away from Big Green, is a small hill near the fortress belonging to High Roller called East Citadel, which is where he is currently talking to Cronus.

"So the Trix are frozen solid and can't break free immediately with Icy's magic?! Argh! Things were going so well in Arendelle!" High Roller growls in anger.

"Yet, they were still bested again by two members of the Humanimal Ohana's newest allies. What is their group name again? Oh yes, the Omnitrix Team." Cronus taunts High Roller's anger issues.

"How did they ruin things for us in first Corona, and now Arendelle?! That child, Lincoln Loud is beginning to get on my nerves as much as Khan Kluay, Lin Chung, Hiccup Haddock and Black Panther usually do!" High Roller begins to throw a tantrum.

"Yes indeed he also reminds me of Jay. Seems the boy and his teammates individually or together are perhaps not just mortals like the Humanimals. Forgive me for saying these because they helped them embarrass you, but the Omnitrix Team is becoming just as impressive. Quite the impressive choice Jay made." Cronus rubs his chin.

"I know that taunting tone of yours Cronus, and I appreciate it if you don't use to it make annoy me!" High Roller makes an annoyed face.

"Hahaha. Yes of course." Cronus feels unintimidated knowing he's a god when the Zebra Brothers came in. "Ah yes, right on schedule as usual boys."

"Master High Roller, the Trix are gonna have to defrost in several more hours." Sparky Black spoke.

"And Ryker is waiting to attack Dragon's Edge on Cronus' word." Sparky White added.

"Will you two zip it!? Don't interrupt me while we're talking!" High Roller scowled at them both.

"I'll be right there. You two keep watch over the Trix until they've completely defrost." Cronus told as the Zebra Brothers head back to East Citadel.

"You got something else to help you attack Dragon's Edge, don't you?" High Roller guessed.

"Yes. I'll be having Butch Lepray assist Ryker if you don't mind." Cronus smile evilly.

"Someone call my name?" A woman's voice was heard before they turned to see her with short red hair, a light blue shirt with yellow stripes on it, cowgirl pants, a red neckerchief, and a cowgirl hat. This is Butch Lepray. "What's this about me assisting Ryker?" She asked with a sneaky grin.

Our world's about to break,

Tormented and Attacked,

Lost from when we wake,

With no way to go back,

I'm standing on my own,

But now I'm not alone,

(Omnitrix Team; Assemble!)

Always, we will fight as one,

Till the battle's won,

With evil on the run,

We never come undone,

Assembled, we are strong,

Forever fight as one,

Assembled, we are strong,

Forever fight as one!

The Loud 10: Omnitrix Team Adventures

Back in the Rust Bucket 3, the Omnitrix Team and Sarah are introducing Azmuth to the rest of the Humanimal Ohana on the monitors.

"So, let me get this straight! This little alien is the guy who created the same alien watch on Lincoln's wrist that he uses to turn into aliens?!" Odie spoke in surprise while Rapunzel's monitor appeared and heard everything.

"It's called the Omnitrix. And yes I did. I was a bit concerned about Lincoln possessing it at first the day I came and met him, but as he matures day after day ever since, I know he is worthy of its power." Azmuth spoke while Fishlegs pops up in Hiccup's monitor.

"Thanks. I think." Lincoln looks at the old Galvan.

"To be honest, I thought he'd be taller." Rapunzel whispers to Khan Kluay & T'Challa.

"Littlest I can say about the power you possess from the Sun Drop as the one who was your best friend possesses the Moon Stone, princess." Azmuth brought up.

"Wait. How do you know about the Sun Drop and the Moon Stone?" Rapunzel asked in surprise.

"They both came to Earth from beyond the stars just like my creation: the Omnitrix. What do you expect?" Azmuth answered.

"Okay. Point taken." Rapunzel accepted.

"This is not the only reason you're here, is it?" Ronnie Anne guessed.

"No. I also came because I've noticed a few changes in the Omnitrix's database. Like Lincoln's new transformations with an a species of origin unknown to here, showing it is from another universe. Is that correct?" Azmuth looks at Lincoln.

"Oh yeah. I got new aliens from another universe in a world called Equestria. The friends I made there who gave me them are ponies but they are actually just as civilized and as smart as us. I got four aliens from four different species from them. Plus, my aliens are unlike anything they and their home has ever seen." Lincoln explains.

"Hmm. Interesting. It seems these new friends of yours despite your Equestrian-like description are very intelligent as you humans and other species compared to you, DNA being easily scanned since the transformations in question are organic & different by species from you. Which is all making them perfect for being added to the data of the Omnitrix." Azmuth spoke being fascinated.

"You should've seen them in action. We saw Lincoln turn into at least two in the past. It was awesome!" Jazz smiles remembering Eclipse & Jet Wing.

"The guys, or should I say girls who gave Lincoln his new aliens are also cool. They saved their home multiple times. They're even part of the Humanimal Ohana too. And like the rest of Equestria, they two have magic. Makes me wish I was there." Ronnie Anne tries to contain her excitement.

"But that's not the crazy part. Lincoln got a chance to blow their minds with what his aliens can do." Kevin added.

"Looks like you're liking it too, huh?" Chase smirks.

"Kinda." Kevin tries to hide how impressed he is.

"This could be perfect in case you need allies for tough battles ahead. But that's not the only astounding thing I found." Azmuth started.

"It is Lincoln can make Equestrian pony aliens go ultimate?" Julie grinned widely.

"Well, there's that perhaps. But also a unique change in one of the transformations that are already put into the Omnitrix database since Lincoln possessed the prototype, but hasn't unlocked yet. Quite unusual yet remarkable in deed." Azmuth explains.

"What do you mean? I didn't notice anything different." Lincoln asked.

"You'll find out soon enough. Until then you have other important matters to worry about." Azmuth strokes his mustache. "Like what is your next destination."

"Oh right. The Archipelago is the closet place near Corona & Arendelle. The Dragons Edge is there, so that would be perfect." Odie spoke.

"Sounds like a good idea. Wait a minute. Odie, did you have Sammo the PALs there?" Sarah gives Odie a suspicious look.

"Um, maybe. Ok, yes I did. But I couldn't help it after Abigail's begging and her puppy eyes." Odie admitted.

"Oh boy. And I bet it was Lucky's idea. Another reason the Omnitrix Team should go there." Sarah sighs facepalming herself.

"Thanks for the things you said about the Omnitrix, Azmuth. But we got to get to the Archipelago." Lincoln told Azmuth.

"Very well. Good luck. But remember that you might uncover the change in one of the locked transformations. As far as I'm concerned, you might unlock it." Azmuth prepares to teleport.

"Thank you, Azmuth. But remember this. If you come to my cousin, I'll sense you, since I know he's bounded to the Omnitrix." Sarah said to the old Galvan.

"Of course. Just like your mother & aunt, young Sarah Whitney." Azmuth teleports away.

"Man, I still can't believe that guy made Lincoln's Omnitrix." Odie scratches his head.

"Believe me. That's the same surprised reaction my third big brother had when he and my other big siblings met Azmuth. It's a long story." Julie remembers.

"Uh Sarah, anything else about your family you would like to tell us about?" Hiccup asks.

"Long story short, Hiccup, Lincoln & my family on our mothers' side and of course my dad were once Plumbers, one of the allies Big Green has that knows Intergalactic policing." Sarah explained quickly.

"Yep, that would be it. Thank you." Hiccup accepted.

"And that would also explain a lot in my case." Odie commented.

"Very funny, Odie." Sarah sarcastically smirked.

"Anyway, I sent two of our fellow Humanimals to the Dragons Edge in case you and the Omnitrix Team need some back-up, Hiccup. Lucky Prescott & Spirit Jr." Odie brought up.

"You sure about that Odie? We can risk Lucky and Spirit Jr. being there without something they need for offense or defense." Jay questioned in concern.

"I think me and Fishlegs can worry about that. And I did promise Lucky I'd give her a tour around the edge." Hiccup mentioned. "Speaking of such, you guys meet us there." He told the Omnitrix Team.

"Alright. That means Jazz, you go with me this time." Lincoln decided.

"Oh yeah! In your face, Levin!" Jazz teased Kevin after being picked.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. Hope a dragon attacks you." Kevin glanced getting a raspberry from her.

"Okay, chill out you two. Let's just get going. We're heading your way, Hiccup. Over and out." Chase said as Rust Bucket 3 heads towards the Omnitrix Team's next destination.

Almost an hour later, the Omnitrix Team in Rust Bucket 3 arrived in the Archipelago, at destination #3: Dragons Edge, home to the Dragon Riders and to countless species of dragons, when they landed.

"Oh my Thor! They're here! Here they come, everybody! It's so exciting!" Fishlegs excited goes up to Rust Bucket along with Meatlug.

"Yes, I see them too, Fishlegs." Hiccup smiles.

"You know Hiccup, we haven't seen these kids in quite a while. It was a great idea for that birthday gift we gave Lincoln by putting together that necklace." Astrid spoke.

"I know. And perfect timing because we could use some help against the dragon hunters." Hiccup mentioned when the Omnitrix Team came out.

"Hola Omnitrix Team. Welcome to resident Dragons Edge. We've hope you've enjoyed your flight here. Be sure to watch your step as you make your way here for the first time." Tuffnut announced.

"Gracias Tuffnut. I'm looking forward to it." Ronnie Anne thanked.

"Then today is your lucky day, Ronnie Anne, my little Lucky Girl amiga." Tuffnut smiles.

"And it'll be extra fun for the Omnitrix Team." Ruffnut promised.

"Maybe save the tour for later. We got a big problem." Astrid spoke.

"Right. The dragon hunters are on the move thanks to High Roller. He's sent Ryker to be in charge." Hiccup spoke when Spirit Jr. walks towards them.

"Hi Spirit Jr. Odie told us you and Lucky are here." Chase greeted petting the mustang's muzzle.

"Speaking of whom, where is that crazy little Prescott anyway?" Kevin asked.

"Right here!" They heard Lucky's voice and turned to see her riding with Snotlout & Hookfang when they landed from flying. "Miss me?" She winked hoping off.

"Better them than me. Riding with you was a nightmare." Snotlout spoke getting wacked by Hookfang.

"Lucky, Hola! What's happening?" Ronnie Anne fist pumps Lucky.

"Still riding wild, girl! And looking good while doing it!" Jazz joins the fist-pumping.

"Great to see you guys. And I see Kevin is still reminding me of Snotlout and Mighty Ray, in an annoying way." Lucky makes a snarky smirks.

"Shut up, Lucky!" Snotlout responded.

"Ha! I knew it!" Jazz laughs in a cocky tone.

"Shut up, Milton!" Kevin glared before being zapped. "Ow!"

"Anyway, how was the patrol?" Hiccup asked.

"Saw a group of hunters heading to a nearby island, no doubt Ryker is planning to trap us with an ambush. Plus, he's with someone I hoped I really didn't want to see again. Butch Lepray." Lucky revealed.

"What?!" Spirit Jr. looks at his rider in shock.

"I saw her next to Ryker through my binoculars. No doubt she was sent there by Cronus." Lucky suspected.

"Oh Thor, this sounds bad, Hiccup. It's like Cronus is making sure things for him go well here." Fishlegs feared.

"He also has the dragon hunters' weapons as a defense for Ryker & Butch in case the Omnitrix Team comes here." Hiccup figured.

"Chase, you don't mind sitting this one out do you? I wanna give Jazz a shot next." Lincoln asked.

"I don't mind. I'm rather wanting to explore the edge anyway, and give some new tricks with my powers for a spin." Chase accepts while showing Ruffnut & Tuffnut his tail.

"I can't believe you're part alien & dinosaur and part human at the same time. Somebody pinch me!" Tuffnut smiles. "Ow!" He shouted being pinched.

"You asked for it." Ruffnut chuckled being the pincher.

"I'm going too! Spirit, I need you to stay here where it's safe boy. I don't want the hunters to get you." Lucky told.

"Hope you know what you're doing." Spirit Jr. accepts.

"Lucky no, it's too dangerous!" Hiccup opposed.

"Hiccup, you may dragons and dragon hunters better than I do, but Butch Lepray is my problem too. She's still has a score to settle with me after the times, the other PALs stopped her plans. So I'm going whether you like it or not." Lucky said.

"Fine. You, Lincoln & Jazz are coming with us, but remember to keep your guard up, considering what you said and Butch will want the hunters to set a trap for you. Not to mention we don't know what dragons that we'll run into." Hiccup accepted.

"Got it. Astrid, is it okay if I burrow one of your axes?" Lucky asked.

"Sure. Thought you'd ask me that since you know how to use one." Astrid nodded.

"Good. Because I'm gonna need one." Lucky makes a determined glare.

An hour later, Lincoln & Jazz while flying with Lincoln now transformed into Jetray were flying towards the nearby islands along with Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs & Lucky.

"So, what kind of dragons do you think we'll see?" Jetray asked.

"I don't know. Normally it depends on what what species we run into." Fishlegs answers knowing many species of dragons live in this part of the archipelago.

"I can't wait to fly around and test out some new tricks I've been working on lately." Jazz planned.

"Well, I'm willing to find Butch Lepray, and put a stop to her the minute I see her." Lucky makes a hateful glare, riding with Astrid & Stormfly while carrying one of Astrid's axes.

"Uh, is there something about Butch Lepray that upsets her?" Jetray asked Hiccup.

"We'll explain when we get there. Okay gang! It's dead ahead! Let's get moving and find those hunters!" Hiccup ordered when they reached the island.

"Wow! This place looks cooler on the inside!" Jetray looks around the forest of the island after they landed.

"I know right? You're gonna love seeing the wildlife here, especially dragons." Fishlegs said while Jetray turns back into Lincoln after pressing the Omnitrix symbol, and begins to look around the trees and the canopy.

"Alright gang, let's get moving. We don't know where Ryker & Butch are setting there trap, so be alert. And we don't know what wild dragons we'll run into since many of the ones who live here are territorial." Hiccup warned.

"Trust me, Hiccup. Any dragons that lives here is no problem compared to Butch." Lucky cracks her knuckles.

"I still can't believe what you told me about what happened the times Lucky tangled with Butch Lepray. I learned from her that Lepray's a criminal, but this feels a lot more between them." Lincoln whispers to Hiccup.

"Let's just put it that it's like a deep conflict that caused a hatred between the two. A bitter hatred." Hiccup scratches his head.

"Hiccup, I'm trying to find signs of the dragon hunters so Stormfly can track them, but so far no luck." Astrid said.

"Don't worry, we'll find something. Right now we got to be careful and keep guard in case something does come at us." Hiccup told.

"Something like what exactly?" Jazz asked when they felt a rumble.

"Something like THAT!" Fishlegs when suddenly out of the ground appears to be a dragon with a serpentine body with spikes on its body, head & chine, eyes that look nearly blind and, what really makes it stand out, sets of rotating teeth in its mouth. "Oh Thor! It's a Whispering Death! A very dangerous Boulder Class Dragon, and excellent digger!" He identified in fear.

"And I already can tell what else makes it dangerous from its mouth! Maybe Spidermonkey or Stinkfly to shut it!" Lincoln was about to dial the Omnitrix when Jazz pulls out her arm.

"No need, Lincoln. I'll take this guy on. I got this." Jazz flies up towards the Whispering Death. "Yo, lizard lips! Are those spikes & teeth part of your face, or an allergic reaction? Actually that is your face!" She insulted making it follow her.

"Ah Thor! Is she insulting it?!" Hiccup looks in shock.

"Don't worry, she knows what she's doing. She always does." Lincoln told him.

"Should we help her at least?" Astrid asked.

"I think she is telling us she can handle it by herself. Besides, she took on stronger and scarier opponents before." Lincoln shook his head watching Jazz swiftly dodge spines shot by the Whispering Death right before grabbing its tail and flinging it right into the ground. "See?" He smiled.

"That girl is a lot stronger that I already thought she was." Astrid responds being impressed when the Whispering Death got back up into the air and shoots rings of fire at Jazz.

"You breathed fire in a cool way, but that doesn't scare me!" Jazz spins around through the fiery rings without getting burned right before shooting her energy from her fingers which hurt it at contact.

"Ouch!" Lucky winced when Jazz kicked the Boulder Class dragon in the chine really hard.

"Too bright for you? Try to chew all those teeth on this!" Jazz glows her golden aura around her body brightly, blinding the Whispering Death before shooting it back to the ground with the energy beams from her hands.

"Woah!" Fishlegs saw everything while impressed along with Meatlug.

"Hah! Had enough?!" Jazz looks at the Whispering Death when it dug underground to retreat in fear.

"Well, I guess we have found the one Omnitrix Team member who follows your example Astrid, I guess." Hiccup figured.

"And that's how it's done. What do you think?" Jazz asked.

"I think I don't have to tell you the Whispering Death's weaknesses since you always use it: sensitivity to light." Fishlegs answered.

"Thanks. It's not only my powers, but it's also in my family bloodline." Jazz smirks.

"Her grandmother is an alien called Illumitarian. There a species that can do things that you just saw her do, positively." Lincoln explains.

"That would explain so much." Astrid commented.

"Girl, that was cool." Lucky high fives Jazz.

"Sorry for leaving you out, Linc." Jazz apologized. "Just wanting to make sure you save your energy for the dragon hunters."

"It's okay. I knew you can be trusted to handle that Whispering Death on your own." Lincoln accepted.

"I think we should keep moving, if we want to find those hunters." Hiccup suggested while they continue to search for the dragon hunters.

A few minutes later, the Omnitrix Team members & Humanimals still search for the dragon hunters that are with Ryker and Butch Lepray.

"Wait." Lucky suddenly stopped herself and everyone else when she spotted something. "There! Look!" She points to 8 dragon hunters coming their way.

"There they are!" Hiccup alerted when the hunters spotted them.

"Get them!" The leading hunter ordered with the dragon hunters heading towards them.

"Toothless, Plasma Blast!" Hiccup signaled for Toothless to shoot his plasma blast at 3 the hunters.

"If you think dragons are masters of fire, wait until you get a load of some Heatblast power!" Lincoln pressed down on the Omnitrix, when it makes him transform, no into Heatblast but a different, yet new alien.

[The new alien is large and takes the appearance of a dragon with five toes & claws on each of his front paws & two of both on his hind feet, with black scales like Toothless throughout his entire upper body including the wings & tail, with the inside of the wings being purple along with the under-body, and surprisingly blue, yellow & silver spines on his tail.]

"ROAAAAHHHH!" The new alien roared as the light dies down right before looking at himself. "This isn't Heatblast. Wait. Am I...a dragon?!" He observes his body.

"Hiccup, are you seeing what I'm seeing?!" Astrid's jaws dropped.

"Yes I am. Lincoln...just turned into a dragon!" Hiccup looks in shock while Toothless has the same expression along with Stormfly & Meatlug.

"O-M-Thor! I can't believe what just happened! This is amazing!" Fishlegs squeals in excitement.

"Bout time if you ask me." Jazz responded while seeing the dragon hunters look in shock about Lincoln's new transformation.

"Scared now! How about this!" The new alien breathes fire which scares the hunters away. "Wow. I need a really good name for this guy." He looks impressed.

"How about Fire Blaze!" Jazz picked out the name.

"Yeah! Fire Blaze!" The new alien now named Fire Blaze announced accepting it. "Thanks Jazz." He thanked the positive 1/4 Illumitarian.

"Wait a minute? Jazz, what do you mean "bout time"?" Lucky raised an eyebrow.

"Easy. We and the rest of the Omnitrix Team met a dragon before, only it's the kind of dragon that turns out to be an alien we helped get back to his home planet. I bet Azmuth already at that kind of DNA into the Omnitrix like the prototype." Jazz explained.

"Then that must be what Azmuth also meant when he said there was a unique change in the Omnitrix's database. It must've added our dragons' & Spike's DNA into the one belonging to this new alien from the necklace we gave Lincoln for his birthday." Hiccup figured it out.

"So, why did it wait until now then? I mean me, the other PALs & Horseland team were with the Omnitrix Team during Lincoln's birthday, and we didn't notice anything." Lucky pointed out.

"I believe it's because genetic adaptation and change can take a long time to process like it's suppose to. Even for dragons and aliens." Fishlegs answered.

"Guys, I think we should keep moving if we want to stop the hunters, and Butch Lepray." Fire Blaze suggested.

"He's right. Let's go. And be alert." Hiccup agreed as they continue walking.

"There's no telling where we're gonna find Butch. But I attend to find out." Lucky narrows her eyes.

"This is becoming a lot more personal for you as far as I can tell." Jazz noticed.

Moments later, when the gang reaches the shore on the other side of the island, they finally saw dragon hunters ships with one of them having Ryker.

"There they are. On this part of the island just like we suspected." Hiccup whispered.

"I guess Cronus plans on having Ryker start here so he can use magic on the dragons or something. By going in to round up just enough." Astrid suspected.

"That's not all who's there. Look." Fishlegs points to Butch Lepray being next to Ryker. "It's Butch Lepray."

"Good. You guys can handle the dragon hunters. Butch Lepray is mine." Lucky sneers at the bandit next to Ryker.

"Lucky, you can't just rush in, they'll catch you. And Butch will know also." Astrid warned.

"Astrid's right. I know you're still angry at Butch for what she did to you, and she feels the same way. But we can't just go without a plan." Hiccup added.

"How can we go in by surprising them?" Fire Blaze suddenly popped up.

"What the?! Lincoln, how long where you there, without us or the hunters knowing?!" Fishlegs asked.

"That's the weird part, I was invisible to your eyes a minute ago." Fire Blaze explained switching his skin between invisible and visible.

"Camouflage. Just like a Changewing and a Dramillion." Astrid noticed in surprise. "I wonder what else this new alien can do." She adds with Stormfly sharing her amazement.

"Wait. I have an idea." Jazz rubs her hands together before whispering.

A few seconds later, Ryker was talking to Butch Lepray about attacking whoever the other dragon hunters spot, human or dragon.

"So, is your little ambush set?" Butch Lepray asked.

"All ready. Pretty soon, the Dragon Riders and other Humanimals who are with them will be brought to their knees." Ryker planned.

"That is good idea. But let's hope the Omnitrix Team Cronus & High Roller mentioned are not with them. Bet you remember them." Butch Lepray mocked.

"You watch your tone, woman! You may be a clever criminal but I can still try to make you regret it!" Ryker threatened when suddenly several dragon hunters where blasted. "What?!" He saw it was Hiccup & Toothless.

"Alright gang, remember Jazz's plan. Jazz, you sure you can handle them?" Hiccup asked.

"Of course." Jazz simply answers riding with Fishlegs.

"Get them! Shoot them down!" Ryker ordered with the dragon hunters beginning to shoot rocks from their catapults, nets & crossbow arrows.

"Defensive mode, everybody!" Hiccup told when the dragons begin shooting their fire.

"Stormfly, spine shot!" Astrid told Stormfly who shot a swarm of spines from her tail at several hunters.

"Your turn, Meatlug!" Fishlegs said as Meatlug fires six lava blasts at five hunters that exploded in contact with the ground.

"Here I go!" Jazz jumps off Meatlug and flies around towards one the two ships with the dragon hunters on it.

"What is that?!" One of the hunters look in shock as the rest when Jazz landed in the middle.

"Hi." Jazz greeted before firing her energy beams from her fingers to blast several hunters.

"Get here!" Another hunter charged at Jazz along with several more.

"Yeah, I don't think so!" Jazz holds more energy in her hands only this time in the form of daggers or kunai, right before spinning around while throwing them in every direction.

"AHHHHHH!" The dragon hunters surrounding Jazz all screamed with most of them either being pinned to the planks by the energy daggers or got blown off the ships.

"If you think that scares you, wait until you see this!" Jazz begins to use her karate skills & agility to take down the rest of the hunters with ease.

"Lucky, this your stop!" Astrid let's Lucky off Stormfly on the ship with Ryker and Butch Lepray on it.

"Hello Butch!" Lucky gets the bandit's attention.

"Lucky Prescott. What a surprise. Didn't expect you to be here." Butch Lepray makes a menacing smile.

"I can say the same about you! Let this be between you and me!" Lucky sneers at Butch.

"And how are you gonna do that without your little friends, or your horse exactly?" Butch Lepray questioned.

"Something like this!" Lucky suddenly covers herself in battle armor similar Sarah's, only it's crimson. "Argh!" She begins to fight Butch in combat.

"Wasn't expect that from you either. But crossing me for perhaps a fourth time, big mistake." Butch Lepray begins to fight back.

"Compared to you I learned to defend myself!" Lucky glared.

"You'll have to deal with me also, child!" Ryker was about to attack Lucky with one of his swords when Jazz suddenly kicked him away.

"Too bad you got to get passed me!" Jazz dared when Ryker runs towards her before she shot his sword out of his hand with her energy. "Strike one! Strike two!" She blast his other sword away before he could use it thanks to the energy from her eyes.

"What are you?" Ryker asked when Jazz flew at him really fast.

"A superhero. Anyway, strike three!" Jazz karate chops, punches and kicks Ryker several times before jabbing him in both sides of his neck.

"What?!" Ryker looks in shock feeling like his limbs are paralyzed.

"You're out!" Jazz finishes with one more karate kick which pushed Ryker into the wall of his ship before knocking him out with another blast. "Oh yeah."

"That is really cool! She's gotta teach me to do that!" Astrid looks down at what just happened, being impressed.

"Yo, Butch! Why do you pick on somebody your own size!" Jazz lands in front of Lucky while she's struggling against Butch.

"You must be one of those kids called the Omnitrix Team. Some of my gang members back home is a bit afraid of your pal Lincoln Loud, who goes by L-10." Butch Lepray figured.

"Yep. I'm Light Queen, who of his teammates. So, your gang can add me to the list after what you saw." Jazz smirks.

"So, where is this Lincoln Loud boy at anyway?" Butch Lepray questioned.

"Oh, he's been here the whole time. Now L-10!" Jazz signals when Fire Blaze de-camouflaged himself, being visible again.

"Surprise!" Fire Blaze breaths his fire along with that of the dragons to hit many more of the dragon hunters right before shooting his tail spines at the rest of them.

"Woah! He can do the spine shot like Stormfly!" Fishlegs squeals in excitement before Fire Blaze shot magma blast at the remaining hunters, and destroyed the chains they've been supplying. "He's got your magma blast too, Meatlug! And it destroyed the dragon-proof chains.

"What in blazes...?!" Butch Lepray looks in shock and surprised while speechless.

"Hey Butch!" Lucky throws the axe she burrowed from Astrid to disarm Butch. "Wrong team, bitch!" She jump kicks Butch into the planks.

"Urgh!" Butch Lepray groans before she became unconscious.

"Since when do you use that word?" Fishlegs looks at Lucky.

"Jazz taught me to say it at that moment." Lucky answered.

"Booyah girlfriend!" Jazz fist pumps her and Astrid. "And great surprise attack, Lincoln." She winked.

"Thanks but it was your idea though." Fire Blaze thanked.

"Oh my Thor! Wait until I tell Princess Twilight!" Fishlegs makes an wide smile.

"I think it's time we head back to the Edge and report to Apetrully the good news." Hiccup said before they flew off.

Almost an hour later, Lincoln & Jazz along with Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Lucky and their dragons returned back to the Dragons Edge to meet up with the rest of the Omnitrix Team & Dragon Riders, especially after Lincoln changed back from Fire Blaze.

"Hey guys! You won't believe what just happened to us today." Lincoln greeted.

"We were about to say the same thing. We followed the twins on their tour and look what happened." Kai points to Kevin covered in soot and Rex rubbing his head.

"What happened to you guys?" Astrid asked.

"On the tour, I got swarmed and burned by a couple of dragons called Night Terrors. Small but tough." Kevin began explaining.

"And I got flattened by a big dragon Tuffnut & Ruffnut called a Catastrophic Quaken just because I accidently whacked it with my Funk Chucks." Rex winced.

"You should've thought twice before doing that, primo. You're lucky I used a sleeping spell on it." Ronnie Anne shook her head.

"And thanks to those two muttonheads, I got flattened too." Snotlout groaned.

"Wow. I gotta say Kevin, soot does look like a good color for you." Jazz joked.

"So is being flattened when it comes to Snotlout. Though I prefer him being burned by Hookfang." Lucky adds another insult.

"Shut up, Jazz/Lucky!" Kevin & Snotlout huffed in unison.

"Oh boy. It was still an awesome tour, you guys. Thanks." Julie thanked petting Meatlug.

"Plus, I got to hang with the reptiles who along with me share a common ancestor." Chase nodded.

"No problemo, my dino amigo Chase and little pink amiga Julie. It was our pleasure." Tuffnut winked.

"Lucky, you're satisfied now that you've kicked Butch Lepray in the face, aren't you?" Fishlegs guessed.

"Yes Fishlegs, I am. And let me tell ya, it felt really good." Lucky chuckled.

"Wait a minute. That, along with Jazz kicking dragon hunter butt, and Lincoln turning to a dragon alien? Aw man! We've missed all the fun stuff today!" Tuffnut pouted.

"So, I guess we can add Fire Blaze to the list of aliens Lincoln has and list of new dragons we've met." Astrid figured.

"I guess we can. And thanks Lincoln, and you too Jazz, for helping us stop those dragon hunters and Butch Lepray." Hiccup thanked.

"You're welcome. Plus, wait until I tell Sarah and my sisters about it along with Jazz's karate skills and how she used her powers and threw them like the kunai of a 1/4 Illumitarian ninja." Lincoln accepted being nuzzled by Toothless.

"Thank you. Told you I got some new tricks. And it's how the Light Queen shines and brightly lights up your day." Jazz fist pumps Lincoln before secretly winking to the audience behind the 4th wall.

This is special thanks to both the artist from DeviantArt called Zimonini who gave me inspiration to make this OC dragon alien, while some of the changes in its features are thanks to the Dragon Riders' dragons' DNA.