okay New Girl lovers. This story may be a challenge but imma try my best to make it really good :'). This takes place in their senior year of high school. Interesting AU, huh? Now we can really see if Jess was impressed by Nick's whole -hippy vibe- (not). Sit back and enjoy!

"Remind me why seniors couldn't have at least twenties day of school this year?" The brunette complained once she heard a small 'hello' on the other side. "It's going to be absolute hell without you here, and I know I'm bound to get Senioritis within the next couple of months, and I'll start failing everything, and then live on the streets after High School."

There was a brief pause before the person on the line replied. "Are you done?"

She gaped and furrowed her brows defensively. "Not even close. I'm so mad at you. Or your parents. Or you. I hate that you're at another school this year."

"Please." The voice replied with annoyance in their tone. "It's not even high school. It's this Modeling-schooling-internship thing I signed up for over the summer. You know this!" Another brief pause. "Oh wait, I forgot. You can barely remember what you had for breakfast yesterday morning."

"Not true."

This time, the pause fell longer. The brunette stared in confusion as she waited for a response. She wouldn't even be surprised if her best friend had hung up on her already.

"... Well? What did you have?"

Now was it the Benedict eggs.. Or the toasted English muffin with butter on-

-"That's not the point!" She yelled into the phone as she huffed. "Cece, High School has been the death of me for four years. Now, imagine what college has in store for me. You'll be the one picking out the designs on my gravestone." Jessica complained in an over-exaggerated groan, resting one hand on her face.

She felt Cece shake her head in disappointment. "Okay, seriously morbid. Jessica damn Day, get it together. You're going to get out of whatever chair you're sitting in,-" Jessica frowned, glancing down at her spot. "-you're gonna march into that first class which starts in two minutes, and you're gonna suck it up."

Jess sighed and stood up from the chair beneath her and smoothed out her skirt. "You know what, Cece? You're right. Maybe this is the year I really focus. Maybe I'll have a consistent honor roll streak this year." She said out loud, more to herself. It was Cece's turn to sigh this time.

"Go into that classroom and get your education." The voice snapped over the phone, Jessica almost flinching at the harshness of the tone. She casually strolled in, picking a seat at one of the desks and staring straight ahead. Wonderful. This class was gonna be such a blast.

Looking to her right, she saw a bunch of those typical mainstream posters on the wall. Honestly, why does every teacher think they'd fit in by putting posters that say "KEEP CALM AND ASK THE TEACHER." It's understandable of their attempts of staying relevant, or in their words, "keeping it real", but come on. 2012 memes are dead.

Jess glanced away in disgust as she looked to her left at some seniors walking in. The same, greasy faces she had grown to tolerate over the amount of years. All she could think of was ew. Everyone began taking their seats as the brunette quietly took out her pencil case, revealing all the nice and sharpened pencils she kept in tact.

"Those probably won't last too long." A girl chuckled, who happened to be sitting a seat next to her. "You'll lose those by the end of the year." Jess decided to laugh along with her as she took one out.

"Actually, I have kept these since my sophomore year. I'm very strict about my pencils!" She tried to humor back, but instead of getting a laugh, she received an odd stare. The brunette sunk in her seat. Well, this year was gonna suck.

A couple of minutes into class, there was a loud knock on the teacher's door. As they went over to get it, the door flung open and slightly hit the wall. The boy who came into a clear view had a smile on his face as he took a step inside.

Jessica wobbled her pencil back and forth as she studied the new person she'd never seen before. Intrigue filled her mind as she noticed his brown eyes and thick eyebrows. Maybe the year wasn't going to suck-as much.

"Hey, I'm Nick Miller, it's nice to meet-" The teacher cut him off with a harsh shush noise and an obnoxious wave of hand movements.

"I will not tolerate talking in my class." Nick Miller raised a brow quizzically as he tried to talk again, but was shushed before a word was uttered. "The less we know, the better."

Nick shook his head as he made his way over to the seats. "What a nice welcoming committee." He whispered. Suddenly, a group of SHUSHES swarmed around the room, making his eyes widen in a mixture of confusion and frustration. Eyeing a seat right behind a pretty brunette, a smile almost lifted his lips as he made his way over, resting his bag down.

When the boy took a seat behind Jess, the girl ever so slightly made a subtle movement to see, but ended up being incredibly obvious. The two ended up meeting eye contact and Jess mentally cursed. Instead of saying hello like any other normal person, she awkwardly moved her hand side to side. It was believed to be a wave of some kind.

Arching a brow up again, his confusion growing, he mirrored her movements. "Shalom." Nick made his fingers form a peace sign as he pressed them against his lips, kissing them and lifting his hand up in the air. It was Jess's turn to be confused this time, because all she could do was stare at him and wonder what the hell shalom meant. At her loss of words and lack of ideas for a response, she muttered an uh-huh, and turned back around in her seat.

Seriously Jess? Uh-huh? What a brilliant first impression. She mentally complained, slumping in her chair. Minutes began to pass as the class finally began to learn about the wonders of mathematics. Jessica tried her hardest to focus on the board rather than thinking about the boy behind her. The boy who wouldn't making humming noises. Clicking his pen. Focus, Jess. Focus.

Although these distractions were driving her crazy, Jess didn't want any beef this year-especially with a new person who didn't even know her name. Distracting her out of her thoughts, a note was thrown onto her desk. She almost flinched at the reaction, but rolled her eyes as she unwrapped the post-it note.

Shalom is just the Jewish way of saying hello and goodbye.

The brunette crinkled her brows but nodded understandably as she crinkled up the note and tossed it in her opened backpack. A few minutes later, another note was tossed onto the desk. God dammit. He wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

You aren't going to introduce yourself? I was going to before, but you know how that worked out. I'm Nick.

Her lips fought a small smirk as she read the words on the note. His handwriting was pretty good for a boy. After all, Jess felt that most guy's handwriting was in no way legible. She set it aside and tucked her brown hair behind her ears, really trying to understand this math, dammit.

It didn't take long before another came flying through.

I mean, I know I'm going classy with the post-it notes. But come on, it's not possible to have crappy service. This is practically air mail.

Jess sighed and reached down into her backpack to find a bunch of new post-it notes that she thought were going to be used productively. Well, screw that whole idea.

I'm Jessica Day, but I go by Jess. Are you trying to fail this class? It's only first period.

She gently folded the note in half and tossed it behind her, hoping it would fall onto the desk and not on the floor. That would just be plain embarrassing.

I didn't really understand math for the first eleven years of my life, so why try for the last? It's nice to meet you, Jessica.

Don't you want to get into your dream college? It's imperative to get a beneficial education, Miller.

So you did hear that occurrence from before! Glad to know I had your attention :)

You didn't answer my question.

It was already halfway through the class, and the only thing Jessica truly accomplished was writing her name. Nick Miller was seriously gonna be the death of her. Or worse, her future. He will not stand in the way of-

I'm not too worried. It's not like I don't try at all, I just wait until halfway through the quarter to get it all together. How do you think I handled junior year?

I wouldn't know. I wasn't there. Now pay attention!




Just because you underlined no doesn't mean you made a difference. Now stop throwing notes at me!


I'm ignoring you. Now go focus.


The bell rang for first period to end and for second period to begin within a few minutes. Jessica turned her head toward Nick and glared while he smiled in amusement. He was so annoying. This boy actually had satisfaction from bothering her. He'll see what's coming to him. As Jess watched him walk out of the class, she shook her head and picked up her backpack.

Game on, Miller.

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