Chapter 1

Harry Potter the Child of Magic

Flower and Beauty Bloom

Fleur Delacour was not having a good day, not at all. It's been about two years since the Triwizard Tournament, and ever since then her mind as been on one thing. Well… one person to be exact. And no, it was not Bill Weasley. The young lad was a good fellow, but focused entirely on curse-breaking and his job at Gringotts. Also, the passion she craved… he had it, but it lacked a certain fire.

No, the person she was thinking about was the one who participated in the Triwizard Tournament. One who surprised her, one how showed much potential, and also one that showed the kind of compassion and flame that drove her Veela instincts wild. The person's name was Harry James Potter, the one who went from "mistake" at the tournament to someone that escaped death and stood a bit taller from it.

She remembered the incident with Harry and Cedric, the news being told to her by her headmistress Madam Olympe Maxime. She had seen Harry devastated during the time she was still at Hogwarts after the tournament, but before she left, she saw him carrying himself a little more firmly. He was still depressed, yes. But yet stood taller despite the extra weight that was on his shoulders.

"Sigh… that 'Arry. Such an enigma, he iz. Age-wise, he iz but a young man. But his eyes… they show that he has experienced much in his life. And still stands rather then falter." she said to herself as she looked out the balcony window of her room. Her home was a manor fit for any royalty, the Delacours experts in both politics and also wine-making.

She heard footsteps and turned to see little Gabrielle come in, the small girl having a cute pout on her face. Chuckling, the elder quarter-Veela inquired on what was wrong. Gabby exclaimed "Not fair! You're going to England and not taking me with you!"

Fleur really had to keep herself from laughing. The jealous look on Gabby's face just made her look adorable, despite the fact that she was ten years old. "It's not like that, Gabby. I need a bit of a break from working with both the Order and Gringotts." Fleur stated. She was in the Order of the Phoenix, due to Molly and Bill Weasley's insistence that she would be useful.

She was aware of the plans that Dumbledore enacted, but she refused to get involved. Anything that would be harmful to Harry, she did not want to have anything to do. 'The fools… the children have potential, yes. But to exclude 'Arry and agree to spy on him?! That iz unbelievable!' she thought. The beautiful blonde sighed as she went to her trunk and started to pack her things.

Gabrielle clung to her and begged for her sister to stay, worried because of the increase in Death Eater attacks in England. France did have her share of them, but only minimal at best and the D.E.'s were mostly those with extreme pureblood views. To them, magical beings such as Fleur who possessed only a little Veela blood in her, were stains on magical society that needed to be erased.

Fleur smiled as she bent down to hug her sister. "It will be okay, Gabrielle. I'm a big girl, so I can handle myself if Death Eaters come my way." she told her. Unlike England, the Ministry in France took the duties and terrorist attacks quite seriously. Since Voldemort's return was leaked out to the government, they had taken steps and precautions for all to be on the look out and to be prepared for the worst.

The young Veela witch had experience under her belt, as well as some serious training at her school. The magical community in France did not joke around when it came to serious business such as this. The Minister of Magic in France, a young woman to be more precise, was more level-headed and realistic then Fudge could ever be.

Gabby was still unsure of it all, until Fleur promised to bring back something of Harry Potter to give to her. That sealed the deal quick. "You mean it?! You will bring me back something that is from 'Arry?!" she exclaimed. Gabrielle was smitten with the young English lad, ever since the Triwizard Tournament when he saved her from the lake. She learned that she was not in any real danger at the time, but he did it anyway because it was the right thing to do.

Analytical thinking was not Harry's strong point, but he had moral and heart, which was more important to the young girl.

Fleur giggled and answered that she would indeed bring back something from Harry, if she ever saw him there. A maid came into the room and quietly stated "Mistress Fleur, the long-distance Floo transport is ready. Its set to take you to England."

The blonde beauty sighed. She was really hoping that this vacation would somehow figure out her true feelings towards Harry Potter, as well give her a chance to relax. With the Order ignoring her, the Weasley's pressuring her towards Bill, and the overwhelming tasks at Gringotts, she really needed some days off from all the hectic action. "Okay. Thank you Morgana." Fleur replied. The maid bowed and took her leave.

"Gabrielle, tell Mama and Papa that I will see them in two weeks. Also, please keep them in line." she said the last part with a little grin on her face. Her mother and father were noble, upright adults but when no one was looking… changed to adventurous, light-hearted folks in certain aspects. Mainly in the adult section that would be best left out to Gabby until she turned sixteen or so.

"Yes sister. Just… be careful okay?" Gabrielle replied. Fleur hugged her tight and assured her that she will. With a last farewell, she picked up her trunk and headed out to the manor's long-distance Floo area. As she walked towards her destination, she picked up a British newspaper that was lying on a table. Unlike noble magical families, her family always stayed up to date with both the magical and muggle community, since they mingled in both worlds on the business scale.

'Hmmm… there iz a small carnival in London, supposed to be last day there. I think I shall go there to have some fun before finding a hotel to stay in. Who knows? I may meet 'Arry there.' she thought as she read the front page. Putting the newspaper down on a table, she finally arrived at the long-distance Floo network fireplace. Taking a handful of Floo powder, she yelled out her destination before throwing it down and vanishing in a swirl of emerald flames.

At Malfoy Manor

It was not a good day for one Narcissa Malfoy, even worse then usual. The former beauty sat there on the balcony, looking at the sunrise that was coming over the horizon. It was beautiful, but did little to lift her mood. Her husband was in Azkaban prison due to him being at the Department of Mysteries, the result of his foolish zeal to go with the Dark Lord and put an end to Harry Potter and his friends.

"Sigh… that fool. He was outdone by children! Fifth years that used simple curses and hexes!" she muttered to herself. Draco had not improved her issues when he heard the news, ranting and raving on how it was impossible for his "pureblood" father to be outdone by "mudbloods" and "half-breeds". The blonde woman snapped at him, telling him to just leave her in peace. He wanted to protest, but a powerful curse slamming into the wall next to him forced the spoiled brat to make haste in his exit out of her room.

Narcissa was re-evaluating the situation, namely on how children could have bested her husband. He was a fool, yes. But at least he could duel with the best of wizards. 'Harry Potter… I saw him briefly on the Hogwarts train just after dropping off Draco. He may look young and under-developed, but… there is a certain air around him. Something I haven't seen since his father, James Potter.' she thought.

Long ago, at least far as she could remember, she had a crush on James Potter just like the other girls did when she was in Hogwarts. The Potter man was handsome, quick-witted, and also had a sense of humor that could bring a smile to most faces. He was not as prejudice like most wizards towards magical creatures, half-bloods, muggleborns, and muggles. Finally, his dueling skills were top-notch and versatile, meaning he could handle any situation thrown at him and adapt.

"I wonder why I chose Lucius over him. I mean, sure Lily did catch him first, but still…" she said to herself as she rose from her seat and back towards her room. As she walked to her bed, something tingled in her head and stomach, something that was very unusual and slightly painful. The tingling and pain increased with every second, causing her to sit on her bed and clutching both head and stomach.

The clock in the manor rang at 7:00 a.m., and the pain seemed to just explode within her. Narcissa held back a scream as a loud ringing just sounded off in her ears and pain exploded within every iota of her body! The blonde witch was thrashing on her bed, feeling as if someone just put in acupuncture needles tipped in flames all over her body. It lasted for fifteen minutes, which were very agonizing to her, and slowly the ringing and pain subsided.

"W-What in bloody Hell was that?!" she exclaimed as she took in deep breathes. She was then shocked at the language she just used, wondering on what came over her. Clutching her head, she slowly rose from the bed and walked over to her dresser. Looking at herself in the mirror, she tried to contemplate on what happened.

'Last time I remember, I was… I was a teenager, about eighteen or so. I was going to my room… my mother was waiting for me… I heard the door slam behind me… I saw Lucius and… ugh, its mostly a blur after that.' she thought. In her vision, it went something like this:


Narcissa had just come home from a rather disappointing date. The young man she went out with was okay, but his mind was on nothing but Qudditch. Honestly, what was so great about the sport? Anyways, she had come home and discovered that Lucius and the Malfoy family were all in the living room. 'Doesn't that piece of shit know when to quit?! This has to be, what, the fifth time they've come to the house to arrange a marriage contract.

Climbing up the stairs, she looked down to see Lucius slowly following up after her, a cold smirk on his face. She frowned but a laughable thought entered her mind. 'I wouldn't mind dumping some of that… what was that muggle stuff that is sold in the United States… ah! That's it, hot sauce! I wouldn't mind dumping a ton of the stuff into his mouth. Should be able to melt away that coldness, if it could.'

She did spot a small blue vial in his hand, and her mind started to race a mind a minute. She was an analytical thinker, and seeing the vial caused her mind to try to identify the liquid substance. "Hmmm… chances are it could be a liquid Imperious curse-potion, but how could he make it? He's a complete idiot at potions, and its very illegal." she said to herself.

Upon entering her room, she saw her mother Walburga Black sitting on her bed. In her hand was her wand, and before Narcissa could even reach for hers, she felt her whole body freeze! Even her mouth would not work! Only her eyes could function, and right now they were wide with fear. "I'm sorry about this, daughter. However, the honor and safety of the family is at stake. As of now, you will be in the service of both Lucius and the Dark Lord." her mother explained.

Lucius came in, victory written all over his face. He said nothing but forced Narcissa to down the potion he had in the vial. "This, my dear, is called the Supreme Imperious curse. It requires the use of both the Imperious curse, and its liquid form. The one who is under it will not be able to do anything against the castor's wishes for five years. However… the castor must make the potion and cast the exact spell again prior to when the action was cast. In addition, another castor must perform the act as well and be that of a blood relative of the victim." Walburga explained as she lifted her wand up.

The Lady Black also stated "Do not worry. Your sister Bellatrix is already under myself and Rodolphus's control, so you will be joining her soon. You two… you will bring glory and honor to the family and wizarding world by helping the Dark Lord cleanse our society!"

Lucius and the Black mother started to wave their wands, chant the words necessary for the ritual, and Narcissa started to struggle with all her might and willpower. A pale moonlight beam from both wands hit her forehead, and she let out a silent scream! She could feel a tremendous pressure on her mind and will, and fought with all the ferocity she had!

Unfortunately, the combined assault from both castors broke through, and before she knew it… she was all covered in a haze. It was like a thick fog, one that paralyzed her and forced her to go into a deep, trance-like sleep. A prisoner within her own mind

End flashback

Narcissa was now breathing hard, a hand steadying her as she leaned on her dresser. She remembered everything now; the trap, marrying Lucius, doing the Dark Lord's and her "husband's bidding, and finally this. Just like her old self, she analyzed the situation. "The curse… it must have been weakened with mother… I mean, Walburga being dead. That arrogant ass Snape probably made the potion himself, and helped Lucius with the ritual. But him not being a relative, it wasn't effective as usual." she said to herself softly.

She also concluded that at this particular day, no one could perform the curse, so it weakened to the point of just collapsing. Right now, she was angry and pissed off! She and Bellatrix, her own sister, were turned into puppets! Feeling the curse wearing off fast, she felt her old and new personas mixing together. It was like lighting clashing with fire, and it was killing her! 'First things first, I need to get out of here. This hellhole won't do, and knowing Draco… he won't bother to see I'm missing.' she thought.

One thing she did realize for most of the time during Draco's childhood was that the boy was a spoiled brat. She did try her best, even though she was a puppet at the time, to raise him well like a nobleman. Unfortunately, Lucius managed to sidetrack her at every turn and molded the young man into what he considered to be a true "pureblood". In short, a whiney and self-absorbed little snot who thought highly of himself and so little of others. Any other view that did not focus on blood or purity, he did not even give it a second thought.

"Draco… I'm sorry you turned out this way. But, you chose this path and I will not be a part of it." Narcissa whispered as she packed as much necessary stuff as possible in a small trunk. Once she had everything and shrunk it down, she put it in her pocket and made a beeline for the Floo network. Lucius was brilliant in dirty tricks and tactics, but there was one detail he missed completely.

Usually in wizard society, at least in the nobility ranks, a husband can place a charm/curse on the wife so that she could not leave the estate of the property unless without his consent. But, the charm/curse would need to be enacted once every two years by said husband. Lucius had other plans and duties to attend to, so he did not activate the charm/curse for quite some time. Narcissa was walking towards her destination, intent on finding her sister and helping her escape from this confinement called a life.

"Don't worry Bella… the Narcissa you knew from long ago is coming back!" she said to herself as she arrived at the Floo network. She was lucky as she did not see Draco anywhere. Picking up the Floo powder, she called out her destination of the Lestrange estates and threw the powder down. She vanished in a sea of green flames, and like that, left her old life behind. However, a new adventure was in store for her!

Author's Notes: I hope you liked this chapter. I am not an expert on Latin, since most spells and curses are declared in that language, so please bear with me here. Also, I tried to make the spells complex. The more potent a spell is, the more difficult it is to cast. Requirements need to be exact here. R&R, no flames, and enjoy!