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Harry Potter The Child of Magic

By: DJ Rodriguez

Adopted By: Hyro

The year was August 31st, 1997. The sun was rising slowly, it being very early in the morning. It was almost the end of summer for many, and nearing the start of the school year. Many children were not fully ready to start going back to school. This applied to both muggle and magical children. More so to the magical community due to recent events that got the whole area on its wits end. It was the news of the return of Voldemort, and also the strange actions that occurred at the Department of Mysteries.

In England, one particular young man knew very well on the news of Voldemort and the events at the Department of Mysteries. He was there, seen it and done it all. He was somewhat of a local legend in the magical world, and rumored criminal in the muggle realm due to his "guardians" and cousin. The young lad was in his room, which was more or less then a prison cell. If one could see it properly, they would think that the people living in the home were caging a wild animal.

The young man was Harry James Potter, only son and child of one James and Lily Potter.

Harry was in a conflicted, angry state. Up until just a few days ago, he had been kept in his prison and only came out to either go to the bathroom or work like a slave. The young lad was fed like an animal, a can of soup and a can opener being brought in via a cat flap at the door, and on top of that, did not receive any kind of letters from his friends or from the Order of the Phoenix.

The time he spent in his confinements were used to think on his actions at Hogwarts and at the Department of Mysteries. He realized that his actions were right; he did prepare an adequate amount of students to prepare themselves for the dangers ahead. He knew that the Minister of Magic, Fudge, did not have the intellect or reason to prepare for future attacks from Death Eaters. Most of the adults at the school were buckled down due to toad-like Dolores Umbridge, so he and his friends took matters into their own hands.

Lastly, he thought about his attempt to "rescue" Sirius. It was indeed a reckless act, one that just so happend to cost him his godfather. His friends were injured in the battle, but luckily there was no serious or long-lasting damage. He blamed himself for his godfather's demise, but that changed when he received three letters just three days before now. He first read the letter that came from the goblins at Gringotts. It read:

Dear Mr. Harry James Potter,

We at Gringotts have been notified of your godfather's, Sirius Black, demise. However, we know this because we have read his will and found something interesting. It appears that he not only was he appointed your godfather by your parents, James and Lily Potter, but also as your legal guardian should anything happen to them. We are currently investigating on the situation as we speak and write this letter to you.

Back to business, it seems that in his last will, Sirius had dubbed you his heir to the Black family. So, should you accept this and sign the parchments in the back of this letter with your blood, you will be declared as Lord Harry James Black-Potter. You will be head of the house for both the Potter family and Black family. Since Sirius was cast out of the family, he was not magically disowned from it. So, he was always the rightful heir to the fortune. So, it will be passed down to you when you come of age. For the wizarding community, that would be the age of sixteen.

Also he has told us to deliver this letter to you along with the Gringotts one, should the time come. Now, back to the business at hand. In the reading of his will, he gave to you about 85 percent of everything. The Order of the Phoenix has received its share from the will, about one million galleons. Hermione Granger and the Weasley family each received one million as well, Sirius's way of saying thanks to them for helping you out.

The reason we are telling you this is because of Albus Dumbledore's declaration that would be unable to attend the reading of the will. Of course, we cannot contest since he is set up as your legal guardian. How and why this was done, we are still investigating. However, he did not say that we should give you the details and what is owned to you via lettering.

Should you want to sign and deliver the papers, just put the papers on the Gringotts special galleon portkey, and it'll be sent straight to the President of Gringotts. Apparently, the Potter and Black family are VERY prominent to the human wizarding realm, so taking part in this is a very commendable job to us goblins. Just send the papers to us, and we'll handle the rest.

Gringotts Bank

Griphook & Lord Gold, President of Gringotts

That letter threw Harry Potter for one major of a loop! His head was spinning, and so many questions filled his head. However, many of the questions were answered when he read Sirius's letter. He opened it up slowly, fearing what his godfather would say to him. Anything negative would really crush his spirit, but that was not to be. He opened the slightly worn parchment and it said:

Dear Harry,

Hello there! I hope you're doing well. If you're reading this, well… chances are, I kicked the bucket. But, I have no regrets. I just hope I took some of those damned Death Munchers down with me! Hahaha! In any case, this is what I have to tell you. It concerns Albus Dumbledore, the Order, and the prophecy that the old goat told me. I assume you have heard of it, so I won't repeat it to ya.

Albus was a once respected man of the Light, shortly after he defeated Grindelwald all those years ago. But now, it seems that he has been blinded by his own agenda and by the Ministry. There is still hope for the old goat, but at this point, I would say don't trust or rely on him too much. You seem to be a bright and strong lad, just like your parents and me! Learn to think for yourself, forge a new path for you to follow! I just hope it leads to plenty of good-looking women. Hahahahaha!

Hey, I learned over the years that if you stay serious all the time, you miss out on a good deal of life. So, here is one of my advices to you… live! That's right My boy, live! Fill your veins with life and just cut loose! Live the life you want it to be, and also learn to just… as the muggles say it, chill out. Don't get too wrapped up in serious business, otherwise you'll wind up crazy like those prisoners in Azkaban.

My next advice is that you don't let past mistakes weigh down on you. If you blame yourself for my death, don't. I would have proudly and gladly given my life to save yours, as I know you would have done the same for me. Hey, I'm a godfather. I got a knack for these things. Hehehe… In any case, just don't indulge yourself in the past. I learned this from a master of the Kung Fu in China before I became imprisoned on "Crazy Island".

He told me this: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today it is a gift. That is why it is called the present". As you can see, this muggle martial artist, I believe Ugway was his name(Had a weird obsession with turtles), was much wiser then anyone here in England. Don't think too much about stuff that is in the past, or in the future. Learn to live for today, and just go from there.

My last piece of advice is this, learn to forgive. It may come as a shock to you, but some of the Blacks were not as uptight or stiff as many pureblood families… if you can call inbreeding pure, that is. In any case, Narcissa and Bellatrix were not always as you may have seen them. Those two were regular spitfires like me, firecrackers that were too hot to handle for most of the boys!

Trust me, they could dish it out and take it in many aspects. They were called the Black Sisters, two girls who were beautiful as they were deadly with a wand and with their tongues. Boys loved them, girls wanted to kill them. Hehehe…

We were close, very close. But, something happened along the way. Call me crazy if you will… well, after being on that island, chances are I might still be. Hehehe… anyways, the two girls suddenly became more subservient and obedient. I thought something was horribly wrong, especially when they got together with Lucius Malfoy and Rodolphus Lestrange. Believe me, those two ninnies could never get near the famous Black Sisters then! So, why now?

I believe that they are under some kind of complex control, one done by potion and wand. However, didn't get a chance to prove this due being cast out and on the run. So, I'm entrusting you to help them out if you can. I know it sounds far fetched, but believe me when I say this. Forgiving someone, even if it's an enemy, can help you out in the long run.

Now, with that said, I hope you follow my advices. Trust me, even if you have a prophecy hanging over your head, don't let it get you down. Also, go out and enjoy life! Blast Albus, your "guardians", and anyone else that tries to keep you down. Go out and have some fun! That, and also get a lot of girlfriends! Hahahaha! Now that I'm with your parents, chances are that they are going to give me a beat down and talk down of a lifetime, so I'm off.


Sirius Orion Black(The Great And Sexy)

That letter got Harry choked up into tears. His godfather really cared for him, and it showed! From that day on, he was going to follow Sirius's advice. He was going to be living his own life from now on, following his own rules and doing what was right rather then doing something that seemed popular or "correct" to the public. The last letter he read sealed his decision in cement, as well as help him form new thoughts on his friends and allies.

The letter was from Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. Apparently, both were at the HQ of the Order of the Phoenix. This puzzled Harry greatly, but quickly learned why when he read the letter. It said:

Dear Harry,

(Neville) How's it going? It's me, Neville. Luna and I are at the HQ of the Order of the Phoenix, and even though it's against Dumbledore's orders, we thought it would be best to write and tell you what's going on.

(Luna) Hi Harry. I hope you are doing well. My father and I haven't been able to catch any Crumpled-Horn Snorkacks, but we'll try again during the school year.

(Neville) Luna! Hehehe… she's strange, but I like her like that. In any case, we were brought here by Dumbledore and the Order. Stranger still is that Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were there when they picked us up! We were told by Dumbledore that we were going to be given special training for a mission that would help the Order. He did not give any details, and when we suggested that we pick you up, he said it was out of the question.

(Luna) It was indeed queer that we were receiving instructions and lessons from the Order, but one in particular was hesitant in that area and always questioning Mr. Dumbledore on why you could not join us. Her name is Tonks, and chances are that you know her.

(Neville) In any case, we were upstairs reading in the library when Fred and George came to us with an invention they call the "Extendable Ear". They told us to come with them, and listen to something. It must have been serious, since they were themselves. When we were at the top stairs and extended the device down, well…

(Luna) We heard Dumbledore giving orders to Hermione, Ron and Ginny. Apparently, he told them about the prophecy about you. We heard it too, by the way. Sorry about that, Harry. It seems that someone up there has a grudge against you. Hehehe…

(Neville) ANYWAY… we heard him telling the three about their mission. It was… to spy and look over you. I'm sorry to say mate, but it seems that he is using them as his tools to spy on you. And to make it worse, they agree with it. Hermione believes that keeping an eye on you is the best solution, and also the Weasley jerks believe that you have grown too out of control. I guess they still harbor ill will to you since that Department of Mysteries event.

(Luna) Dumbledore has it that all of us will spy and keep track of you during school this year, and report back to him frequently. And if you get too rambunctious, he has the idea of stunning you and putting blocks on your magic and emotions. I suspect he already has, so best check yourself just to make sure.

(Neville) Sorry about all this mate. Now that me and Luna know of his plans, we are planning ourselves on how to counter them at every turn. If you still consider me and Luna friends, we are grateful for that. If not, we understand. Just do what you can with this information! We were lucky to get this to you, so thank Hedwig for us!

(Luna) Your owl is very smart and intelligent, so please take good care of her.

Truly your best friends,

Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom

Harry Potter was incensed… in every meaning of the word. He yelled out loud in anger, his magic now rising to the surface! He was in a maelstrom of his own magic, which was quite rapidly the blocks that Dumbledore and a few others put on him long ago. It caused the electricity to go out for four blocks, his stuff quite literally off the ground and swirling about him! The earth shook slightly, causing everyone in the radius to wonder if it was an earthquake or not.

The chaos lasted for a half hour, then Harry slowly calmed down. He was panting hard, sweat forming on his brow. Amazingly, the letters that he just read were still intact and had not moved an inch on the floor during the maelstrom of magic. When his guardians and cousin came up to investigate, just one look from his furious eyes told them to immediately back off. They quickly left and fled as soon as they came. Hedwig, amazingly as well, stood perfectly still and seemed to be content in seeing her master and friend now looking as if a weight was off his shoulders.

After taking a deep breath and calming down some, he immediately hatched a plan to get him out of the house and also out of Dumbledore's network for a bit. But first, he signed the Gringotts papers and transported them back to Gringotts with the portkey. That took care of his financial worries, at least for the time being. He knew that soon, he would have to make a real appearance to get things straightened out. After that, he put the other two letters in his pocket so he could keep them near at all times.

Returning to the present, he was now dressed in some of the cleaner clothes that he still owned. Hedwig was sent out to go out on her own, to her own time. Climbing out the window, cutting through the glass with his wand. He learned to focus his magical energy, forming an energy tip that could cut through the metal bars. After carefully looking out the window, he could hear the breathing of two Order guards that were posted underneath him and hidden by invisibility cloaks.

"Well blokes, sorry to be doing this. But, I need to get out and have some fun before going back to Hogwarts." he whispered as he jumped down. He landed perfectly and with little noise, thanks to the work hours he put in doing the Dursley's chores. The Order members didn't know what hit them, when Harry quickly stunned them with little effort. Thanks to his keen hearing, he knew where to aim.

"Well, enjoy your nap, idiots." he stated before putting on his backpack and heading off to the city. He knew that a carnival was in town, and today was the last day it was going to be in the area. He planned to go there and cut loose! As he ran, he did not see one Order member behind him. Fortunately… or not, depending on point of view, it was Tonks! She had guard duty today, and as she took off her cloak, she saw on where this was going.

"Harry Potter… sigh. You really know how to cause a ruckus, do ya kid." Blushing a little at seeing Harry's muscled behind, she took off after him. She did not agree with Dumbledore's plan at all, but felt that she could at least make sure that Harry didn't get hurt.

Little did she know that this was only the beginning of a great, and powerful adventure that would rock the magical community! Not to mention shake up the lives of five people greatly.

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