Chapter 01


I slam my hand on the demonic machine with a curse on the tip of my tongue. Clearly, alarm clocks were another one Sukotto's invention to torment mankind, I still baffled by people inability to see that…

Fuck, it's too early to ramble…

I let out a loud yawn, moving to get out of bed and begin the morning stretching. Experience told that if I spend too much time lying there, I will nod off for sure.

The exercise started the gradual process of waking me up.

After I transformed into a slightly more functional zombie. I made my way through the dark house in the direction of the bathroom. Once inside, I grabbed the toothbrush and processed with the morning rituals.

I'm still getting slight flashes of panic when I see the pale-skinned, brown-haired kid in the mirror sometimes, even without seeing the vibrant blue eyes. But I don't let it ruin my day anymore.

The final challenge and the only thing that could fully awake me came next.

The dreaded cold shower.

I almost manage to hold back the squeal back this time…

After the long process of awakening, I went down the stair to the bright kitchen, where the sight of the other morning zombie greeted me.

Maryanne floats around in the kitchen with practiced ease; the precise and fast movements were in direct contrast to the look on her face, which betrayed the fact that she was acting solely on deeply practiced instincts.

Even since she noticed that I was beginning my days at five o'clock in the morning, she forces herself awake half an hour before me. "To make sure I was eating a proper breakfast," she said while shrugging off my objections. I swear this woman is too nice for her own good sometimes.

She's also the first sign that this world is definitely not my own. And, as she usually is the first person I see every morning, was responsible for many of my reality checks, when I woke up feeling confused about my situation.

She is a beautiful woman; there is no denying that. It is something that the flimsy nightwear and the loosely tied apron only accentuates. Her body was perky and taut with a modest bust and long legs; her gentle features were pretty and inviting, showing only a few marks to tell her age, all while begin crowed by a soft dark hair, currently tangled in a way that looked more fun than messy.

Definitely not bad for a woman pushing seventy.

… And she also has some additional parts; parts that made me stare at her for an uncomfortable amount of time on many occasions.

A layer of short brown fur coated her skin, while a long, thin tail growled from above her rear. The extra appendage in question was holding a frying pan with a fantastic show of skill, making sure the eggs cooked just right.

Maryanne Oak was a pokegirl- well, pokewoman to be exact- she was the alpha* and the wife of my grandfather, Professor Alphonse Oak.

Yes, she is a pokegirl, a pornographic version of pokemon that I was into when I was a teenager, and let me tell you if I knew I would be reincarnated here, I would have paid more attention to it.

Her presence… helped… yes, it untimely enabled me to come to terms with my sudden reincarnation, even if it did freak me out sometimes. I mean, there were a lot of people who appreciated furies in my old world, but I don't think they ever considered how fucking uncanny it would be to have one living and breathing in the same house.

I eventually come to appreciate the coat of fur, as it was so short that it looked like a pigment on her skin, and I even find her tail to me charming.

And thankfully, she didn't have a snout. A snout in a human-like face just looked wrong. Seriously, why would someone want to stick a dick in that?

A finger flipped my nose.

"You stood there for two full minutes. Are you ranting mentally again? I told you to wait until you're seven to do that." Maryanne said with a sleepy tone.

"I can't help it. I have to rant about the world's unfairness!" I declared proudly.

"While looking at my butt?"

"… It's a pretty nice butt." It is fucked up, but it isn't untrue.

"Heh, nice save kid. Sit down already. I'm almost finished." She strokes my hair a little before went back to cooking.

I did what I was told and soon a full plate of bacon, eggs, sausages and beans accompanied by a glass of orange juice and another of milk- because of course there would be milk- was presented in front of me.

There is a saying in the Oak household; one could not last more than four seconds with a plate of Maryanne's food in front of them, and that saying is very much true. Aunt Deliah is the only one who comes close to her in culinary skills, and I pretty sure she learned most of what she knows with her.

While I was devouring my plate the Titmouse's* slender arms wrapped me into a loose but comfortable embrace, she nuzzles the top on my head for a few moments, and almost fell asleep there, if the momentary drop of her weigh was any indication, then, she lays a kiss on my forehead and tell me to keep it on the safe routes before heading to the stairs. Usually, I would have responded, but I pretty sure I would be admonished for talking with a full mouth.

I remember the few time she tried to stay awake to make small talk, it always ended up with her sleeping on the table, and me putting a pillow and a blanket on her. It was funny.

But then again, she was actively fighting against a fifty years long tradition of waking up at seven a.m. I honestly couldn't blame her.

I swallow the rest of my breakfast. Making sure to drink the milk (always drink the milk always!) and made my way out of the house.

Immediately, the pure, clear air of the countryside reached me, and I was graced by the sight of the firsts ray of sunlight pouring from the horizon, basking pallet town in a transcendent light.

…This always reminds me that I'm alive. I may technically be living the fifteen-year-old me wet dream, but it doesn't mean that it isn't real. This isn't a place where a guy could drop in and have ease pussy whenever he like, this is a full breathing world with its own complexities and nuances, and every day I'm finding out more about it.

I'm living a life right now, my future still just was uncertain was my old one, the only difference is that I started again from childhood and that I know a bit more about this place than a regular kid.

For example, I don't know what I am going to do in the future. It's easy to say I'll become a tamer without knowing what this truly entails, but no matter what I choose to be, this will still be a very dangerous world in the future.

And I know that, so I can prepare to deal with it.

My five-year-old body can't handle strength training, so the solution is to run.

And running always is a very valuable skill in a world like this.


Pallet Town is the textbook example of a small rural town.

With only a few hundred inhabitants, building that spread out across peaceful plains, a central commercial street, a few official building, three big farms and of course; the Professor lab.

You could say that this town basically formed around Gramps lab, and he still played a huge role in the town economy, being the world reference for anything pokegirl that bring many important and reputed persons to visit the place, and many casual the tourist that arrive to take pictures of the lab.

It weird have that many people come to see what is essentially my house, but at least it got a sick windmill on it, so the picture won't be too boring.

So anyway, Pallet Town in undoubtedly small-sized, but it spreads out quite well, and that almost double its size and increase the ground that I was allowed to run.

And boy, if this new body was good for something, it's running.

You see, over the years I came to realize something unnatural about my body, most certainly a result of pokegirls genes mixing with the human one for a few generations. I noticed that I took considerably longer to tire than a normal infant (what I was at the time) after that, with the intent to take advantage of everything that might help me survive this crazy world, I began to hone this trait. And little by little my stamina grew.

Now, I struggle to find a limit to it. It takes three full hours of constant sprinting even to begin to tire me out.

Seriously, there is definitely something strange happening here, but everyone that knows about it treats like it wasn't a big deal. So I decided to wait and see where this goes.

My three hours marathon ends at the edge of the commercial street, in the back door of another landmark of our town.

The Sweet Temptation was the best bakery/small café in town, it even managed to bring the attention of some foreigner magazines in recent times, the place enjoys the loyal clientele of every single person in pallet town, and it's famous for providing mouth-watering desserts, high-quality bread and the best-looking pokewoman in town.

I took a bit moment to catch my breath; it usually takes a few minutes for me to be ready to go again.

Grabbing the spare key from its hidden place, I quickly made my way inside.

The gorgeous Damsel* was finishing the last preparations for another day of hard work, wearing her trademark blouse plus long skirt combo, with a frilly apron that hugs her ample figure, showing a distracting figure.

"Hey aunt Deliah, you look dazzling today." It was just one more compliment to the dozens she will no doubt be receiving today, but I like to think that mines are a bit more sincere than the ones that will come sorely to get in her pants.

"Oh, hello Gary! I see that you didn't forget your charms!" She giggles attractively, her eyes twinkling in a way that only happens to her son and me. But her smile soon turns into a motherly frown. "And you are sweaty and dirty like always. I should have known." She lets out a frustrated huff that sounded way more playful than she must have intended. "Up! To the Shower! Right now mister! And bring my lazy son with you when you get back ok, just because you boys don't have classes it doesn't mean he can sleep in."

"Hehe, sorry for the trouble aunty, I'd be sure to bring the kid."

Ash and his mother lived on the second floor of the bakery. It was more spacious than one might think and very cozy. This place was practically my second home with the amount of time I spent here, and the same could be said for Ash and my house.

Ignore the kid's room in favor of taking a quick shower and grab a change of clothes from the "Gary's reserves".

Then, I move to wake Ash.

"Here we are, once again, with your poor mother giving up of your lazy butt and delegated the task to me, as a mighty queen would do to her most trusted vassal.

He groans frustratedly, turns to the other side and buries his head under the sheets.

"And so I! Glorious Gary! -Double G for close friends- has taken this futile task under the banner of the Morning Larks Shinning Queendom, and I will not rest until the terrible lazy dragon was finally-"

"Shut uuup, Gaaaryy." A whine came from under sheets? "It's too early."

"Oh. My. God!" I enunciated dramatically. "I was wrong the whole time, that voice! GAH! That sweet angelic voice that hugs my ears! C-could it be-"

"Go awayyy! You're annnnoying meee."

"'Tis you my sweet princess? Does your presence once again illuminate my life-"

A loud gasp comes from the sheets. And Ash Ketchum of Pallet town burst out from his nest.

"Oh heck no! You are not doing thing the princess thing again!" The kid said with a heavy blush, "IT WAS GROSS!"

"It got your butt out of bed didn't?" I deadpanned, "Now, you'd better take a shower within the next fill minutes if you want your lips to stay pure and untouched."

He sputters angrily, but gave up in the end and went to the bathroom without further resistance. I had to struggle to hold back my laughter.

One of the best things about having an adult mind in a child body, the utter lack of shame resulted from a lifetime of giving fucks to easily. Now I have very few fucks left to give.


Aunt Deliah's berry muffins taste like heaven, especially when combined with cold milk.

We were sitting in one of the few tables of the bakery, Ash was swallowing his breakfast, and I was having a quick snack.

"So, what the plan for today kid?" I ask him.

Ash stayed annoyed at me for a total of five minutes before went back to his usual happy-go-lucky attitude.

"Malcosh Cousish is visitingh today!" He swallows the piece of pancakes before continuing. "We're all going to meet and show him around! It's gonna be so much fun!" He shouts, his red eyes shining in a way not unlike his mother's.

"You're still hanging out you Malcolm and his crew? There are the ones that play rough right?"

To tell the truth; Ash hangs out with pretty much everybody. But these guys… well, they are too young to be considered bullies, but they do have some worrisome tendencies.

"Yeah, their games are always so fun!" He said with his voice oozing ponies and rainbows.

Oh, sweet summer child, if only more people thought like you.

"Are you going with us, Gary?"

Normally, I would say fuck no (in a pg13 way) I don't like spending time with the town children because they are usually too whiny or too childish- Ash is an exception 'cause he had a bro pass. But this annoying brat tattled to my gramps that I was spending my all my free time training, and I end up facing the wrath of three very pissed off pokewomen who were concerned about my lack of "socialization", so now, I had to put on a show of getting along with my peers from time to time.

…Plus, I wanted to watch his back around those kids

"Yeah sure, why not. Got nothing better to do anyway." Truth. I didn't have much to do, other than train or study, and with Gramps not allowing me to the lab in the afternoon due to him studying a 'hazardous pokegirl', I lost access to most of my books.


…The corniness of his celebration took a few points from our bromance, but he'll probably regain those later anyway…

On that moment, the little bell above the door ringed, and The Sweet Temptation had its first clients for the day.

I saw Ash's face contort into one of joy by the sight of the said client, which prompted me to turn around to see who it is. Soon, my own on smile appears.

Thomas Camps just strode into the establishment, complete with his leaguer official uniform and his cowboy hat. He is a somewhat famous figure around the town, and deservingly so, as he was one of the reasons we slept safely at night.

You see, he is the leader of a squadron of leagues contracted tamers (who also have ties with Viridian City's police force) that are responsible for keeping the Route one, and the cities it connects, safe from the feral pokegirls. He and his men are the ones who kept the feral population down and deal with any complication that the sonic frequency field couldn't handle. They usually stay stationed in their outpost in the middle of the Route, but many of them travel to the town when they can to relax and visit friends and families.

Thomas himself is a pretty chill dude, who practically radiates an aura of "crazy uncle" he is also very popular with the kid because he keeps bringing thickets from Viridian to give to us, I'm the only one who asks for books though.

A squad of twelve men enters after him; I recognized most of them save for two.

"HEY, THOMAS!" Ash greeted happily, drawing his attention

"Hehey kids, how's it going?" he said moving to mess both of our hair with the paws he tries to pass as hands. "Got something good from the boosters I brought you?" He asked Ash.

"Oh man, did I!" the kid perked out with the prospect of talking about this world weird card game. "I almost manage to complete my Adventurer set. I only need a blue hedgehog and a two-tailed fox to finish! Then, that dummy Bart will see what my deck can do."

The tamer looked just as lost as I was. I try to change subjects before everything devolved into madness.

"So Thomas, new faces?" I pointed to the two guys standing awkwardly in the corner while the rest of the squad made themselves comfortable.

"Oh yeah, so you noticed. These two are Mark and Rick, fresh faces from Viridian to join our effort to protect the town," He smiles. "And what better way to start that, than with a tour around the very town they will be protecting! First, stop being the best bakery in the region of course. And that reminds me…" he turns to Ash, his smile gaining an edge. "Where is your mother champ, is she around?"

"I'm heeeree." Aunt Deliah sang, emerging from the back. "Oh my, so many customers!" she bubbles with an easy smile. "Thomas dear, it has been too long."

Damsels are famous for being one of the more attractive breeds of pokegirls, and even among her kind, Deliah stands out. So is no surprise that she captured all attention from the room.

"…Indeed," Thomas comment quietly, I could see him gulping, and he admired her womanly form, "I definitely don't come to Pallet as much as I should." He said not even attempting to hide the motive.

Aunt Deliah's smile grew, and she acquired a lovely blush after that.

It was almost comical how he completely forgot about us and slid to the register.

Poor Ash definitively felt the change in the atmosphere but was left looking around not understanding what was happening. I, for my part, was left wondering who much they will manage to last before sending us away.

Yes, The Sweet Temptation very much provided another kind of services, like I said this place was famous for providing mouth-watering desserts, high-quality bread and the best-looking pokewoman in town.

"My dear Deliah!" Thomas was smiling ear to ear, his white teeth contrasted nicely with his ebony skin. "A pair of new recruits just arrived from Viridian city, and I thought; what a better way to introduce them to Pallet town, than let they experience the full Temptation experience."

I don't think she was expecting this to happen when she opened the shop, but with her being a lonely single mother who still very much needs taming, and her tendency to accept just about anyone who asked politely…well, one thing led to another, and it became a special feature of the bakery.

I don't think she was bothered by it, though.

Deliah innocently leans her body to the side, looking beyond Thomas to the increasingly shocked new recruits. "I see." She hummed knowingly, passing her eyes to the packed bakery.

"And you all came to watch as your new companions experience that?" she asks sweetly.

She was being coy…

"I can answer that, ma'am." A heavyset man with a bushy beard spoke. "You see, there has been so long since any of us got the full experience that we became restless with the prospect of the rookies getting it before we do, so we all decided to pay a full experience for all of us," his words were met with a few affirmatives from the crowd.

"All of you. Oh, my!" she said counting the men with her eyes. "I don't know I still have what it takes to serve so many people, I not as young as I use to be." She said downheartedly

Yep… definitely being coy.

But nevertheless, her words were followed by exclamations of encouragement.

"Deliah..." Thomas began, his voice slightly stronger than before. He knew aunt Deliah was weak to insistence. "Do this for your old friend. I know you can do this."

She made I convicting show of slumping her shoulder in defeat. I'm sure that it fooled all men here that don't interact with her on her regular bases.

"All right you big doofus, I can't say no to that face of yours." She conceded, taking out the apron and leaving in the counter.

Thomas's eyes lifted up like a kid on Christmas, the rest of the men started to let out celebrations of their own.

Deliah rolled her eyes at their reactions with knowingly slime on her lips. Then she then moved from behind the register with slow and enticing movements, masterfully commanding all the horny Tamer's attention with the sways of her hips, as she made her way to our table.

Ash, who was confused until now but become entranced by the happy atmosphere at the end, perk up when he saw in mother coming.

"Sweetie." Deliah began with her musical voice, "Mommy got to work now, you know the rules," she leans a bit down as to enunciate her words but the arching of her back told of the show she was giving for those behind her. "And you do have somewhere to be today, right?"

"Malcolm's cousin! You right!" he quickly jumps to his feet, Deliah leaning, even more, to receive the kiss on her cheek. "Come on Gary! We're gonna be late!" and he ran outside like the energetic kid that he is.

Oh, summer child! I dread the day you look back and realize what is about to happen to your mother.

"Keep him out of trouble?" comes a whisper in my ears, I turn to the starlit orange eyes.


My response got me a giggle and a wet kiss on the forehead.

"That's my little man, now go."

I went at a more sedate pace, stopping just by the door and looking back at the scene.

She stood in the same place with the same motherly smile and kind eyes, but the guys weren't nearly as patient and already began surrounding her, she also wasn't waving anymore, most likely due to her wrists being pulled to her back and in the process of being tied together.

She is going to be at the mercy of these fine gentlemen for at least the next few hours.

"I'll try to drag him back before sunset, but I can't promise anything."

I close the door behind me, not bothering to wait for a response; these guys were so horny that they would probably jump on her if she let her enticing voice once more, 'child in the vicinity' be damned.

…I also did her a favor and changed the 'open' sigh for the 'momentarily on hold' when I left. I'd better get some more muffin for that.


I yawned loudly under the afternoon sun and the cold breeze, laying comfortably in the soft grass while making sure the little rascals don't hurt themselves.

They were playing a variation on the classic game of tag, one called "Catch the pokegirl" which consist on one of more kids being the 'pokegirl' and trying to run while the others being the "Tamers" tying to throw their pokeballs (Everyone had a toy pokeball) at them.

No one was annoying me, and the kids are having fun; what more could I ask?

"Hey, Gary!" Ash come out from the group of kids who were debating the vital matter of 'Who will be the Pokegirls and who will be the Tamers'

"Aren't you going to play this round?" He asks when he got closer.

I smile, remembering my experience in the first round; where I left everybody in the dust and got into everybody's nerves.

Ash didn't notice anything, bless the kid.

"Nah man, I'm tired from my morning run. You go on without me."

"But you recover really fast," He pouts adorably. "You can't say here and not do anything all day!"

"I'm not; not doing anything, I'm doing something," I said calmly.

"Oh." He immediately went from frustrated to curious. "What are you doing?"

"I'm chilling."

"Ooooh…And what's that?"

"It's like…"I ponder for a moment. "You stop for just a moment to appreciate the world around you. And then you feel a bond form between you and the universe, and he nods back saying 'stay rad kid' and I'm like; 'Heeeellll yeah.' And then we fist bump, and the after effect leaving me feeling relax and a bit more cool."

It works better with some weed though…

"All right, I didn't get most of that." Ash nods, "But that why you're so cool right?"

That makes me grin.

"So, do you think I'm cool, kid?"

"T-that's not- only sometimes!" He sputters, finishing with a shout "When you don't call me kid!"

I laugh at his blushing face. He orders me to stop, which only made me laugh harder.

Our exchange was interrupted but the sounds of a commotion nearby; we turned to see what was the trouble.

Hm, seems like a blond kid just entered the mix, upsetting the whole gang.

"Who's that guy-"

"It's that girl!" Ash interrupted my question, "The one the came be yesterday- Oh, you weren't here yesterday."

"Girl? Like, a human girl? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, she swore she wasn't a pokegirl yesterday, but Malcolm still didn't let her play for some reason."

Damn… An actual human girl.

If a human boy is rare then a human girl is an endangered species, I didn't even knew they existed in Pallet town.

I mean there is some pokekits around, but I never saw a human girl before today- no wait, I think the there is one who hangs around the flower shop is human, but I'm not sure…

"Hey Gary, do you know why Malcolm didn't let her play?"

"Probably because she's a girl."

"But that's… Pretty dumb, right?"

"Yeah kid, it's a really dumb reason."

I could see Malcolm getting in her face, the shouts and insults begin to increase in volume, and the blond girl starts to retreat to herself more and more.

"Should we do something? They are being pretty mean…" Ash asked worryingly.

"Yeah, I think so, we better-"

Holy shit! The girl just headbutted Malcolm.

Shit just got real.

"Ah! They're fighting!" Ash shouted.

"I can see that! The girl is kicking ass!"

Malcolm and his crew were used to playing rough, but the girl was holding herself pretty well against six boys who were older than her…

But realistically, she was a young girl going against six older boys.

"AaaH! She is in trouble!" Ash narrated.

Two boys manage to grab her by the shoulders, and Malcolm's cousin lands a pretty brutal punch on her belly. She bends her body in the direction of the impact- Good instincts.

"I-I can't watch this anymore! I got to help her!" And Ash enters the fray, his sense of chivalry increasing his strength tenfold!

But realistically, Ash is a five years old in the size of a four years old and the approximate strength of a three years old. So it didn't make much difference.

Well, I was about to step in anyway. Time to teach those kids how to throw a proper punch.

We won. They got their asses kicked and ran away calling theirs for mothers.

A more mature man wouldn't few proud of winning what essentially is a schoolyard fight… I'm not that mature.

Victory tasted sweet.

"Oooooh." Ash moaned on the ground, completely exhausted by the action.

The girl and I did most of the work, but he manages to land a few good hits. So, I'm feeling pretty proud.

"You ok there, kid?" I ask offering a hand. "Not going to die on me, are you?"

"Gurg… Maybe?" He grabs my hand, and I pull him to his feet's. "GAH! You're bleeding!" he shouts pointing at my forehead

"So are you, kid." I gesture to his cheek.

"I am?" he passes in hand over the cut. "I am!"

I raised my eyebrow when his eyes started to tear up.

"Are you crying?" I ask.

"Shut up! I not crying!" he said with a broken voice.

"It's ok to cry, Ash," I said kindly, "I promise I won't laugh."

"You already are-Hey!"

Ash completely forgot his scratches in favor of the girl…

Who is currently walking away.

"H-Hey you! Wait up!"

"Leave me alone!" The girl shouted, not looking back or even pausing her steps.

"I-But-We!" Ash looked little panicky, "We helped you!"

That made her stop.

The look she sends made Ash flinch back.

"I didn't ask for your help!" she snarled. Before continuing on her way.

"But…" He tried quietly, desperately going over what he could do in his head.

Then, he turns to me with a lost baby seal look.

Ah, summer child! What would you do without me?

I begin by making the standard move that every boy in this world does when they have a problem with a girl.

I threw a pokeball at her.

"OUCH!" She rubbed the back of her head before turning to us, livid. "WHAT THE HELL!?"

"That was a pokeball, it means that I 'caught' you." I explained, "When that happens, you will have to stay in the 'storage' until I catch Ash, or the time limit runs out. But I will give you a pass today because you don't know the rules."

"What?" She looked baffled.

"These are the rules. This tiny cinnamonroll right there wants us to play together. I think he wants to form an everlasting friendship that will last through the ages, or something sufficiently sappy."

"Y-Yeah! That's right! LET'S BE FRIENDS!" Ash shouted like he was asking her to join his crew.

God, I miss One Piece…

The girl blinked slowly; I could practically see the gears spilling in her head. "Wait… You guys want to be friends…" she points at herself. "With me."

"That's right!" Ash's voice resonates once again.

I just raise my thumb. I only repeat myself for comedy effects.

…The girl's hazel eyes watered for just a moment before, a fire lit in them, her sharp teeth made the following smile looked almost predatory.

"What were the rules again? It sounded fun!"

And thus our little duo became a trio, and I got another brat to look after, luckily this one seems to have a bit more sense on her head.

…We still got in trouble for starting a fight though, which was totally unfair!

*The helpful info that helps:

Alphas & Betas

A Tamer will usually have in his harem one pokégirl who functions as his lieutenant. She is the alpha. She takes care of the day to day happenings in the harem and depending on the authority allowed to her by her Tamer, may give rewards and administer punishments to those subordinate to her, up to and sometimes including controlling access to their Tamer for taming.

Alphas often help with taming of pokégirls if the Tamer is busy or otherwise engaged. They also coordinate training and typically are considered to speak with their Tamer's full approval within the harem.

Often the alpha pokégirl is the first pokégirl that a Tamer uses in battle.

If a harem grows large enough, sometimes a second pokégirl is chosen to act as the alpha's sergeant. This pokégirl is usually referred to as the beta, although often there is no formal title given to the position at all. She often coordinates training and functions as the alpha if for some reason the alpha has to remain in a pokéball for an extended period of time. Often the beta becomes the new alpha if the current alpha is lost.

TITMOUSE, the Clean Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic - Mouse
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: herbivore, mainly nuts and fruit
Role: frequently domesticated Pokégirl
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Libido: Average
Attacks: Scratch, Kick, Tackle
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Efficient Digestive System, nightvision.
Evolves: Mousewife (normal), Mareen (Water Stone), Vesta (Fire Stone), Woodmouse (Leaf Stone+Diamond Stone), Tigermouse (Overtaming), Minimouse (Psi Crystal), Ninjanezumi (Dark Stone + Shield Stone), Milkmouse (Battle Stress), Mousefly (Bird E-Medal), Metalmouse (Metal Jacket)
Evolves From: None

"What was the first Pokégirl you remember meeting?"

That phrase is quite often followed by the answer of this breed- the Titmouse. Extraordinarily common both domesticated and in the wild, this particular breed enjoys popularity within almost every league in the world, even the ones that lean towards anti-Pokégirl rights. The reasoning for this is simple by anyone's standards, as the Titmouse is comparatively speaking one of the weakest Pokégirls known to have survived the Revenge War. Used mostly for cooking meals and cleaning up after the more powerful Pokégirls during the Revenge War, large numbers of Titmice were the order of the day while the others were out fighting the human forces. When Sukebe's forces lost, however, and the humans closed in, Titmice were also among the first to break from their creator's side and disperse into the wilds before the humans could draw the noose around his neck. After the war, the Titmouse breed was among the most commonly seen... killed or otherwise, by other Pokégirls going feral, or perhaps attempting to raid human foodstores and farmlands in the aftermath. They were also one of the first breeds tamed and bred in captivity, and that along with their feral tendencies to have parthenogenetic litters of four or more offspring at once, their numbers went through the roof within three generations. Despite feral predation, which couldn't keep up with the numerous litters of Titmice that expanded their numbers, they thrived.

As described by the name given the breed, the Titmouse is a mouse-type Pokégirl breed reminiscent of the little mammal that also survived the Revenge War. Most often covered with short but thick fur, many looks quite a bit like a human except for the fur, the somewhat larger ears, and the long thin tail that emerges from just above the Pokégirl's posterior. Both of her ears, and her tail, are quite sensitive, though their ears are even more sensitive to sounds. In fact, it is because of this sensitivity to sound and touch that makes the Titmouse quite timid and jumpy all at the same time. The breed is known for being somewhat paranoid, though each individual certainly has their own level of paranoia, which makes them unable to truly keep her attention on any one thing for too long. However, practice does come easily to them as long as they do not have to learn everything in a single sitting. This makes the breed decent cooks, at least as far as more simplistic dishes, and it has been noted that the breed excels mostly with vegetarian dishes more than anything else.

Though the breed is quite numerous throughout the world, and enjoys its fair share of popularity as a result, the Titmouse is never a serious choice for any tamer, unless they need a Pokégirl that is simple to evolve. Instead, their popularity is as pets and workers for tradesmen all over the world. The Titmouse is a poor choice for any battle- in possession of perhaps the weakest pain and pleasure thresholds of any Pokégirl breed, they are rarely found as a part of any Tamer's harem as a part of a battle harem. The few that are used by tamers are often evolved into one of her more wanted forms or are used as a non-combatant, depending on the league they are found in. In a harem setting, Titmice get along well with many Pokégirls... but are simply terrified of just as many. Dominas, felines, snake-type Pokégirls, and avian Pokégirls are among the large number of Pokégirl breeds that the Titmouse breed is known to have trouble dealing with at any given time. They do, however, tend to enjoy many kinds of music and make for excellent assistants to musically inclined breeds such as the Moogal, Diva, and Bardess. The Psidyke breed is one that no Titmouse ever wants to be near- something about their eating habits is all that a Titmouse will tell any researcher that asks why.

The Titmouse is possibly the most common threshold breed, along with being one of the most numerous breeds in the world. A typical threshold case takes about a week to finish and is in quite a lot of pain as a result of her newly sensitized skin, the addition of a tail and the increased size of her ears. Some may even grow short muzzles, like the rodents have. They are, however, amongst the most accepted threshold cases, and many families make gifts of their thresholded daughters to neighbors and friends (since getting a Ranch to take them may actually cost them money, compared to less numerous and more useful breeds).


DAMSEL, the Invincible Dainty Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Rare, Uncommon (Crimson League, Blood League)
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Sexual exploration, Ego-stroking, Domestic roles, Target Practice
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: None
Attacks: Sing, Cheer, Cry, Dodge, Once More, Helping Touch, Cure, Cura, Overwhelming Attraction
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x6), Enhanced Durability (x60), Advanced Regeneration, Pheromone release, Pain Immunity
Evolves: Berserker (Shield Stone), Iron Maiden (Heavy Metal + Battle Stress)
Evolves From: Ingenue (orgasm)

Perhaps no Pokégirl is quite as strange as the Damsel. Damsels are well known for two things – their incredibly submissive demeanors, and their near-indestructible bodies. Formed from the common Ingenue via orgasm evolution, they have had their share of controversy over the years. Some say Damsels were made to insult women. Others say it was to fill a sense of need for females of this type, since the vast majority of Pokégirls have personalities that are the polar opposite of this breed. Others say that Sukebe was so fucking nuts by the end of things he had little idea of what he was making.

Damsels are generally slender, dainty Pokégirls that have very curvaceous bodies, with slender waists, breasts averaging an E-cup in size (with D-cups being the recorded minimum), flawless features, and long, silky hair.

Damsels have a very submissive mind-set, to put it mildly. They will submit to almost any will stronger than her own - which is just about anyone who isn't a Damsel – with or without a Bond of any sort. Thankfully, Damsels that have Alpha level bonds or higher can resist commands and orders of people who would give Damsels orders that her master would not approve of, and Delta-bonded Damsels can resist the orders from anyone but her master and those her master approves of.

Damsels are very loving, affectionate Pokégirls, always ready with a compliment or kind word. They get stressed out easily, and are easily frightened as well. Researchers are unsure of how or why Damsels are content to be so submissive or selfless – the current theory is that acting in that manner actually helps calm and relax Damsels, which may account (in part) for why they so quickly become stressed under some conditions and why it is so difficult for them to act contrary to thier usual manner. It is important to note that, whenever so stressed or afraid, Damsels emit a powerful pheromone that draws Ferals towards her and makes her a priority target. If the Damsel is also aroused, the pheromone changes, and acts as a powerful aphrodisiac instead.

Damsels have almost invulnerable flesh and can take damage that would otherwise maim, kill, obliterate, and generally destroy anything short of (and sometimes, beyond!) a Widow. Unfortunately, they are totally inept at battling, having a powerful mental-block against aggressive behavior or harming others, on top of the natural stress such action would place upon them. For years, the remaining scientists in the world were at a loss as to why Damsels were so overwhelmingly hard to kill, until they discovered that Damsels, in addition to having no sense of pain, and a heightened sense of pleasure, had an incredibly advanced cellular regeneration ability, letting them recover from obscene amounts of damage. It is theorized that they cannot become Penances, but no one is willing to test this theory. Dominas and their evolutions adore them, as they can do whatever they want to them and get a reaction that pleases them. Conversely, Pokégirls such as Psi-Dykes hate Damsels with a passion for their submissiveness.

People saw little use for the breed at first, but many uses began to arise for them. Damsels are immensely popular in domestic roles and as Pets, as they are entirely non-threatening, willing to please (both sexually and not), possess minor healing talents, and are not clumsy, ditzy, or cranky like many other commonly domestic Pokégirls. Even in the more hard-line Anti-Pokégirl leagues, this is one of the more acceptable Pokégirls to keep as a pet, though some will still question the owner's character.

Damsels are not commonly seen in a Tamer's harem for several reasons, not the least of which is that they are pointless in battle. They are not, however, without their uses. As mentioned earlier, they can be used for keeping Dominas busy and getting their focus away from dominating the harem. Some Tamers use Damsels as training targets for weaker Pokégirls, as they can take a lot of punishment before getting tired out. Still others keep them around for their healing talents, finding them useful in a pinch. Another favorite use for Damsels is tying them up and using them as bait for randy wild Pokégirls. This use is generally discouraged, but efforts to put a stop to it were quickly abandoned, as finding the Tamers doing it proved to be a pointless endeavor. Because of the Damsel's heightened sense of pleasure, they are poor sex-battlers, though their endurance means that – even if they do orgasm - they can keep going for long afterwards.

Capturing a Damsel, should one somehow stumble upon one in the wild, it truly a joke. If the Damsel doesn't have a bond or is Feral, simply telling her that you're her master now and that she should hold still while you capture her works. If not, find a way to hold her down and attack her, as Damsels are not very strong, and hope that the Damsel will get exhausted before your Pokégirls do.

Thresholding into Damsels is rare, but not unheard of.