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Chapter 11

Buggy Woods is quite an interesting place. It's a jungle as thick and dark as an unexplored region, but there are some traces of civilization because of the traffic between Viridian and Pewter City. One could even say it looked exactly like an unexplored region but wasn't as dangerous as one. Except during the spring, when mating season starts, during that period the whole place becomes a deathtrap.

So, all around us were walls of vegetation that twisted into a forest-wide super maze. And of course, all this vegetation hid many Pokégirls and made it infinitely harder to fight them.

Case and point; Asuka's whip just got tangled in the branches again.

"ARG! This is starting to-Shit!" And she jumped to the side to avoid a hail of razor-sharp leaves her opponent shot at her.

"Nice dodge! Now can you at least try to land a hit!?" I shouted from the side, where Fangs and I were sitting on a fallen trunk watching the red-haired Pokégirl embarrass herself.

"Shut up!"

Fangs took a bite of the juicy Oran berry she had on hands. "She's fighting like a girl."

I nodded, "That's kind of the general way of fighting these days."

"No, I mean she is fighting like a human girl." Fang lazily pointed out. "See how she flinches every time the Boobisaur* attacks, hell, every time she moves. Asuka is used to fighting humans that use punches and kicks rather than a girl that can fire leaf shurikens at her. Plus, she is not using her Pokégirlness to its full potential."

"Pokégirlness?" I sniggered.

"Don't laugh at things you can't comprehend puny human!"

"GAH!" Asuka cried like a bitch for a single scratch on her arm. She rolled closer to us and sent a furious glare. "Are you going to just stand and watch!?"

"The hell you're talking about!? I did my part!" Fangs gestured to a small pile of spare Pokéballs resting between us. "It's your turn, honey."

"We're in the Buggy Woods now Asuka. Things will only get more dangerous from now on. We can't cover your ass all the time."

"Fuckers! I thought you would to help me!" She shouted, her attention still away from the fight.

"We are!" We shouted the moment that a Vine Whip wrapped itself around her ankle.


"So, what is the verdict?" I asked, watching the feral Boobisaur cheerfully dangle Asuka in the air.

"Tch, I'm starting to see why Sgt. Detritus was arguing for letting the region to become a bit more dangerous." She chewed the last of her berry. "The difference in feral strength is too shocking. It's a wonder why this forest isn't flooded by the bones of clueless newbies."

"Perhaps that's the point. Who knows what Thomas is thinking- Ah!"


"A cliché…" I pointed.


"… A beautiful cliché."

Fangs' eyebrow twitched, "Holy shit! that really happens in real life?!"

True, the scene before us was a cliché in both my old and new world. The sniggering Boobisaur was feral; thus, she was a perpetually horny machine. So of course, when she got her vine tentacles on something, they would start to wander.

"Right, I don't know about you, but I don't think Asuka is really for a bitchification training so soon." And Fangs had to go and ruin my fun by invoking memories of the bitchification training; the Ranger's training that focuses on making you a bitch so when the world inevitably made you one, you'd be traumatized enough to shrug off the worst. Those days were hell on earth. "I'mma help her."

I watched Asuka wiggle as the twin vines instinctively tied themselves in a very amateurish shibari knot over her body. One tip invading her mouth while the other had already pulled down her shorts and was working on the underwear. "Eh, sure, let me help." I turned to my girl. "Fangs, use Grill Kick."

She blinked, sent me a look of surprise, and then smiled, "That actually worked! Thanks, Blue." After that, her body started to vibrate.

Grill Kick isn't an official attack, or even fall into the weird, poorly-defined realm of "Pokégirl Technique"; It's just a cool move Fang has come up with while experimenting with the limits of her new body.

For a human's eye, Fangs was vibrating. For something with a better vision, she was flexing her ankles so fast it looked like she wasn't moving, the act was to help her 'plump up her Ki' as she told me once, my Grandma called it a bad habit.

But it achieved the desired effect in a single second.

The dry leaves underneath Fangs boots began to smoke.

She pulled a gulp of air and disappeared from where she stood. A smoky trail suddenly appearing across the distance between me and the fight.


The Boobisaur folded under the leg buried in her gut. I could hear the impact from here.


Mn, She actually shouted the name; that's was cheesy as fuck.

…I'm so proud.

"Yeah!" My girl cheered as the Boobisaur crashed into a tree and slumped to the ground. "How do you like that!"

"Fuuuuck!" Asuka landed on her face next to her. I eyed the Domina's trembling butt as I passed by; it was just enough time for her to recover. "BITCH, what's the big idea!? You fucking left me to fight her alone!"

"What? Do you want me to hold your hand the entire time?"

"Fuck no! But I expect at least some help when I'm about to die!"

"Oh cut it out, you'd be raped at worst, nothing to lose your sleep over."



I ignored them and crouched beside the Boobisaur, if this were an anime, her eyes would be spiraling right now. She was quite unusual for her breed considering the usual personalities of the feral born; this is the first time I'm seeing a hyperactive Boobisaur; her hair fit her mannerisms; a mass of green spikes that dug up old memories about undead ninjas with overpowered eyes. Everything else was typical of her breed; the bud on her back, the green skin with dark patches, and of course, the boobs.

Dem Boobs…

"Hey! Hey where are you going!? You can't wander around in here!"

"SHUT IT, I'm tired of wasting time! I have to get to Shinji!"

I snapped my head back to where Asuka was trotting about, without someone to watch her back. Fangs was shooting me an uncertain look; she didn't dislike Asuka enough to not help her, but she sure as fuck wasn't going t put her over me.

"OI!" I cried to the red-haired, casually balling the Boobisaur on the side. "You sure want to go alone!? You almost got your ass raped in a controlled situation; the other ferals of this forest aren't as gentle!"

"Shut up! I can handle myself!"

"Yeah, she definitely can't." Fangs commented quietly.

I signed. "Right, let's make sure she doesn't receive too much trauma."

Saying that we quickly gathered the rest of the balls, letting our red-haired companion go where she wished for now, maybe if she gets attacked again, she'd get humbled a bit, but I wasn't betting on it considering the character she was based. Anyway, we got going, ready to track her down if needed, only to find her at the opening of a clearing, paralyzed in place.

"Asuka? What-"

"House." She pointed.

We both looked, and there was indeed a house in the center of clearing, a quite modern-looking house I might add.

"The fuck is a house doing here?" Fangs mumbled.

"Is your tamer here?" I asked Asuka, not taking my eyes of the residence.

"I… maybe." She grabbed Shinji's Dex, her fingers wandering over the touch screen. "Ever since we entered the forest the signal has been shit; I can tell the direction but… It's in that direction for sure."

"It's a trap." Fangs concluded.

"For whom?" I lowered to my knees, placing my hand on the ground to use the roots of the tree as a conduit for my magic. The result wasn't nearly as impressive as the action might indicate. Another look around confirmed my suspicion: "No magical defenses or traps, and you can believe me; one of my few magical talents is noticing things like that."

Asuka stared at me weirdly. "Does it matter!? Shinji might be there!"

"Yeah, and the guy who took him might be too." Fangs stated, then open a teasing smile. "Or did you forgot the beating you took?"

"Fuck you, you skanky-"

"Really not the time!" I cut in getting back to my feet. "Normally I'd just go there and knock, but seeing the possibility of facing violent kidnappers I said we retreat from sight and formulate a plan- Hey!" And Asuka is already walking… why do I bother?

"That bitch is going to get herself killed." Fangs was rapidly losing her patience.

"Probably, but she's with us, and we wouldn't be able to sleep easily if we let that happens." I sighed, "Let's go face the music."


Of course.

A figure dramatically appeared over the roof and jumped down to the porch.

"Not a single step more!" The teenager in a cheap samurai cosplay shouted at Asuka, who had stopped by the sudden entrance and now was glaring daggers at him. "I, The great sword of the east, the bane of the evil, the chaser of all bug types, swore on my honor that no living soul would approach this sanctuary of healing, so turn back now or face the wrath of the... SAMURAI!" He punctuated that by waving his ball in what I imagine he imagined as a threatening manner.

Sounds like a typical tamer to me.

"… Who the fuck are you!?" Looks like Asuka didn't like his entrance. "Fuck! FUCK! All that tension to find you here! Goddamn if you're not Shinji, and you're not the fucker that took him! THEN WHY THE FUCK DO YOU EXIST!"

I can't exactly tell why she is ripping the kid a new one (I say kid because he is two heads shorter than me, but we're probably at the same age) but it was working. 'Samurai' was slowing backing up; sweating buckets under his patchwork armor and spotting a terrified look on his eyes.

"Chill," I said, approaching a huffing Asuka from behind, She would snapped at me, but Fangs stepped in the way. I raised my eyes to the kid. "We're are looking for a duo, one is a shy teenager probably wearing ruffed clothes, and the other is older a man wearing black and blue, there should be a "TG" on the back of his jacket, he also has an Amachop* with him."

Everything I heard from Asuka's description screamed Team-member-wannabe to me. But I'm treating this a bit more seriously considering that he snatched the possible/almost certain son of Gendo Giovanni, so either he's part of a conspiracy, or he's super un/lucky. Either way I don't think this kid saw him, it'd be too much of a coincidence.


Never mind.

"Talk," Asuka growled after a brief moment of shocked silence. "Now."

This time, however, rather than be scared of the scary red-haired Pokégirl, he got angry.

I raised an eyebrow to the intensity of the scorn he just displayed, so much so that even Asuka hesitated.

"Never." He spat darkly. "If you think the great Samurai will cooperate after what your friend did, you got another thing coming… In fact…" Suddenly there was another Pokéball in his other hands, this time the tension indicated he was really about to release it. "I should punish you right now, so nobody else can fall prey to your foul group."

I placed my hand on a stunned Asuka's shoulder and took a step forward.

"We are not with them…" I said seriously. Gesturing to the girl behind me. "Asuka here just lost-"

"Oh ok." The kid stated easy, before going back to his second rate drama. "If that's the case THEN THE GREAT SAMURAI HAS INDEED ENCOUNTERED THIS PAIR OF VILLAINS!"

Tamers; you never know what type of craziness you gonna find.

"… is this guy for real?" Came Asuka's shocked mumble.

Fangs by that point was just laughing. "Holy crap Blue, I think we found your lost little brother!"

"I resemble that remark!" I barked and turned my head back to the kid. "We got beef with them too, can you tell us where they went?"

The kid hummed dramatically, puffing his chest up and open a knowing grim. "That's not how Tamers communicate mister!" Oh boy. "I propose a battle!"

There it is: tamer logic. It's not a sign of craziness, actually. It's just a consequence of generations growing up watching tamer cartoons and tamer 'reality tv' where things like this happened all the time. Most grow out of the silliest aspects eventually, but some become ingrained in tamer culture.

Case and point; Fangs, who has received tamer training since childhood looked at me with barely contained excitement, and Asuka, who has become the personification of impatience the deeper we went in the forest, sent me an expectant glare.

I signed. "All right. I win, and you tell me all you know about them. You win, and we leave, how is that?"

"The Samurai… accepts this challenge!"

"Fuck yeah!" Fangs pumped her fist up. "First battle, baby!"

"Wait, first battle!? Really!?" Asuka asked incredulously.

"Don't expect too much," I placed my hand on my girl's head to rub the back of her ears, to her great enjoyment. "Actually no, let's not underestimate our opponent on our first match lest Captain Vimes fall down from heavens and kick our asses in a spectacular fashion." Just after I spoke that, the kid threw his ball and released a bored looking Titapod* "… As I was saying, don't expect too much."

Fangs was too fired up to care about the quality of her opponent. "Just wait Blue, mama's gonna win this!"

"Sibelle, use Harden!" The kid shouted.

"Yesss." His girl reply was lethargic and drawn out, but her exoskeleton grew to encompass her whole body frighteningly quickly, way quicker than the normal result of Harden.

Even Fangs noticed that, given her sudden guard.

"Hah, did you see the fruits of our training? Sibelle, use Harden again!"


"Fangs, it's going to be trouble if she becomes invulnerable. Go search for chinks."

"Got it!"

Thus, the battle started.

"Sibelle, use Harden-hey wait!" The kid tried to command but Fangs reached his girl in fraction of a second and began to rain jabs around her exoskeleton.

"Troubleeee…" The girl put up a meager guard.

"Sibelle, String Shot now!"

Fangs threw her leg out of the way of the string that came out of the girl's wrist, to the girl's credit she was smart enough to capitalize that by throwing her other wrist at the same time, forcing Fangs to step back to avoid another shot.


The Titapod circled her arms and strings connected to skillfully manipulate the resulting construct so that they would twist on each other and catch Fangs while she retreated.

"Fangs, Quick Attack."

I could almost see her boot digging into the dirt as her toes unconsciously curled to arrest the retreat, with the new leverage her body shot forward, her elbow slamming on the girl's chest, shattering her armor and sending her flying.

"AHA! You fell for it!" The kid shouted.

"What the-" Fangs bit back as her arm snapped forward so suddenly that she instinctively pulled back. The Titapod came back with the pull of the newly attached string.

"How you'd like that!?" The kid taunted. "Sibelle, use Wrecking Ball!"

"Her armor is broken, you know?" I commented with a grin.


The girl curled midflight. I'm sure it would be an efficient move if she was armored, but right now the armor in her torso area is in pieces.

So Fangs lariated the bitch into the ground, and dropped a ax kick on her newly exposed gut.

And as it was a kick from motherfucking Fangs, the girl coughed out blood.

"Sibelle!" The kid cried.

"You should concentrate more on your girl and less on your next cool move!" I couldn't keep my taunt inside.

"Shut up! Sibelle quick, use your special trick!"

At the first sign of movement, Fangs made to strike again, but the girl reached back instead.

"Here is my trickkkk!"

Fangs changed the direction of her kick midway to deflect the new projectile thrown at her direction, only for it to explode it a cloud of smoke.

"ARGH!" She cried, jumping back several times, her hand going to cover her mouth and nose as the sneezing started. "Fucking pepper, really!? *ACHOO* Oh god it burns!"

"Oh, you little shit." I glared darkly at the kid.

"Behhh!" He shot me his tongue with an extremely punchable grin on his smug face. "There is no referee here, idiot! We don't have to follow the ru~les."

Oh… So that's how he wanna play…

"You heard that Fangs? Kid wants to go lawless."

"Loud… *ACHOO* *ACHOO* And clear…" She replied with a murderous, tearful glare.

… Dear god her kitten sneezes are so adorable.

"Harden, harden, harden, harden, HARDEN! HAH! FIVE HARDENS, MY SIBELLE IS INVINCIBLE NOW!" The brat laughed. "Quick Attack!"

"Yessss" The girl's voice came muffled from inside the helmet that has formed around her head, her exoskeleton was four times thicker and didn't leave a hint of skin now.

Of course, all that extra bulkiness made her quick attack really, err, slow, so there was plenty of time for Fangs to recover...

And pull out her sawed-off shotgun.



The thunderous noise echoed throughout the forest. The Titapod staggered back with her armor cracked on several points. The next boom threw her to the ground and revealed her face.

It was a testament to the sturdiness of her armor that she started getting up immediately, Fang's stomped her chest to keep her down.

"Here is my trick!" My girl one-lined as she swung the heavy shotgun.

"Shiiiiit- *Thud*!"

And the Titapod went to the realm of unconsciousness.

There was a silent post-battle second.

"I guess it's our win," I stated.

"Fuck yeah it is!" Fangs declared cheerfully. "Did you see how-" And she sneezed like a kitten again.

… So cute.

"Finally!" Asuka tried to hide how interested she was in the fight with an eye-roll. "Can we move on to get answers from mister costume-freak now? We don't have all day!"

Speaking of the kid, he finally found his voice.


"What'cha you talkin' bout Willis!? Pokégirls use guns all the time!" I argued smartly


I stuck my tongue out. "No referee there, idiot. We don't have to follow the ru~les."


"Fufufu…" A chuckle echoed out of nowhere, and the door of the house opened. "I'm afraid he got you there, Samurai-kun."

The speaker was a middle-aged woman with Asian features wearing sturdy clothes. I immediately knew she was human because Pokégirl grow older a lot more gracefully, but that isn't to say she was ugly by any stretch of the imagination; she was fit and took excellent care of herself, easily fitting into the older MILF category back on my old world.

She touched her cheek as she tilted her head; her violet hair was a bit disheveled. "Still, great fight you two, it's been a while since I saw such a heated Pokégirl battle."

"Nodoka-sama!" The kid immediately forgot we were here and moved to his hands and knees before the woman. "You… You're here… But you said… Then?"

"Hai, Samurai-kun." She smiled kindly. "The operation was a success, your alpha is going to be fine."

"Ah… Ah…OOOOOOHHHH!" The kid trembled at first and quickly burst into tears. His forehead cracked on the ground to the point that it bleed. "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THE SAMURAI IS IN YOUR ETERNAL DEBT! NODOKA-SAMAAA!"

Before anyone could react to that, he was back on his feet and into the house.

"MIRANDAAA!" He screamed as he got in before someone loudly smacked him inside and told him to be quiet.

"What the hell was that?" Fangs said from where she was sitting… on the unconscious Titapod. Hm, someone clearly has a favorite.

"H-Hey, what about the- Come back here you!" Asuka, of course, ran after him.

"Fufufu. So spirited!" The woman said, watching the red-haired pass. She then turned to us. "Come inside, dearies. We can talk over a nice tea."

Fangs and I looked at each other. Seeing no reason to refuse, we moved inside.


"My name is Nodoka Saotome."

I spat my tea.

Fangs bust out laughing because of it.

"Oh dear, are you alright!?" The newly identified Nodoka Saotome fretted as I coughed the life out of me.

Fucking hell, I didn't even recognize her. Sure, her appearance is that of a character of an anime I watched almost forty-years and a world ago, but I still saw her picture around here quite a few times. You literally can't not know about her if you are interested in Pokégirls.

"Sorry about that. But I wasn't expecting to find you here of all places!" I exclaimed.

The purple-haired woman opened an amused smiled and tilted her head.

"Well now, where else would I be?"

"Ah, point." Buggy Woods, right.

"The hell was that?" Fangs, having finally calmed down, share a look between us. "You know each other!?"

"Oh no." The woman laughed. "I never had the pleasure."

I let the teacup down and leaned back on the couch, "I know of her. Nodoka Saotome; the Pokégirl watcher, half of the global discovery about Pokégirl behavior from the last thirty years came directly from her."

If there was one person that I could think of that was more famous than my Grandfather, it'd be her. My gramps is known throughout the world but is only famous around this hemisphere. Sure, everyone who was somebody knew who he was, but the common people? People in Edo would treat him like he was just another guy... if they didn't have to spend the day together and deal with the crazy shit that follows.

Now Nodoka Saotome is different, she has been everywhere and has participated in many research teams of every league, not only was her work published around the world, but she also goes around the world to publicize it, making her a tangible presence on every league she was in.

It made sense that she would be rolled up in some wild place, but to find her in the Buggy woods, right at the start of my journey, is just…

Eh, by this point I'm used to meeting famous people. Practically the entirety of Indigo's scientific community stopped by my house at some point.

"Pokégirl watchers? Oh yeah, those guys are a thing." Fangs, the ignorant daughter of a farmer, rolled her eyes. "What good do they do anyway? Waste of taxpayer's money if you ask me."

"Fangs I swear to god…" I placed my hand over my face.


Oh, that's just brilliant! If she thinks I'll fall for that...

"Don't shoot me that cute confused look missy, I've seen through your schemes! Also can you please not insult someone in their own house?

"Scheme? What? I don't even-And I'm just telling the truth!"

"Saying Pokégirl Watchers aren't necessary to the face of a Pokégirl Watcher?"

"Oh right, sorry about that lady." Fangs smiled apologetically, still trying to look cute. "Still not seeing why do your profession exist though."

Now she is just doing it to rile me up!

Well, at least the woman was not offended; she's just looking at our interaction with a knowing smile on her face.

"My, aren't you a fun couple." She did that hand in the face pose thing that the MILF cows do from time to time. It was the first time I've seen it used in a non-sexual context.

"Well yeah, but we're not the most interesting person here." Got to say, it's super cool to meet the person who wrote the books you enjoyed growing up, her stuff is groundbreaking. "What are you doing back at good ol' Indigo league?" Maybe I was too pushy with that question- But fuck it, when will I have an opportunity like this. "Are you writing another volume for the 'Bug and Plant breeds and their effects on vegetation.' ? I got to say that part about the elf colony and the development of the Indigan Larch was eye-opening."

"Oh," She looked a little taken aback from my knowledge but quickly regained her composure. "I was planning exactly that, but the migration of the Conifer's feral Dryad colony threw a wrench into my plans, I just couldn't miss it."

"Eh." I blinked. "What are you talking about, there was a heavy drought on route 45 up to 25 on Johto last year, that caused the temperature to rise in route 29 and 27 in January, thus delaying the migration for at least half a year. Wasn't this a phenomenon you discovered and reported in the 'Nature and ferals, what do you have to know about it.'?"

Ms. Nodoka's eyes shone after I said that, her smile grew two times its size.

"My, what a well-informed tamer you are." She stated animatedly.


Oh! Ohhhh hohoho.

Trying to test me huh? Bitch please, your books were my bible back when I was nine, and I still consult them to this day, you'd have to do a lot better than that.

"So then, who am I having a pleasure of having as guests?" She asked.

"Oh cra… damn, we never said our names, well I'm-"

At that moment, there was a bang, followed closely by a series of clashes and painful moans that symbolized a descent of two people down the stairs in the fifth worst way possible.

I looked back in time to see the tangled form of Samurai and Asuka fallen on the base of the stairs and groaning in unison.

"The patient required rest." Hissed an unseen figure form above that must have been Dra. Saotome's medical Pokégirl. "The patient does not require loud noises or any tomfoolery near her. You shall respect the patient needs, or you will respect my boot as it travels down your throats, understood? Good, now finish your loud business out there and do not come back until you sacrifice your tongue to the god of silence."

There was a door closing on the second floor.

"M-Mirandaaa." The samurai whined tearfully.

"Arg! Shut up about this girl! You have to tell us about Shinji!" Asuka was up and shaking him.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Shinji.

"Hey!" I called making them look in our direction. "Let's sit down first OK, there is tea, and the couch is comfortable, then we can talk." I turned to my girl. "Fangs, let's give space-why are you blushing!"

"S-Shut up, I-I'm not good with this human stuff!" My girl exclaimed, achieving success in looking adorable and breaking all the records related to it.

"What're you talking about, girl!? You've been a Pokégirl for a year! You're still more human than Poke." That's it! If she stutters, I'm kissing her.

"That not the point, s-stupid!- MN! Mnnnnnnnn!"


"Shut. Up. And. Tell. Me. About. Shinji."

"Oh my." Nodoka Soutome stated, giggling at the scenes playing out in front of her. "This house has been getting lively lately."

It took a while, but things finally calmed down enough for Samurai to open his beak, and he did so with uncharacteristic seriousness.

"We've been here for three weeks." He started looking at his tea. "It has been difficult at first, but we adapted… No, we thrived; we even get some girls, Miranda and I… She was great."

"Why is he talking like she's dead?" Fangs whispered to me.

"For dramatic reasons." Couldn't she see it? It was obvious.

"We… we caught Sibelle, the cutest Cutiepie* I'd ever seen. Then Fernanda, the second cutest Cutiepie I'd ever seen. Then Mira, the third cutest…"

I nodded; I can see the theme.

Asuka was trembling in rage by that point.

"We were almost ready to take down a gym!" I highly doubt that. "But then, they came..."

We leaned in.

"The league officials! They said I wasn't legally a Tamer just because-"

"AGHHHHH!" Asuka lunged for his neck. Or would have if Fangs hadn't grabbed her from behind. "LET ME KILL HIM, IT'S FOR THE GREATER GOOD!"

I looked, I looked very hard at every single inch, every single crane of his confused, scared expression as he stared at the out-of-control Domina... And found no sign of fakeness.

Holy shit, he isn't doing this on purpose!

"Now now, Samurai-kun." Dra. Saotome intervened. "I think our guests want to know about the event that transpired early today, you know; the one that put Miranda-chan…"

"Oh." A light of comprehension flashed inside Samurai's eyes for the first time today, possible in his life. "Yeah, I can… I can talk about that."

"So it was a few weeks after I did that 'Tamer test'." He curled his fingers as he said that. "And got approved." That says a lot about the test. "I was back in the woods with my Miranda. We were heading to Dr. Saotome's base. You should have seen Miranda that day, which is today, she looked sooo hot, she was wearing-"

Asuka stomped her foot on the table "The. Point. NOW!" Is that foam in the corner of her mouth!? Holy crap!

"There were two men!" He sneezed quickly raising his arms as if the action would pacify the Domina, "We met them on our way here! They had set up camp not far from here!"

Asuka's biblical glare lasted for a few seconds before she sat down. "Continue." She growled.

It was super effective.

"R-Right. Then, we tried to strike a conversation and maybe a battle, because that is what Tamers do when they meet right? A-Anyway, the big guy refused and said they had places to go - which was totally a lie because they were camping before we arrived - anyway, I was trying to charm my way to a fight with my great charisma when Miranda noticed… well, she noticed…"

"What!?" Asuka asked, playing rapid attention. For Samurai's sake, I hope that wasn't another fake out.

"She noticed that the guy, um, the smaller, effeminate one. She noticed that he was injured."

We all grew silent after that.

"He was beaten black and blue inside his shirt. She only noticed because some buttons were missing from his shirt. The big guy noticed what we saw and finally accepted the challenge."

"He didn't have a full Harem, Miranda noticed that, she was good with this kind of things. So we figured he was a beginner, we figured we could take him."

The boy in the samurai armor looked at his untouched tea again. Eyes gazing far into the past.

"His girl was an Amachop." I saw Asuka wince. "But… S-She didn't look right, she looked… Well, feral, but not, she still responded to his orders, but she wasn't there, you know? When the battle started and Miranda started to hurt her, she… bulged so much that I thought she was evolving, but no, she went berserk, you know, like a dark type or an infernal type when they're really mad, only with white eyes, and black veins all over her muscles.

"The rest is… The rest is… I mean I…" He was silenced by a hand softly lying on his shoulder- Holy-When did she move!?

Dra. Saotome took over. "He manage to grab Miranda and run to me. The Amachop died; her heart gave up. It's the only reason Miranda is alive now." She explained with a controlled expression. "I went to the place of the battle, but there was no one there, only the Amachop's corpse."

I looked to my hands, "Well that went…Dark." My voice came humorless.

There was silence after that.

"Black veins…" Fangs repeated pensively. "I remember my mom saying something about that once, but I can't remember the details."

"It's an illegal combat drug most likely, the legal ones don't give a boost of that intensity, and the side effects aren't life-threatening as far as I know." I deduced the best I could; this was not my area of expertise.

Dra. Saotome nodded, "It's called Titan, it's a new formula that was based on Venom, another illegal drug. There are nasty rumors about it."

Hm, I'm surprised she knows about it, didn't seem to be the type.

"Hurt…" Asuka's whisper was almost inaudible but drew the attention of the room nevertheless. "You said Shinji was hurt?" She looked at Samurai with something in her eyes.

"Ah, yeah, if the little guy was Shinji then he was hurt. Uh, sorry." He said, scratching the back of his neck.

Asuka stood up and started to move toward the door, the movement was so sudden it stunned us for a second.

"Oi Asuka, what do you think…" The red-haired didn't even acknowledge me; she just pulled the door open and ran. "Ah, shit!"

Fangs jumped to her feet, already running behind. "OI BITCH! HAVE YOU GONE COMPLETELY MAD?!."

Well fuck.

The purple haired Watcher placed a hand on her mouth. "Oh dear, that's no good, it's almost nighttime. They shouldn't be…"

"Dr. Saotome, I'm grateful for your hospitality but looks like I have to go!" I rasped quickly, already up and on my way.

"Eh! W-wait, the forest is dangerous right now, you need shelter-"

"I know that!" I shouted from the doorway and went into the woods.

I must confess, I never thought I'd be going against so much of what I learned so soon in my journey. Honestly, adventure can be fucking annoying sometimes.

I threw myself into the dense foliage, running as fast as I could but no matter how fast I was, I was trying to catch up with two Pokégirls, no human can do that unless they have the blood gift for it. It was increasingly harder to catch a glimpse of Fangs' colors in every turn, and the growing darkness in the forest didn't help, if I get lost here I'm truly fucked…

Wait, Fangs is trying to catch Asuka, so what if…

"FANGS!" I shouted, hoping my voice would reach her. "USE TACKLE!"

The distant cry of indignation was music to my ears.

As expected, Fangs was pinning Asuka when I reach them, and they were in the middle of a shouting match.



"Yeah, I can see how you will do it, just run blindly at him and his psycho kidnapper, I'm sure it will work out fine for you," I growled, shifting the weight of my baggage, good thing I was trained to reflexively grab the bag when doing an emergency exit.


"NO, YOU SHUT UP!" Fangs' roared. "IM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS DAMN FUCKING ARGUMENT, WE'VE DECIDED TO HELP YOU OF THE GOODNESS OF OUR HEARTS AND YOU'VE BEEN A CUNT TO US EVER SINCE WE GOT INTO THIS FOREST! BITCH CAN YOU SEE THAT YOU NEED US! YOU'RE GONNA GET YOURSELF KILLED, FUCK, HOW MANY TIMES I SAVED YOUR ASS TODAY!? I KNOW… I know you tamer is in danger, I know you want to save him, but you have to be smart about it, and that means not running blindly into the danger zone where you could get killed…" Fangs paused to catch a breath. Asuka was sobbing now. "Shinji's hurt, I know, but you can't save him acting like this."

"I…" The red hair whined, her hand going up to cover her tears. "He didn't want to be a tamer…. He… But I… It's all my fault…"

I sighed, seeing the red-haired Pokégirl breaking down in front of me. I put my hand in Fangs' shoulder, but she didn't need any more incentive to let her go. "Look… It's getting dark and the most violent breeds are coming out, soon it won't be possible to walk around. I doubt we'll be able to go back to Dr. Saotome's house now, so let's set up…" What is this buzzing?

The hair on the back of my neck stood up straight, and there was a dreadful moment before I looked to the side.



This sucks.

Seriously, this sucks.

I was prepared for the possibility of something like this happening. But right at the start of my journey? On my first step towards the great unknown?

Suffice to say; I was a little peeved.


Fangs though, she was livid.


Our other companion just grumbled drowsily on the other side. Her body not quite asleep, but not quite awake. I could only guess the state of her mind.

"Save your breath Fangs, Asuka is out, and will be for at least another hour." Despite all odds, I saw the red-head's paralyzed face twitch in something that resembled indignation, "Scratch that, make it a few minutes."

Impressive; it has taken twelve Stop Stings to get her to stop screeching like a harpy, for her to be moving already goes beyond just Type resistance. Fangs only took one and it left her lethargic and lazy tongued; she had wisely shut up until most of them had left the chamber. I was left alone because I was a good little human who cooperates. Good thing too, a single shot from it and the Stun Venom would've paralyzed me for the rest of the night.

I shook my shoulders and moved what I could of my wrists around to alleviate some of the tension. My forearms were bound behind my back in a solid plate of wax, but that was the only part they bothered to bind unlike the girls. Also unlike the girls; I wasn't bound to the walls, so I was discretely moving my body to the right, trying to reach my discarded poker set.

Our stoic 'guard' didn't seem to mind the act; she only reacted if I moved left, approaching my discarded tamer's belt and the Pokéballs on it. If I had to guess, I'd say she was used to follow a very specific set of rules, and those rules don't say anything about an innocent poker set.

"Bush-Blsh, Blue! Hey Blue." Fang wiggled in her prison, most of her body was covered in wax and she was locked on a standing position, but at least she wasn't upside down like Asuka. "The Walls- the walls are still sloshing."

I hooked my foot on the case of the poker set and dragged it closed to me. In the back of my mind, I registered what Fangs was trying to tell me. "Yeah, the wax on the walls is so fresh they're still glowing, I noticed that. Also, that guard doesn't react to our conversation so she can't be active for very long, and if you consider this place's size and lack of egg chamber…"

"It'sht a new hive." Fangs babbled. "A New queen. We can escapesh!"

"I suspect that is the reason 'plan B' hasn't happened yet. This is within our capabilities." I dragged/kicked the case behind me, to my wiggling fingers. "How is your leverage?"

"I have inches on my feet; managed to kick a bit while the wax was sholidifying. Should have enoush friction to spark."

That's my girl.

"Right-o" I grumbled as I pulled the case open behind me. "Fangs, concentrate. I need you to fight the effects of the venom. Did grandma teach you-"

"I know how to refresh myself Blue," She fought the wax on her neck so she could keep an eye on the insectoid guard at the corner of the room, "Buzzbreashs* of all the fushing girls, why did it have to be Buzzbreashs? Fuck, I can bully Buzzbreashs in my sleep, thish is humiliating!"

"No use crying over it now." I commented, trying to keep her focused. In a hopefully discrete movement, I pushed the poker set to Fang's wax-covered feet; it flipped up and spilled the chips. The noise made the Buzzbreast react. "Use the reds, 8 to 15. You know what they do, right?" I said quickly.

"Those? This soon!? Fuck! I'm going to kill the Bitch!"

I kept my eyes on the Buzzbreast, the twitching antenna was an obvious sight she was reporting her sighting now.

"What will you be doing?" Fangs asked a lot quieter; she also saw what the girl was doing.

"You get out of here; the whole hive will descend on you. We need a distraction… So I'll do exactly as they say."


"You saw the state of the hive when they dragged us here. I bet they've only just begun construction. Knowing that, why do you think they left a male human prisoner here with the rest of the prisoners, and why did all but one of them leave in a hurry after they dropped us here?"

My girl growled annoyingly. "Really not the time to beat around the bush blue-"

"They went to finish the Queen's quarters."


Suddenly, Fangs' prison shook. I looked to see her muscles bulging around the rings of wax. "… I'm really going to kill the bitch."

"Hey, It's not a big deal. This is the most efficient way to-"

"Would you be so casual if I was the one that had to provide the 'distraction'!?"

"Ok… shutting up now."

It didn't take long for the rest of the Buzzbreasts to fly inside the chamber; they just appeared from down the hall and flocked around me like a buzzing storm. I let out a curse from under their shifting bodies and tried to keep calm when they hoisted me up and drag me across the hallways.

Dangerous, very dangerous, a lone Buzzbreasts isn't much of a threat, but a swarm of them? ...That's how they took down Fangs; as strong as she is, her arsenal is limited when it comes to AOE. She managed to take down five, but one of them got a lucky shot.

I was thrown on something soft and bouncy, and managed to catch a single glimpse of the room before the swarm descended upon me again. This time all of them pressed themselves tightly against my body, grabbing and caressing whatever they could reach.

They're drones, I knew that. They're basically instruments for their queens to use and didn't have a single shred of individuality in them. But it didn't change the fact that all of them were hot bee girls that were rubbing their naked bodies over every inch of my skin. Their chitin plates help to lessen the intensity of the assault, but they couldn't do anything to the uncovered breasts and asses that appeared on my vision or occasionally pinned my face. The obvious happened soon enough, and by the lack of resistance, I noticed they have already managed to get rid of my pants.

The swarm's behavior immediately changed, now letting out soft feminine sounds along with the buzzing, and leaving a new trail of fluids wherever they passed.

I grunted out loud for a second before a perky ass fell on my face. Tongues, multiple tongues coiling around my mast, too many to count. I grunted again as the unmistakable feeling of a warm, wet mouth enveloping the crown of my dick.

"Begone! Out with you! Celina demands to see the prize!"

And just like that, the pinning pressure and the warm bodies were gone, allowing me to see the dome-shaped chamber still glowing with a fresh layer of wax.

I ignored the extravagant decorations of the room in favor of raising myself, only to realize that I was glued to the soft bed-thing by new covers of wax on my sides. Not only that, but my pants have been lowered to my ankles, and my shirt was raised to my collarbone. A strange sound rose from my chest as the warm ring of pressure clumsily descended on my dick, with a little tongue giving an experimental lick.

It was almost cute to see the lavender-haired bee girl doing her best to accommodate my length.

she managed about one-third of the way when a chitin-clad hand brutally fell on the back of her head and pushed the rest down her throat.

I let out a loud groan and arched my back, the sensation of the mouth enhanced by the introduction of a wonderfully tight but clearly inexperienced throat gagging around me was insane; it reminded me of a thirteen-year-old Fangs.

"I told you to be gone, didn't you listen?" The girl's head was ground into my loins with my burly member blocking her air passages; this can't be comfortable for her.

I look up to the Pokegirl above us; wavy midnight-black hair with golden highlights falling to her hips, thicker external armor around the limbs and under the heavy breasts, shoulders that branches out into four arms...

Yep, That's a Buzzqueen*.

Never thought I'd find a Queen type so soon in my journey.

"Rebel? Defective? Or just stupid?" The Queen tilted her head as the choking sounds started to grow. The red, compound eyes were hard to read, but her expression was clearly one of disdain "Celina doesn't need a drone that does not listen!"

Holy crap she is choking a bitch to the death using my dick!

"Hey, can you understand me?!" I asked quickly, fighting the horrifying pleasure caused by an innocent throat desperately seeking air "Come on lady, if you kill every Pokégirl for liking dick a little too much you'll end up-"

"The prize will not speak, or he will lose the ability to." The queen shot me an intense glare that immediately shut me up. "Celina needs only the tongue and the cock, anything else can be removed. Celina decided to keep the price whole as the celebration for her first catch, but Celina's mind can be easily changed."

The Buzzbreast let out a gurgling sound as the queen pulled her to about halfway up my dick. I could see her black compounded eyes tearfully blinking almost in relief, but it soon ended as she was roughly pushed down again, the sudden movement made her throat convulse around my length as she attempted to swallow like crazy. She groaned against my crotch, a bit of foam forming on the corner of her lips and it all became worse when the queen did it again and then again, initiating a rough facefuck on the poor girl.

I fought against the pleasure the action brought. Fuck, the girl will really die at this rate, fucking hell I don't what a girl to die on my penis! I always joked it was a weapon, but this is too much.

Wracking my brain for ideas, I went through what I knew about her breed. One thing stood up, not about her breed, but about the type of girl she was. A Pokégirl's breed doesn't receive a Queen in their names by simply being more powerful and having authority over the lower members of their evolution line. No, the 'Queen' also refers to some quirks and traits that are common among their type. They aren't always present in tamed ones, but with half-feral ones like I'm suspecting this one is, she surely has some.

I needed to act fast; the Buzzbreast won't last much longer, she's already unconscious!

First, let's try their overwhelming pride.

"Ohhh~." I let out a moan; the pleasure I was feeling helped giving it some legitimacy. "Shit, I'm going to cum! The first cum of the first 'prize' of the hive! A drone Buzzbreast is making me cum! This drone Buzzbreast is giving me pleasure like I've never felt before!"

A loud, indignant "What!" boomed across the chamber and the girl was yanked from my spit-covered dick immediately.

… Okay, I didn't think that would work that well.

"Preposterous! Absurd! To have a mere drone have what is supposed to be mine! Celina won't accept it!" And just like that, the Buzzbreast was thrown to the side, unconscious but alive. The Queen was quick to rise above me, the amount of honey flowing down her legs giving away her sadistic streak.

"Now, Celina will take what is hers." She declared as she lowered herself down, her entrance touching the swollen crown of my cock.

I turned my gaze to the side… and almost grinned at what I saw.

Practically the entire hive was watching us.

That is what happens when you release a butt load of pheromones in an enclosed space with no doors. That and the pseudo hive mind spreading the queen's horniness around also helped.

I had the undivided attention of the entire hive.

A long grunt escaped my throat as I felt my cock being enveloped by the warmth of the queen's folds. It was a slightly weird sensation because her breed's honey-like pussy juice was very viscous, but that did not make it feel less good.

"MmmmHgn~!" She threw her head back and moaned drunkenly, dragging whatever pleasure she possibly could out. In true Pokégirl fashion, she managed to take my entire length in one go. "Yes, Yes! This feeling, hgn! It's been so long… Oooh, what a great dick! what a perfect prize to mark the start of my reign!" One of her armored hand suddenly shot forward and grabbed my face. I blinked over her leaning form, watching her face twist in a grinning pleasure while every lens of her compound eyes flashed in a possessive light. "You! You will be the first of many prizes. Your dick shall propel the hive to greatness!"

I remember reading about 'propensity of being extremely boisterous' somewhere but jeez, what a hammy whore.

She had just begun to bounce when the explosion happened.

And by explosion, I didn't mean a distant bloom that shook the hive. I mean a bright flash of imminent fuck you followed by an overpowering mass of heat and air that obliterated the entire top half of the hive and the forest around it, it knocked everybody down by the sheer sound.

…Well, there goes months of magical effort, in a single, albeit epic explosion.

It was an Olympian effort to ignore the queen and the way her pussy clamped around my dick, but I managed to focus my magic enough to activate the poker chip I had hidden on my closed fist. My teeth ground as the wave of pure heat scorched my skin, but softened the wax of my prison.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" The queen didn't notice the wax losing its shape, so I stayed still and waited for an opportunity.

I didn't have to wait very long.

"Hey Blue, I came to save your chastity!" Fangs declared from the smoky hole, clearly the opportunity to free herself and fuck their entire hive has done wonders for her mood.

I rolled my eyes, "I'm afraid your years too la-,"

"YOU!" The queen snapped venomously at my girl; grave mistake. My hand shot up from its prison and touch her behind her neck.

This contact, along with my dick still inside her, acted like a closed circuit where I could push several hundred magic-based volts directly inside her body.


"Fangs, ball, now!"

That triggered my girl's tamer training, and the queen was balled before she could recover.

All the other's Buzzbreasts that had taken to the sky and were lunging toward Fangs suddenly went limp and started crashing to the ground.

"The fuck?" Fangs commented as she sidestepped a falling girl, her clothes were dirty with melted wax, and she was carrying Asuka's backpack with the girl herself nowhere to be seen, but overall, she was fine. "Were they supposed to react like that?"

"No," I grunted, standing up and holding my left hand to my chest. Yep, third-degree burns, the one that leaves the injury numb and cold. "I think the combination of things messing with their connection; from my pheromones, to the smoke of the explosion and now the removal of the centerpiece of the hive, made their brain go into shock. Hopefully it doesn't cause any lasting damage."

"Damn, we figured a new way to take down a Buzzbreast hive then." Fang's grin evaporated when she approached and saw the injury. "Blue!"

"Calm down. It's not as bad as it looks." I made to flex my fingers; I could move them, thank god, but the pain began to come out. "It just needs a bit of patching up."

"A bit of patching up!? Blue, your hand is black!" Ok, I understand her worries, but she sounded a little too distressed. "J-just hold on I think I got something-."

"We do have something to treat it, but this isn't the time or the place. God's know how many ferals heard the explosion, and that's not even considering my pheromones… What is that sound?"

"What sound?" Fangs asked, her ears twisting to the side. Where the sound was coming sound, we both turned to see…

*Beep * Beep * Beep*

The Pokéball was beeping red, producing shrill alarm-like sounds while it shook very violently.

"Go… let's go have to go we have to go now!"


Pokégirl medicine is some miraculous stuff, a single one of them, of any kind, would revolutionize medicine back on my old world. Some idiots believe it only works on Pokégirls, but no, it works on everyone who has Pokégirl genes, and some bigger idiots know about that, yet still don't use it for stupid pride reasons.

I whistled as Flora finished applying the Burn Heal on my hand, feeling the newly grown skin stretching as I move them.

"H-How is it, master?" My cowgirl asked worryingly. I realized it was her first time seeing an injury of this extent.

"It's a little stiff, but I'll survive." I send her a bright smile. "Great work, Flora."

"I didn't do anything worth praising really." She lowered her gaze. "… I can't even help you when you're in danger."

"You're patching us up now, and you're already proficient in the usage of healing items and first aid." I patted the head of my sweet cowgirl with my newly healed hand. "This is not a race or a competition, just do what you can do and focus on improving, and you're going to be fine."

"Yes…" She went through the medical bag on her side and took another Burn Heal. "Now please turn around so I can reach your back, master."

"Oh, yeah that place was hit too." I did just that and came face to face with the scene on side.

They're still at it.

By it; I mean Fangs lasering a glare at Asuka, and Asuka trying desperately to look anywhere but the blonde in front of her.

At least they are not shouting. Honestly, I was tired of shouting.

"So." I raised my voice, throwing a pebble at the Domina. "Do you know what you've done?"

"Look! I'm sorry, alright! But I didn't think we'd be attacked just like that!" Oh boy.

Fangs ground her teeth, but she didn't explode. The sound, however, was enough to make the Domina wince.

"What my girl is trying to say is "Dear, we've been telling you that something like this could happen all day" with the appropriate amount of "Fuck!" and "Fucking!" Added in." I added calmly.

Asuka stumbled. "Y-Yeah, so what!? You knew the forest was dangerous, why should I be blamed for-."

"Danger. Isn't. The. Problem." Fangs punctuated. "Danger coming from stupidity is the problem. Because of what you pulled, we dropped our guard."

Asuka chewed her lower lips for a feel moments before closing her eyes with a sigh. "Yeah, yeah, I get it alright. Asuka fucked up. I understand now, I'm sorry alright, I'll try…" She sucked a breath. "I'll try to control myself."

And that's the reason I wasn't going Sgt Detritus on her ass; she truly understands what she did.

"Personally, I had enough shouting for today," I confessed.

"Agree! fuck, this has been a hell of a day." The domina grumbled and rose to her feet. "I… just… hell, got nothing more to say. Asuka is going to sleep."

"Hold on." My call made the girl growl, but she stopped herself.

"Look Gary, no offense, but Asuka is not in the mood."

I closed my eyes.

Little by little, the pieces began to fall in place, her temper, her impatience, her mad hurry to get to her tame even before she knew he was hurt.

"Can you repeat that?"

"Repeat what? That I'm going to sleep? Urg, Look Asuka already said I'm not in the mood-"

"Asuka." Fangs cut in; it was a super effective cut because her tone carried nothing of the fury it held moments ago. She was looking at her with widening eyes. "Asuka, when was the last time you've been tamed?"

The question paralyzed the Domina.

Her breaths quickened, a blush appeared on her face, her mouth trembled as she made to answer.

Then she turned back.

"I-I-I'm going to bed, goodnight!" And she strode to her tent, right on the edge of the barrier I had raised.

"That was… Intense?" Flora was the one who broke the following silence.

"Frustrating is what this was!" Fangs groaned. "I just… You know what? Fuck it we'll deal with it in the morning!"

She stood, walked up to me, and sat on my side with a grumpy expression. I chuckled as I began to play with her ears to ease her tension.

"So… Eventful day?" Flora tried to cheer her up.

"Like you wouldn't believe."

"It was fun."

"Excuse me!?" Fangs shot me a look. "What part of that was remotely fun!?"

"Meeting a Nodoka Saotome, my timely rescue, your first official battle." I grinned, leaning sideways to give her a kiss on the cheek. "You were awesome by the way."

"Damn right I was." Fangs smiled a little, and the world became a little lighter. "We still got captured, you still got hurt, and Asuka's tamer is still in danger." She saw me raising an eyebrow and smiled some more. "Trying to be positive?"

"Well, someone has, to now that Red isn't here. Do you think I'd make a good Red?"

She shook her head. "You'd make a shitty Red, just keep being Blue."

"Eh, Blue's more awesome anyway."

She let out a heartfelt chuckle and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"So!" The wonderful, wonderful feeling of a plushy-like pair of breast hugged the back of my head; I could feel my cowgirl throwing her arms over me and molding her body against my healed back. "This day sound pretty interesting, can you tell me about it Master~."

God bless all the Milktits! They're good for a man's soul!

"Of course Flora!" I said, raising my face to nuzzle hers and leave some kisses. "It's only fair after you spend all day in your ball like that, it must have been boring." I love the way she still blushes when I kiss her, so cute. "Just let me-Damn." Couldn't reach my jacket from where I was, In any other place I'd say fuck it and continued without it, but in the Buggy Woods, one must always be prepared, even when inside a magical barrier. "One moment." I left my girls' embrace to the cold, cold world.

I never put my equipment on so fast, but it was done. I turned back to…

"Why are you glaring at one another?"

"Glaring? What glaring? I don't know what you're talking about Blue." Said Fangs ready to fight a tournament.

"There is no glaring at all master!" Chirped Flora, young and brave. "It's a friendly blinking contest between sisters!"

I sighed. Being a Tamer is hard sometimes.

A/N: the Grill Kick used in this chapter wasn't a Fire-type move, it was a ki technique, or a inventive move created by a bastardize version of a ki technique.

What Fangs did was grounded on the concept of 'hot' ki and 'cold' ki, basically a person's ki have a temperature based on their personalities, this is concept is present in 'Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple' which is one of my inspirations for ki stuff. Fangs has 'hot' ki.


That helpful info that helps:


BOOBISAUR, the Busty Plant Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: sunlight, water, nutrients through soil
Role: Farming, Gardening, Soil Regeneration, Libido boosters.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Water, Rock, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Tackle, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Lust Dust, Vine Bondage
Enhancements: Solar Rejuvenation, Seasonal Camouflage, Nature's Senses, Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4, Vines Only)
Evolves: Ivywhore (normal)
Evolves From: None

The Boobisaur is widely known almost worldwide as the classic Plant-type Pokégirl.

This Pokégirl looks less human than other commonly seen "starting" Pokégirls. Her skin and hair colors vary with the seasons and local plant life, usually both a deep green during spring and summer months, red, browns and yellows during fall months, and paler light greens during wintry conditions. In all seasons, her skin is has small darker patches of skin patterning her skin in a Cheetit-like manner. The real oddity of this Pokégirl, however, is the large plant bulb growing on her back. It's usually small, about the size of a wreckball, situated on her lower back. Because of this, a Boobisaur will never sleep or lie on her back, always preferring to lie face-down, and is usually Tamed doggy-style, or with her being on top. Most Tamers don't mind any of this at all though, instead focusing on the most notable feature a Boobisaur has: huge breasts. No Boobisaur has ever been reported with anything less than a generous C cup, and many are larger than that. Despite their size though, they never sag, nor give a Boobisaur problems with back pains.

Not being particularly strong, Boobisaurs prefer to fight from a distance. Whether it's tossing a parasitic seed at them, flinging razor sharp leaves, or using her vines as whips, Boobisaurs will generally wait until their opponent is down to close, usually finishing them off with Vine Bondage, where they use their vines to immobilize and forcefully pleasure their foe, or Lust Dust to drive them into a sexual frenzy. The two attacks together are a devastating combination.

A Boobisaur's Lust Dust attack is its signature move. Any female hit by this attack experiences a temporary but drastic surge in her libido, desperately craving intense sex. The lust is so powerful that pretty much anything else is dropped to have a quick tussle with whoever is nearby. Some lucidity does remain, since she can still choose preferred partners over strangers, but most conscious thought is gone when this technique hits home. Curiously, though the dust does affect males, its effects aren't as great. A male hit with Lust Dust does become aroused, but not to the point of forgetting all else like a female does. Researchers are still trying to figure out why. Regardless, this attack remains very popular, both for capturing new Pokégirls and for having an intense bout of Taming.

Boobisaurs are Plant-types, and as such need almost no special care to be kept alive. As long as they can get plenty of fresh water, bask in the sun for a little while, and can spend some time laying on the ground (real ground, not pavement or the floor), they're healthy. If she is injured, a Boobisaur can slowly heal herself by spending several hours just lying in the sun and not moving. This heals her wounds faster than a normal person could heal themselves, but still much slower than any real form of regeneration. A byproduct of this process is that the soil she is laying on will become very healthy, and is great for growing plants. Many gardeners own a Boobisaur, and will have her lay on their flowerbeds for hours or even days before planting to ensure that the soil is nutrient-rich. Even patches of badland can be made fertile again through this process.

Another pleasant side-effect of this is that, although when enjoying the sunshine they seem languid and almost drowsy, when they are finished, they are full of energy, and are quite enthusiastic to have sex. Having a Boobisaur release her Lust Dust attack on the rest of her Harem-sisters at this time will usually result in a very exhausting but enjoyable night for a Tamer.

It is important to note that, although constant exposure to sunshine can leave a Boobisaur seem languid and almost drowsy, when they are finished, the Boobisaurs are full of energy, and almost guaranteed to be horny, as sunlight has a strong effect on a Boobisaur's sexual desires and will amplify them over a period of time.

Boobisaurs (and their evolutionary forms) all have the ability to connect with the plant life around them, which lets them learn of nearby pokégirls or humans and to sometimes track 'girls that otherwise would leave no trail. This, unfortunately, makes catching a Boobisaur something of a tricky endeavor, as, unless removed from the flora-rich environments they thrive in, they will rarely be caught unawares.

Boobisaur is one of the more common types for a Threshold girl to turn into. Feral Boobisaurs tend to run around tossing Lust Dust at random to get someone to screw them quickly.

Spoiler: AMACHOP

AMACHOP, the Tough Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Human style
Role: Physical Labor, Construction Workers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Special Weaknesses: Can't swim
Attacks: Body Slam, Toss, Crushing Punch, Low Kick, Focus
Enhancements: Enhanced Density (x2), Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Durability (x6), Reinforced Musculoskeletal Structure
Evolves: Amachoke (normal), Atemi (Healing Palms)
Evolves From: None

One of the most common types of the Fighting breeds, the Amachop is not a beauty by pokégirl standards. The Amachop could almost be mistaken for a Soixante-Neuf if it wasn't for four main characteristics. While the Amachop is 'normal' looking by human standards, her entire body has a grayish-blue tint to it. An Amachop that tries to tan only finds her odd coloration to darken. The second characteristic is that Amachops as a whole are around the size of young teenage girls. While the average Soixante-Neuf is around 5' tall, no Amachop has ever been documented to be more than an inch above 5'6". The third trait, is they they are not are of course not as beautiful as some pokegirls, having a rather average face, with eyes and hair that stay in the realm as an average humans, though, they can look prettier with the application of beautification products. The fourth, and most distinct trait, is that they're very muscular.

All Amachops tend to fall into one of two categories when it comes to their muscles. Bulk or Definition. The former are heavy body-builders, wanting to pack on as much muscle mass as possible. During their free time, and when not in need of taming, they can be found lifting weights or doing other work outs. The Amachops that prefer to focus more on definition are just as strong as their bulkier sisters, just not as bulky, due to their latent ability to use chi, to enhance their muscles. They prefer to spend their training by lifting light (to them) weights instead of maxing out at every chance they get, because they can of course make up for it with the use of chi. Though, oddly enough, it is not often that an Amachop realizes that they are using chi to enhance their bodies. Because of their muscular nature their bodies, even if they've let themsleves go, stay firm. Their breasts are a universal B-cup. Permanent applications of Bloom Powder and Buttsprout Powder last longer than the temporary versions, but the Amachop's metabolism burns through the additional fatty tissue quickly as she works out. Swimming isn't a sport, past time, or form of exercise for these girls. Because of their dense muscle mass, and even denser skeletal structure, Amachops all swim as well as Rock-types.

Amachops are ever rarely found at any dojo's or any other place that teaches Martial Arts. However, when another pokegirl or someone who understand Chi, points it out to an Amachop, some of them decide to practice martial arts to better understand Chi's applications. Despite this a majority rely on their strength, dense bodies, and walls of muscle to not only protect them from damage, but to crush their opponents quickly. Because of their general lack of discipline to any form of martial training an Amachop rarely uses weapons. If they do then it will more than likely be something that they can use as a club, though because of their strength their weapons tend to break rather quickly. Restraints are absolutely required for tamings. Amachops very rarely learn how to restrain themselves from anything they do, and a horny Amachop riding her tamer can quickly turn her Tamer's pelvis area into nothing more than broken bones and bruised tissue. Though some of the Amachop's who go for definition have been noted to control this urge to tame their tamer into a literal pulp. Thresholding into an Amachop is common, especially if the girl comes from a line that has an abundance of either Fighting-types or the stronger pokégirls in their ancestry. Feral girls, while not inherently menacing, should be carefully approached. Ferals hold nothing back when they fight, which can prove devastating to even an experienced Tamer.


Type: Near Human - Not Very Near Human (Caterpillar Animorph)
Element: Bug
Frequency: Common
Diet: Herbivore
Role: Farm worker
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock, bird Pokégirls
Attacks: Quick Attack, String Shot, Saw Strike, Cry Wolf
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Recovery
Evolves: Tomboy (battle stress), Titapod (normal), Applepie (Strong diet of apples + Orgasm), Sylph (Battle Stress + Sky Crystal)
Evolves From: None

A Cutiepie looks like a waif-like human in some ways. General they have wavy or curly hair of very bright colors. Their skin is a pale green with darker spots. The exoskeleton is easily overlooked as it is very smooth, appearing like normal skin for the most part except for around the joints, which have the typical hinge like appearance of most arthropods. Their antennae are very sensitive and can be damaged easily, as well as their large, multifaceted eyes. Cutiepies are usually very polite and well-mannered and love to be helpful. They are shy around new people, but once they come to trust someone, they are very open with them. They tend to be very respectful, even of people they don't care for.

Cutiepies only evolves into Tomboys on rare occasions, and then only because many Cutiepie are descended in part from Tomboy ancestors. Cutiepie normally evolve to the Titapod stage and then eventually to the Buttitsfree stage.

Cutiepie are much more capable in combat then their small size would lead one to believe. They can be fairly quick on their feet, and being as small as they are, can be rather hard to hit. With proper use, String Shot can severely entangle an opposing Pokégirl. Cutiepie are best used as support fighters, slowing down potentially troublesome Pokégirls for the rest of her Harem to finish off.

Feral Cutiepies are easily spooked. They tend to spray anyone they see as a threat with String Shot and then run off. Bird Pokégirls are recommended for chasing down a fleeing Cutiepie.

Cutiepie is a fairly common outcome for Threshold girls, something that does not sit well with a large portion of the female population. The size change alone takes a lot of getting used to, and many girls feel very uncomfortable having a bug-like anatomy.

Spoiler: TITAPOD

Type: Near Human (Animorph Cocoon)
Element: Bug
Frequency: Common
Diet: Herbivore, though they enjoy sugar treats
Role: punching bag
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Quick Attack, String Shot, Quickturn, Cry Wolf, Harden
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x10), Lightweight
Evolves: Buttitsfree (normal)
Evolves From: Cutipie (normal)

Titapods are the normal evolution for Cutipies, requiring very little effort to attain. It usually only requires a handful of battles. Titapods gain a few inches in height and lose the delicate antennae on her head. Her exoskeleton is much more noticeable and expands to cover her entire body when using Harden.

A Titapod's exoskeleton is much stronger then her unevolved form, and she is able to take an incredible amount of punishment for such a small Pokégirl. She only gains one new attack, Harden, but she makes very good use of it. By using String Shot to slow an opponent down, a Titapod can rapidly use Harden multiple times until her exoskeleton becomes near invincible to physical blows. During the war, groups of Titapods were known to sneak up on enemies and immobilize them with string shots, their exoskeletons easily handling most infantry weapons. They would then leave as larger Pokégirls would move in to finish the job. With her small size making it that much harder for an opponent to hit her, a fully hardened Titapod can easily wear down many Pokégirl types simply by waiting for them to exhaust themselves trying to hurt her.

Fighting-types both love and hate Titapods. They hate trying to fight one, since all their attacks tend to do (when they actually manage to hit her) is send the little Pokégirl flying, which is usually ended by using String Shot to attach herself to any available object, sometimes the attacking Pokégirl. This has lead to cases where a Titapod has managed to knock a Pokégirl out using the energy of their own attack, as she bounces back like a yo-yo. When in the same Harem however, Titapods tend to get along well with Fighting-types. The Pokégirl is often used as a training device for the fighting girls. Titapods will often string themselves up from a tree and hang there, letting themselves be used as a punching bag.

Titapods are very easy to take care of, requiring little food or attention. They tend to be lethargic and only move when they need to. Their mood, and libido, can be raised however with doses of sugar, which they greatly enjoy.

Taming a Titapod, just like with a Cutipie, is a bit tricky, since their small size means non but the least endowed tamers would be able to fit. It tends to be a job best done with special toys or the Tamer's
fingers instead. Titapods tend to approach Taming like they do everything else; with as little effort on their part as they can get away with.

Feral Titapods are a challenge to find, as they tend to only move around at night, spending the day in hiding. However if found during the daylight hours, they tend to be one of the easiest Pokégirls to capture. Due to their ability to withstand damage, they have little fear of anything and rarely even try to run away. It is rarely required to weaken a Titapod before capturing her, since her standard response to any perceived threat, such as a Pokéball, is to just wait it out.

Threshold girls occasionally turn straight to Titapods. Unless she was already laid back before hand, most people tend to find the girl's new personality depressing by comparison.


Type: Near Human (Hymenoptera Animorph)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: Vegetarian
Role: Fodder Soldiers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Air Recovery, Honey, Sweet Honey, Syrup, Stun Venom, Bitch Slap, Enervating Venom, Intellect Poison, Blur, Quickturn, Quick Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Durability (x4), Flight (Wings), Natural Weapons (Stinger Tail, Breast-Stingers), Construction Material Creation (Wax), Hive Mind (Drone)
Evolves: Buzzqueen (mechanism unknown), Killerbreast (special ceremony from queen), Assasara (Heavy Metal)
Evolves From: None

Buzzbreasts were one of the soldier Pokégirls Sukebe created during the Revenge War. Easy to make and considered expendable, they became one of the most commonplace Pokégirls in existence upon War's end. Once the War was over, Buzzbreasts took to the wild and became known as the first Pokégirl pests, due to their tendency to swarm people and other Pokégirls invading their territory, carrying them off to be converted into new swarm mates. They were fairly easy to drive off with various bug sprays, however, so their threat level was never upgraded to beyond 'pesky.' They also became a mostly favored prey animal for more powerful Feral Pokégirls, as they were fairly easy to catch.

Buzzbreasts are a bit more attractive than their rarer cousins, the Wasps, having very feminine faces, curvaceous bodies with C-Cup breasts, and hair that's usually striped black and yellow, or in some cases, lavender. They have light chitinous armor on their arms, legs, and torsos, mainly around the underside of their breasts. They have long, gossamer wings that are surprisingly durable, and have a stinger tail on their backs, the stinger a hollow pointed tip that cannot be retracted. Unlike the stinger of a normal bee, the tail stinger of a Buzzbreast can be used repeatedly without being fatal. A Buzzbreast's internal structure is more insectile, and her major organs are protected by a thick chitinous shell that protects her from most normal blade or bullet damage. Their eyes are compound, and they have stingers mounted in their breasts in a hollow, flexible tube just above their nipples. This makes any sexplay involving their breasts risky, but some Tamers enjoy the challenge. Buzzbreasts are generally favored by beginning Tamers as they are easy to catch and train (provided one can get away from the swarm after catching one). Their threat level upgrades somewhat when the Buzzqueen enters her 'heat,' signifying the beginning of her Mating Season, as they become more ferocious in battle, and more inclined to attack.

Buzzbreasts have no sense of individuality, their mind little more than a drone for their hive. Their will is that of their 'Queen,' be it a Tamer and an Alpha Pokégirl or a Buzzqueen. However due to this lack of will, they are easy to gain the loyalty of once Tamed. When solidly bonded to a 'Queen' and 'hive,' however, they become ferociously loyal and are hard to turn. During Mao Shin Mao's attacks, several Buzzbreasts that could not be turned back towards loyalty from Pokégirls only were assassinated. Some Buzzbreasts, if separated from the hive long enough, do begin to grow in intelligence and gain a will and personality of their own.

In the wild, Buzzbreasts reproduce by finding a Pokégirl or human that is alone or has come too close to the hive, using their Stop Sting to immobilize them or, failing that, entice them back with their Honey, and then bringing him/her back to the hive. The Buzzqueen then forms a cocoon around the victim and places it in her chamber, the chemicals inside the cocoon turning the victim into a Buzzbreast drone within a few weeks time. Buzzbreast Pokégirls or Pokéwomen cannot have kits of their own unless they evolve to Buzzqueen.

Buzzbreasts have a small variety of abilities. While not inherently poisonous, like their species-cousins, the Wasps, they do have the ability to emit venoms of varying status effects, such as Silence or Berserk. They also can generate the various 'Honey' techniques, although these aren't used as much by Ferals. They can also, after collecting enough pollen, generate a sticky wax on their limbs, which they use to maintain and build their hives, as well as trap potential victims for their 'Queen.'

Thresholding into a Buzzbreast is extremely rare, due to the nature of how they are formed, but not unheard of. The first sign that a girl is Thresholding into a Buzzbreast is that they stop questioning anything they are told.


Type: Near Human - Not Very Near Human (Hymenoptera Animorph)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (One per hive)
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Breeder, Hive Leader, Alpha Pokegirl
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Love Sting, Love 'N' Affection, Sting, Double Sting, TriSting, Rapid Sting, Musk, Bitch Slap, Itchy Sting, Melting Venom, Sonic Break, Honey, Sweet Honey, Royal Honey, Syrup
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Durability (x6), Flight (Wings) Natural Weapon (Tri-stinger tail), Pheromone Production, Hive Mind (Queen), Multi-Limbed (4 arms, 2 legs)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buzzbreast (mechanism unknown)

Buzzqueens are an all-around enhancement to the Buzzbreast. Their breasts enlarge by two cup sizes, and their internal and external armor thickens, save for around their womb and general belly area, where it softens considerably and the stingers in their breasts migrate to their tail, turning their tail stinger into a much more formidable weapon. They keep the same yellow and black color scheme of the Buzzbreast, but their compound eyes become red and they gain two extra arms. Their hips widen and their rumps become rounder and softer. Also, frequently, they are a little chubby.

Buzzbreasts are fodder soldiers. Buzzqueens, however, are dangerous. There is no bounty on them, however, as they lack the inherent viciousness of a Wasp Queen and her swarm. A Tamer who does manage to Tame and fully control one gets a powerful ally. He or she also gets a helluva lot of respect, as capturing a Buzzqueen means entering one of the hives created by a Buzzbreast swarm, fighting or charming their way past a veritable militia of vicious insect girls, and then Taming the Buzzqueen herself, earning her trust and respect to get her to call the swarm off. Once bonded to a Tamer, the Buzzqueen loses control over her hive, retaining just enough control to get them to leave the Tamer and his/her Pokégirls alone. She then takes her 'favorite' Buzzbreast lover off and does something to evolve her into a new Buzzqueen, so that the hive will never be without one. As of yet, no Buzzqueen Tamer has seen what she does. Another way Buzzqueens are formed, although the particular mechanism is unknown, is a Buzzqueen's favored bedmate evolving when the hive becomes too crowded. She then takes half of the workers and eggs, flying off to start a new hive someplace else. This prevents the Buzzqueen from having to consume part of her own hive just to keep the population down. The Buzzqueen's favorite also evolves into a Buzzqueen if the previous Buzzqueen was killed. The specific genetic trigger for this is unknown. One theory is the evolution is triggered via a combination of a mental command and consumption of great amounts of Royal Honey and/or Royal Syrup.

Buzzqueens and Buzzbreasts were created directly by Cocooner herself, her first gift to Sukebe during the War. Buzzqueens she gave the frightening ability to turn other living beings into Buzzbreasts. They first lure their prey in with their Honey, lulling them into a daze with the extra pheremones produced in it. They then secrete a milky white resin from glands in their mouths, using it to entirely coat their victim. The resin hardens quickly, forming a cocoon around the victim. The Buzzqueen then injects the victim with a trio of chemicals that both render the victim comatose and then transmute the victim inside into a Buzzbreast after a one-month period. This occurs most frequently during summer months, when Buzzqueens go into heat, causing them to mate a great number of times to satisfy their needs.

Buzzqueens generally are not fighters. They are meant more for lovemaking, and spend nearly all of their time inside the center of the hive structures the swarm lives in, Taming their workers and victims and helping to increase the swarm, which also does the majority of fighting for the Buzzqueen. Their libidos are high, causing them to produce Honey at a much greater rate than normal. They also have a high Feral intelligence, like their Wasp Queen counterpart, showing a great sense of organization. Buzzqueens frequently go into parthenogenesis pregnancies, laying eggs and nursing their young once they hatch. Buzzqueens can add to their genetic stock by consuming other Pokégirls, although they cannot produce anything other than Buzzbreasts. Pokéwomen Buzzqueens produce Buzzbreasts more often than human children.

In the extraordinarily rare instance that a Buzzqueen is found in a harem, it's usually from a Buzzbreast that has been away from their hive for a great deal of time. They are almost always Alphas, as Tamed Buzzqueens make excellent leaders. Buzzqueens that are freed of their Tamer do not go back to their old hive, as their extreme fertility and frequent parthenogenesis usually will have given them a decent-sized swarm to help build a new one.

In the last fifty years, an antidote was developed to the chemicals that Buzzqueens use to make new drones. Granted, getting back captured Tamers and Pokégirls usually involves a hive invasion, which in turn results in many dead Buzzbreasts and, if she survived, a soon to be very fat Buzzqueen who will then start giving birth to replace her lost warriors, but hey, whatever works. The antidote is totally effective ONLY if administered during the first two weeks. If given to the victim during the third week a human will become an Ingenue whilst a Pokégirl will be a G-Spliced hybrid of a Buzzbreast and her original type. During the fourth week the victim will be a Buzzbreast, but will still have all their memories, free will, and personality. If the poison runs its course then the victim will be a Feral Buzzbreast and unable to remember their former lives.

Buzzqueens have a strong rivalry with Wasp Queens. If a Wasp Queen invades a Buzzqueen's hive, the two will automatically start battling in a manner so ferocious the end result is nine times out of ten the death of both Queens. It's considered unwise to have a Buzzqueen and Wasp Queen in the same Harem unless you have something powerful to keep them from killing each other. There's a popular book series about a Tamer who managed to have a Buzzqueen and a Wasp Queen as his co-Alphas, using a Rosebreasts to keep the two from fighting, but it's generally regarded as being completely fictional, the feat being impossible.
Part of what sets a Buzzqueen apart from a Wasp Queen, aside from obvious demeanor and species differences, is that Buzzqueens are far more practical than their more vicious cousins. They do not appreciate having a rival Buzzqueen come near their hive, especially since the presence of another Buzzqueen causes the drones of a hive to start becoming confused from the conflicting mental signals. However if they feel that fighting wouldn't be worth it, they will put up with the other Buzzqueen's presence. This was especially prevalent during the Revenge War, when Buzzqueens sometimes would have to combine their forces to make up for heavy losses.

No one is really sure how the evolution to a Buzzqueen is triggered. A few theories were put forth, mostly regarding the two incidences mentioned earlier in the entry, but very few panned out. Researchers were also unwilling to try and investigate, due to the heavy risk of being turned into Buzzbreasts themselves.
In terms of Taming, Buzzqueens greatly love oral sex, and seeing a Tamer lick their honey off of their hands is a tremendous turn on for them. The fact that their cunts produce a delicious, nutritious honey is a definite added bonus. When their breasts lactate, either from Milktit milk stimulation or a recent pregnancy, parthogenetic or otherwise, the milk has a sweet, honey-flavored tinge to it. Also a good way to get a hive's worth of Taming is to present a Buzzqueen with at least one Plant Pokégirl. Buzzqueens and, by extension, Buzzbreasts, adore flowers. Pollen has a light aphrodisiac effect on them, and having a large garden or a Plant Pokégirl will go a long way in creating good relations between a Tamer and a hive. Some towns have been known to keep Flowergirls (one of the Buzz breed's seeming favorite type of Plant Pokégirl, the other being Cunnydews) around, along with several large, flowering gardens. This in turn, along with people willing to Tame the Buzzqueen and her hive to prevent her Mating Season (which only occurs while she is Feral) from occurring. Keeping a Buzzqueen and her hive Tame, in addition to making sure that everybody who wants some Taming with a sexy bee-girl can get some, allows them to have a Buzzbreast hive practically inside the town without incident. As mentioned before, Buzzbreasts and Buzzqueens love Flowergirls. The Buzzbreasts and Buzzqueen will keep the Flowergirls eagerly Tamed (usually into a near comatose state), and their pollen collecting will help keep allergens down. Some towns who do this have also bartered Buzzbreast and Buzzqueen honey in exchange for Taming from Flowergirls and willing townsfolk.

Cases of Thresholding into a Buzzqueen have not been recorded yet, and it's presumed to be impossible to do so.

Recent Notes: A fairly efficient way of keeping a Buzzbreast swarm at bay during a Buzzqueen's mating season has recently been discovered: Smoke. A Kunoichi Tamer known only as Smoke who also had powers of a similar theme managed to drive off an attacking swarm by generating a massive amount of smoke. According to his reports, the sulfuric smell, in addition to suffocating them, it also produces a light intoxication affect. One of Smoke's Kunoichi, who also had Psychic abilities, reported that the smoke also temporarily disrupted the swarm's mental connection to their Buzzqueen. Notes on how to produce a good sized amount of smoke safely have been added to the General Information section of the public Pokédex.