Barbara was watching the house from the motel. _If there were going to be other beings_, she thought, _that seemed a reasonable place for them to appear_. Only, as she knew, when it came to adventures like this, not everything was reasonable.

The door of the house opened. A figure moved down the stairs, to the street. A humanoid figure. _Not a dalek, then_, Barbara thought. That had been her biggest concern. A dalek in Middleton would have been devastating. It would have been difficult to destroy, though she supposed she could ram a truck into it. Assuming she could find one with the keys to hand and there weren't too many changes to operating a vehicle.

However, that was not a problem she had to contend with, at least this time. She still couldn't tell if this was friend or foe, but from the lack of screaming she ruled out many of the strange humanoid lifeforms she had encountered.

Ian was still busy with tutoring, so she ventured out of the motel towards the house and the stranger. Her plan was simple. If they were friendly, she would fill them in on what was happening. If they were hostile, she would contact Sus...Kim and fill her in instead. She saw in Kim the same raw intelligence as her other former student of note, Susan Foreman, merely directed differently.

Over at the movie theatre, Kim and Ron were having problems. The popcorn machine was not working and, now, the projector had broken down in ways that required complete replacement.

"Aww man!" Ron complained. "That's so unfair!"

" Yeah! Unfair!" commented his naked mole rat Rufus.

Kim was disappointed for her friend, but was secretly relieved. She had hated Wombat, loathed Wombat 2 - Return to Castle Wombat, and had resigned herself to an evening of misery with Wombat 3.

But that was tempered with the fact that the projector problem impacted the movie she wanted as well, and Middleton wasn't awash with nightlife. Nonetheless, she really enjoyed Ron's company even if she wasn't always happy with the activity.

Multiple failures at the same time also concerned her, given Ian's comments regarding this experiment.

Bowing to the inevitable, she called Wade.

"Hi! I was just about to call you!" Wade said on answering. "Electrical systems have been going crazy across Middleton!"

"It's Professor Dementor."

"I know. I have a ride set up, it should be there in a few mome..."

The rest was drowned out by the helicopter as it landed next to Kim.

Wade gave the thumbs up and disconnected.

Kim and Ron climbed on board, Kim next to the pilot and Ron in the back next to the medics.

"Thanks for the ride!", Kim shouted over the noise.

"No problem, the least I could do after you saved the helipad from that avalanche!"

"No big. I just sent the snow into Upperton's reservoir, which was running dangerously low anyway."

Kim filled Ron in on what she knew, guessing Ron would find the sitch interesting for the sci-fi elements.

They flew on to a nondescript mountain. There, they landed and Kim and Ron alighted.

Breaking in was not going to be easy. Unlike Drakken, Dementor was almost competent when it came to such things. Not entirely, though. They found an air vent wide enough for a person. Kim used her laser to cut the cover away, before they clambered in. In Ron's case, somewhat noisily.

Before they got far, a trapdoor opened and they fell through into a large room. Specifically, a cage in a large room.

"Zo gud ov you to drop in!" Dementor chuckled. "But did you have to be zo noisy in that ducting? My ears will be ringing vor a week!"

Ron glanced at Kim, puzzled, as he was certain she was being quiet. He couldn't figure out what Dementor could have heard.

"You've been kidnapping people and I want you to put them back!" Kim challenged.

Dementor laughed. "You are hardly in a position to make demands. Besides, I am only borrowing them for a little bit."

"Why do you need an elderly couple of school teachers?"

"You don't like teachers? Well, you do go to school, I suppose. I imagine you want to hear my plan. Here it is. I'm tired of being in this world, villaining isn't as fun as it used to be. Too many heroes, too many long hours and too few rewards to show for it. But I need to know about the universe I plan on going to and conquering. Also, it's unstable if people go in only one direction. I needed to send henchmen across to prepare my lair, which means I end up with people here. The people here will teach me what I need to know, then I send them back, the henchmen will then return. Finally, I get to cross over there and one of them takes my place here."

Kim glanced around. There was usually something obvious to blow up, villains liked making things obvious. But there was nothing that stood out. Other than the thing that looked like a gigantic hair-dryer.

But that was pointed at them...

There was a bright white light and Ron vanished, to be replaced by... a robot dog.

"Spacio-Temporal Anomaly Detected!" K9 stated.

"What is that!" demanded Dementor.

"Source Of Anomaly Located! Threat Detected!" insisted K9, telescoping out his gun stalk.

A flash of white light followed and the robot dog vanished, to be replaced by Ron.

Ron was blushing, so Kim suspected he'd appeared somewhere he found interesting and probably a little inappropriate. She decided friendship came before asking.

"I will need to reset the parameters!" Dementor said.

"Will you still be able to get to your lair if you do that?"

"Oh, yes, yes, I'm not an incompetent like Drakken!"

"How did you get people to appear in the house?"

"Oh, that is easy! I can set the destination here."

Kim had heard enough. Tricking Dementor into showing her the controls was easy, given his ego, but it was unwise to push it further. She needed to get to the controls. Or... maybe she didn't… She leaned over to whisper to Ron.

"Ron, I need Rufus to set the controls to send back those teachers. I'll deal with Dementor"

Ron held up Rufus. "Uh-huh!" Rufus squeaked.