The Magic Glasses:

How I Stopped Worrying About Possessions And Learned
To Love The Ride.

ACT I Who is this Bart character?

Chapter X: A teaser of what's to come.

In the beginning someone came with the idea to create virtual reality glasses. The technology wasn't developed enough and the idea didn't stick. Then the tech progressed and a prototype came about. Someone saw the prototype and had an idea of their own.

That person was none other than Harry Potter; who thought to himself: "If I was to make Goo… Wizard Glass, it wouldn't only have a camera, a microphone and a display. My Wizard Glass would also transmit and receive signals to and from the future. Wouldn't that be the most wonderful tool way back when, right Hermione?" Harry asked, and Hermione responded with: "Why not just take their prototype, stick it with an expanded space charm, put there everything you need, and just send it back in time?"

He thought about it, reached a conclusion and said: "That would be cool, and what's the worst that could happen?". Hermione's only response was a shrug. After that conversation some stuff happened and then the Wizard Glass came to be.

1st September 1994, 04:55 South Wales

On the quiet rural roads of South Wales, emptiness broken by a sporadic delivery van makes up the usual scenery. Little shops and supermarkets alike receive their morning newspapers still hot from the press, bakeries send their bread and pastries to the local shops, and farmers unload their produce in the back alleys. It's the way it used to be and that way it's going to remain, as the British do what they always did – carry on with business as usual. And thus, the roads stay empty. Well.. Maybe with one exception.

A green Saab dashed past the Welsh bends with great speed. If a road patrol were to see how insensible its driver behaved on these roads then well… The entire police force of Wales'd be out for his skin. And you can't blame them. After such display of a lack of common sense the sensible thing would be to ensure that the driver wouldn't survive for his trail. For the greater good, you know.

Leaving greater good aside, it was such a great machine it was. Scarab Green paintwork, Super Aero Wheels, black leather Recaro seats, capability of a greater power output than a Lamborghini Diablo, night vision cameras and one million dollar worth of kit from Saab's Project Prometheus enabling it to be driven remotely. All of that combined, along with the glasses on Harry Potter's nose, connected the car to the guy driving it. Coincidentally at the time of the chase the driver was only two years old, and yet he was currently driving it from behind a computer in a secret research lab somewhere in the Antarctic.

Meanwhile in the Saab, its three occupants had bigger problems than some bobbies of a non-country like Wales or what is the age of their baby/driver. Speeding as if chased in a Hollywood movie, the car performed superbly… Even despite the damaged entire right side of the car, smashed both the front and the rear windshields. Behind them in the twilight's light their adversaries were barely visible against the murky sky. Just a couple of shapes staying persistently within a hundred yards no matter what the Antarctic Transporter did behind the wheel, they still persisted there.

Wearing thee hole ski masks and dark loose-fitting clothing Harry, Hermione and Ron had their backs cold from sweat of what was the 20th minute of a breakneck chase. By this time the nitro tanks were empty and the initial shock from being ambushed wore off. The three were eager for a signal from the driver whether to counterattack, or continue to stay put counting on losing the tail.

Suddenly in Harry's right lens a message popped up: 20 seconds before we'll be out of these country roads and in the open, I'll slow down a bit so you won't get shaken out of the car while you light them up. Good luck!

Screaming past the rushing wind from the broken windows Harry explained the plan to his friends.

-We've got twenty seconds before we hit them back! Hermione take the flare gun from behind your seat, and make them visible for us. At distance we go with the expalliarmus. Soon they're gonna get close once Bart slows down, then we hit them with sticky flames, if they get really close we'll have to wrench their brooms from beneath them with loviosa's. Get ready!

Harry, Ron and Hermione unbuckled their seatbelts and prepared for battle, counting down the seconds.

-I've got it! – Hermione screamed, and in no time at all she loaded and put the flare gun out of the window, aimed, and pulled the trigger.

As the Saab blasted onto the clearing the rows of trees and chest-high walls enclosing sheep pastures finished, putting an end to their cover and giving way to nothing but plains around the road. In the same moment the entire clearing lit up as Hermione's flare exploded within 20 yards of their assailants.

Having all of them being temporarily blinded gave Harry's crew time to take their positions in what was left of Saab's windows. Holding for their life with single hands they aimed at the six enemies now clearly visible against the sky. The first volley of spells missed of course, but the reason for choosing the expalliarmus was that it worked like a tracer round in an assault rifle. Leaving behind it a colorful tail that let the caster make corrections and aim his spells better the next time they've casted.

Lady luck smiled upon them on their third volley when Harry managed to hit one of them causing him to crash and cutting the number of people chasing the trio, down to five. Seeing this they've changed their tactics and flew after them sticking very close to the ground. Thinking quick, Ron adapted the quickest and switched from the expalliarmus to the sticky flames. Lobbing his shot perfectly it landed right in front of the grouped together baddies giving chase.

Being divided by just fifty yards his ball exploded with only twenty to go, with just enough time to the pairs on the outside to disperse. However the leader, probably still seeing stars in his eyes, blocked by his compatriots on both sides and with expalliarmuses flying above his head had nowhere else to go and was engulfed by the flames. To save his skin he had to focus on putting himself out and was out of the chase for good.

Without their leader the pairs on the brooms flanked them from both sides and with just about thirty yards between them they've begun to retaliate. Both sides cast their spells. Our heroes casting the Wingardium Leviosa on three of the assailants' brooms managed to mess with their shots. With great force their brooms were wrenched away from under them, and they've found themselves flying broomless.

Unfortunately there was one more of those bastards than there were Saab's occupants. In that single moment he had a clear shot. His Bombarda Maxima struck true, hitting the car in the rear-left, blowing out of it chunks of metal in every direction. In the explosion hot fragmentation injured everybody. Causing superficial wounds in those enjoying a tarmac breakfast/tumble, grazing in five places and embedding two small fragments in the last of the bastards, but the worst injured were the Saab's occupants.

Had a doctor got the chance to see them he would classify those injuries as severe and immediately put Harry, Ron and Hermione in intensive care. But considering where they currently were, by the time the professional help would be administered they'd be dead. So to be continued…