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Ōtsutsuki Kaguya stood alone on the veranda of her palace, her ethereal figure silhouetted against the setting sun as she gazed off into the distance. Her porcelain skin was smooth and unblemished, and her long, flowing white hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall of ivory moonlight. Her eyes, devoid of pupils, reflected the light like two pools of silver. She breathed in the fresh mountain air, letting the wind play with her hair, lost in thought.

With a deep sigh, she turned and made her way towards the grand sliding doors that led inside, her every step graceful and effortless. A wave of her hand caused the large sliding doors to open of their own accord. She glided through the hallways, her flowing white robes trailing behind her like clouds. The palace was empty, as it usually was, except for a handful of servants who dared not speak to her unless she spoke first.

She reached her sitting room and sank onto a pile of plush pillows, her hair splaying out around her like a white halo. But despite her regal appearance, a deep sense of unease seemed to weigh on her.

"They will come eventually... within three thousand years," she murmured to herself, her voice low and melancholic. Her delicate eyebrows knitted together in a frown, betraying her inner turmoil. She shook her head, banishing the thoughts that plagued her mind. Now was not the time for such musings.

Yet, her mind couldn't help but drift to her past mistakes. She remembered her ill-conceived plan to use the Kaminoki, a dangerous weapon, to turn the world into an army against her family. The memories left a bitter taste in her mouth, and she frowned with regret.

Looking back, she knew her plan had been foolish. But it had taken her own children pointing out the obvious flaws in her panic-driven idea. After all, Ōtsutsuki consumed hundreds of Kaminoki from countless worlds, so trying to use the power of just one against their combined might was futile. At the time, however, she had been insistent that it would work, and had even grown angry when her children had seemingly opposed her.

Her eldest, Hagoromo, only a young boy at the time, had been unfazed by her outburst and had calmly posed a question: "How easy would it be to destroy every human on the planet?"

She had answered without hesitation, utterly confident in her immense power as the avatar of this world's Kaminoki. But it was the looks on her sons' faces that finally made her realize the true magnitude of her madness. If she could destroy an entire race with a single fruit, as weak as she was, it didn't matter what she did. Her family would easily obliterate the planet. The realization had hit her hard.

Kaguya smiled slightly, her eyes raised to the sky overhead, her vision unobstructed by the palace. 'The verity of the matter is, I harbor no desire for the annihilation of humankind. For they are a singular race, imbued with a plethora of emotions, such as love, hope, and resilience.'

She reminisced on her extensive voyages with her kin, where she had encountered numerous civilizations, before they were destroyed. Eventually, the revulsion she felt had become too overpowering, causing her to flee across the expanse of galaxies. "Although this world too is rife with enmity and suffering, it is the presence of these ills that allows for the emergence of felicity. One cannot bask in the light without first enduring the darkness."

A voice came from the other side of the ornate doors, "Mother, may I come in?" Kaguya recognized the voice and smiled.

"Yes, my dear," she answered in a gentle tone. The doors opened and her son, Hamura Ōtsutsuki, walked in and bowed to her.

Hamura was an impressive sight to behold, standing tall with his pale skin and distinct features. He had a unique appearance with his hairless brow ridges, white hair, and small, horn-like protrusions on his forehead. His bangs were short and hung to the left side of his face, while a chin-length lock draped over the right side. One could not help but notice his piercing gaze, as he inherited his mother's renowned Byakugan in both eyes.

Hamura was dressed in a light, full-length kimono with a striking pattern of six black magatama around a high collar, which accentuated his pale complexion. His dark pants provided a contrast, completing the ensemble. A sword in its sheath was strapped to his left hip, suggesting his readiness for battle.

At just seventeen years of age, Kaguya's precious son was already an imposing figure with a commanding presence.

"Mother, dinner is ready," Hamura announced.

Kaguya raised an eyebrow, "I thought we had servants for such trivialities. Why did you come personally, my son?"

Hamura's cheeks reddened with embarrassment as he spoke, "I, um... I prepared dinner myself," he admitted sheepishly. Kaguya's face lit up with joy and surprise, her radiant beauty shining through. She stood up gracefully and glided across the room to embrace her son, causing him to freeze in shock at her uncharacteristic display of affection. He quickly recovered and hugged her back, basking in the warmth of his mother's embrace.

Since her panic due to the impending Ōtsutsuki attack had been quelled, Kaguya had become more open and attentive to her duties as a mother. They were still working to prepare the world for the future, but they were also spending time together as a family.

"Lead the way, my son," Kaguya replied with a soft smile, allowing Hamura to take her hand and guide her towards the dining area. As they entered, they found Hamura's brother, Hagoromo, already seated at the table, engaged in conversation with a small orange frog with a purple bead hanging from its neck. A small white snake sat beside the frog. Upon noticing their arrival, the animals bowed respectfully to Kaguya.

Kaguya's smile widened as her son led her to the head of the table, pulling out the chair for her to sit in. She thanked him, but her attention was drawn to the absence of the usual servants. Her senses expanded, confirming that they were alone in the palace except for the animals and people in the room.

"Hamura-kun-" she started to ask, but her son interrupted.

"Don't worry about it mother, I dismissed the servants for the day. Just sit back and enjoy," he said confidently, anticipating her question. Kaguya nodded, pleased that her son was taking charge and trying new things. She watched as he walked towards the kitchen, and was surprised to see three semi-transparent versions of him separate from his body before becoming solid. Together, they disappeared into the kitchen.

Kaguya couldn't help but feel proud of her son for his newfound independence. As effectively royals amongst the humans, they had been sheltered from the everyday interactions of regular people, but it seemed that Hamura was determined to change that.

She settled back in her chair, reflecting on her past and the fear she used to inspire in the people of the world. But she had changed since then, thanks in part to her sons' influence. They had urged her to connect with the people and shed the persona of the Rabbit Goddess. Her efforts had paid off, in a manner of speaking, and now the people loved the Goddess for her kindness.

As she waited for the meal to be served Kaguya watched her eldest son chatting with the two small creatures; a snake and an orange toad named Gamamaru and Hakuja. It was heartening to see her eldest forming relationships with them. She remembered how she had met them and dubbed them summons.


Kaguya gracefully floated a few feet above the lush grass, her sons Hamura and Hagoromo walking ahead of her. They were in a hurry to reach the meeting place requested by the leader of the talking toads. It had been a year since Kaguya had come out of her panic, and her sons had been busy exploring the world and discovering new things.

One day, Hagoromo had come to her, excitedly telling her that he had found a talking toad that wanted to meet with them. Kaguya was intrigued and decided to join her sons on this adventure.

As they hurried towards the meeting place, Kaguya couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. She had always been curious about the world and the creatures that inhabited it, and this meeting promised to be a unique experience.

As they reached the meeting place, Kaguya landed gracefully on the ground beside the rock, her two sons with her. Hagoromo appeared to be searching for something, while Hamura stood by her side, patiently waiting. Despite her amusement at her eldest son's frantic search, Kaguya felt content just being with her sons.

She could sense Hagoromo's thoughts and knew he didn't want to disappoint her by bringing her out here for no reason. But for Kaguya, just spending time with her children was enough.

Kaguya smiled and addressed her son affectionately, "Hagoromo-kun, have you tried using your eyes?" She held back a laugh at his perplexed expression while Hamura nearly fell over laughing. Hagoromo clearly didn't understand what she meant and thought she was teasing him.

To help him out, Kaguya activated her families Byakugan with a thought, and the veins around her eyes only lightly pulsed. She grinned at Hagoromo's expression as he realized what she meant and began looking extremely embarrassed for not having thought of that himself. A moment later, Hagoromo's Byakugan pulsed, and he gained near limitless 360° vision.

Hamura's Byakugan activated a second later, and they soon found the orange toad leaping toward them from a distance, clearly hurrying as fast as it could. They patiently waited and watched him hop through the trees before coming to a stop on top of a waist-high rock.

The frog bowed deeply as he spoke, "My apologies for being late. Please forgive me." Kaguya's brow furrowed, and she said gently, "No need to bow, little one."

Gamamaru nodded and introduced himself, "I am Gamamaru, leader of the toads." Curious, Kaguya asked, "How are you able to speak? I have been here for many years and never found creatures that could talk like you."

Gamamaru settled into a more comfortable position and explained, "There are many groups of creatures on this planet. We have been here for ages and developed the ability to talk and use nature chakra. We have our own homes and stick mostly with our species. The only interaction we toads have are with the slugs, snakes, hawks, and dragons."

Hagoromo interrupted, "Why are we only meeting you now? Why have I never seen any other talking creatures?" Gamamaru replied, "You've never seen us because we hid when your mother ate the fruit of the Kaminoki. We were afraid of her power and feared what she might do with it."

Kaguya apologized, "I deeply apologize for that. I'm sure my anger and fear could be felt for hundreds of miles."

Gamamaru shook his head, seemingly dismissing Kaguya's apology, "You were afraid of the return of your family, it is only natural."

Kaguya was startled, "How could you know that?"

Gamamaru revealed then that he received a prophecy that concerned Kaguya, her children, and her family's eventual arrival for the Kaminoki.

As Gamamaru spoke, the Ōtsutsuki family hung on his every word, their attention entirely focused on him. The toad had a grave expression on his face, his voice taking on a slight shift as he prepared to deliver the prophecy that pertained to them.

"In return for sharing this prophecy with you, as representative of all the groups of speaking creatures… we request that you create us a home, a permanent home away from the world of humans so that we may expand and grow without infringing on the growth of humans."

Kaguya's eyes widened as she quickly processed everything. "He has information that can help save this world and the humans, all he wants in return is a home for himself and his kind. I can do that."

"I can create such a place," Kaguya spoke, her voice steady and confident. "You will all be moved to another dimension, a habitable place that has its own nature chakra. But to get from that world to this, you will create summoning contracts. Hagoromo will distribute these to the humans, and you will help them when they summon you."

Gamamaru agreed to her terms, and Kaguya wasted no time in demanding to know more about the prophecy. Gamamaru quickly obliged, his words sending shockwaves through the family.

"You are going to have another son," he began, causing Kaguya and her son's eyes to widen in surprise. "How can I possibly have another son?!" Kaguya exclaimed, unable to comprehend this news.

"The Kaminoki… As you may know, the god trees are sentient entities. The one on this world wants to survive just as much as you do and is contributing to it. When you ate the fruit, the process of the child being formed began. This boy will be part Ōtsutsuki and part Kaminoki, the first of his kind."

Hamura's and Hagoromo's jaws hung open in disbelief, their expressions reflecting their shock. However, Kaguya managed to compose herself better than her sons, despite the gravity of the situation.

"This boy won't be human and as such will not be born as normal humans are," Gamamaru continued, staring directly into Kaguya's eyes. "Kaguya-sama, do you know how long it takes for a Kaminoki to fully grow?"

Kaguya's eyes widened as she realized what he was saying. "H-hai, around nine jitos, or around six thousand human years," she answered, her voice barely above a whisper. Gamamaru nodded solemnly.

"It won't take the boy that long to form, around three thousand years," Gamamaru said, a deep sigh escaping his lips. "Kaguya-sama, his birth will kill you–"

Flashback End

Kaguya allowed herself to drift away into a sea of memories as Hamura, accompanied by his clones, entered the room with plates of delectable food. She gracefully acknowledged his gesture of hospitality with a nod and a smile, her mind still wandering.

After her conversation with Gamamaru, she had been true to her word. Utilizing the power of her Saṃsāra Copy Wheel Eye, she had teleported all the various talking species to a new and habitable dimension, dubbing them 'summons' and forging contracts that enabled her to summon them whenever she so desired. Hagoromo had taken charge of overseeing their needs, ensuring that they were able to build their homes and flourish in their newfound sanctuary.

The small toad had chosen a colossal mountain, which they named Mount Myōboku, and the entire toad clan had settled there, thriving under the watchful eye of their benefactor.

As Kaguya nibbled on her food, she winced as an intense pain gripped her stomach, causing her to curl in on herself. This was no ordinary childbirth - the creation of this son had taken an immense toll on her yōkai, and the strain was clearly visible on her face. Despite the agony, she knew that she could not give up now - this child was precious to her, and she was willing to endure any amount of pain to bring him into the world.

"Mother, are you alright?" Hamura's voice was laced with concern as he knelt beside her, his hand reaching out to comfort her. The summons and Hagoromo looked on with worry etched on their faces, aware of the gravity of the situation.

"I'm sorry, Hamura, but please take me to my room." Kaguya's voice was strained, but determined as she fought to keep her composure. Hamura quickly nodded, his chakra enveloping her as he lifted her up and floated her through the house to her room. He fetched a wet cloth and laid it against her forehead, hoping to ease her discomfort.

"I love you, mother," he murmured softly as he held her hand, his eyes brimming with tears. He knew that this was a difficult time for her and remained by her side, unwilling to let her face it alone.

Hamura's face was etched with a deep sadness as he thought about the prophecy that he had heard. His younger brother, who he would never get the chance to meet, would be born soon, but would not be fully formed for thousands of years. By that time, he and his brother Hagoromo would have long since passed away, leaving no one to care for the child.

As he thought about the future, Hamura couldn't help but sigh. Everything had changed after the meeting of the summons. Gamamaru had revealed to them the shocking truth - that the birth of his brother would lead to their mother's death. But even more devastating was the fact that her immense power, without her alive to control it, would wreak havoc on the planet and could potentially destroy it.

The weight of this knowledge was heavy on Hamura's shoulders, and he knew that they had to act quickly to prevent this catastrophe from happening. But how? How could they possibly stop the power of their mother, who was already so far beyond their comprehension? As he pondered this question, Hamura felt a sense of foreboding settle over him. The fate of the world rested on their shoulders, and failure was not an option.

Gamamaru had warned that he and Hagoromo needed to overcome Kaguya's power and seal it away, but the toad was uncertain of the consequences of their actions. As the impending battle loomed, Hamura and his brother trained tirelessly, honing their skills and abilities with their mother's guidance and the toads' instruction in senjutsu.

Kaguya's face contorted in pain, her body wracked with agony. Despite it all, she managed to offer her son a reassuring smile. "I love you, my son. Don't worry, I'll be okay," she gasped.

Hamura's frustration boiled over, and he shook with anger. "No! You won't be okay! You're going to die!" he shouted, his voice raw with emotion.

As the contractions subsided slightly, Kaguya managed to compose herself and spoke in a soft, calming voice. "Hamura-kun, my dear, I have accepted my role in the prophecy. I don't want to leave you and your brother, but I am proud of the men you have become. I am confident that you will take care of each other when I am gone." Her grip on the silk blankets tightened, and she took a deep breath before gesturing for Hamura to come closer.

Pulling him into a hug, Kaguya said, "Thank you for your promise to take care of me after my death, I won't ever forget that my son." Hamura began crying into her shoulder, holding her tightly as he cried. She rocked him back and forth slowly, comforting him.

"I don't want to lose you, mother…" Hamura sobbed. Kaguya pulled him closer to her, "Be strong my son, take care of the humans for me, please?" Hamura nodded, pulling away and rubbing his eyes.

"Thank you for dinner, Hamura-kun, I'm sorry for not being able to finish it," Kaguya said with a weak smile.

"Don't fret about it mother, I understand." Hamura replied, trying to smile back. He looked at his mother, her once vibrant beauty now faded and weakened by illness. The reality of her impending death hit him hard, and he couldn't bear the thought of losing her.

A young man cautiously walked into a grand, elegantly decorated room. It was dimly lit, with the only source of light coming from the flickering candles in the corner. On the vast, luxurious bed lay a woman, her skin pallid and her eyes pupil-less. On each side of her head were two brownish horns.

"I'm here, mother," the young man said worriedly as he approached the bed, noticing the strain in his mother's neck and the sweat pouring down her face.

"Where is Hamura-kun?" she questioned, her voice strained and barely audible. Suddenly, she tensed and thrashed against the bed. The young man quickly rushed to his mother's side and tried to comfort her.

"All the preparations are finished, Kaa-san," Hamura said as he swiftly entered the room and made his way to the other side of his mother's bed, placing his hand on her hot forehead. He tried to relieve the pain. Over three years had passed since Kaguya's initial warning about her impending death. Her sons had been preparing for this moment ever since, training and strengthening their abilities. Now, as they watched their mother's condition deteriorate, they couldn't help but feel a sense of dread.

"Listen to me, my sons, Hagoromo-kun, Hamura-kun," she started, obviously in great pain, "There are many things I need to tell you before I pass on."

Both of her sons looked at her intently, Hagoromo holding her hand, and Hamura wetting a cloth to put on her forehead. She smiled proudly through the intense pain she was feeling throughout her entire body as she looked at her two beautiful sons. They meant the world to her. Hagoromo with his spiky, shoulder-length, pale brown hair, a chin-length, braided lock hanging in front of his left ear. Both he and his brother had a pair of horn-like protrusions extending from either side of their foreheads and pupil-less white eyes, like her.

She grimaced as a wave of pain struck her and she tried to curl inwards on herself. The pain was so intense she was on the edge of screaming. With extreme force of will, she forced the pain back down, focusing on her sons' worried faces.

"Don't worry, mother, we will not fail," Hagoromo said firmly, his voice thick with emotion. He looked at his mother with tears in his eyes, feeling powerless to help her as she suffered in pain. Despite his best efforts, her condition had only worsened, forcing her to stay in bed. He and his brother had done everything in their power to alleviate her pain with the help of their slug summons, but it seemed to be of little use.

Hagoromo and Hamura gripped their mother's hands tightly, their faces etched with concern as they watched her struggle with the pain. "Hagoromo-kun, complete your dream, spread Ninshū to the world," Kaguya said, her voice strained. "And Hamura-kun, don't spend your entire life just protecting my body. I want you to be happy and have a family too." She grinned at the disgusted expression on Hamura's face. He had always been against the idea of getting married, but Kaguya had managed to persuade him otherwise.

"Don't worry about me, my sons. I haven't told you this, but the Kaminoki has promised to look after me. I'm not going to suffer," she reassured them before another wave of pain hit her. This time, the pain was so intense that Kaguya screamed and thrashed on the bed, her hair whipping around wildly.

As she gave birth to her third son, a massive release of chakra exploded from her, causing her to rise off the bed. Hagoromo and Hamura tried to hold her down, but it was no use. The medical Ninshū that Hamura attempted to use had no effect, and Kaguya's life force was rapidly fading.

With immense effort, Kaguya managed to control her breathing and push the pain back. "He is born. I will soon die, and the Jūbi will break free. It will attack you, using my body, to reclaim its chakra," she said, her voice weak but resolute. She clenched her fists so hard that her fingernails dug into her palms, drawing blood.

But the pain eventually subsided, and Kaguya was able to speak again. "I have faith in you, my sons. You have trained hard, and you are both strong," she said, looking into their eyes. Hagoromo's eyes were filled with determination, his three tomoe shining brightly within his red eyes, while Hamura's pupil-less white eyes reflected the same unwavering resolve.

"Prepare the world for my family's arrival, lead the humans. I do hope they will not descend into war," she continued, her voice growing weaker by the moment. Suddenly, she coughed up blood, staining her robes and chin. Her two sons rushed to her side, trying desperately to help her.

"Your brother will defend us all from the Ōtsutsuki murderers. He shall save us all and lead us to a bright future. His name will be Naruto," Kaguya said, her voice barely above a whisper. She paused for a moment, gathering her strength before bringing her shaking, sweat-covered palms together.

"With my last breath, I create my fourth and final son and bring him into reality!" she exclaimed, her voice strong and filled with determination.

"Banbutsu Sōzō!" With that, she roared, pouring every last ounce of her yōkai and strength into this ultimate Jutsu. Hagoromo and Hamura watched in awe as a black blob with two glowing yellow spots formed between their mother's hands.

Suddenly, Kaguya let out a piercing scream and fell back against the pillows. Her skin grew pale, and she slowly began to lose all color, her body expanding until it became a sphere on the bed. Hagoromo and Hamura watched in stunned silence as their mother's body transformed, and they could feel the enormous chakra radiating from the white sphere.

"Run! She's turning into the Jubi!" The urgent warning from the black blob jolted the brothers into action. It bolted across the ground and vanished into Hagoromo's sleeve. The brothers quickly sprang into action, rushing out of the palace to join the forces they had gathered outside for this very moment.

They were greeted by a motley crew of creatures led by Gamamaru and his fighting toads, arranged by size from the smallest to the largest. Joining them were massive slugs, snakes, and three Genryū, the Earth, Water, and Lightning dragons. The creatures tensed, ready for battle, as they watched the palace with apprehension.

"It has begun," Gamamaru declared sagely from atop a giant battle toad, his webbed hands forming a seal. The creatures looked on as Hagoromo's black shakujō materialized in his hands, and his eyes transformed into the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Hagoromo was startled by a sudden burst of power by his side. Turning, he was amazed to see his brother wreathed in light blue flames, levitating off the ground with five Truth-Seeking Balls floating behind him.

"Oh ho ho, been hiding something, little brother?" Hagoromo teased, his Susanoo's dark blue ribcage forming around him.

"Can't let you have all the fun, can I, brother?" Hagoromo's brother chuckled before refocusing on the palace.

Suddenly, the ground trembled with incredible force. The roof of the palace was hurled into the air, and a giant, earthen-colored humanoid emerged from the dust, appearing to be decaying. The massive creature was clad in a robe and had numerous spike-like protrusions on its back.

"May the Kaminoki watch over us!" Hamura exclaimed as he and his brother led the charge against the giant creature. The being that had once been their mother rose to its full height, towering over all but the largest summons, and let out a deafening roar.

"That is the Jubi's first form. You can only defeat it by sealing it," the black blob spoke from within Hagoromo's sleeve.

"Understood. Little brother, if you can contribute to this battle, do so. Otherwise, stay safe," Hagoromo commanded as he leaped into the air and unleashed an 8-story-tall fireball at the beast.

The battle that ensued was nothing short of cataclysmic. The sheer force of the opposing sides shattered the ground, sending massive boulders and debris flying in all directions. The air crackled with electricity, and the sky was filled with smoke and fire. The toads, slugs, snakes, and dragons fought valiantly, their roars and screeches echoing across the land.

For seven long days, the battle raged on. Summons fell left and right, their bodies battered and broken. Hamura himself came close to death, but it was this brush with mortality that sparked something within his brother.

Hagoromo's eyes, once Sharingan, now evolved into the Rinnegan, the most powerful dojutsu in existence. With this new power, he unleashed a flurry of devastating attacks that turned the tide of the battle. His chakra swirled and pulsed with an otherworldly energy, and the summons fought with renewed vigor.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the beast was defeated. With a mighty roar, it collapsed to the ground, defeated and spent. Hagoromo knew what he had to do next. With a single hand gesture, he sealed the beast's essence within himself, the weight of its power almost too much to bear.

But what to do with the body of the beast? Hamura had originally planned to bury it and build a temple above it, but now he had a different idea. He would create a new world, one where he could live with his family in peace. With his own powerful Dojutsu, the Tenseigan, he created a livable atmosphere on the moon, and he and his family eventually moved there to start anew.

From there, he vowed to watch over the earth, to create a race of pure Ōtsutsuki who would keep a vigilant eye on the Gedō Mazō and wait for the inevitable invasion of the Ōtsutsuki from space. Hagoromo and Zetsu agreed to this plan, and so it was done. The newly christened Moon became a symbol of hope, a shining beacon in the sky that would forever remind the people of the sacrifices made in the great battle.

A Lifetime Later

Hagoromo lay on his bed, his once powerful body now frail and weak. His left eye was yellow and his skin was pale, indicating the severity of his condition. Zetsu, his faithful brother, was by his side, using his chakra to keep Hagoromo alive long enough for him to deliver his final message to his children. The Bijū that Hagoromo had created from his mother's chakra, along with Hamura, gathered around his bed, their concern for the legendary Sage of Six Paths evident on their faces.

"I am not long for this world," Hagoromo said weakly, his Rinnegan fixed on his children. "I have one final request for you all."

Saiken's voice was filled with concern as she asked, "What is it, otou-sama?"

"I was given a prophecy," Hagoromo said, his voice barely above a whisper. "I wish to share it with you all before I go to the Jōdo. Come closer."

Hitomi and her siblings moved closer to their father's bed, while the Gobi hopped onto the foot of the bed so that Saiken could get closer. Hamura stood by the head of the bed, switching out the wet cloth on his brother's forehead, while on the right side were Hagoromo's two human-born sons, Indra and Asura, watching silently.

"My mother had 4 children," Hagoromo said, causing confusion among the Bijū. "Her third son, Naruto, is the child of her and the Kaminoki. His birth killed my mother, but we knew that it would."

The Bijū looked at each other, stunned. They had no idea that Kaguya had given birth to another child.

"Because he is the son of the Kaminoki, it will take him thousands of years to form," Hagoromo continued. "My children, all of you and Zetsu are immortal, and I want you to watch for my brother. Find him, care for him, and train him, for he will protect us against the arrival of the Ōtsutsuki. Do this for me, my children."

The tailed beasts nodded in unison, lowering their heads in respect to their father.

"Hai Otōsan," they said in unison.

Hagoromo smiled weakly at them before breaking out into a coughing fit.

"Wait for him, for he shall take care of you, my children. Good luck," Hagoromo said quietly before his one visible eye closed, and his body relaxed.

Zetsu slowly slid off Hagoromo's body and formed into a blob on the bed.

"He has gone to the Jōdo," Zetsu said quietly.

"Junsuina tochi de heiwa o mitsukeru koto ga dekimasu ka," everyone said in unison, paying their respects to the passing of the legendary Sage of Six Paths.

Thousands of Years Later

The harsh desert winds whipped sand into the faces of the couple as they trudged wearily through the endless expanse of barren terrain. Their home lay just beyond the horizon, a faint glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak and unforgiving landscape. As they walked, the woman suddenly stopped in her tracks, her ears perking up to the sound of a faint wail carried on the wind. "Do you hear that?" she asked her companion, turning her head in the direction of the sound. "It sounds like a child crying."

Following the sound, they stumbled upon a scene that left them both stunned. A small infant, with pale skin and horn-like protrusions emerging from his forehead, sat abandoned in the scorching sand. His eyes were pale, almost pupilless, and his frail frame trembled in the relentless heat.

The woman felt a pang of compassion for the helpless child. "Who would abandon a child in the desert like this?" she questioned, her voice full of emotion. "He's sick, and he's all alone. We can't just leave him here to die. No matter how strange he looks, he deserves a chance to live."

The man hesitated at first, taken aback by the child's peculiar appearance, but he could not ignore the pleading look in his wife's eyes. They scooped up the infant, cradling him close to their chests, and continued on their journey towards home.

As they walked, the couple could not help but wonder about the child's origins. Who would abandon a child with such unusual features? What kind of family would cast him out into the merciless desert, left to die a slow and painful death?

Their minds filled with questions, the couple resolved to care for the child as if he were their own. Little did they know, their decision to bring the infant home would set off a chain of events that would forever alter the course of their lives.

END CHAPTER - 5,985 words

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