She could remember the day he first came into the Detroit Police Department, she had just been dealing with a very cranky, middle-aged woman who was attempting to file a complaint about a group of "hoodlums" and "gang members," who she was convinced were plotting against her. It had taken Analiese over forty-five minutes to manage to defuse the situation and send Mrs. Bouvier on her way with the reassurance that she would be looking into it.

As if she didn't have better things to do. She had made the complaint to another officer about a month ago, and it had turned out to just be a group of twelve year-olds who liked to play basketball on the corner of the street that the crazy woman lived on.

Once she had finally ushered the woman out of door, she turned around, completely frazzled and worn out from the encounter, to see a tall, brunette man approaching her. She swallowed nervously and self consciously ran a hand over the crown of her head to smooth down her hair. He had warm brown eyes, and his dark hair was styled smoothly away from his forehead.

All in all, he looked like quite the catch.

Then her eyes caught sight of the blue LED swimming on his right temple. Her gaze quickly dropped downward, and took in the grey jacket he was in, the matching blue armband and triangle on his chest. The words RK800.

An android. She thought, slightly disappointed that this gorgeous man wasn't a human male she could swoon after. He was quite handsome after all, but then again, most androids were designed to have no flaws.

"Hello, my name is Connor." It greeted politely. "I'm the android sent by CyberLife. I'm looking for Lieutenant Anderson."

Android sent by CyberLife? Jesus, out sick for two days and everyone forgets to tell you a robot's supposed to show up. She internally rolled her eyes at her neglectful coworkers.

"My name's Analiese Perez. I'm a secretary of sorts behind the scenes here- mostly just work with the civilian side of things." She stuck out her hand, unsure what the correct way to introduce oneself to an android was- they could scan faces after all and learn more about you in two seconds flat than you could ever hope to get out in quadruple that time. He took her hand and shook it firmly.

"Uh, I don't believe Lieutenant Anderson is in right now." She peered around his shoulder to the desk crammed full of crap near the side of the room. Empty. "I can take a message if you'd like?"

"I don't believe that would be best. Do you know where I might find him?"

Unfortunately, Ana probably did know where he was, and with an air of hesitation she divulged that information to the android standing in front of her. Explaining to him that he liked to hit up the local bars around this time, but she couldn't be sure which one.

"Thank you Officer Perez, I'll go look for him." And with that, Connor turned on his heel and strode towards the front door.

"Um…" Ana stuttered, hand raised in surprise at his sudden exit. A warning was caught in her throat, but it was too late to inform him of Hank's mistrust of any and all androids, or that he had a tendency to be cranky when anyone tried to pry him out of the bar.

She figured she should also tell him that she wasn't even a police officer, either. She wore the navy blue outfit more as a uniform so people could tell she worked here. She didn't even have a gun, or a badge, or any real authority.

Shrugging it off, she just had to accept that Connor would probably figure it all out for himself, and went to make a note in her terminal warning anyone else about Mrs. Bouvier.

Author's Note:

Hey, I finally decided to publish something while it's still relevant instead of sitting on a story for years until the fandom's practically dead! The DBH writing circle still seems to be relatively small, but I was really inspired by everything else I've read, and everyone seems so lovely, so I wanted to try my hand. Wish me luck!

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