Chapter 1: Universe 2

A/N: First up is Universe 2. A fair few people have been affected, especially Heles, Sour, Jimeze, Zarbuto, and Su. Pairings in this fic will be the early stages of both Sour/Heles and Zarbuto/Su Roas. Also, before you read this fanfic, first read 2. Cabba's Fury Unleashed: Beware the Nice ones and 3. Dragonball Super: Universe 6's Last Stand.

The instant that Sour restored Universe 2, an emotional Heles ran up and threw herself around Sour, which he tightly returned.

"We're back, thank you Sour" she said, half-sobbing. Sour, also emotional, said "I would never abandon my Universe Heles, you know that" and Heles smiled. They partially detach, and Sour wipes the tears out of Heles' eyes, before she returned the favor, wiping the tears out of Sour's eyes. Soon Sour and Heles split, and they headed for Jimeze and Zarbuto, whom Pell was just finishing up on healing.

"ARGH! So glad that I'm able to move" Jimeze said as he pulled himself into a sitting position. Zarbuto felt his lower back crick back into place and went "AAAHHH! That's better. Now I can feel my legs again" and, with a little help from Su, he managed to stand up again.

"Thanks, Pell" both Jimeze and Zarbuto said, to which Pell replied "No problem. We weren't going to let you suffer after what the other fighters did to you" he then turned to face Heles and Sour and said "We're heading off now"

"Alright" Sour and Heles said together, and soon, they group up and head back to Heles' home planet.

Upon return, they heard the cheers of the crowds from outside Heles' palace.

"Our adoring fans are waiting for us" the Kamikaze Fireballs said all at once. Heles smiled, and said "We had better get out and meet our fans"

"Guys, I can tell you now that the fans want to see the entire Team" Sour said, examining the crowds, who were all cheering the names of various members of the team. Brianne then said "Well, let's go" and they all headed out to the balcony, to meet their fans.

"I think we should put Jimeze and Zarbuto at the front of the team, as many in the crowd are very worried about them" Sour said. Heles nodded and called to the team "Get Zarbuto and Jimeze at the front" to which Su, Brianne, and Sanka nodded, and motioned for Jimeze and Zarbuto to come to the front. When they did, the crowd roared, extremely happy that Jimeze and Zarbuto, whom they had last seen an inch from death, were back on their feet.

However, despite all the support they had received, Zarbuto, Jimeze, and Heles struggled to recover from the events of the Tournament of Power. They were tormented by nightmares of what had happened. For Zarbuto it was what Cabba had done to him, for Jimeze it was what Frieza had done to him and for Heles it was watching both Jimeze and Zarbuto being tortured.

About a month later, Heles suddenly awoke with a start, covered in icy sweat and breathing heavily, her head spinning.

"Lady Heles, are you OK?" Sour asked, rubbing her back while keeping his other arm on Heles' shoulder. Heles, after her head stopped spinning and her nausea clamed down, she grabbed Sour's hand and said, "Did you try to wake me?"

"Yes, you were thrashing about and shouting, I had to wake you up" Sour said. Heles nodded and wiped the sweat out of her brow. Sour then tapped Heles, and cleared the sweat off her body, clothes, and bedclothes.

"Sour" Heles said once Sour had finished and stood up to leave. Sour turned back, and asked, "Yes lady Heles?"

"Can you please stay with me tonight?" Heles asked, blushing heavily. Sour blushed, then said "Uh, OK" and he took the other side of the bed from Heles, and soon, Heles had gone to sleep. Out of respect for his God of Destruction, Sour rolled over and closed his eyes, though he didn't go to sleep.

The following morning, while Heles was washing in the en-suite, Sour got a message from Vados.

"Oh, hello Vados. Why are you calling?" Sour asked, to which Vados replied "Is Zarbuto nearby? It's just that the Saiyans from Team Universe 6 want to talk to him, mainly so Cabba can ease his conscience"

"OK, cool. Once Heles is out of the shower, we'll head to Planet Tuffle and find Zarbuto" Sour said. Vados nodded, and the communication was cut.

An hour later, Sour and Heles had arrived on Planet Tuffle, and was walking towards the entrance to Zarbuto's house, where they also found Su Roas waiting for them.

"Su, what are you doing here?" Heles asked, to which Su replied "I've been regularly visiting Zarbuto, along with Zirloin and Rabanra"

"Oh, that's nice. So, are we going in? It's just that members of Team Universe 6 want to talk to him" Heles said. Su nodded and said "Alright. Let's go" and they entered Zarbuto's house.

Upon entry, they find themselves in a long hallway, lit by bright red lights. The group headed across the hall and found themselves in a lounge room, where Jimeze, Zarbuto, Rabanra, and Zirloin were sitting on armchairs in the lounge room. But they weren't alone, as a figure in a doctor's uniform and a clipboard.

"A psychiatrist?" Heles asked, to which the psychiatrist replied "Yes, I'm actually the best psychiatrist on Planet Tuffle. Zarbuto got Jimeze here so I could help him as well as Zarbuto. My name's Psyrone"

"Hello Psyrone, I'm Pell, and this is Heles and Sour" Pell said, to which Heles, Sour, and Psyrone waved back. Sour then added "Zarbuto, a message has been sent to you from Vados of Universe 6, the Saiyans of Team Universe 6 want to talk to him, Cabba in particular"

"Ugh, alright then" Zarbuto said. He then stood up, and they headed to the next room, where Sour called Vados.

"Hey Sour, is Zarbuto there?" Vados asked, to which Sour nodded, and sent the communication to Zarbuto, while Vados turned the communication to Cabba.

"Are you there Zarbuto?" Cabba asked, to which Zarbuto nodded. Cabba then said "Alright then. Put simply, I'm sorry for what I did to you during the Tournament of Power. I just found out what I did while blinded by rage, and I feel horrible for what I did"

"Are you serious?" Zarbuto asked, to which Cabba nodded. Zarbuto then replied "I accept your apology"

"Um, are Caulifla and Kale there?" Su asked, to which Vados nodded and said: "Yes, they're here" and expanded the communication ring to encompass all three of them.

"Based on the misheard information, we attacked you three, especially me. I may not have attacked any of you if Zarbuto hadn't told me the information he misheard" Su said. Zarbuto then added "I also want to apologize to Caulifla specifically, as I misfired my blast, and I didn't expect you to not be on guard"

"I assume you were just trying to knock me off?" Caulifla asked, to which Zarbuto nodded, and finished with "I'm sorry that you got so messed up from the blast" to which Caulifla nodded, and said, "I accept your apology". Cabba then said "Then I feel even worse for losing control like I did"

"We've forgiven you" Su said. Cabba then finally added "I also want to withdraw my comment about Universe 2 being rotten to the core. I now see that your Universe is nowhere near as bad as I thought, and I'm sorry for saying that. I was still struggling to control my emotions during the Tournament"

"Apology accepted" Heles called from nearby, while Zarbuto and Su confirmed. Cabba then said, "By the way, Jimeze, Frost Demons are evil sadists to everybody"

"Do you know what he did to me? He almost killed me, after torturing me. I can't close my eyes without seeing that horrible red light" Jimeze replied. Caulifla then came up and said "I kinda know how you feel. Sometimes when I close my eyes I see, in my mind, a burning yellow light envelops everything. That's why I wake up half the night like I do" The communication was then cut.

"How do you feel?" Su asked Zarbuto. Zarbuto replied "I feel better, though it'll take a bit longer to fully bounce back"

"So long as you keep on this path, you'll be fine" Su said, hugging Zarbuto, who returned it. Zirloin then walked up and asked, "Group hug?" to which Su said "Sure" then, Zirloin, Rabanra, Jimeze, Heles, Sour, Pell and even Psyrone joined the group hug.

"I think we should bring you guys to our palace. How about the whole team joins us, so we can all support each other?" Pell suggested, to which Jimeze replied "Alright, but only if Psyrone can join us"

"Psyrone can join us whenever you two have your appointments with him" Sour said. He then said "Pell, Heles can you please take these guys to the palace? I'll go get Brianne, Sanka, Vikal, Prum and Hermila"

"Alright, hon" Heles said, blowing a kiss Sour's way. They then headed their separate ways, with Heles heading back to the palace, while Sour headed towards Prum's and Hermila's home planet.

Two hours later, everybody from Team Universe 2 has arrived at Heles' palace, in addition to Psyrone.

"So, Jimeze, close your eyes please" Psyrone said. Jimeze nodded and closed his eyes. For Jimeze, this time, although the horrid red light appeared, the light was nowhere near as bright as it was.

"Now repeat after me" Psyrone said. Jimeze nodded, and Psyrone went on with "The light you see, is not real"

"The light I see, is not real" Jimeze said. At this, the light got slightly fainter. Psyrone then repeated the line, and, with the other members of Team Universe 2 watching on, Jimeze repeated it. It took ten or eleven attempts, but the red light that Jimeze kept seeing when he closed his eyes, eventually, vanished, and Jimeze went to sleep.

"He's asleep" Brianne said, smiling. Psyrone nodded, and called "Heles, get a pillow and blanket. Jimeze has just gone to sleep"

"Alright" Heles said. She left for a minute, then returned, and, after placing the pillow under his head, and a blanket over him, and then Brianne sat next to Jimeze.

"I'll keep and eye on him, OK?" Brianne asked, to which the team nodded. Zarbuto then turned to face Su, and said "I'm sorry for dragging you into my revenge plot"

"Don't be sorry, I kinda encouraged you to pursue it. And we both paid the price" Su replied. Zarbuto then walked up and gingerly hugged Su. She didn't return it, because he was holding her right arm with her left, but she rested her head on Zarbuto's shoulder, basically just using Zarbuto as a comfort.

"Well, that's worked out quite well" Sour said to Heles. Heles smiled. Pell then said, "Psyrone's amazing. I've got a big check to write him". At this Psyrone said "Perfect. Now, how much am I getting paid?" to which Sour replied "Your choice"

"Uh, a thousand gold? I feel that's too much" Psyrone said. Then, Sour shocked Psyrone by taking one thousand dollars from Heles' stores and gave it to him.

"You've helped our entire team, thank you Psyrone, I'm fine with the thousand gold" Heles said. Psyrone smiled, then Sour said, "Do you want me to return you to Planet Tuffle?" to which Psyrone nodded. Sour turned to face Heles and asked, "Do you want to join us?" to which Heles nodded, knowing that once Psyrone was back on the planet, they'd have a bit of time to themselves. Heles, Sour and Psyrone climb into the cube, and head out.

Even though Jimeze was now sleeping peacefully, and both Heles and Zarbuto had bounced back a bit, the team know that they still had a long way to go before they could return to a mostly normal life.

A/N: That's the end. This Universe 2 story was VERY hard to write. The first part wasn't too bad, but the rest of it took numerous re-writes to get something that I liked. I hope the people reading this enjoyed reading it too, as this is my first time doing this sort of story outside of anything involving Cus. Constructive criticism encouraged, I want to improve on this sort of story for my other fic planned.