Allison and the rest of the group was in a very serious situation where they had their hands tied up above their heads and also tied to a beam, waiting to be shot to death by the Army due to an incident only two days earlier

Two days ago

"Halt, civilians are not allowed in the fort without express permission"

"We're here to see the Lone Ranger, he said that he would meet us at this fort"

When that was heard the fort commander was notified and then Allison repeated what she had said

"That's a lie, the Lone Ranger hasn't been heard from by anyone at this fort or any other place as far as I'm aware of for three months now"


"Take them to holding and I'll deal with them after conferring with the others"

Ultimately it was decided that they would be executed in two days to give the Lone Ranger time to arrive if he was alive, but he never did arrive


"How is it we always get into these kinds of situations?"

"Who knows, for now though I guess this is goodbye"

Suddenly though their ropes were cut by bullets, and while everyone did their best to safely land on the ground Allison landed incorrectly and instantly knew she was hurt

"How are you doing Ally?"

"This is going to set me back by at least a month"

"What did you injure?"

"Ankle, in the meantime I want to see who rescued us"

And so they turn around and see a wonderful sight the Lone Ranger and Tonto riding towards the fort as fast as Silver and Scout could take them

"Someone has some explaining to do when he gets here"

"And not just to us as far as I'm aware of"

"No kidding I really don't know what the army is going to think about what we're about to do"

"Yeah, but what I'm wondering is if they were helping the government and something happened to them"

"Let's hope that's the case because otherwise it may not look good for him"

It turned out that something had indeed happened to them that had prevented them from making contact with anyone in the government until only three days before getting to the fort (the meetup with Allison and co had been made shortly before contact had been lost)

"At least you have a valid reason for losing contact, but still did you guys have to take the risk you did that forced the government to think you guys might have been lost?"

"Sorry A, but it was either the path we took or actual death, not that it was a pleasant experience I assure you but it was what it was as you tend to say"

"Fine, I have other matters to worry about right now"


"I think my ankle is broken, at the very least it's seriously strained"

"You landed on the ankle wrong"

"Yep, too short for the height I was at"


"Not your fault you saved our lives in the end"

Ultimately Allison was unable to ride for three months because it turned out that the ankle had indeed been broken and while she healed at a good rate her muscles couldn't handle being strained in regards to getting into the saddle for the extra month it took for her to be able to ride again, during which time the fort was given a very basic explanation about the trust Allison had with the Lone Ranger and Tonto, and to a limited degree the government

"Well looks like you can ride safely enough to leave miss, still not sure about the trust you have with the Lone Ranger and the government but I have my orders regarding you and I won't disobey"

"I wish you could have an understanding about the trust but I'm afraid things are just too complicated for that"

"Well, goodbye and good luck out there"


And so the group leaves the fort and separates from the Lone Ranger soon after, the reason behind the meetup dealt with during the time of healing since the Lone Ranger wanted to work with them regarding some rumors about Apache's and also issues in the nearby town