Kim thought fast. She needed Dementor to move, as there wasn't anything she could use to attach her grappling hook to in order to kick Dementor away. Even if there had been, he might have had time to activate a self-destruct.

She also didn't understand how Dementor could have arranged for his kidnap victims to return to the house if they left Middleton. Was that part of the machine? She wasn't sure how important that was, or if it would stop the promised help from arriving.

In a car, moving up through the mountains, two schoolteachers were wondering the same thing. They should not have been able to move so far from the town, but talking about strange things in front of strangers was an anathema to them. They had learned quickly how bad that was. So they sat in anxious silence, expecting the white light at any moment to summon them back to Middleton.

Susan, sitting in the front passenger seat, had a device Wade had given her. He'd called it a... Kimmunicator. _How adorable!_ she thought, remembering that he worked with this Kim Possible person. It had been modified and was emitting occasional beeps.

They were let out by the side of a formidable mountain and began a trek up a path they'd been told would lead to an entrance Kim had made earlier. "Valerie Singleton would be proud!", Ian commented to Barbara.

It took about half an hour, allowing for rest stops, to reach the entrance. They edged in cautiously, not knowing what they would find.

There was a guard in front of them, but he hadn't seen them. Yet. He was dozing off a little.

Ian grabbed a metal bar off the floor, then threw a rock past the guard who span round, gun at the ready. Not knowing what head protection the guard had, Ian slammed the bar against the guard's funny bone on his right arm, forcing him to drop the gun. The guard spun round only to find himself jabbed, poked, prodded before being knocked senseless.

"Sir Ian!" Barbara laughed. "Your sword skills remain sharp after eight hundred years."

Meanwhile, back in the cavern, a panicked guard entered. Shouting, he ran at the professor. That was all Kim needed. The professor turned away to find out what was going on, but was bowled over by the guard. They fell to the ground just as Kim broke cover.

She reached them as they struggled to stand up, giving Dementor a flying kick to the back. Not her proudest moment, but it worked. Dementor and the guard fell over, the guard unconscious as he hit his head on the ground.

Dementor struggled back up again, but a strike behind the ear knocked him out.

Tying them up was the difficult part, but Kim fired her grappling hook at the wall and used that rope, then used the affixed grappling hook to secure the prisoners to the air vent.

Ron wandered in. "KP!"

He was dangerously close to slapping the controls, forcing Kim to tackle him aggressively. "Hey! What did you do that for?"

"You... have a tendency to destroy things and we need that machine."

Ron looked sad and turned away.

"I'm sorry, Ron, but if you'd hit something crucial..."

"I know, I'm just a failure to you."

"It's not that, you're not a failure, you're... just... sometimes..."

Fortunately for Kim, Susan and the others entered at this point.

"This is the machine?" asked Susan.

Kim nodded.

"It's nothing like the things grandfather made, or the devices on Gallifrey."

Ian and Barbara moved back to let Susan work. Barbara noticed Ron was upset and went to see if there was anything she could do to help.

"Ian, you're better with some of this than me", Susan called out.

"Well, there's a first time for everything!" Ian replied.

Susan grinned impishly.

"Ok, now, if you multiply the first column with the second, then add up all the totals, is the value going to be over 100?"

"Oh, easily. I'm going to say about 600."

"What about the third and fourth columns?"

"Nothing like as high as that. It looks to be about 20."

"Then we need to add a lot to this universe before it will be stable."

"And how do we do that?"



"How good are you at telling stories?"

"Fairly good, I suppose. Why?"

"Oh, and try to make them sound like stories rather than your personal experience", Susan grinned mischievously.

Susan pulled out her Kimmunicator and called Wade.

"Can you put me in touch with that English television producer?"

"Sure! Just wait and I'll connect you."

Susan only had to wait a few moments.

"Russell Davis, how can I help you? I was told this was to help out Kim Possible?"

"Yes it is", said Susan. "She and I need a favour from you."

"Anything, after she saved my entire production team from an earthquake when we were filming in Italy."

Susan's impish grin returned as she passed the Kimmunicator over to Barbara. Although nobody could see Wade, who was tapping into the conversation, his eyebrows nearly reached escape velocity, strongly suspecting that Barbara was doing more than offering up some script ideas.

The numbers on the third and fourth columns on the screen slowly increased. By the time Barbara hung up, though, the total was very close to 600.

"That should be good enough", said Susan.

Ron was still sulky. "For what?"

"To get home safely without destroying reality", Susan replied.

"And to get you a new science fiction series", said Barbara.

Ron perked up with that last bit.

"However, we have to go before instabilities worsen", Susan replied.

"Where should we stand?" asked Ian.

Susan pulled a switch and the three of them vanished, to be replaced by three rather surprised henchmen.

Ron panicked and ran into the controls, slamming his hands into them as he tried to climb up.

"Self Destruct In Ten... Nine..." the machine intoned.

Kim lasered the bonds on Dementor and the guard - she wasn't going to be guilty of murder - and grabbed Rufus. She and Ron then fled in one direction as the guards and Dementor fled in the other.

They weren't out of the building as the explosions started, but were well on their way.

Susan materialized on an unfamiliar planet. The machine had not returned her to Earth as she had expected. Rather, it had placed her on a fairly primitive planet. She saw a TARDIS, but it was not her grandfather's. Whoever it was shouldn't have been there anyway and she was tired of standing still.

Ian and Barbara returned to their home in England. "Well, it wasn't the long way round, this time."

"I miss the adventures, so I'm glad we had one for old time's sake, but we're a bit too old for them."

The next school day was a Monday. History was first.

"I'm sorry to say", Mr Barkin began, "you history teacher, Mrs Wainwight, won't be joining us today. She was last seen climbing in mountains inhabited by abominable snowmen and only one shoe was ever found."