Naruto Uzumaki : The Greatest Prodigy

Chapter 2

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"Talking" - Bijuu and summoning

'Thinking' - Bijuu and summoning

'Thinking' - Person inner thoughts

"Talking" - Normal human

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( Time skip 6 months later )

It's been six months since Naruto started the academy. He had improved a lot in the past six months. He had mastered some of the basic Jutsu, which the Third Hokage had given him months ago.

His only problem was that he was not able to properly control his chakra. He had completed all the chakra control exercises in the scroll but still, he was not able to properly control his chakra and perform (Bunshin no Jutsu).

The Third Hokage told him it would be difficult to perform basic a (Bunshin) because of his large chakra capacity, such large amount of chakra can't be controlled all at once and the basic Clone Jutsu required very little chakra to be formed.

He had not yet learned anything new in the academy. They were still going on with Shinobi history and chakra introduction theories. He was still pretty advanced from his classmates. All of his teachers were very impressed with seeing his progress, though, some more afraid or disgusted than others. Some of the nice ones were even calling him a genius in the Shinobi arts.

Today, he was in the training grounds near the forest, practicing a new Taijutsu style. A month ago, the Hokage had shown him a new Taijutsu style called the Humming Bird. To which he perfectly adapted to because of his speed and reflexes.

Naruto was quite surprised when the Hokage told him that the Humming Bird Taijutsu style was created and used by the Fourth Hokage. While he was elastic to be able to learn his idols Taijutsu style, he was also confused, wondering why the Hokage would teach him the personal Taijutsu style of the Fourth Hokage. He soon just brushed it off though, saving the question for a later date as he got into learning the Taijutsu style.

The style suited his growing body quite well. He hadn't mastered it yet but he was still quite talented at it. Of course, he still messed up every now and then, that was just the way of learning.

Naruto stopped his training, standing straight, and observed the area around him, looking for a presence of another person. He had a feeling that someone was watching him for some time now, he just couldn't find the person.

"Come out now, I know you're there," Naruto said calmly while folding his arms.

"I'm up here," Came a calm, quiet voice. Naruto looked up in the direction the voice came from, only to see a boy around twelve or thirteen years of age, smiling and waving down at him.

"Who are you and why are you spying on me?" Naruto asked him, eyes slightly narrowed.

"My name is Uchiha Itachi." Said the boy, now known as Itachi. Naruto observes the boy.

Itachi had onyx eyes, under which were long, pronounced lines, most likely from stress. He had jet black hair that was pulled back in a ponytail, reaching mid-back, his center-parted bangs framing his face perfectly. He was wearing a black shirt, seeing an Uchiha symbol on the back when he moved. He wore greyish black pants with a weapon pouch strapped to his thigh with bandages around his ankles, wearing black sandals.

"You didn't answer my question, Itachi-san," Naruto said with a little frown on his face.

Itachi smiled slightly before speaking, his voice still soft. "I am not spying on you. I come to train here sometimes."

Naruto looked him over for lies before nodding, turning around to start his Shuriken and Kunai practice, forgetting about Itachi. Itachi watched Naruto as he threw fore kunai with both hands at the target and hitting the bull's eye on all at them.

"You know, it's very rude to ignore a person standing beside you, you haven't even introduced yourself yet," Itachi said from the side. He knew who the boy was, every adult knew who he was. He just decided to be a little formal as this was their first time meeting each other.

Naruto paused before turning around and blinking a couple of time, confused. He then laughed a little nervously, rubbing the back of his neck before saying. "Hehe s-sorry, I forgot. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you, Itachi-san."

Itachi smiled at his reaction as it kind of reminded him of his little brother. "it's nice to meet you too, Naruto-Kun, but would you mind telling me why you are here? You should be at the academy at this time of day. I am sure Hokage-sama will not be happy if he found out you were skipping your classes."

Naruto got a little embarrassed at that, he has caught. He had started skipping classes about a month ago, around the same time he got the Humming Bird Taijutsu, to focus on his training outside the academy. He knew that if the old man Hokage found out about his actions, he could get in serious trouble.

He looked at Itachi, still embarrassed from being caught, and asked. "You are not going to tell him… Right?"

Itachi chuckled lightly at his question. "It's alright Naruto-Kun, but would you mind telling me why you're skipping your classes?" He asks again.

Naruto sighs in relief, shoulders slumping slightly before answered Itachi. "Well, they don't teach anything important in there. All they're teaching is chakra introduction and history lesson. Stuff I already know. It's boring…"

"I can see that you are very talented for your age. I understand." Itachi said, looking at all the Kunai and Shuriken scattered around the training field. Looking back at Naruto, Itachi asked. "Where did you learn to do this?"

Naruto smiled at him, pride shining in his eyes. "Hokage-Jiji helps me out from time to time."

Itachi nodded, not at all surprised at his relationship with their Hokage, saying. "Would you mind if I train with you, Naruto-Kun?"

Naruto's eyes lit up slightly as he shook his head, happily replying back to Itachi's question. "Of course not, Itachi-san, you can train here with me anytime!"

Itachi nodded in appreciation and soon, they both started their training. Itachi took out eight Kunai, holding four in both hands. Naruto looked at Itachi, curious about what he was going to do.

Itachi jumped high in the air and launched all eight Kunai at the same time, before he quickly summoned two more Kunai in his left hand, throwing both the Kunai in the direction of other two Kunai that were going off target. Hitting both Kunai, he deflecting them and changed their direction in mid-air. Because of this, it makes him hit all the targets, even the two blind spot targets. Right as the last Kunai hit, he landed on the ground, barely rustling up the dirt.

Naruto, on the other hand, was wide-eyed at seeing Itachi's skills in the Kunai Jutsu. He had never seen anything like that. Still shocked, he quietly asked. "T-that was cool, how did you do that?"

Itachi turned and looked at Naruto, slightly hidden amusement in his eyes as he watched Naruto's reaction. He decided to take pity on the boy and answered him. "Well, the Kunai Jutsu is one of my specialties."

"Can you teach me how to do that, Itachi-san?" Asked Naruto, excitement coating his voice thickly.

"I can teach you Naruto-Kun, you just have to keep practicing and improve your aiming," Itachi said as he relaxes his stance. Standing up straight again, he gives a small smile to Naruto before his face relaxes.

Naruto nodded at him, still very excited. He always did love learning new things.

Itachi then showed him how to hold Kunai in both of his hands, telling Naruto to give it a try, which he did moments later.

Naruto tried to do what Itachi did but it came back as a failure. He tried it a few more times but couldn't hit the Kunai in mid-air to change their direction. He was starting to get a little frustrated by his failure.

Itachi, seeing this, shook his head and spoke up. "You will get it in time, Naruto-Kun, you just have to keep practicing it. Mainly your aim as that seems to be your main problem."

Naruto sighed and nodded at Itachi, he knew that Itachi was right but he was still a little disappointed that he couldn't do it after so many tries. He then started again, now determined to fully learn the move.

After some more trying, Naruto slowly started to improve bit by bit. He was now able to hit the kunai in mid-air on some tries to change its direction but was still unable to hit the targets as he wouldn't hit them the right way.

Itachi, who was observing Naruto from the side, was quite impressed with Naruto's progress. It kind of reminded him of himself. Though, seeing that Naruto was starting to get tired, he interrupted him from trying to do it again. "I think that is enough for today, Naruto-Kun. You should rest now."

Naruto freezes before relaxing and nodding to Itachi, agreeing with him as he was started to slow down. Once he put his Kunai back in his holster, he walked up to Itachi and sat down on the log next to him, resting up a bit.

Itachi, too, sat down next to Naruto, quietly speaking to him. "You did well today, I didn't expect for you to improve this much."

Naruto smiled at the compliment before responding. "Thank you, Itachi-san, for teaching me your Kunai technique to me."

"It is quite alright, Naruto-Kun. I am glad to see you getting the hang of it so quickly."

Itachi was quite happy that he has finally met Naruto, he really wanted to meet the boy for a very long time now. He was first curious about him as the adults always spoke badly of him. His curiosity soon turned into warmth once he finally met him. He got the little brother feel from Naruto. Itachi also knew who Naruto's parents were, his mother, Mikoto, was best friends with Naruto's parents, Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. He himself was quite close to Naruto's parents before they passed.

Kushina was his godmother. He had spent a lot of time with her, loving her company. He could still remember when Kushina told him that he was going to be a big brother.


A six years old Itachi was walking out of the hospital, hand-in-hand with his mother, Mikoto, and his godmother Kushina. He was looking at Kushina, wondering why they all came here.

Looking at Kushina, who was walking ahead of him, Itachi asked. "Aunt Kushina, are you sick?"

Kushina laughed loudly as she turned around with a big smile on her face, looking at Itachi. "No Itachi-Kun, I'm perfectly fine!"

Itachi was confused as he asks innocently. "Then why are you visiting the hospital?"

Kushina's eyes were bright as she answered him. "You see, I'm going to become a mother soon! Tattabane! That's why I have to come in for a check-up."

Itachi's eyes widen in surprise at hearing her answer. She was going to be a mother… He looked back at Kushina and asked another question. "Does that mean I am going to be a big brother?"

Kushina pauses before continuing to walk, her grin turning into a gentle, loving smile as she stared at Itachi. She stopped walking entirely and turned around, walking up to him. She tapped his forehead with two fingers and said. "Yes Itachi-Kun, you're going to be a big brother."

Itachi rubbed his forehead but was happy that he was going to be a big brother. His mother, who was standing too the side, smiled at seeing the interaction between her son and Kushina.

She knew her son was very close with Kushina and Minato but her husband, Fugaku, was against on letting Itachi interact much with Minato and Kushina.

Mikoto soon noticed that it was getting late so she looked towards Kushina and Itachi, speaking up. "We should get going Kushina, Fugaku will not be happy if he is aware of me and Itachi coming to visit you."

Kushina snorted at Fugaku's name, she was still not happy with Mikoto for getting married to that Teme who just wanted power but just nodded. "It's alright Mikoto, you and Itachi can come by anytime though. My home is always welcome to you two."

Then, Kushina turned in Itachi's direction with a big smile, poking his forehead with two fingers again. "Bye Itachi-Kun! I'll see you around!"

Itachi rubbed his forehead again with a small smile. "Bye aunty Kushina." He said before walking off with his mother, waving goodbye to Kushina.

-Flashback end-

Itachi, coming back to reality, looked at Naruto as he was calling for his attention. "I'm sorry, were you saying something, Naruto-Kun?"

Naruto frowned slightly before looking at Itachi, asking a question that caught Itachi off guard. "Why is there fighting in life?"

Itachi was indeed caught off guard by the question, he was not expecting anything like that. He was quiet for a while, not knowing what to say as he himself was asking the same question as well.

Itachi shook his head at Naruto with a slight frown. "Who knows, but if fighting can be stopped, I'd like to stop it."

Naruto was quiet for a bit, looking down into his lap as he thought. After a bit, he looks back up at Itachi, determination burning in his eyes. "I'd like to do the same thing, I don't like unnecessary fighting."

Itachi looked at Naruto with unreadable eyes. "Then why are you training to fight if you don't like fighting, Naruto-Kun?"

"So that I can protect our village and become the strongest Hokage, then people will have to respect me." Said Naruto, no hesitation in his voice.

Itachi's eyes softened slightly as he smiled at him. "Well, that is a big goal you have, good luck with accomplishing it, Naruto-Kun."

Naruto smiled back at Itachi in thanks before speaking again. "I should be going now, Itachi-san. Thank you for teaching me that Kunai move of yours." He said before he got up and started to jog away, waving goodbye to Itachi.

"See you around, Naruto-Kun," Itachi said softly, he himself waving goodbye. He suddenly got very nostalgia.

Itachi smiled a small happy smile, looking in Naruto's direction. He has finally met Naruto. He has been trying for so long to introduce himself in front of Naruto but didn't know how to confront him. Nevertheless, he was glad that he finally met him. He had promised himself that he will look after Naruto.

On the other hand, there was still the situation with his clan. As they slowly started to lose their patience with the village, things after the Kyūbi attack were not good for the Uchiha clan as the higher up villagers started accusing the Uchiha clan of being behind the attack. Making the clan start to isolate itself in suspension.

Now, as he had joined the ANBU, his father wanted him to supply secret information to his clan for its own benefits. He knew his clan would go to any lengths to take back the power they wanted. He just hoped that his little brother and Naruto never get involved in it.

( Naruto's Apartment )

It was soon night time and Naruto was in his apartment practicing calligraphy so that he could soon start practicing the sealing arts. The Hokage had told him he needed to be very good with calligraphy so that it would be easier on him for drawing up seals.

Midway done, he heard a quiet knock on the front door. Already knowing who it was, he quickly got up, making sure he didn't knock over anything before he ran to open the door.

Opening the door he was greeted by the smiling face of Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, and his Jiji.

Naruto smiled at seeing Hiruzen before grinning. "Jiji! I have been waiting for you to come!"

Hiruzen laughed lightly, an eyebrow raised as he wondered what's gotten him in such high spirits tonight. It wasn't very often you get to see this kind of expression from Naruto.

"Well, I wanted to talk to you about something but first, would you mind if I come in?" Hiruzen asked calmly, if not kindly.

"Huh… Of course Jiji! Please, come in. I just got a little excited to see you." Said Naruto, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment before quickly stepping aside for Hiruzen, allowing him to come in.

Hiruzen stepped inside, pausing for a moment as he looked around. Seeing all the papers and ink around the room, he realized that Naruto was practicing calligraphy. He walked in further as he looked closer before turning to look at Naruto, who had a happy expression on his face.

"So, you were doing calligraphy, Naruto-Kun?" Hiruzen asked Naruto.

"Hai Jiji," Naruto said, a slight pep in his voice. His excitement was slowly calming down but neither minded.

Hiruzen nodded to him, before asking him another question. "So, where were you today? I got news that you didn't attend today's academy classes. What do you have to say for yourself? Huh, Naruto-Kun? It's not just today either, you haven't been attending academy classes regularly for around a month."

Naruto looked a little uncomfortable, he didn't expect for the Hokage to find out about him ditching his classes. He tried to play innocent as he nervously said. "W-w-what are you s-s-saying Jiji?"

"Now, don't try to hide it, Naruto-Kun. Your academy teacher, Iruka, had come to my office this afternoon and informed me that you were not attending his lessons regularly. Just tell me the truth, please. Why are you not attending the academy regularly?" Hiruzen asked, his voice stern.

Naruto, seeing no reason to hide it anymore, decided to come clean. He folded his arms, not meeting Hiruzen's eyes and said. "Fine, you got me. Jiji, I already know all the stuff they're teaching in the academy."

"That doesn't mean that you can skip them. Don't take the academy classes for granted, you've still got a lot to learn Naruto-Kun. It seems to me that you're getting arrogant in your skills, thinking the academy is a waste of time for you." Hiruzen scolded Naruto.

Naruto lowered his head down in shame, he never liked upsetting his Jiji who cared so much for him. This time though, he was the reason for getting his Jiji upset at him. He was ashamed of himself for letting his Jiji down.

"I'm sorry Jiji, it won't happen again," Said Naruto, still not meeting Hiruzen's eyes.

Hiruzen stared hard at the boy before sighing. "Listen Naruto-Kun, I know that you already know all the things they are teaching you in the academy, but everybody can't be like you. In the academy, they teach you according to your age. That is not all they teach though, they also teach you how to communicate and form a bond with your fellow comrades. Who of which you're going to be working with, in the future. Right now, you don't know anything about it or them."

Naruto nodded slowly, head still bent. "I understand Jiji, I promise I won't do anything to upset you. I will attend my classes regularly from now on."

Hiruzen relaxes slightly and smiled at Naruto, satisfied now that Naruto understood the importance of basics. "I am glad that you understood this Naruto-Kun, but would you mind telling me what you were doing when you were not attending classes?"

Naruto was happy that his Jiji had forgiven him, so when he went to speak again, he looks up at him, meeting Hiruzen's eyes. "I was training during that time Jiji. I even met someone today at the training grounds while training, he was pretty cool and strong."

At this, Hiruzen had his full attention towards what Naruto was saying. He had to know who this person was and whether he was friend or foe for Naruto. "Who did you meet, Naruto-Kun?"

"He was from the Uchiha clan, I think his name was Itachi Uchiha. He was pretty strong and he even taught me some awesome Kunai moves." Naruto said, a small excited smile gracing his face.

Hiruzen relaxed at hearing Itachi's name as he knew that Itachi was close to Naruto's parents, thus making him care for Naruto very much. He was nothing like the others in the village.

"Ahh… Yes, Itachi. He is a very talented boy and is quite strong too. He even graduated from the academy at the age of seven, being considered a prodigy among our Shinobi. He recently joined Anbu, the youngest to ever achieve the ranks of Anbu."

Naruto's eyes were wide at the information his Jiji was giving him, he was pretty sure he wasn't supposed to know of Itachi's rank in statues. Graduating from the academy at the young age of seven, and being the youngest Anbu operative. He was impressed. Faintly, he wondered if, he too, could graduate at the age of seven. He then quietly mutters to himself. "Wow… Itachi-san is really strong."

Hiruzen, at hearing him, smiled before saying. "Yes, yes he is. You're also very talented, Naruto-Kun. I'm sure you will also achieve great things if you train hard enough."

"You know me Jiji, one day I am going to become the Hokage, dattebayo!" Naruto said with a big grin on his face, lighting up his features.

Hiruzen also grinned at Naruto, happy that he was happy. "I am sure you will, but for now, you should get to bed, it's getting late and I must get going."

"Hai, Jiji!" Said Naruto cheerfully.

"Good night, Naruto-Kun, I hope I don't get any more complaints about you ditching classes."

"Hai, Jiji… I will not be doing anything like that anymore, promise." Naruto said with a small laugh, rubbing the back of his neck.

Hiruzen nodded to him with another smile, saying his last goodbyes as he left. Naruto soon sighed before going to collect all his papers that were scattered everywhere, cleaning up the mess that he made before going to bed.

( Timeskip, Four Months )

It had been four months since Naruto had met Itachi, as well as the day when Hiruzen had scolded him for skipping his classes. On the next day, he came to class where he got scolded again by Iruka for doing something like that. He apologized to Iruka and told him that he won't do it again in the future. He had kept his promise.

He also met Itachi next time when he went there for training. They soon started a training schedule. Day by day, his relationship with Itachi had grown. He even started calling him Itachi-Nii-san and Itachi was more than happy in allowing Naruto to call him Nii-san.

Now, he was sitting in class, listening to Iruka who was teaching a history lesson. Naruto was not paying much attention to him as he already started reading history books from his Jiji's personal library.

Though, when Iruka mentioned the name Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, he started paying full attention to Iruka. He wanted to know about the man. As Iruka started telling the students about the Fourth Hokage, Naruto was amazed. He never knew that Minato was considered the fastest Shinobi to ever live and one of the most powerful men to ever walk the elemental nations, his achievements and his role in the third great ninja war amazing him even more.

Naruto was amazed, though hiding it well as he thought about the man and his achievements, how powerful his idol must be. Soon, Iruka went on about how on the 10th of October, the Kyūbi attacked the village and how no one was able to stop it until the Fourth Hokage arrived on the battlefield to face of the Kyūbi, sacrificing his life to defeat and kill the said Bijuu.

Naruto was confused by the story, not understanding one bit as he had read the book on the first Hokage's history and his fight with the Kyūbi and Madara Uchiha at the valley of the end. It was written in the book that the Bijuu can't be killed. He raised his hand to get Iruka's attention, curious.

Iruka, at seeing Naruto's raised his arm, motions for him to speak. "Yes Naruto, do you have a question?"

"Hai Iruka sensei." Naruto said, standing up.

"What it is?" Iruka asks.

"Iruka-sensei, you said that the Fourth Hokage killed the Kyūbi by sacrificing his life but how is that possible? I have read a book on the history of the first Hokage, which was in the Hokage's office and it clearly said that you can't kill a Bijuu." Naruto said, still confused and curious.

Now with his questioning, the whole class started to pay close attention because they didn't know anything about this.

One of the students asked Naruto a question. "What are you saying Uzumaki? Are you doubting our Fourth Hokage's power in killing the Kyūbi?" Some students whispered, agreeing with the boy.

"W-what are y-you saying Naruto?" Iruka asked Naruto, he hadn't expected anything like this to happen.

Naruto started again, now determined as he saw his sensei stutter. "I'm not doubting our Fourth Hokage's power. I was just asking. What I had read in the book was that during the battle between the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha at the valley of the end, Madara Uchiha summoned the Kyūbi and controlled it with his Sharingan to assist him in the battle against Hashirama-sama. However, with his power of wood release, Hashirama-sama was able to defeat the Kyūbi and Madara but he didn't kill the Bijuu because it was impossible. After his battle with Madara Uchiha, he started collecting all the Bijuu, one tail to the nine tails and decided to give said Bijuu to the other great nations to maintain the balance of power. The Sand Village has the one tails, the Cloud Village has the eight tails and two tails, the Stone Village has the four tails and five tails, the Mist Village has the three tails and six tails, as a sign of peace and to maintain balance in power, one of the remaining seven tails was given to the Waterfall Village as a peace treaty because of the assassination attempted on the first Hokage's life."

The whole class was speechless and wide-eyed, they didn't know any of this at all. Some were wondering how the hell Naruto got his hands on this kind of information but that was a mystery to them. To think this kind of thing happened in the past. It wasn't only the students as Iruka himself was speechless. He didn't expect any of this but he listened to Naruto as he continued.

"What I don't understand is that there was no mention of the Kyūbi in the book at all. However, if the first Hokage was giving the other tailed beasts to the other great nations for a balance of power, then why it didn't it mention anything about the Hidden Leaf Village also getting one? I mean, how could there be balance if one village was without the power of a Bijuu while the other villages were? What happened to the Kyūbi after the fight at the valley of the end? There was no mention of the Kyūbi after the fight until the 10th of October!"

As Naruto finished, the whole class was silent, no one knowing what to say. The students were processing the information Naruto told them. Iruka, on the other hand, was sweating bullets as he didn't expect this history lesson to turn out like this, now what was he supposed to say to Naruto? That he was used on the Kyūbi's attack to seal the Bijuu by the Fourth Hokage? That he contained the nine tailed fox inside himself? No, the Hokage would kill him!

The whole class was waiting for his answer, curious about what he had to say. Though, with the way Naruto was eyeing him, he lost his voice to speak and was slightly intimidated, thinking about what he was supposed to do now.

Luckily, the school bell started ringing, ending the class. Iruka let out a near silent sigh as he started collecting the papers and books on his desk and said without meeting any of the student's eyes. "Well, I think that is it for today. We will meet here again tomorrow! Please do your homework and enjoy the rest of the day everyone!"

With that, he exited the classroom, lowering his eyes away from Naruto. Naruto, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes, not liking his question being ignored. He was started to get annoyed by all the secrecy and was getting suspicious as everyone avoided talking about the Kyūbi's attack. He decided to get his answers later and exited the classroom, not minding as the whole class staring at his disappearing back.


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