It is a Code Cast spell that increases the drop rate of items from monsters between 120 to 180 percent. In perspective, it's a status effect spell, a buff if properly termed, that gives a positive status effect that affects mainly the caster or the target's statistics. In this case, Treasure boosts my Luck—in terms of item gathering—exceedingly by 120 to 180 percent from my base Luck status.

An Adventurer who wants nothing more but to hoard as many drop items as he or she can, will definitely find this spell very handy or a must-have.

And Chinese Martial Arts

It is a Skill that denotes the codified systems and traditions of combat practices that originated from the country of China. It is a rationality in its core, a value that measures one's mastery of the martial arts that made becoming one with the universe as its objective and with learning difficulty of the highest level. It is said that only when you attained a higher rank of this Skill that one is at a level where one is said to have finally "learned it".

An Adventurer attaining a higher rank of this Skill can be considered a master among masters, and as for how did I gain such expertise, let's just say that I'm somewhat unique. An oddity that was birthed by chance and circumstance.


The monsters let out a war cry as all of them launched themselves towards me. It was a mad dash, driven by rage and the desire to kill anything that appears to be human to them. Forming the most fundamental stance of Bajiquan known as "Zhanchun", two Kobolds and three goblins have made it to enter my radius.

Truly, it was a nice effort. I give them that. However...

...Just like their brethren scattered all over the land, they move so slow.


With a powerful stomp on the ground, a shockwave was released around me. The monsters who managed to get into my radius were unfortunately got blown away as their bodies bounced off against the walls before bursting into black dusts, leaving only their looted items. Under my right foot, several jagged rocks and splinters emerged as it formed a half a meter crater around it.

After that, I performed a "Kotsukotoshin" - a move by amassing energy on the right foot followed by a right hand strike while rotating the hips - on a Kobold who was on the verge on attacking me. The force of my hand strike was so strong that the moment it landed on the monsters neck, it was perfectly chop off.

As the sixth victim burst into black miasma like the previous five, another attack manifest at my back which I managed to dodge perfectly as I execute "Rimonchochu" - elbow strike while stepping sideways - on the attacker. The Goblin who got hit on the nose was sent back flying before skidding on the ground. Hard.

Another attack from behind came at me like a snake wanted to bite its prey. Sensing it already, I spun around in accordance to the Kobold's rhythm of attack allowing me to evade it. My left arm then clipped its right that was holding a dagger before delivering a quick and snappy elbow strike on its left cheek.

Just like the others, the eight victim of my fists vanish in black specks. Eight down, nineteen more to go.

Without waiting for their next move, I shot myself forward with fist-first in a leaping stride, lunging my fist at the opponent. The arrow-like punch that flew through the air sent one of the monsters towards three more who had all their backs slammed violently against the rough dungeon wall.


Grunts of confusion became evident between the monsters as I use my speed to overwhelm their numbers. A knee to the gut, an elbow to the chin, a back fist to the face, a palm strike to the chest, and a kick to the shin was all it took to decimate the remaining monsters. As the last of them dissipate into dusts, I let out an exhale of breath as I relax my muscles.

Looking around, I can see a handful of magic stones and other drop items such as nails and fangs. With View Status still active, I learned that these are Kobold Nails and Goblin Fangs respectively which can be sold in a decent price. As I picked up the items and placed them on my bean bag, my thoughts then wondered whether should I head deeper or not.

Hmm... I wanted to go deeper but doing so will get me a heavy lecture from Eina-san. Oh well, I think that's it for today.

With a course of action already geared in my mind, I began trekking my way back to the upper floors but before I can step my feet towards the stairs leading to the third floor, I noticed something in front of me.

It was a rooster-like monster with fluffy yellow green feathers. For some reason, it stared at me with its eyes intently as if it was assessing whether I am a threat or not. While it was doing this, my View Status Code Cast on the other hand give me the monster's information.

Name: Jack Bird
Race: Jack Bird
Class: Monster
Title: None

Level 1

Health: [FULL]

Power I
Endurance I
Agility S
Dexterity S

Bio: A rare monster that appears in the first floor. Although it isn't aggressive, it is incredibly fast, and runs away if it senses any enemies.

So this Jack Bird is a rare monster, huh. Though I wonder what it was doing here in the fourth floor. Did it come here because the first floor got crowdy of all the Adventurers in there?

The rooster-like monster for a second sat on the ground before it let out a cackle. The fluffy yellow green feathered fellow then stood up, revealing what looks like to be a golden egg between its legs. It cackled again as it looked at me, its head turning in different angles before running off towards the third floor.

Question marks began to hover around my head. What was that stunt for? Did it just made me a witness on how it lays eggs?

For the nth time, another infobox reappeared on my vision. Unlike the previous ones, the information that was laid in front of me got my eyes widened in disbelief.

Name: Jack Bird's Golden Egg
Rarity: Rare

Bio: A golden egg laid by a Jack Bird. Can be sold at least 1 million valis.

Huh. Guess I'm lucky today.


Hestia's P.O.V.

The sky was entirely gray. It would be apt to say that the gray clouds had been filled the entire sky since I arrive in this place, and from these blanket of lonely clouds, tiny droplets of water fell and washed over my body...and yet, I did not get wet. Rather, the droplets of rain just passed through me as if I was never really here, in this very foreign place. A place where buildings of extraordinary architecture and design never been seen in Orario filled the streets, their heights almost rivaling the Tower of Babel, even exceeding it.

There were people everywhere, all were humans, wearing clothes which fashion sense is very similar to those employees of the Guild and busying themselves fiddling in some weird, blocky device with their fingers while the others were talking to it while placing it near their ears.

As much as how I was curious about these objects or device that these humans were twiddling, I found myself voluntarily drifting towards a dark alley where two middle-aged men stood. One of the men who had spectacles was wearing some kind of yellow rain protective cloak, holding some kind of strange metallic box while the other one who was wearing a very Guild-like garb had a white parasol which shielded him against the pouring rain.

Seeing both of them here in this hidden narrow passage, I wonder why I was specifically sent here.

As I mused myself for finding an answer to my inner query, I suddenly felt a third presence. It was faint but I could literally sense the essence of human life, prompting me to scan the entire alleyway in order to determine whether there was another person in this lane yet I couldn't find anyone.

Furrowing my brows, I tried to locate the presence once more until my eyes then hovered towards the metallic box that the bespectacled man was holding...

Inside that case... I felt the vigor of an unborn human child...

What? H-How? W-Why?

I was literally confused by this conundrum. How was it that such case held the essence of a human child not yet to be considered an infant!?

The man with spectacles then handed the metal box with a guilty expression towards the other man who received it with a wicked smile all over his face. Seeing that man with a parasol showcasing a grin of malice, for some reason, I feel anger rising inside my chest.

After that, everything then turned to white.

... ... ...


I slowly opened my eyes and I found myself lying on my bed with still my usual clothes on.

Ah, it appears to be that I doze off. It can't be helped. I'm so tired from my job selling Hephaestus items today that when I went back home, I immediately slumped to my bed.

That aside... What was that dream?

I never saw a place like that before. Tall buildings that even surpassed Babel both in height and architecture... Boxes moving with wheels on them... And many others... Just what part of the world is that place?

Other than that, the scene with the two men really got me on the edge especially that breath of life coming from that metallic box. I clenched my fist in frustration and anger. I don't know why I'm feeling this way but I didn't like it what they did there even if I don't even have the tiniest clue for feeling such anger.

I shook my head. There's no need for me to think about it

First and foremost, I need to... Hm? What's that?

My eyes blinked as I saw a large sack resting on the sofa. Being curious, I slowly got out of my bed and with a grip on the hem of sack's ridge I took a peek.

"This is..."

A sack of valis. A SACK OF TON OF VALIS!

"How in the world!?"

"Oh, Goddess-sama you're awake."

From behind, the sole member of my Familia greeted me while holding a plate full of the finest delicacies with a small innocent smile on his lips. He then place the plate on the table which are filled with other foods that looks like something one can get from an expensive diner.

"H-Hakuno-kun! Please explain this! And that!"

I pointed my fingers simultaneously between the sack of valis and the fine plates that were on the table.

"Ah! Well you see, Goddess-sama. I got a Jack Bird's Golden Egg while exploring the Dungeon today and sell it at the Guild for 1 million worth of valis. I took some from it in order to buy some foods and cooked it as you can see here."

With a calm expression and voice, my Familia member explained to me as he motion his hands both on the bag of money and the expensive looking foods on the plate.

"Ah, crap! Sorry Goddess-sama, I'm going back to the kitchen!"

The brunette then hurriedly went back to the kitchen as fast as he could. I can hear the clinking sounds of cooking utensils from here.



I shout with my lungs out as I followed the brown-haired man to the kitchen, still unable to believe that he brought such rare fortune in our home.