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This story is strictly AU. And there are quite a few scenarios appearing here could not have happened in our beloved series. The characters will be different from their original selves.

All the characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

Variation from canon:

The Weasleys are pureblood bigot family and believe that all pureblood wizards are superior to half-bloods, Muggle-borns, and muggles. All Weasley's sorted into Slytherin. Arthur and Molly are no different. But they don't believe in violence. In the first Wizarding War, they choose to remain neutral. But when the war was on peek, they were forced to join the fight to keep their children save. Arthur is present with Bellatrix when she was torturing the Longbottoms to insanity. When Voldemort loses his body, the war was over.

While Ministry is capturing the remaining Death Eaters, Arthur decided to be truthful, and accepted his forced role in aid for Voldemort, but also ensure that all his children are innocent and they are not involved in the war at by any means. He then sent to Azkaban for seven years, and most of their capital was exercised by the Ministry.

Now being poor, the Weasleys moved to The Burrow and spent the first seven years in poverty and most of the time alone. When Arthur was released, he was allowed to take a job at the Ministry. Wasley's children Bill, Charlie, Percy saw their father sent to Azkaban and their mother's struggle and poverty. Since all three of them are old enough to understand, they blame all their misery and suffering to the Ministry and grow bitter and unfriendly. Fred and George are funny pranksters. They try their best to make others laugh.

Since Ron is only one year old, and Ginny was born only a few weeks before the fall of Voldemort, they don't understand all much and depends more on Molly in the absence of their father. Molly taught them about the Wizarding world. They also learn about pureblood superiority. She tells them about their family history. They learn about their family history and the reasons behind their father's prison. They believe in pureblood superiority but never grown bitter and arrogant, unlike their three older brothers. Later they were introduced with the Lovegoods, and Ron and Ginny have another friend as Luna. With Luna's friendship, they become more acceptable to half-bloods and muggle-born, whom they considered lower before. They came to an understanding that blood status did not decide the ability of the wizards or the witches.

Ron was born with the ability to see the future. He is the Seer. He was able to see the future through his dreams. He already had some terrifying sight of the future before going to the Hogwarts. Also, due to his family struggle, he was matured compared to the kids of his age.

Follow Ron and his adventures in his journey, to become one of the central characters on the light side, to defeat Voldemort for good.

Why this fic :

I have seen too many Ron bashing arguments like "He did not add anything significant in the Trio", "that he is replaceable and any other character can easily replace him", "that he holds Harry and Hermione down" etc. So I just decided to explore the possibility in this fic where Ron is not friends with Harry and Hermione and how this affects the Trio in general.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

"Good morning, Luna."

"Good morning mum," said Luna sleepily while descending the stairs from her room. "What is it for breakfast?"

"Eggs, sandwiches and pumpkin juice, dear."

"Nice," thanks Luna as she takes her seat at the table. "Where is the dad?"

"Ohh. He is out again," replied Mrs. Lovegood with a snort. "He thinks that he found a crumple-horned snorkack."

"Mum, I am going near the pond for fishing," said Luna after finishing her helping. "We can have it at the dinner."

"That would be nice. I am in the basement for a while working on my new spell."

Mrs. Lovegood descends downstairs towards the basement in her workshop to work on her new spell. Luna happily leaves for the fishing, not knowing that her life will change forever in a few hours.

Mrs. Lovegood is working on her new spell, then suddenly something strange happens. The room is no longer dark instead it filled with bright silver light. After a few minutes, when the bright silver light is fading. The workshop is visible again. The workshop appears undamaged. All the things are in the same place except one. Mrs. Lovegood is on the floor pale and motionless in the middle of the room.

Ron woke up from the sleep all covered from sweat and instantly throw out on the floor. He has a very vivid dream of Mrs. Lovegood death. He knew from past that sometimes his dreams indeed come true. He checked in his family bloodline and discovered that his great-grandmother from his father side is the Seer. He knew that he was born with the ability to see the future too, but he decided to hide his secret from others for a while. But this is the most terrible dream and first vision of someone's death he knew. He has terrifying dreams before of violence, rape, accident and, the murder of random peoples from both the wizarding and muggle world. But witnessing someone death you know is very nauseating.

The ten-year-old Ron is a friend of Luna for almost two years. He met her with his nine-year-old little sister Ginny. Ginny and Luna are of same age and instantly become best friends and starts playing together more often. He knows from his family that Lovegoods are very weird and believe in the existence of imaginable creatures. Luna lives not far away from his home at The Rookery. It was basically a tower that resembled a rook chess piece, with Luna's room on the third floor.

Ron felt like the buldger hit him hard in the head. What will happen if his dream indeed comes true? Luna will lose her mother. Ron thought about what will happen to him if his mother is dead and he instantly rules out the idea. He has a feeling that his dream will come true in the near future. He is determined to prevent her death. He can not sit around and assume that nothing is going to happen. Losing a mother at this early age is awful, and he did not want his friend to suffer from this.

He hastily went to the loo, brushed his teeth and descend downstairs towards the kitchen for a quick breakfast. He decided to visit Luna's after the meal.

"Mum, I am going to visit Luna after the breakfast. I promise her to teach some chess skills before I go to Hogwarts," said Ron while eating his breakfast.

"Alright, dear."

After finishing the breakfast, he goes to the fireplace to floo to Lovegood's house. He lands with a thud and feels dizzy after the floo trip. Luna greeted him with a warm hug. As his vision become clear, he saw that Mr. Lovegood is also present in the house, so it is clear that today is not the day.

"Hi Ronald," said Luna dreamily.

"Hey, Luna. Ready for some chess," said Ron.

"You are silly, Ronald. Of course!." and she leads him by his arm to her room. They played chess until it was the noon and Ron decided to leave for the lunch after promising Luna to visit tomorrow again.

Ron returned to the Burrow at lunchtime. He decided to visit Luna every day. He was sure that it happens soon and he is determined to prevent it.

On next few days, Ginny also visited with him to the Lovegood's. They all have a great time there with Mrs. Lovegood making some delicious food for the children. Luna seems to be very happy by having her friends every day. She also loved learning new chess skills. The more time Ron spends with them, the more his determination grew stronger to prevent the dreadful future.

Today Ron come to visit Luna alone as Ginny is gone with Mrs. Weasley to visit some old relatives. The moment Ron's feet hit the ground, he was tackled by Luna.

"Oh! sorry, Ronald!" said Luna shyly, offering her hand to help.

He took her hand, groaning a little from the pain in his back and stood up.

"Hi!" he said, after dusting the powder from his clothes.

"Hi yourself!" Luna said in her usual dreamy voice.

"Mum! Ronald's here," shouted Luna.

Mrs. Lovegood emerged from the kitchen and greeted him with a warm smile.

"Hi! Mrs. Lovegood!" he said softly.

"How are you. Ronald."

"I am okay. Sorry to bother you."

"You are no bother," she said by waving her hand.

"You are silly, Ronald!" said Luna.

She takes his arm and leads him to her room. He noticed that Mr. Lovegood is not present today. He remembered the absence of Mr. Lovegood from the dream. They started arranging the chess pieces. After playing for nearly one hour, Ron asked Luna about her father whereabouts.

"Dad is out again" she replied. "He believes that he found a crumple-horned snorkack."

Ron became very rigid after hearing this. He instantly knew that today is the day and he is here after all to prevent Mrs. Lovegood death.

"Ronald are you okay" inquired Luna.

"Um. Yes. Er. I need to go to the loo."

He stood up and started to march out of the room. Once he reaches the door, he glanced back over his shoulder and shouted "I will be back soon. Don't move the pieces."

"I am not a cheat" she complained.

He ran downstairs in search of Mrs. Lovegood. Unfortunately, there was no sign of her in the living room. He looks outside from the window. But she was nowhere. He got panicked that he was late, so he runs downstairs towards the basement into the Mrs. Lovegood workshop. He is on his way towards the workshop then suddenly he notices the change in the air. Terrified, he started running faster.

He reaches the bottom of the stairs and came to a scene that froze his blood. Mrs. Lovegood was there in the middle of the basement unconscious but breathing. Relief flows through his body, but he realized that there is no time for the rest. He immediately runs towards her, but he was unable to reach her due to an invisible wall that encircles Mrs. Lovegood.

Now he knows only one thing to prevent her death, bring the Aurors. He runs upstairs as fast as he could. Once he reaches the fireplace, he scooped the floo powder and called the universal statement to get the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

"Help! Help! I need help at the Rookery! NOW!" he shouted with all his power.

A few seconds later he noticed a couple of Aurors approaching and he shouted for help once again and flew back to the Rookery with the Aurors.

Once he reaches back, he noticed that Luna is also in the living room looking very confused and terrified. He quickly leads her and the Aurors to the basement towards Mrs. Lovegood. He noticed the small movement of her chest and found himself relaxing. The Aurors removes the invisible wall and quickly examine the condition of Mrs. Lovegood.

He noticed that tears are flowing freely from Luna's cheek and she look very pale. He grabbed her hand and squeezed her knuckles softly with his thumb to reassure her. He saw as one Auror leave the room to make a floo call to St. Mungo's. A few minutes later two midi-wizards arrived. They quickly produce a stretcher and place Mrs. Lovegood on it. He saw one of the Auror approaching him.

"What is your name boy,"

"Ronald Bilius Weasley," he replied.

The Auror stared at him for some moment, surprised. "You are Arthur's son?"

He nodded.

"I am Auror Hales. Can you tell me what happened?"

"I am playing chess with Luna in her room, she is her daughter. I need to use the loo, so I came downstairs. Once I reached here, I noticed that something is odd. Curiosity takes over me, and I started to descend downstairs. Then I noticed Mrs. Lovegood lying their unconscious. I tried to reach for her, but an invisible wall prevented me. Then I called for the help." he explained.

"Is she okay?" he added afterward.

"Yes, she is okay now. Glad that we reach in time otherwise we aren't able to save her." replied one of the midi-wizard. "She lost a lot of her strength and we must have to admit her to St. Mungo's for further examination."

"You did the great job boy. You save her life. You should be proud of yourself." said the other midi-wizard as he lifted the stretcher in the air.

Suddenly Luna hugged him very tightly and started whispering 'Thank You' continuously through her tears. He smiled and hugged her back, proud of himself and his gifts that helped him prevent a death.

The Aurors escorted them to St. Mungo's. Luna is still clutching Ron's hand tightly and continues to cry softly. A few minutes later his dad and Mr. Lovegood arrived. Luna immediately lets go of Ron and hugged her father. Both started to cry. He watched as both father and daughter held each other for dear life and sobbing softly.

"You should be proud of yourself son. You are a Hero" said Mr. Weasley smiling proudly at her youngest son. Ron feels his ears started to burn but smiled at his father. He turned to see Mr. Lovegood who smiled and mouthed 'Thank You' to him. He wondered if he did the right thing by changing the future. Then Luna glanced back at his direction and gave him her brightest smile. He instantly knows that he did the right thing.


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