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Chapter 10

The pinkish energy washed over the wounded flesh invisible to all but those with trained senses. It sank deeply within the injuries, twisting and weaving itself in ways that went beyond my understanding.

To an uninformed observer, this sight was commonplace. It was something that everyone had seen before, being on hospitals or on televisions. But to me, seeing such complex spells being cast with almost trivial ease, in a way that was surely instinctual by the caster, and on the surface, seeing the wound slowly shrink to non-existence was a fascinating event.

"Hum… Lance-Corporal Gary? Blue? Are you listening?"

"Oh for fuck sake! Hey Blue, stop checking out the nurse!"

Fangs' angry tone detected! Disengage!

"Yes dear, you're totally right, that's a good idea, and that pants do make your ass look fat and very, very juicy!" I totally nailed all my responses and finished by sipping from my cup of coffee like a proud gentleman.

This made Fangs groan and roll her eyes, corporal Cherry blink, and Cherry's Nursejoy –Cindy, I believe- giggle. Overall, I think I successfully helped lift the mood of the small infirmary room a little.

Corporal Cherry Littlebottom was a portly middle aged woman that had a wild mass of curly hair on her head, and a face that just screamed 'nice aunt who gives out cookies when your parents aren't looking'. She was the last person someone would think that'd be a tamer, let alone part of the most badass dynamic duo of the Rangers organization.

"Hm, sorry? I don't-"

Fangs sighed "He's just doing a bit, ignore him."

"Hey! It works with aunty Celia." I defended myself masterfully. That earned me a sideways glare.

"Everything works on aunty Celia, now pay attention, this sounds important."

"Yes, dear."

Cherry looked at both of us before shaking her head with a smile. Then she looked at the report once again.

"Well, I managed to salvage some information out of the 'Dex you found on this lady's possession." She takes a moment to look at the unconscious redhead lying on the bed. "Running through our systems, it seems that she is a thresholded Domina* registered as 'Asuka'. She is the starter of a tamer named Shinji Ikari-EH! A-Are you ok Gary!?"

"Y-Yeah." I couched; trying to forget the feeling of hot coffee suddenly being expelled through my nostrils while my mind was racing a thousand miles per hour.

Shinji Ikari, Shinji fucking Ikari. How the fuck didn't I see that coming!? Granted not all fiery redheads are going to be an Asuka-expy but still, I should have expected something like that from the way destiny liked to screw with me. I was on the look for expys since I met Sig and Izumi.

I didn't expect Shinji 'Ikari' though; given the television appearances of his totally-not-evil father, I expected something like Shinji Giovanni. And even then, I checked the records of the Orange glasses fucker after I found out that he existed, and there was no register saying that he has a kid, at least not in my Gramps' system.

"Hey Blue, are you ok?" I felt Fangs' hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah, sorry it went down the wrong tunnel. Please continue."

Cheery wrinkled her brow but looked back to the report. "Both Tamer and starter were registered on the league about a week ago in Cerulean city, which is a little strange considering the distance from here, but not impossible. As far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with their entry… You say you found her wandering alone?"

"Yep, this Shinji guy was nowhere to be seen," I answered absently, my mind still mulling over the possibilities.

That sounds like a fucking conspiracy to me. Going by Asuka's words, someone took her tamer, which wasn't common at all because the standard procedure for a criminal is to take the Pokégirl instead of the tamer. So, unless she managed to escape, we have a bizarre role reversal here. However, if this tamer was the son of Gendo Giovanni, then things start making more sense… but Gendo Giovanni had no children on the record, so it would be very odd if I start to talk about his non-existent son without motives, especially considering the real possibility of me being wrong.

"A feral attack then? It wouldn't be the first time." Cheery muttered sadly. "So, what do you plan to do with her? Are you going to add her to your harem?"

"Hum? Oh- I don't believe she is one to give up on her tamer just yet." Seeing her pushing herself so much was proof enough. Besides, I don't think 'Shinji' is actually dead. "I think… I'm going to help her a little while, then… We'll see."

It feels wrong not to at least lend a hand, and not just because she has the appearance of an old waifu of mine.

"Ehhh… You're being pretty generous lately, Blue. And the girl was pretty bitchy too, I mean you practically forced her to let you help…" Fangs commented from where she was leaning against the wall.

"Well, what did you want me to do? She was on her last legs on a feral filled forest-Wait, are you pouting!?"

"Wh- I'm not!" My girl snapped nosily, turning her head to the side with an undeniable pout.

Oh, that's fucking gold!

In one second I was already inside her personal space, with my arm pressing against the wall above her head.

She didn't even flinch, just buffed an annoyed breath and rolled her eyes to my direction, still holding a relaxed stance.

"What? Just because you go closer doesn't mean-"

"You're jelly."

"Fuck no, I'm-…"

Coffee… berries too, we raided this outpost for it; our lunch was full of berries.

"… You better-"

She lets out a tiny little mewl this time. I loved that sound.

"… You better not think you can kiss my annoyances away every time, Blue."

"It worked this time didn't it?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at her arms, which were threatening to wrap around my shoulders.

"Only barely." And she pulled me again.

When we separated, the room was noticeably warmer.

I rest my forehead against hers. "I'm not giving you proper attention."

"You're not." She whispered in a needy tone, lighting up my world as I realized how much I missed hearing her speaking like that.

My right hand moved down to caress her waist, loving the way her biker short acted more like a second skin. I couldn't hold back the growl when my actions produced a hot gasp. "I must rectify this mistake."

"Ahem!" Someone aggressively cleared their throat behind us.

I turned to see Cherry doing her best tomato impression while she looked at us from her fingers, and Cindy the Nursejoy glaring at us like we just tried to tame near a patient that needed rest.

I know that look, I have seen it in various nursejoys over the years, I have nightmares about it sometimes.

Needless to say, we're both thrown off from the infirmary.

"That was a masterful fucking cockblock." Fangs groaned as she rubbed her extremely red cheek which a mad Nursejoy tried to pinch out a second ago, "Fucking ouch!"

I just chuckled, rubbing my own cheek while I moved to look down the window.

The extremely muscular form of sergeant Detritus - Cherry's longtime partner and brother in all but blood - was standing proudly under the late afternoon light, with the siege machine he calls a crossbow laying on his broad shoulder in a feat that would cripple a lesser man… and some Pokégirls. His presence alone was enough to keep the somewhat large group of onlooking tamers from jumping over the fence to look for battle and fun.

Not that I blame the kids mind you, the vision of Detritus' harem enjoying the last light of the day by doing some light training was a beautiful sight of raw power and sensual bounce. I suspect these rookies don't get to see such high level, late evolved girls very often.

And Flora, of course, the girls were kind enough to let her join on their fun exercise when I asked… She looked almost dead now… But her bounce was unmatched!

Hehe, fight on Flora-chan!

"Shinji Ikari." Fangs said, worming her way into my arms. "Do you know him?"

"Noticed that, hm?" I dropped my head over her shoulder and sniffed her fresh scent.

"It was obvious." She shifted her position, making sure to rub as much of her curves on me as possible. "Who is he?"

"I don't know him personally, but he is important enough to be kidnapped." Fangs agreed with a hum. She also heard Asuka's words. "And… How would you trust a baseless claim coming from me?"

"You're kidding, right?" She snorted. And the way she gyrated her hips almost took me out of the conversation.

"I think he is Gendo Giovanni's son."

That made her freeze, only for a moment, but it did. Giovanni wasn't known to be a malignant figure in the Pokégirl's world, in fact, he was quite popular with the masses, being one of the chiefs directors of one of, the, if not the, biggest company on the league, a company that heavily contributed to the league's economic growth. But Gramps saw fit to pull us to the side and tells us to be careful with him, and when Alphonse fucking Oak tells something like that, you fucking listen.

"Crap, so what's the… It's too interesting to back down now, isn't it Blue?"

"You know me so well," I commented raising my head to nibble the base of her foxy ear.

That caused her hips to jolt against mine.

I chuckled in a low tone "So impatient, perhaps we should-"

Fangs suddenly turned and pulled me to a kiss. Her tongue shot inside my mouth aggressively fighting its way for dominance, and my own surged to answer.

"Fuck no" She mouthed between kisses, "I'm too horny… and you smell too good… It happens right here, right now." She punctuated by snaking her hand below and practically ripping my belt away.

"Kinky." I smiled eagerly between our lips. Leaning over her body and by consequence making her bend forward until she grabs the window frame for support.

My fingers quickly sink in the warmth of her hips, invading the brim of her shorts and pulling it along, all the while appreciating the way the taut flesh molded around my touch.

I had to lean back to look at the wonder below.

"Damn." I draw out, seeing the perfect bronze heart beneath, her shorts and underwear weren't pulled all the way, forming a tight leash around her thighs that only served to keep her legs together and accentuate the curves of her ass. She perked up impatiently; I could see that she was dripping ready. "What's the occasion?"

"Shut up and fill me up already!" She whined loudly.

"Hm...Yes, ma'am."

I eagerly yield myself to her boiling depths. Feeling the mindboggling friction of her quivering insides coil around my length. This time I was the one who clamped his hands on the window frame for support.

"D-Damn girl, two days and you're already this hungry," I grunted as my cock met her deepest part.

"Fuccck~" She purred out the word almost mindlessly, her head dipping between her arms. "It's fucking amazing how far this thing can reach!" Her voice hiccups at the end.

I drew back and pushed in again, slowly increasing in reach and pace, feeling the familiar walls yielding to my member.

The sounds of passion were slowly overtaking the corridor.

"Hey." I breathe hotly into her twitching ear after she lets a louder moan, "We should be careful with the fuzz we make. Otherwise, we might end up giving the guys below a free show." I said, mentioning the newbies three stories down who still hasn't noticed us.

"Hah!" She barked a laugh, but the sudden increase in her grip told me how much she liked the danger. "Afraid you might lose control of your voice Blue? This isn't like you." The way her throat punctuated her every word with a low purr was driving me crazy.

"Hardly, the ways things are going you're the one who's gonna draw their attention with these delicious moans of yours." Her hips suddenly jerk backward, meeting my thrust halfway and making me groan.

"Oh, Is that a challenge I hear in your tone Blue?" She milked every word, "You know how I feel about challenges~."

Her gyrating hips began to pull the pace around; I had to grab her hips to wrestle back control.

"First one who draws their attention loses." I lay the rules in a burdened tone.

She lets out a purred giggle but gasped when my fingers moved to the base of her tail.

And the game was on.


Few people ever find their place in the world. Many desperately seek it, spending their entire life in an, often futile, attempt to find it.

I, at the tender age of 16, finally found my place in this lonely world. And it is sitting against the railing of a police outpost's rooftop, with a beautiful cowgirl's rectal walls coiling tightly around my member, while my childhood friend/girlfriend/lover assaulting said cowgirl from the front, forming a sweaty sandwich of softness and wonder.

"Hey, are you still with us?" I whisper into Flora's cow ears. She let a guttural, unintelligent unintelligible sound and lolled her head against my shoulder, her hips constantly bulking on an endless expectation for an orgasm that never came.

Fangs pulled her head back, testing the elasticity of Floras' breast while keeping the nipple squarely on her teeth's - the Milktit's durability allowed Fangs to chew on the boob if she chose to - after pulling as far as it could go, the tip escaped its confines and the mountainous breast bounced back in place.

The Eva licked her lips of the leftover milk and smiled. "Oh, she is. I'm the only thing keeping her around." Flora buckled as I felt Fangs' fingers going deeper on the neighboring tunnel.

"P-Pleaaashy!" The cowgirl managed to whine out, her anal cavity reacting wonderfully to the bullying "Lesh me coummmmm~."

"But you lasted for so little…" Fangs teased. I didn't need to see the smile to know she was loving the experience. "It's my duty as your harem sister to help you improve your stamina." The cowgirl clamped down once again from something Fangs did with her fingers.

There, I felt the need to intervene. Otherwise, I fear that we may really break my cow.

"Now Fangs, that's really unfair; she did go through Detritus' training regime, after all. In fact, it's a wonder she's still awake after that." I lay a soft kiss on my girl's neck because her ass is doing such a job in pleasuring me that I felt like she deserved it.

"Um…True. Perhaps she deserves a reward instead?"

"Yeash!" Floras jumped with the strength that came from teetering on the edge of orgasm. "Pleashpleah Ohh Pleassssh!"

The Eva chuckle at the Milktit's frenetic whines. "Alright~ I'm going to make you squirt, prepare yourself." Then she uses her free hand to pull both nipples to her mouth at the same time sinking her face on the supple mounts. The cowgirl tensed, perhaps instinctively preparing for what was to come.

In the next moment, the exhausted cowgirl bolted powerfully from the harsh suction on her milk fountains, couple with masterful movements on the fingers on her core. I kept most of the ecstasy filled scream muffled between my fingers, while my other arm was busy keeping the girl in place, but there was only so much I could do with her arching like that.

Then she slumps back, her body going limp while the last of her consciousness faded away. Her breast kept dutifully pouring milk, and her well-trained ass kept bunking against my length, however.

"There she goes," I said, enjoying her mindless moans as her unconscious body continued to orgasm in her sleep. "She is adorable, isn't she?"

Fangs popped the tips out of her mouth, little streams of milk kept pouring on her wake. "She is fucking delicious. That's what she is."

As the cowgirl finished unraveling on my lap, I pressed her Pokéball against her thigh, pulling the girl to her much deserved rest.

And my dick was immediately wrapped by coiling, velvet walls.

"AhH!?" An unprepared moan escapes from my mouth front the sensation.

"Sorry Blue, but I'm also near my limit!" Fangs declared, driving herself upon my pole, she grabbed my raised knees as support and curled her legs beneath her, spreading them wide to reveal our wet union.

Oh fuck, she liked the earlier experience way too much.

The following ride was characterized by two people who abandoned any pretense of human discipline and quite honestly rutted like wild animals.

There is no stopping Fangs when she gets like that; she controls the pace and the intensity with relentless ease, I can only grunt and strive to keep up. Luckily, she can hold back her mighty Pokégirl stats to enough to not cause me any injury. I think it's a bond thing seeing that she doesn't look to be much in control of anything.

Our pelvis met with flashes of pleasure and hints of pain each time. Our bodies buckled together as we attacked each other with hungry tongues and bites, again the fact that I live through these encounters further increase my suspicion of Bond shenanigans, our touches traveling in rougher and more erratic paths than usual.

This went on for gods know how long before she twisted her hips in a certain way and drove her weight down so intensely that it catapulted me to the stars. She threw herself back as my hot seed invades her insides, letting out a howl that threatened the integrity of the barrier around us.

A few seconds passed with us just lying there with twitching bodies, while trying to catch our breaths.

"Fuuck!" I huffed eventually. "I honestly thought you'd go Omegan* on me."

"I think I went through a little," She snarked back breathlessly, a dazzling smile growing on her face. "So, you want me to be an Omegan?"

"You're going to be whatever the fuck you decided to be," I concluded casually… But it's certainly the one that has the most attractive requirement.

My girl leaned forward, laying her deliciously warm curves over my muscles. "That's favoritism~," She said in an attractive purring tone.

"And you're totally entitled to it. I don't know if you noticed, but I like to pamper my girl." She let a playful laugh and buried her nose in my neck, the rest of her body slowly rubbing against mine like a lazy fox/squirrel/hot girl she was.

Cuddle Fangs is here. I fucking adore Cuddle Fangs.

"Seriously though, have you given any thoughts on what you'll evolve me to?" She moved her head to lie on my chest, looking at me with a sideways glance.

"Honestly, not much. I mean; I do think about it sometimes for strategy's sake, but having grown up with the world's strongest Titmouse kind of screwed with my view of breed strength, so I'm sure you'll be a powerhouse no matter what you are." I scrunched my nose as a thought flashed through my mind. "Though I admit I'm kinda biased against your elemental options. They're just so… Bland..."

Fangs let out a girlish snort and punched my side playfully. "That's my mother's breed you're talking about mister!"

"I'm not saying that she is not a badass, I'm saying that she is generic." That got me another jab.

A cool breeze passed over the rooftop, it hardly affects me 'cause I currently have the world's best blanket over my body, but I reached to the side and pulled my discarded jacked over my blanket anyway.

The blanket sighed softly and snuggled against the warm fabric. What a cute blanket.

"And you? What do you want to become?" I asked watching the bushy tail pops out from under the jacket, and pushed the material enough to reveal an enticing horizon.

The Eva hummed at my question, the tip of her ear tickling my chin.

"…A Umbrea*… or an Omegan… either one is fine."

"The edgy one or the crazy one, I should have known-"

"Shut up! They're the coolest and most powerful." I could feel her cheek pouting against my chest and cursed the fact that she looked away.

"I'm not denying that, and I especially like the requirement for the last one." My half rigid member twitched at the thought, the juicy thighs around it didn't help the situation. "But they come with… Mental baggage."

That made her snort a peal of laughter, "I'm not a feralborn Blue, my head is not easily changeable, besides I got something pretty powerful to keep me centered."

"If you say so Fangs," I said with a smile and not a single drop of doubt in my voice. If Fangs believed she could handle it, then she could handle it. End of story.

"…Espea would be cool too." She said ponderously, " It would be nice to be like Red and know what you're thinking."

"Like you need a psychic power to know what I'm thinking."

"True." She raises herself a little causing the jacket to slide down gently as her hazel eyes met my blues. "Thank you."

"For what?"

She blinked, and her head tilted a little to the side, but a smile was quickly formed. "… For asking what I wanted to become, it was very sweet."

I wanted to roll my eyes and say it wasn't a big deal but her lips got in the way.

I ain't complaining though.

After a few minutes of sappiness that raised my spirit to over nine thousand, my girl sank back over my form with all the grace of a lazy cat would have. I shifted a little against the cold rails, there was not much comfort here but damn it was worth it.

Some time passed, and right when I thought she fell asleep, Fangs' head jerked up.

"Wait… Shouldn't we be keeping watch!?"

I looked at her for a long moment, my eyes widening accordingly. But a quick mental check quelled all my growing worries.

"Relax, my alarm wards are still holding strong. She hasn't left the room."

"…Fuuuuck." Fangs let out a relieved breath and let herself be pulled back to the place where she belongs.

I let out a deep chuckle, "Heh, You almost flipped your shit."

"Yeah don't come at me with that sass big boy. I can hear your heartbeats, so I know I wasn't the only one whose shit almost flipped."

Still chuckling, I let my head falls back and closed my eyes. My hand moved to stroke the now fluffed fur of Fangs' ears back into place.

"Do you think she is gonna leave tonight?"

"Definitely, the healing section finished an hour- a few hours ago. A girl like that wouldn't sleep for too long after."

And not even ten minutes after I said that, I was vindicated.

My alarm wards went off and faded into existence. The resulting soft magical pulse waved on the atmosphere until it activated the multiple surveillance wards on the walls, all of which faded in the same way and repeated the process with further wards. This entire system showed me a blurred figure sneaking out the room and prowling the corridors.

"She is on the move," I said, moving to stand.

"Showtime then." Fangs rolled out and reached for her clothes.

We got dressed and fully equipped with trained ease and settled to wait.

The figure didn't leave immediately. She predictably searched for her things and smartly scavenged for supplies. It took fifteen minutes for us to see a redhead jumping from the window and making a beeline for the gate.

All according to plan…

With a sleight of hand, the poker chips laid around us flew back to my hand, breaking the barrier they were forming. In the next instant, I pull up another chip, a red one for utility magic, and press it to the side of my thigh.

Feeling the magical effect surging around my legs, I leapt into the air, Fangs following close behind me, using nothing but her innate badassery of course.

We landed right on the girl's path. She flinched back in surprise and lashed out with her whip.

"Hey!" I greeted as Fangs battered the cord with my rifle and passed it back to me. "You're already leaving? That's kinda rude."

"You again-tch- so what if I am!? I don't have to stay if I don't have to." The Domina's eyes narrowed, and she cracked her whip in a threatening matter. "Useless you're saying otherwise."

"Not, but you just finished healing. No matter how badass the Nursejoy is, they can't just bring you to full health with magic alone. You have to take some time to rest. And besides…" I slide my eyes to the Ranger grade backpack over her shoulder. "That's kinda ungrateful to the people who saved your life, don't you think?"

"I didn't ask to-!" She began to snap, but bite back her words. "Look, I…" She tried, her face scrunching as she forced the words out. "…Thank you for saving my life, I appreciated it… and sor-sorry for stealing the supplies. But I really need to move. I can't afford to wait any longer."

…I admit; I did not expect this. I was expecting a lot more confrontation and denial of weakness from her part given… But then again, she is not Asuka Langley Soryu from Evangelion; she is Asuka the Domina, born and raised in the Pokégirl world. It's easy to forget that when dealing with expies.

I sighed, closing my eyes in reflection before opening them back again. "Your tamer has been kidnapped." It wasn't a question, and if it was, the way she glared at the ground and tightened her fist would be answer enough. "You say you needed to go… Do you know where he is? Or where the kidnappers are taking him?"

Asuka stayed silent for a few moments, her face twisted in what it seemed like internal conflict before rising with a hard expression

"I don't see how this is any of your business!" She huffed, taking a careful step forward. When she saw that none of us tensed, she strode confidently.

"Just asking for curiosity sake, what will you do when you find them?" I asked as she passed beside me.

"Better have a better plan then facing them head on, because it sure as hell didn't work last time." Fangs couldn't keep it inside, making the redhead fume. But she continued to ignore us. And that made Fangs and I look at each other, twin smiles growing on our faces.

"So you're sure we can't wait for the morning? Nighttime honestly makes the route creepy to walk around, and there is a lot of ferals that could jump on us if we aren't careful."

"And tamers, do not underestimate how battle hungry these rookies can get, especially when two fine pieces of asses like us are walking in the open, they're not going to let a silly thing like nighttime to keep them from a good salvage."

Asuka had to visibly take a deep breath. Before she took off with a running start and leaped over the gates in a display that reminded me of Fangs' when she was still getting used to her changes, even the way they stumbled was similar.

I watched that and had to suppress my chuckle. Then I opened the gates with my Ranger license.

"Hey, just to confirm, Viridian is a no-go zone, right? If we're going in that direction me and Blue know like eight different ways to circumvent it without having to worry about ferals."

"Seven, the flapjack tunnel collapsed after the Bunnygirl stampede incident."

"Oh right. That was hardcore."

"WHY-" Asuka snapped with immense frustration. But managed to get her voice back in control "… Are you following me?"

"'Cuz we decided to help you," I said casually.

" 'You decided'-that's not how it works!" She facepalmed and groaned under her fingers. "Why you would you even want to help me, haven't you butt in on my business enough."

"Hmmm…" I sagely let her anger wash over me with no consequence, rubbing my chin. "If I had to put it… One; because there is a chance you might die if you go alone and we can't ignore that, two; because I'm Ranger, and just like any other Rangers I swore to try to help any worthy individual who might need it, and three 'cuz I'm a tamer in my tamer journey, and this smells like adventure!"

"Translation." Fangs slapped the girl in the back and smiled. "You're stuck with us for now, deal with it."

Asuka stood there for a moment, her eyebrows twitching violently and her face reddening as her frustrations rose. She didn't explode like I had imagined, but instead stomped on the ground and turned around.

"You know what, fuck it! The signal is too weak to waste time arguing with crazy people." And she took off in a quick march.

I was about to follow but then the meaning of her words hit me, and beside me I could see Fangs reaching the same conclusion.

"Signal? Wait you put a tracker on your tamer!?"


"Well…" The tree line before me was different from any other forest of the beginning peninsula; the trees were two or three times taller and thicker than average, and they were so close together that it looked like there was solid wall of nature in our path; the area inside was noticeably darker than the outside, even now in the middle of the day. The only way to enter the place, that didn't involve cutting or burning, were small holes that were located between the tangle of branches, which the route seems to break off to, the only other, "At least we didn't have to diverge from our planned path in the first place." I commented to Fangs.

"Yeah," She cocked her hips to the side. "It would be bad if they had taken him to the unexplored wilds."

"The signal is stable again," Asuka said checking the new Dex she picked up in the name of her tamer. The tracking app and the collar identification already installed. "They can't move as fast in there!" She realized, an undertone of relief lurking beneath her voice. "Shinji's there."

"AHA!" Some kid jumped out of the bushes close by. "You have walked close to me! That means battle!"

Compared to Route 1, Route 2 was incredibly short, it only took three to four hours of walking in a straight line, and in a relaxed place to reach its end. This particular route is marked by the heavy presence of the Viridian police force, who kept the feral population so under control that this place was practically an outside park for the City, and the people took that seriously. It was almost bizarre seeing families having picnics and children playing around in an area that was supposed to be part of the wild.

But in the latter end, thing are different. Peaceful rolling hills and flowery garden give way to dense, dark vegetation and a distant, almost ever-present buzzing sound, that unnerves those that cross this path, until finally, the path of trees open to reveal the looming wooden entrance of the Viridian forest.

The Police force made countless attempt to tame this place - in the old connotation of the word, not the current one – all of them ended in disaster, either by its vast distances and maze-like vegetation that made communication difficult, or for the native feral population that - in a phenomenon still studied by the scientific community – band together in an almost instant alliance to repeal any large invading force that actively tries to control it.

That, and the fact that the primary type of girl here were bugs, lead many to theorize that the forest itself worked like a pseudo hive for the inhabitants, that theory only holds some water in the case of an invasion as the feral biome acted like normal otherwise, but it gains enough popularity that formed the title of which the forest is now best known for.

The Buggy Woods.

"So your boytoy is here hm?" I turned to Asuka with a smile growing. I couldn't help it; this place is considered the end of the Beginning peninsula and thus, it is the first real challenger challenge that a tamer faces in their journey. Red, Fangs and I wanted to come here since forever. "Tricky, there are many places to hide there, a lot of strong girls too."

"It doesn't matter," The Domina grumbled, eyes not leaving the forest. "I will find him."

"Not if we continue standing here doing nothing we wouldn't." Fangs rolled her shoulders and was the first to step forward. "Let's go!"

We didn't need more incentive.

"H-Hey didn't you hear me-W-What, where are you going!? Come back! What about my Battle!? My Batttttleee!"

That helpful info that helps:

DOMINA, the Kinky Playmate pokegirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human comparable diet
Role: Fetish wear crafters, taming aids
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Rock, Water, Fighting
Weak Vs: Fire Flying, Ice, Psychic
Attacks: Rose Whip, Poison Lash, Anti-Cheer, Cheer, Smirk, Vine Bondage, Vine Whip, Exhausting Venom, Love Sting
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Agility (x4), Fast Healing, Intuitive Aptitude (lashing weapons, latex and leather fashion), Reduced Feral
Evolves: Dominatrix (Battle Stress), Mistress (Orgasm), DragonQueen (Dragon E-Medal)
Evolves From: Dildoran (Leaf Stone), Nymph (Venom Stone), Dark Elf (Leaf Stone)
Revised: June 2013

During the war against Sukebe's pokegirl forces, Domina were found serving as assistants for his disciplinarians and interrogators, or servicing other pokegirl forces back at the bases of Sukebe's forces. The breed can be found filling the same roles in the modern world, though they've also diversified over the years that have passed since Sukebe was defeated.

As a very near human breed, nearly all Domina could pass as normal human women, though some possess vibrantly colored hair with colors ranging from greens, reds, and violets most commonly. A greater exception are those that evolve from Dark Elves where they retain their dark colored skin and long pointed ears. All varieties tend to appear very fit and sensual in their builds, and most strive to appear attractive in mature and provocative ways rather than seeming cute or playful. The line is notorious as a whole for dressing in tight, dark, and often times seemingly impractical fetish gear that they often craft themselves, though most can be convinced by their tamers to wear more normal clothing instead or over top of the more provocative costumes. They do tend to, in most situations, carry themselves with a haughty, though sometimes undeserved, confidence.

For a Domina, BDSM is very much a lifestyle rather than something only for the taming room. More than anything, Domina think that in every situation someone needs to be in charge, and without any question as to who. Most would prefer to see this individual be their tamer. How they react if they find these qualities lacking in their master though varies from individual to individual. Rare is the Domina who naturally possesses the patience to approach their tamer and explain her needs and help their master learn to fulfill them, most will instead bumble along with their tamer to a hopefully mutually beneficial conclusion. To aid beginning tamers saddled with the breed there is plenty of documentation readily available for practicing effective control over the Domina and similar breeds.

It's often overlooked that the Domina is in some ways just as capable of producing clothing as the Seamstress is, at least very specific types of clothing. They excel at working with leather and latex like materials; creating outfits that fit the wearer like a second skin. And they're capable of producing these materials by utilizing a rather remarkable plant they cultivate that's become known as the Governess Frond. Its sap is very similar to that of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, more commonly known as rubber trees. Even when feral Domina can use the sap to create natural latex sheets. And the large fronds the plant grows fascinatingly enough can be treated just like leather, supplementing the natural leather supply that mostly comes from KATTLE. While the Domina cannot command the Governess Frond to grow like Elves and other plant types can, the plant is remarkably hardy, grows quickly, and can be found just as commonly as Berry plants.

Domina are surprisingly capable battlers given their perceived non-combat roles. They do specialize in the use of whips and other lashing weapons. More than that though, they are very capable of manipulating plants they either provide or are naturally a part of the battlefield to bind their opponents and restrict their movement with their vine techniques. They also use many poison attacks to sap the strength and will of their enemies. Many get a rush if they can have combat end with the establishment of dominance, so if they can force an opponent to willingly yield to them, it's even a sweeter victory than by incapacitating. This does mean they can be prone to risking victory in favor of their domination / submission antics though, but proper discipline when training will rid them of this behavior in all but skirmishes and other combat that could be seen as more frivolous.

It should come as no surprise that when it comes to taming Domina are BDSM enthusiasts. Sometimes perhaps they're a little too enthusiastic. Many inexperienced Domina struggle with recognizing the limits of both themselves and their partners, so it's best to reign in on the new pokegirl and keep control as her tamer. Most will learn quickly and do not mean to cause any harm from accidents that may happen; feeling quite remorseful after the fact and likely shying away from experimentation for a while until their confidence recovers. A Domina that lacks faith in her tamer will be less willing to submit, but only in extreme cases will she absolutely refuse. It should also be noted that with most members of the breed, they're perfectly willing to partake in non-BDSM activities.

A Domina will likely be of the opinion that she is capable of being a better Alpha than she can in reality, though this doesn't mean they aren't suited to the role. It's only that the idea of being in charge will always appeal to the breed and it takes a strong hand to keep them from challenging a pokegirl above her in the hierarchy.

The feral state of the Domina breed is best described as mostly normal behavior for a breed with a reduced feral state while mixing in the occasional manic flurry of attempts to dominate, restrain, and discipline whatever target catches their eye. If met with resistance, they may flee, they may stand their ground, or they may suddenly switch to submitting to their adversary, binding their limbs and begging to have their hair pulled and body's struck. They remain completely cognizant otherwise and it's not uncommon for feralborn Domina to be found completely capable of speech and socialization with little or no training.

Domina are not an uncommon threshold result by any means, though definitely not common. It's really only seen in families with strong history of the line and rarely crops up in mixed heritages. Domina pokewomen can give birth to whatever their base breed may have been and they're not known to give any specific blood traits to human offspring commonly.[/spoiler]

OMEGAN, the Blended Pokegirl

Type: Very Near Human - Not Very Near Human (Metamorph)
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human standard
Role: Combat, Companion
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fire, Fighting, Poison, Psychic, Rock
Weak Vs: Dark
Attacks: Aura Of Cute, Telekinesis, Teleport, Slash, Sabre Claw, Pounce, Barrier, Heal, Mystic Bolt, Spirit Slash, Energy Drain, Night Shade (+ 1/2 copied forms attacks)
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Senses (Vision, Hearing, Olfactory) (x2), Magic Affinity, Metamorph (Incomplete), Boost (x.25 of copied forms), Aura Sight, Blank Mind, Prehensile (Antennae)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Orgasm at Night)
Revised: July 2011

Theorized to be the last evolution designed into the Eva, the Omegan's proposed role is one obscured in speculation. No credible notes on the breed can be found. The most popular development theory is that the breed was a failed prototype of the Hunter Template, though other theories from drunken bets made by Supe-bras to an improvement to the Farfuck'd have been posited. In some intellectual circles this is still a hotly debated topic. In modern times, most ignore the breed's origin debate and simply utilize the vast potential of the breed. Members of this shape-shifting breed are used in many areas from combat harems to research assistants.

Initially these fox-squirrel pokegirls appear much like their pre-evolved form. Height ranges from 4.5 to 5.5 feet (1.37 - 1.68 meters) and the breed's true form can mimic any look from very near human to that of a completely anthromorphic fox-squirrel. The only exception to keep the breed from appearing exactly as an Eva is their long furred antenna, though these appendages can be hidden with their metamorphic abilities. Omegans have the ability to alter their form at will to any of those within that range.

Unique to the Omegan is their ability to blend other pokegirl forms with their own. These ghost type pokegirls absorb what they refer to as the 'essence' of another pokegirl through their antennae, which are specialized to conduct the breed's telekinetic and absorption abilities. Once the essence is absorbed via and Energy Drain, siphoned pokegirls feel somewhat drained, and the ghost pokegirl gains access to a new array of abilities. These abilities are usually weaker than the pokegirl they were copied from, but these are in addition to the Omegan's own natural enhancements and techniques.

The physical manifestation of these pilfered powers is a blending of forms causing an Omegan using a set of abilities to seem as a G-Splice of their own breed and the siphoned pokegirl. This metamorphic breed is able to keep a 'pool' of two or three other forms that they are able to access. If another form is copied they lose a random form in their pool. Studies into this phenomenon point to difficulty in keeping the transformations safe for the pokegirl. This means that the breed will unconsciously 'drop' a form to keep their transformations from becoming too numerous for their bodies to handle.

Most often described as 'bubbly' this shape shifting breed has a reputation of friendly, non-violent demeanors, though if pressed can be formidable combatants. The truth of the breed is that many have a wide range of personalities but also tend to repress emotions/traits that their tamer disapproves of. Much like the breed molding most of their outward personality to their owner, they do this frequently for taming preferences.

Due to the vast amount of possibilities the breed has in regard to alternate forms, it is improbable to speculate battle strategies. Even tamers who have had the upper hand in skill and element have found their pokegirl beaten when the Omegan shifts to a different form mid-battle. Good counters for the breed are pokegirls with diverse skill sets and experienced Tittos or other shapeshifters.

Ferals of the breed do not have the mental capacity to use their metamorphic abilities, relying solely on their natural techniques to survive. If pressed and unable to escape, Omegans will become highly aggressive and attack (as will those with kits). Most eat mainly berries, nuts, and other legumes, with only the occasional raid into stores of food or trash, making the breed an oddly powerful 'pest' pokegirl. Most if not all of the breed are able to teleport, making capturing one an exercise in pre-planning and/or frustration.

One of the more pain-free thresholds, the rare transformation into a Omegan is noted only by the sudden appearance of the large furred antennae that are the trademark of the breed. Most thresholders are able to quickly hide their new appendages, and some continue to masquerade as human until caught.[/spoiler]

UMBREA, the New Moon Pokegirl

Type: Near Human (Fox-Squirrel Animorph)
Element: Dark
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Anti-ambush striker, scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting
Attacks: Ankoku, Beast Rush, Dig, Dark Matter, Dark Spear, Darkness, Entangling Darkness, False Praise, Quick Attack, Smirk, Snarl
Enhancements: Camouflage (Shadow Blend), Emotional Control, Enhanced Durability & Speed (x5 each), Enhanced Strength (x2), Gravity Control, Heat Sense, Innate Knowledge (Stars & Planets), Phase Sight, Phase Touch, Pressure Resistance, Recovery, Shaded Eyes, Toxic Mind
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Eva (Battle Stress at night, or Moon Stone)
Revised: December 2012

Early on in the Revenge War, humans found that the pokegirls were just as susceptible to attack at night as they were, managing to compete favorably with most of Sukebe's earliest creations under the cover of the darkness of night thanks to more sophisticated equipment that was available to human forces. A little later into the war, however, these tactics were thwarted, time and again, by the arrival of a pokegirl breed that ambushed those that would ambush the pokegirl armies, and decimated the human attackers with her own techniques. In little time, this breed was feared and rarely encountered, and few lived to tell the tale. Survivors spoke of a shadowy figure that fought under the cover of the new moon, with darkness as her playground and using powers that must have been spawned from the the realm of the void itself. After the war, with new information available, these rare yet powerful pokegirls finally received a name for the breed: the Umbrea. Eventually, researchers learned that the breed evolved from the versatile Eva breed.

Though not all Umbrea have fur, those that do have only a light coat that matches their hair and skin colors. Light bio-luminescent markings that form circles around their shoulders, knees, wrists and ankles match the light given off by the moonlight at night- they are otherwise invisible during the day, but at night, they glow and fade with the light from the moon. This light (the color of which tends to vary per individual) is, however, negated by the pokegirl's camouflage ability, which renders the breed practically invisible when within shadows. Their bodies are always dark in coloration, with only extremely rare individuals having skin or fur lighter in color than a deep black. Most Umbrea tend to be physically short at around 1.6m in height on average, and are fairly slim in build for their size. The also have long ears resembling that of a fox squirrel's (a rodent that still exists despite feral pokegirl predication due to many living near/among human communities), though their ears are a bit thinner and longer than one might expect (at around eight to ten centimeters in length). A tail sprouts from the pokegirl's backside that is roughly a two-thirds of a meter in length and is about equal in circumference, with most of the size of the tail being bushy fur that sprouts from the tail itself. Some Umbrea retain human facial features while others do not, something that tends to differ for each individual of the breed.

Umbrea were not designed to take on battles head-on against most combatants. Being designed to handle ambushes from human beings, Sukebe likely didn't take into account the fact that the breed would be used against their own kind. That said, their effectiveness in battle is greatly dependent upon the time of day... or rather, the time of evening that they are used in. The breed is typically nocturnal, and sleep during the day. Battling during the day diminishes their choices for attacking others with, and most are so irritable during the daylight hours that they will do everything they can to destroy the annoyance attacking them- as such, several leagues have stressed rules regarding the use of the breed in battles within inhabited locations, considering the breed has access to the powerful Dark Matter technique. At night, with a good day of sleep under their belts (so to speak), an Umbrea is far less volatile and more capable, using shadows to her greatest advantage to wear down and obliterate her opponent, while manipulating gravity in her vicinity to help pin her opponents and make it more difficult for them to move at all. Sex battles are also not a good choice to subject the breed to during the day, as most Umbrea tend to refuse participating in such things, but at night the pokegirl will be far more amiable. It should be noted that in either type of battle, the breed does exceptionally well against most psychic-type pokegirls, but should be used with caution so as not to permanently incapacitate or kill such pokegirl types.

This breed, designed to work alone, often exist as loners, preferring their own solitude or the company of a select few individuals rather than being a part of a harem. Most give off an air of maturity and disdain for others that they are not bonded to, which is off-putting to many pokegirl breeds. As a result, they do not get along well with too many others, especially the more aggressive and pushy pokegirls. There have been several reported 'incidents' of an individual maiming or even killing various pokegirl breeds (such as the Domina and their evolutions, or even Nymphs) that attempt to force a taming unto an Umbrea. They are typically only seen within a hunter's harem, with researchers or watchers, or tamer's harems. The breed's overall demeanor makes them poor choices as pets, especially when compared to the other evolutions of the Eva breed. Taming an Umbrea should also be done with patience and without forcing her (unless restraints are used), as even while restrained the pokegirl can still call upon several of her techniques to either free herself... or hurt the one attmpting to force a taming upon her.

Ferals are virtually unknown, but have been documented before. They are solitary, nomadic beings that wander through out cave systems or forests, only during the day. It is suspected that they burrow underground before dawn and sleep the day away, coming out only at dusk to continue on their way. So rare are feral Umbrea that it has never been documented to see two ferals together at the same time, unless dealing with pokekits (at which point the mother will only allow one or two kits to remain at her side at any given time). It is unknown if that is the limit as to how many pokekits the mother can raise at once or simply as many as she can physically give parthenogenic birth to without assistance; research is underway at the moment to discover this information, however. Threshold cases are quite rare, with most cases resulting in Eva pokegirls instead, but otherwise is a week-long process that only takes place at night. During the day, the pokegirl-to-be tends to sleep, which can make it rather easy to tell what the resulting pokegirl breed will be (along with the physical changes to the ears, the growing tail, and the alteration of the soon to be pokegirl's skin color). Threshold cases rarely have fur, though it is not unknown. Such cases are typically in high demand and popular among collectors, whom have been known to pay great amounts to obtain one over the years.