The next day, Goddess-sama and I headed to the Guild in order to register our Familia in order for it to be officially recognized. From what Goddess-sama told me, the Guild is an organization founded by the God Ouranos-sama in order to managed Familias within Labyrinth City Orario and provide services to Adventurers.

While currently traversing the city's streets filled with people, my eyes couldn't help but stare at the tower-like building that was seemingly piercing the sky from afar.

"That would be the building Babel."

Hestia-sama said as if she saw me gazing at the structure. So that tower's name is Babel, huh. Well, gazing at the towering structure I could say that the great spire and to the extent the city of Orario really parallels "the city and the tower" from the Christian myth. According to the story, a united humanity in the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating eastward, comes to the land of Shinar. There they agreed to build a city and a tower tall enough to reach heaven. The Christian God, observing their city and tower, confounds their speech so that they can no longer understand each other, and scatters them around the world.

"Babel was built to stop the monsters within the dungeon from escaping. It was originally the same size as the buildings but was intentionally destroyed when the first Gods came down to earth. Those Gods later rebuilt it as it currently stands."

Taking Hestia-sama's words into account, it appears to be that Babel was already established way before the deities from Heaven came down to the mortal realm and that the original steeple was purposely destroyed by the Gods in order to build a grand architecture such like this.

"Then Goddess-sama is it safe for me to assume that under Babel is the famous Dungeon?"

"Yes. The fifty-floor tower literally acts as a lid to the Dungeon."

Hmm, I see. So the entire structure acts as a safety net for the entire metropolis against the monsters from the Dungeon. Base on this information alone, it would seem appropriate to surmise that the Dungeon underneath the tower was already there, to begin with before the Gods arrival to the mortal plane.

If my conjecture is true then I wonder who was responsible for creating the Dungeon under the city in the first place? And what was the sole purpose of it? While it is true that it is the "best" hub for Adventurers to gain fame and money, I believe that there's a hidden yet true motive for establishing it in the first place.

But what could it be?

"Aside from that, Babel is owned by the Guild to watch and take care of the Dungeon. The first twenty floors are filled with Familia business, facilities, and money exchanges. Above that are living areas of the most prominent Gods in Orario, known as the Private Rooms. The top floor is currently inhabited by the head of Freya Familia."

Hestia-sama said this as she stared at the tower, mostly at its peak. Though even if she coats her last sentence with indifference, I could sense the trouble undertone beneath.

If I remember it correctly, Freya-sama is the Norse Goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, sied, war, and death. Reading through the compilations within the Moon Cell's archives in the past, especially how she got the necklace Brisingamen, I could say that she's a woman who wants to obtain what she desires no matter what the cost.

The way how Hestia-sama slightly showcased some disturbance when she spoke of Freya Familia only gives me an idea that the Goddess Freya-sama of this world somehow is very similar to my world's Freya-sama personality-wise.

"Anyway, I'm glad that woman's Familia rejected you on the fly. Seeing your whole attire, I can really see why."

Goddess-sama said as she walked in front of me, her face facing towards me while her hands are on her back, strolling backward at an easy pace. She was noting how I was dressed. The current garb that I'm wearing consists of a long-sleeved plain white shirt, a pair of white long pants, and a pair of white shoes.

Overall, if one would glance at me they would immediately say how plain looking I was. I can't blame them though. After all, the word "plain" is already synonymous to the existence named as Kishinami Hakuno.

"Don't you have any sense of fashion?"

"I'm comfortable with my current attire, thank you very much."

"Really, you're an odd one you know that? Oh, here we are!"

As Hestia-sama exclaimed with cheerfulness, my orbs then gazed at the building that was already in front of us a few meters away. The four floor-height-like building was made out of bricks with a mixture of medieval and renaissance elements implemented on it. There were several tapestries hanging on each side of its front walls.

"Is this the guild's main office, Goddess-sama?"

"Hn. This is the Guild's main building called Pantheon. Let's go inside, Hakuno-kun!"

"W-Wait, Goddess-sama...!"

With excitement coating all over her frame, Goddess-sama hurriedly pulled me inside the building. Once inside, I was amazed at how well designed the interior was. To describe, the place was wide with counters which I can see some Adventurers talking with the guild's staff, basing on their uniforms. There are also Adventurers holding a bag of sorts in their hands while forming a line in several counters. I can also see small boxes-like rooms within the place.

"Ah, Hestia-sama. It's good to see you visit our office."

A feminine voice brushed my ears, prompting me to direct my attention to the person that greeted us. The owner of the voice was a woman with a slim body, pointy ears, shoulder length brown hair, and emerald colored eyes which were adorned with a pair of oval-shaped glasses. She wore what I think is the Guild's standard uniform which is a set of black vest and pants with a white collared long sleeve shirt underneath, a grey bow tie, and a pair of black shoes.

Looking at her facial structure especially at her ears, I wonder if she's an Elf or a halfling...

"Of course! I'm about to register my newly formed Familia, fufufu."

Goddess-sama boasted with confidence as she puffed her chest out proudly. The woman was slightly surprised by her statement but immediately smiled.

"That's great, Hestia-sama. Congratulations!"

As the brown-haired woman said this, her green eyes then directed towards me.

"And this person is..."

"This is the first member of my Familia, Hakuno Kishinami. He's here with me to register as an Adventurer and since you are here already Miss, I'll leave my Familia member in your care. I need to register our Familia first!"

In a blink of an eye, Goddess-sama bolted towards the counters on the other side leaving a trail of an exotic radiance of cheerfulness behind.

"It seems that your goddess is very excited."

I only nod my head in response to the woman's words.

"Anyway, I'm Eina Tulle of the Guild. I work as a receptionist and at the same time, an advisor for Adventurers. Since Hestia-sama already said that you wanted to register as an Adventurer, I'm happy to assist you in the process."

"Ah, please do."

"Will you please follow me?"

Heeding to the woman who referred to herself as Eina Tulle, I followed her as she leads me to an empty table after she grabbed some papers from her designated desk.

"I want to become an Adventurer and I was wondering exactly what I had to do? Goddess-sama said I needed to register at the guild first."

Seeing how this world worked would be rather interesting considering that this world appears to be in the Middle Ages. In my previous world, everything was digitalized and stored on servers and hard drives. I couldn't even begin to explain how everything worked if one asked me but technology had done wonders in terms of organizational ability. I wonder how would a world brimming with magic, but lacking in even the basic technology cope with registers and tax controls?

"Your goddess would be correct. All adventurers must check in with the guild before or after they receive the Falna and undergo our basic education in adventuring to ensure they know the rules and guidelines once they set foot inside the dungeon. Failure to do so will result in a fine up to 50,000 valis."

I could only gulp at her words. I mean, 50,000 valis was apparently a lot of money.

"I see. So what do I need to do?"

"For starters, I need the name of your god and find their entry in the registry."

Eina-san said, putting a large leather-bound journal the size of a small coffee table over the desk.

"But since this is Hestia-sama's first time registering her Familia in the Guild's registry, we will skip to the next part which is registering your information such as name, age, and other basic information."

"Hakuno Kishinami, age twenty-one. First Adventurer of Hestia Familia."

As I provide my basic information smoothly, Eina-san smiled as she noted down my words into the journal with her quill.

"Alright, that's the first step of the registration. Now I need you to fill in these forms for me. I take it you know how to read and write?"

She asked me, handing me a sheet of brown paper filled with questions concerning the soon-to-be adventurer which was me.

I responded with a nod.

"That's a relief. We sometimes get Adventurers who don't know how to read or write so we're supposed to help them out when that happens."

Eina-san said as she let out a gentle smile on her face. I could basically understand that peculiar, after all, back at my homeland in the Far East only a handful amount of people can read or write, and most of these people have high social standings in the country like nobles and such.

I spent the next half hour going through the form. This world follows a distorted version of the Roman alphabet, with some letters resembling their European counterparts more than others and since I was thought by my grandfather in different languages in the past when I was six years old and coupled with my mentality from my past life, something like filling in these forms isn't a hassle.

The form wasn't really that hard actually, it mostly contained questions about my age, personal history, hometown and my personal skill with various weapons. Aside from my age and name, I had to leave much as a simple blank. After all, I can't write own all my expertise that I accumulated during my previous life.

It would be jarring if I did that, considering it would only raise more questions and unwarranted attention.

"Alright, with this you are officially registered adventurers in the Hestia Familia. Before you can enter the dungeon you will need to receive the Falna from your goddess and return here to finalize your registration."

"Ah, about that Goddess-sama already bestowed me a Falna."

"Is that so, then I think we can finalize your registration to the Guild."

Eina-san said as she jotted some signatures to my registration in the journal.

"But before you go, I need to ask you a question. Do you possess any armor or weapons?"

She looked at me over as her eyes wandered throughout my entire silhouette. I could see her eyes glimmered in worry as she registered that I didn't bring any weapons.

"I do. It's a sword but I didn't bring it since my only goal was to register in the Guild."

"I see. Well, if you're interested, the Guild supplies weapons and armor for the new adventurer for a fee, but if the adventurers can't pay the price then they can buy them with a loan. If you want, I can take you to the armory right now if you wish?"

The brown-haired woman asked.

"Maybe next time."

I replied with an apologetic look. As much as I wanted to take her offer, I actually don't see myself needing to buy weapons for I can create one via manipulation of Spiritron and Pseudo-Spiritron particles. I mean, I'm a Wizard-class Spiritron Hacker and creating or reshaping tools as I see it fit through manipulation of said quantum particles is within the bounds of my capabilities.

Eina-san just nodded her head in understanding.

"I see. So since you already completed your registration, we can finally begin your first lesson in Dungeon Primers: Dungeon Survival Guide for Dummies!"

For some reason, my brow twitched upon hearing that name. I also noticed that Eina-san's brow twitched as well, it seems that she didn't like the name either. So with that being said, I spent a couple of minutes listening to Eina-san's lessons.