As soon as everybody had departed, leaving Grand Priest, both Zen-Oh's and Zen-Oh's guards alone, Grand Priest collapsed into a sitting position and took a deep breath.

"Oh boy, what a Tournament. In both good and bad ways" Grand Priest said. Present Zen-Oh then asked, "Are you alright, Grand Priest?"

"I'll be OK, I think" Grand Priest replied. He then added "Once Sour has posted all the highlights of the Tournament, you two will have many, many, many hours of content"

"YAY!" both Zen-Oh's cheered, and Grand Priest smiled slightly. He then decided on something and asked "I think I might want to soften my stance on my children hooking up with mortals since I see that Belmod and Marcartia are happy together, and it seems that Sour and Heles are rather close (1)"

A few hours later, Grand Priest entered the Attendant candidate classroom, and said, "Universe 4 and Universe 9 are looking for new attendants" and at this, a female figure with a long ponytail, light blue skin and a red angel uniform who was half-way in height between Vados and Grand priest stood up and said "I'll gladly take over Universe 4"

"Alright, Baija" Grand Priest replied, then Baija replied, "Should I go get ready to transfer to Universe 4?"

"Sure" Grand Priest replied. Baija then departed.

The following day, Grand Priest is struggling. The flashbacks had begun. His youngest daughter's near death, and the erasing of Vados, another daughter. He looked over the area, then destroyed it with his powers.

"That might help" Grand Priest said. Then, a call came through.

"Oh? Which one is this?" Grand Priest asked, and when he opened the communication, finding Mojito calling back. They briefly talked, and Grand Priest found himself feeling a bit better talking to one of his children. When Mojito asked to talk to him separately, Grand Priest knew what Mojito wanted to talk about. He hadn't heard anything from Cus, and he was hoping that Cus, Rummshi or Gowasu would contact him. Once they'd finished their brief conversation, the communication was cut.

"I had better see if I can get in contact with Cus actually" he said to himself.

After checking on both Zen-Oh's, who were still enthralled by the battles of the Tournament of Power, Grand Priest tried to open a communication to Cus. However, he didn't get a response, which really worried him.

Over the next few days, he started helping Baija to prepare for her duties as the attendant of Universe 4. However, the fact that nobody from Universe 10 had called him was troubling.

On day five, he got a call from Cognac. He knew that Cognac was calling for a new angel to replace him in Universe 4, but he knew it would be another fortnight before Baija would be totally ready to be the attendant of Universe 4. He was a bit happier that Cognac had called, but the early effects of what had happened were starting to affect him more. The flashbacks were still going, and he was feeling unsettled.

On day eight, Grand Priest is sitting on the edge of the palace. He has just attempted to contact Cus, his youngest daughter, once again, but he got absolutely no response.

"Huh, no response. I know that Angels can cast spells on themselves that puts them into a pseudo-sleep state. It is entirely possible that Cus may have put herself into that state, but not have pulled herself out of the state. I'll check back in a few days" Grand Priest said to himself, his fears not allayed. Then, he heard footsteps behind him. Turning around, he was surprised to see both Zen-Oh's walking up to him.

"Are you OK, Grand Priest?" Present Zen-Oh asked, and Future Zen-Oh added: "How are you feeling, Grand Priest?"

"Not great, really. My youngest daughter didn't respond to my call" Grand Priest replied. Present Zen-Oh then asked, "Is there anything we can do?"

"It would be great if you could use the GodPad to try and find her" Grand Priest replied. Future Zen-Oh nodded, said "Alright" and he departed back to the GodPad. Present Zen-Oh, however, gently rubbed Grand Priest's back, which allowed Grand Priest to calm down a bit.

"Thanks, Zen-Oh" Grand Priest said, to which Present Zen-Oh replied "No worries Grand Priest"

After a bit, Future Zen-Oh found Cus, and it turned out that she wasn't using the stasis on herself, at least not at that time. She was also at the Supreme Kai world of Universe 10.

"What's going on? Why didn't she respond?" Grand Priest asked himself, worried.

On day thirteen, Grand Priest tried to call Cus again. Once again, he got no response.

"What is going on? Cus, why aren't you responding to my calls?" Grand Priest asked.

On day fourteen, Grand Priest finally realized that he needed psychological support.

On day sixteen, Baija is fully prepared to become the attendant of Universe 4.

"Alright, I'm going to need you to wait in the door until Cognac is here" Grand Priest, to which Baija nodded, and replied "Alright father. Take care of yourself, alright?"

"I will" Grand Priest replied, and they briefly hugged. Then, the guard called to Grand Priest "Grand Priest, Cognac's here" and Grand Priest stood up and headed to meet Cognac. He found that when he admitted that he was having trouble bouncing back from the events of the Tournament of Power helped him feel a bit better. In addition, seeing Baija and Cognac get on so well also made him feel happier. Yet he was still worried about Cus.

Two days after his interactions with Cognac and Baija, Grand Priest tries for a third time to contact Cus. Although he was unable to contact Cus, he was able to contact somebody in Universe 10. In this case, it was Gowasu who answered his call. This interaction upset Grand Priest, as Gowasu reported that Cus was really having trouble going about her jobs as the Attendant of Universe 10. Once the communication was cut, both Present and Future Zen-Oh walked up to him and rubbed his back.

"We have to make sure our Attendant is alright" Present Zen-Oh said, to which Future Zen-Oh added "Our Attendant must be OK"

After a few minutes, Grand Priest was able to stabilize his emotional state.

"Thanks, lord Zen-Oh's" Grand Priest said, to which both Zen-Oh's replied "No worries". They then returned to watching the battles throughout the Tournament of Power. One of the guards then walked up to Grand Priest and asked, "Do you need a psychiatrist to help you?" to which Grand Priest nodded.

The following day, Grand Priest had Zivano ready to become the Attendant of Universe 9. Mojito would soon also travel to Universe 10 and see just how much Cus was struggling to recover from the Tournament of Power. Grand Priest knew that Mojito was having problems with Universe 9, due to the 1.86 Mortal Level that Universe 9 has.

What he didn't expect, was just how bad Mojito was finding it. What Mojito had said really struck him. He had to explain that he did care, even though it didn't look like he cared about his other children, between raising Zen-Oh, training the next generation of Attendants and trying to help his youngest daughter settle into her role as the Attendant of Universe 10, the last of these playing heavily on his mind, considering what had happened over the last few weeks, but Grand Priest knew that Zivano would be the only Attendant that would stand a chance of turning Universe 9's fortunes around.

It was also about this time that Grand Priest knew that he had to sever the links between Gowasu, Rummshi, and Cus before she's taken to Universe 7 by Whis. Grand Priest was glad that Mojito had asked to meet his replacement.

Once Mojito and Zivano had departed, Grand Priest knew he had a few things to think about. Both Zen-Oh's found the best psychiatrist in the Omniverse and hired him for Grand Priest. As it turned out, he had counselled a couple of other Angels, including Awano, the Attendant of his Universe. The first psychiatrist session had helped Grand Priest a bit, though he knew that it would take multiple more sessions for him to recover.

The following day, Grand Priest got a call from Khai, where he asked about the progress of training in the other Universes', and he revealed that Shin didn't have much training in being a Supreme Kai, Khai gave Grand Priest a note to pass on to Whis that he is OK with finishing up Shin's training.

"I'll see if Shin'll take you up on that offer" Grand Priest said. Khai nodded, then the communication was cut.

Two days later, Mojito returned to see Grand Priest, and to deliver his report on how Cus is coping with the fallout of the Tournament of Power. As Grand Priest had feared, Cus was not doing well. Worse, Mojito revealed that Cus was completely crippled by what had happened in the Tournament. He immediately knew that Mojito had to take over as the Attendant of Universe 10, likely permanently, as he got the sense that Cus wasn't going to return to her Attendant role, ever.

About an hour later, both Zen-Oh's reveal that Whis and Vados might be planning to visit him. Grand Priest really wanted to see Vados again, as she was someone else playing on his mind. He honestly half expected Vados to hate him. In addition, he wasn't sure how Whis would react to the news that Cus wasn't coping with the fallout of the Tournament of Power.

Four days later, Zen-Oh's predictions about Whis and Vados came true, and they arrived at the palace. Grand Priest was overcome with a desire to hug his daughter, to hold her, even for just a second, because Vados was the angel erased with her Universe. Grand Priest answered the questions that Vados and Whis asked him, and he found that just as with Cognac, he found it helpful to, even briefly, talk about his problems bouncing back from the Tournament.

When Whis asked why Grand Priest wasn't helping the lower Universes, he gave a similar answer to Whis that he gave to Mojito. Soon, Whis asked the question that Grand Priest had been dreading, about Cus. And he had to give the news about Cus being completely crippled by the events of the Tournament, and Whis reacted in about the way that Grand Priest expected. They organized to meet up in about three weeks' time so that the links between Cus, Rummshi, and Gowasu could have the links severed, and Rummshi's and Gowasu's links could be attached to Mojito instead. Finally, as Whis and Vados went to leave, Grand Priest decided to inform Whis that Khai's willing to help Shin finish his studies, and Whis said that he would pass the message on to Whis.

Grand Priest was, however, thankful that some of his children had really helped him cope with the events of the Tournament of Power, and the aftermath, having to pass information around between each of them. But, to his surprise, both Zen-Oh's were showing that they cared about him and that they wanted to support him as well, which he found surprisingly nice.

"Once I've gotten better, I'll do a run-around of each Universe to see how each of my children is doing, and maybe give some advice to the Supreme Kai and God of Destruction to get on a bit better" Grand Priest said to himself.

A/N 1: The rule that Grand Priest implements is that his children can hook up with mortals. However, they cannot be an Attendant if they do (Hence Marcarita leaving her attendant role). In addition, if they hook up with their Supreme Kai or God of Destruction, they can't stay in that role (Hence Belmod leaving his God of Destruction role).

A/N 2: This will all be explored in 7. Rescuing the Weeping Angel (I've decided to christen this fanfic series focusing on Cus the Weeping Angel series. Obviously, Cus is the Weeping Angel).