He letted the ink dry and putted it into an envelope before giving it to Otulissa.

Weeks upons weeks had passed, they wrote to each other disscuss about everying from their interests to their future plans, and Otulissa had been the dutiful messenger all the way through.

Well, until four nights before the event.

'After thinking long and hard, I have decided to spend Punkie Night with you.' She wrote to him.

Digger had been waiting for what it seemed to be eternity for her answer, and finally, she gave him an answer. He felt like this was a pleasant dream, a smile stretched across his face, and a billion butterflies were fluttering in his gizzard at the same time.

The anticipated celebration had arrived, Digger putted on a mask, unlike most of the masks in the festival, it was a mask made of silver and had some designs on it. He felt his heart racing.

'Finally! I had been waiting for this day since the night after the previous one!' exclaimed Twilight in blissfully. 'Can't wait for all that candy.'

'So do I. But not for the candy.' Thought Digger.

'What are we waiting for? Let's go!' said Gylfie as she wore her eagle owl mask.

Soon, the three of them met the other guardians, Mrs. P and some other nest maid snakes were playing the harp accompanied by Madame. Plonk's angelic voice. The tables were stacked with sweets and drinks. The decorations were bold and expressive, as if to match the atmosphere of the night. The owls were chatting, eating or dancing as the owlets stuffed themselves with sweets.

After dancing for a while with Otulissa, she grabbed a cup of milkberry mead from the tables and said 'Sylvana is near you, take a sip of this and ask her to dance with you.'

Digger looked around him and spotted Sylvana behind him, Digger took a quick sip of the mead and approached her.

The mead kind of did it's magic and made him less shy.

'Um… Sylvana, would you like a dance?' he asked, slightly bowing.

She looked happy when he asked her that 'Oh, of course. You must be the Secret Admirer that exchanged letters with me.' She replied.

'Indeed.' He said.

'I have to say, you look rather formal.' She churred.

They were dancing among the others, slowly but surely, their surroundings seem irrelevant and the chattering was fading as he seemed to be falling deeper and deeper into her eyes.

They danced further and further away from the crowd, and closer and closer to the beach.

'It's now or never.' Thought Digger. 'I think that I'm feeling rather tired, can we rest at the beach for a while?' he asked.

'Sure.' She agreed.

So, the both of them landed on the beach.

The wind blew from the sea and the sun was setting, the sky appeared to be on fire with all the reds and oranges. Sylvana's feathers appeared even more lovely that it already was under the sunset.

'Sylvana…' he said, looking at her in the eye.

'Yes?' she asked, he voice sounding like beautiful music with the sound of the small waves.

Digger took off his silver mask. 'I was your secret admirer.' he said.

'Digger…' she muttered.

'Yes, that's me. I might dissapoint you, since I'm not a particularly handsome, powerful or confident. But, to be honest with you… I had been in love with you for a long time.' he said sincerely, his pulse accelerating.

'To be honest with you, I had also been in love with you for a long time. I am glad that you felt the same way.' She replied honestly.

This felt surreal, almost too good to be true.

He embraced her without hesitation, she was there. It was true after all.

She embraced him back, this went on until the moon started to rise above the horizon.

'We should go in and celebrate with the others.' Said Sylvana.

Digger putted on his mask and went to the tree.

He found all the members of the Chaw of Chaws and Pelli chatting beside the tables.

He and his new girlfriend made their way to them.

'Guess what?' he said.

'What?' asked his friends.

'Sylvana is now my new girlfriend!' Digger said joyfully.

'Congratulations!' smiled Pelli.

'You have me to thank for.' said Otulissa 'but seriously, congratulations.'

'Looks like I am not the only one in the band who is in a relationship.' Joked Soren.

'Soren!' scolded Gylfie 'I am proud of you, Digger.' She said.

So, the group of friends celebrated for the rest of the night.