A/note: So, this is a Pokegirl story, for those who do not know about it, its a Hentai version of Pokemon that was popular way back when, know it is still somewhat popular, but not to the level it was before.

It may seen like just a Porn pokemon idea, but the world itself is incredible detailed and so rich that I couldn't help it but to Try my hand on it. My approach to the cannon Lore will be pretty casual tough.

I'll be putting information about the world and the Dex entry for the Pokegirls at the end of each chapter, and starting from the next chapter all important information will be highlighted with the * at the word, and will have information detailing it at the end.

warning; Not a english speaker there, my words are understandable, but they're not perfect,

I hope that you enjoy!


Wait a second; I'm not a baby!

The realization rocks me to my core, soon after, the memories of a lifetime come pouring in.

I saw things I'd never seen before, felt things I that I feel before, and knew things I couldn't even conceive before.

I remembered twenty-something years of experience in a single moment. And through my new wisdom, I was able to deduce a valuable piece of information that was very pertinent to my current situation.

I'm definitively not a baby.

My new scrubby legs collapsed under my weigh, making me fall to my ass in an adorable display of cuteness.

Then, why I'm in the body of one?

I took a few moments to take in my situation. Sitting in an unreasonably big room with soft colored walls, surrounded by a variety of toys that also looked way bigger than that should and… another baby crawling around at a distance.

Ok. What the fuck is happening?

Did I die?

Fuck, I don't remember dying.

The last thing I remember is going to bed early after a stressful day of work, nothing that would explain a sudden case of reincarnation.

I feel my breath begin to quicken and my body start to shake.

No, I got to calm down I- Did I had a heart attack while sleeping? Did my brain stop working!? Am I Hallucinating!?

I became vaguely aware tearful whimpers coming from my mouth; my mind was too lost on the impossibility of the situation. I mean this kinda shit doesn't happen right; people don't suddenly become babies, that crazy! I mean, I read stories about this, but this is what they are stories, pieces of fiction that doesn't happen in real life! This- this isn't happening. I am dreaming! Right, this is a dream, just a dream that happened for writing too much self-insert, nothing more! Even though, I could feel everything with intense clarity, the clean smell in the air, the heat of the sun coming from the window, the alien form of my too-fucking-heavy body that'snotmy-Ohgodthisfeelsowrong-

Something falls on my hands- no, it's deposited there. The new weight let me focus and cut the growing weeping that I was letting off. I look down to the fluffy toy on my hand, seeing the iconic spherical form with red and white colors separated by a black line in the middle.

It's a Pokeball, a stuffed toy Pokeball.

I look up to see the baby who shared his toy with me. He was sitting beside me with an innocent look in his red eyes. One hand rose to pat me in the head with a little too rough hits, he also begins to say a repetitive mantra in baby talk, no doubting repeating something that he heard before. Given the tone; he was trying to comfort me.

"…Thank baby." I said to him, and my uncooperative tongue did an excellent job in translating that to baby talk.

He seemed satisfied but didn't stop patting me until I push his hand away. Then he stands up with all the elegance of a small infant and wobbles back to the nearest concentration of toys.

Right… There is no use freaking out now. I'm… a baby, and that happened without warning, I could very well wake up back on my body in the same way, at least I hope so.

This isn't a dream, or at least it doesn't feel like one, I could be in a coma or a particularly strong hallucination, but everything feels too real, too sharp to be anything other than reality.

I can't keep thinking the world around me is not real; it will drive me crazy, especially if with taken into accord the wrong feeling my body was giving. I don't think the word to accurately describe the feeling of becoming a baby.

Maybe it's best to not focus on my body for now.

Ok, I'm a baby now, what can I do?

Turn out; I can crawl, walk, pick out toys and speak baby tongues, and my legs can't support me if I stand in one place for too long. After establishing that, I walk back to where I had dropped the Pokeball and sit down beside it.

While cradling the most familiar thing I had on my arms I began thinking of what I could do.

With this baby body, my options are severely limited, so I have to- Oh, whom am I kidding? There is nothing I could do in the physical sense to help my situation; I don't even know how I got here, let alone who to get back-

Stop, you freaking out again!

I…I can only wait. Study my new surrounding and hope I would be back into my body by the morning.

And it not… I will deal with it, if there is no way for me to go back, then… Maybe this can be a new life?

A new life… free of the worries of my old one, it had a certain appeal to it, but my family-

I need a distraction. I need one right now! Where is that baby?

I quickly found him playing with some building blocks, and made my way to him.

The baby's (my brother?) Face lightens up when he saw me sitting next to him. He quickly started to blabber and gesture to the blocks, like he was trying to show me something.

"Hum yeah, nice... tower?." I babbled back just as incomprehensibly.

That seems to cheer him up even more if the loud child-like laughter was any indication. His red yes held such glee that I got the impression that they could explode at any moment.

Wait, red eyes?

I looked closer at his appearance. He was a completely normal and healthy baby. His skin was healthy pink, his hair was black, and his face was round and cute. But his eyes, there were not pink-red like an albino's, there were of a vibrant crimson color.

That's not a normal eye color.

Ok… Different eye colors, that is nothing to freak out over it, I just became a fucking baby, the possibility of this world not being my own was very real, and to be honest, by this point I'm accepting pretty much anything. So come on world surprise me!

Then, the door of the room opened.

Well, fuck talk about timing-Holy Shit!

...There are no words to describe the woman who just walk into the room, beautiful or gorgeous doesn't make her justice, she is the kind of woman who makes supermodels cry out in envy and give teenagers boys restless nights. Her features were soft and delicates, with big orange eyes that seem to sparker with life's joy, her hair was of a darker orange tone, with puffy branches that crowned her face in the front, and a silky cascade that fell on her back, tied by a low ponytail. Her curves were quite frankly; out of this world, managing to stand out even beneath the somewhat modest clothes she was wearing, the loosen skirt keep showing the contours of her hips in a mouth-watering display with each step she took, while the slender waist was practically fused with fabric hugging it, but the most eyes catching trait was the absolutely titanic breasts which her pink blouse struggle to hold.

Looking at her walking into the room was a weird experience, this body didn't react in the slightest to the walking wet-dream in front of me, yet my mind clearly recognizes the level of hotness I was seeing, with left me with some strange mix sensations that I couldn't put a name on, but none of that keeps me from being utterly captivated by her beauty.

The Baby beside me jumps to his feet's with surprising speeds, his face locked in an adorable expression of pure joy. He quickly wobbles towards her with arms raised and loud blabbers.

She meets him midway, her expression mirroring that of her son.

"Hello sweetly!" She squeals in English, with an accent that I couldn't recognize. "Did you miss me! Mama missed you too!" She raises him high, twirling around in circles to much of his delight. Seeing his expression proven too much for her and she brought him to her chest in a tight hug. "AHHHhh! You so cute Ashyyy! I could just eat you up!"

Ok, she is his mother, that's for sure. Does that mean she is my mother too? Aren't we brothers? I mean; I didn't get a hug…

Spoke too soon, no even a second later she snatched me from the ground with a fluent movement.

"And don't think I forgot about you mister!" she said bringing me to the marshmallow goodness. "Aunty Delia has more than enough love to feed both her little men!"

So she is my aunt then? That's good to know. I thought as bury myself in the soft, warm mounts. That makes things slightly less awkward.

Wait… feed?

She drops down on a comfortable looking chair in the corner of the room, humming cheerfully while her fingers worked on the buttons of her blouse, with us sitting on her thighs.

Fuck, is this really happening? I just had my entire life completely destroyed by my sudden babification, and now the most beautiful woman I ever saw wants to breastfeed me, seriously how does someone deals with that! In any other situation I would indeed be all in favor of this development, but now with this is among the last thing I would-

My mind shut down by the vision busting from the blouse.

They are glorious; a pair of massive, full breasts standing proudly on her naked chest, seemingly unaffected by age or gravity, the globes had an attractive pale tone with pink tips surrounded by big areolas.

I couldn't do anything but to gawk at the sight; never in my life, I have seen such perfect pair of breasts.

The slack haired baby had none of my reservations, he quickly jumps toward the near nipple, crashing mouth first on her breast. She laughs softly before using her arm to support him, moving his body to a more comfortable position to both of them, soon a series of went sucking sound started.

I could see how her body briefly shook with the sensation, and the way a faint blush formed.

They're sensible, I realized, still very much gawking at her.

If I thought she looked beautiful before, she looks downright transcendent now. Seeing her softly twisting from the pleasure, the blush accentuating her features, her bright eyes becoming half-lidded eyes while they roll around…

But soon she noticed the lack of one baby mouth, and she turns her attention to me.

She was about to say something, but she snorts instead, "Hehe, You look so funny right now little Gary, I wish I had a camera." Her eyes twinkled some more, and I felt a hand cleaning my drool.

Fuck, I was drooling.

"Common now, let aunty take care of you." She brought my unresisting body close. Moving me to a similar position of the other baby. With the attractive nipple right over my face.

I had just been through so much bullshit- technically one but suddenly becoming a baby and losing everything you had counts was a grandmaster level bullshit, I had no idea of what is happening, and I have no prospect for the future, but right now… right now I reach the point where I don't give a fuck.

I capture the tip with enthusiasm, trying to fit as much as I possibly could in my mouth. I stop for just a moment to feel it harden and puff against my tongue before begin sucking. The milk came soon after.

And what milk it was! I could practically taste the richness, and it has a slightly sweet flavor to it like someone was mixed with the perfect amount of honey.

The experience brought me an extraordinary feeling of peace. All my worries and problems were momentarily washed away, for the first time after becoming a baby I managed to truly relax and let go, and as the worries went away, and palpate wave of sleepiness came. It looks like this body can't stay awake for much longer.

I didn't care. I just relax and let my instinct take over. Which incidentally made me test the beautiful woman breastfeeding me.

My tongue rolled with lazy, but surprising precise movements, my toothless gums began to chew the tip over the rhythmic of the sucks, experimenting with different pressures to see which she liked the best, my hands began to caress the supple flesh.

And of this brought the desired results. I could feel her shivers, twist, and gasps at the pleasure I was providing, by the and of it she was letting out little moans with each breath, filling the room with a sweet lullaby, which didn't help with my increasingly sleepy state.

It was too much; her embrace was too comfortable, the sounds were too melodic. I could feel my thought becoming sluggish, the smoothing darkness covering my perception.

"Oh…Oh dear..." I heard the woman breathless voice one last time before Morpheus took me to the land of dreams. "Mm…you're going to be such a good tamer, little Gary… such a good tamer…"

*The helpful info that helps:


A pokégirl is a creature created by Jim Sukotto (aka Sukebe) or derived from genetic material or processes developed by him in the late 1900's and early 2000's. Sukebe was a dimension traveling engineer and mage who brought back genetic material from his travels and mingled it with human DNA to create the first pokégirls as his personal servants. Due to a series of unfortunate events the originals were destroyed and a vengeful Sukebe created more lethal versions to be released upon humanity, whom he blamed for his loss.

Pokégirls exhibit a wide array of appearances and powers. All pokégirls have one or more elements that help to define their powers, strengths and weaknesses. They can be far stronger, faster, and more intelligent than standard humans. A rare few are less than humans in some regards.

For a list of pokégirl elements, strengths and weaknesses see the Pokégirl Primer.

All pokégirls are female. While pokéboys do not currently exist in the world, it is theorized that as more pokégirl blood mingles with humanity they will start to appear.

Pokégirls reproduce by parthenogenesis (see pokéwoman, below) which can be spontaneously instigated or induced through the presence of a catalyst, usually human sperm. Pokégirl pregnancies result in litters of 1-4 individuals who are all pokégirls that are either genetically identical to the pokégirl in question or are of the base evolution of her line. The results of spontaneous parthenogenesis are usually genetically identical to the mother while catalyst induced parthenogenic births result in domesticate kits.

Pokégirls are divided into two classes, feralborne and domesticate. Feralborne pokégirls are born in the wild from their pokégirl mothers via parthenogenesis and are typically express the phenotype of the nonhuman portions of their DNA to a much greater degree. Feralborne pokégirls tend to have more raw power than domesticates with a lower intelligence if tamed. Feralbornes have little or no social skills and must be inculcated into society once captured and tamed.

Domesticate pokégirls are born in society, often referred to as captivity, and express more of their human parentage in their phenotype. Domesticates tend to have less power than an equivalent feralborne pokégirl but are much more intelligent.

A group of feral pokégirls is referred to as a pack while a group of non-feral pokégirls is referred to as a harem. Tamers who have even one pokégirl often refer to her as being in his harem.

Pokégirls and pokéwomen can evolve by a variety of means. These means can include gaining experience (leveling up), the use of certain evolutionary stones and some ceremonies involving more than one stone (and often certain circumstances). Sometimes evolution happens due to environmental factors, and sometimes due to a particularly good orgasm. When they evolve, usually (but not always) the new evolution is more powerful than the previous one. To see what a particular pokégirl evolves into and what triggers are required, see the Pokégirl Primer and the Expanded Pokédex.

Most pokégirls start life off rather weak and must gain experience through battling in order to become more powerful. However, there are two category one threat level pokégirls that start very powerful and only become more so. These are the Widow and the Giantess. Both are incredibly powerful and almost unstoppable. They are also completely untamable. Either of these pokégirls has the potential to devastate the countryside around them. The Widow in particular has the potential for denuding an entire continent of life, if allowed to reproduce.

If one is met by accident, flee and alert the authorities. The only way to take one of these pokégirls down is with the massed firepower of teams of pokégirls and it's very likely that heavy casualties will be sustained before the pokégirl is destroyed. If you attempt to face one alone, it is highly likely that you are doomed, and the warning you could have carried will never be sent. For the sake of humanity, do not attack one on your own.

There is, however, a small group of pokégirls, designed by Sukebe himself, that have reached the maximum of the genetic potential that they carry. These are the Legendary pokégirls. The only good news about Legendaries is that they cannot be duplicated by any known means and that they have never been known to reproduce. They are immortal and very powerful. Some have been killed, but it must be admitted that it is very unlikely that any of the surviving Legendaries will share their fate.

The only thing you can do if you meet a Legendary is to remain calm and do whatever she wants. To do otherwise is to court disaster. If she wants you to die, then attempt to flee. However if she is determined to take your life, it is likely that your attempt will fail.

Other pokégirls have the potential to be more dangerous to the average Tamer for a variety of reasons, and for this reason many have bounties for their elimination or capture. For a list of some of them see the Bounty Hunting Regulations & Rewards file.


When a pokégirl reaches roughly the halfway point in her life, she undergoes a series of hormonal changes that result in her becoming a pokéwoman. Pokéwomen are distinct from pokégirls in several ways.

First, pokéwomen typically have a lower libido than a pokégirl of the same type, which means that a longer time will elapse before a pokéwoman becomes feral. Pokéwomen may still desire tamings at the same frequency as before, but they won't need them as often.

Pokéwomen are no longer subject to parthenogenesis and now only reproduce if human sperm is introduced into the reproductive system. Pokéwomen no longer have litters. Instead their reproductive behavior now mirrors those of standard humans with human normal chances for multiple births. Since pokéwomen must have sperm present for pregnancy, all of their kits are domesticate. They can also have human children, both males and females, instead of kits. Research into the frequencies of the different types of children they may have is currently ongoing and at this point is inconclusive.

Female human children are possibly subject to threshold (see below) while male children may exhibit blood gifts and/or curses.


Almost all pokégirls are genetically designed with a compulsion to have sex with a human. Most are heterosexual or bisexual while a few are strictly homosexual.

Due to the sensitivities of people in the early part of the history of pokégirls, sex was referred to as taming, and that word became part of the lexicon over the years. People who travel with a harem of pokégirls are usually referred to as Tamers.

If this compulsion to have sex is not satisfied, a pokégirl will become what is called "feral", which usually results in a loss of higher intelligence function in the brain. Some show other symptoms but for the vast majority of pokégirls reduced intelligence is the norm as they become more feral. The amount of taming that a pokégirl needs to have over a given period of time to avoid going feral varies from species to species based on the species libido. However a particular pokégirl's libido has little or nothing to do with how often she wants to be tamed, which is based on personal preference.

A feral pokégirl can have her intelligence restored (or initiated for feralborne wild pokégirls) by being tamed by a human. While pokégirl on pokégirl tamings can prevent a pokégirl from going feral in the first place, this activity will not allow a feral pokégirl to be domesticated. Please note that pokégirl on pokégirl taming is only of limited use and is generally only half as useful as taming by a human. This means that pokégirls who are being tamed by other pokégirls will require taming twice as often as a pokégirl being tamed by a human.


A Tamer is a person whose primary job is to make sure that the Feral pokegirls of the world don't finish what Sukebe tried to do. In order to do this, they must "Tame" other pokegirls to fight for them, as the only effective way to fight a pokegirl is with another pokegirl.

Tamers usually start out somewhere around sixteen years of age and most retire from active taming by the time they reach their middle twenties. As with most hazardous occupations, only a small percentage of any given population is an active Tamer at any given time, although local variations may exist. Tamers can typically have up to six pokégirls in their active harem (subject to the restrictions of the league in which they reside), but those who get a storage license may keep more in storage in pokégirl centers. Pokégirls in storage are subject to periodic review and those that are not rotated out of storage for use in a reasonable time period may be confiscated by the league and disposed of in any manner they see fit.

To become a Tamer, usually a prospective Tamer must pass a test of some sort to show their fitness to have and care for pokégirls. Depending on the league, the social feelings towards pokégirls and the difficulties faced in the local area, the test will vary widely in difficulty. In one documented case during a Widow incursion, anyone willing was given a pokéball with a pokégirl in it and afterward the survivors were registered as Tamers.

A new Tamer is typically given a starter pokégirl, usually of a common type and of a low level, five spare pokéballs, a pokédex (an electronic database/com/diary that is registered to them only), and a copy (paper or electronic) of Taming for Dummies, a basic primer into pokégirls and their care. Please note that the copy given may not be the latest revision and Tamers are encouraged to update their copies regularly. It may save their life or the life of someone in their harem.

After these initial gifts, a Tamer is expected to make his or her own way in the world, although often they receive gifts from family and friends.

There are different levels of Tamer, and each one has its own test which grows harder as a Tamer advances up the ranks.

All Tamers are expected to travel for a time, capturing and taming feral pokégirls. Excess pokégirls may be sold or traded to other Tamers, ranches, pokécenters or the local community. Prices for pokégirls vary widely depending on rarity, level, training and need.

It should be noted that in almost any society, a Tamer is legally responsible for the actions of his pokégirls, be they in or out of his presence.

Tamers are expected to be available at any time to deal with local threats such as marauding pokégirls and bandits. Depending on the league in which they reside, they may or may not be considered a member of the league or local military or militias. They may or may not be compensated for these duties. Check with your league for further information.

Some leagues allow pokégirls to become Tamers. They are subject to the same restrictions and responsibilities as any other Tamer. Other Tamers are required by law to consider their requests for taming (if any) as not being a request to join their harem.

Tamers who are pokégirls are cautioned not to leave their home league until they have thoroughly researched the laws of any league they may travel through. Once they leave their home league, their home league cannot usually help them if they fall afoul of the laws in another league.