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She was finally there. She was so excited she could barely stand still. Rose breathed in the sight of the majestic architecture and adorable, little tourist shops near the entrance/exit of Dragonland. The people everywhere oohing and ahhing at it all.

Dragonland. The biggest amusement park/muesuem of dragons/zoo/aquarium in the world. And probably the only one. They were all over the world, but she was in the biggest one. It was on a island off the coast of Florida, and it was massive. 425.02 acres of beauty. And Rose worked for them.

I walked up to a security guard, and gave him my card. After inspection, Rose was taken to the main lab where she would be working.

"Rose Weasley, I presume?"

I was met with a good-looking Mexican woman, with wavy black hair and tan skin. From her name tag, I saw that her name is Jenna Vadez.

"Yes, I am Rose. It's nice to meet you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'll be working in the same area as you will be working in. I hear you specialize in dragon taming, healing of both animals and people, genetic engineer, and extreme knowledge of dragon species. Our boss was extremely impressed by your resume. Your first meeting with him will be next week. We have another person working with us. They had to rearrange some people, so I'm not sure who it'll be. Our area do a lot of genetics, problem solving, and breeding work, as well some potions."

I nodded and we walked, chatting about how it was like to work here. After we arrived, Jenna and I were handed a paper with the number 7 and our task. We walked over to Table 7, and started our work. Jenna and I were to first make an ointment for an injured Liondragon. A couple minutes into the project, someone hurriedly made his way up to us.

"Hi? I'm Scorpius Malfoy and I was told to come here, Table 7. They also told me to tell a Jenna that her brother was calling to say- wait, Rose?"

"That was his message?" A confused looking Jenna asked with a raised eyebrow. Glancing between us, she realized what was happening, and decided to leave us to chat. "I'll go give him a call."

I looked at Scorpius and we bathed in an awkward silence, before he began to talk.

"So… how have you been, Rose? How's Albus?"

"I'm good. And shouldn't you know the answer to that?"

"You're right, once again."

At that, I smiled.

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