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I've been here for a week.


And I STILL don't know what we even do!

I asked Nino on my third day and he just smiled nervously and said "All in good time."

But hey, at least LB is being nicer to me. She's been trying to teach me what she deems is "important". And I guess it probably is important, to somebody who knows what's going on.

As I'm thinking about this at home, my phone rings, the noise trilling loudly in the empty dining room.

I pull it out of my pocket, dinner forgotten, and answer it quickly.

"Hey, Nino. What's up?" I rise from the table.

"Hey Adrien, meeting's canceled. LB got grounded."

I open my bedroom door and close it after me.

"Grounded? Fur real?" I snicker.

Nino sighs.

"Again with the puns!" He mutters. "Yeah, this girl from school was saying stuff about her parents bakery and she got angry. Gave the girl a good black eye." He chuckled.

"Wait. Marinette's Parents own a bakery?" I smile.

Nino gives a light chuckle.

"You wouldn't expect that, huh? Such a hard girl with baker parents." I grunt unintelligibly. "Well, she used to be this sweet girl, wanted to be a designer, but when her designs were critiqued, cruelly no less, she gave up. She became tough and made this group, with the help of a mysterious benefactor."

I'm silent for a second.

"That sounds like a series I would watch."

"Dude, I know! Right?!" We both guffaw.

"But anyways, who was the girl?" I ask after we both calm down.

"Her name is Chloe Bourgeois, an obnoxious girl in our class." He snickers.

"Chloe? As in, the mayor's daughter?"

"Yeah, the one and only."

"Meowzers." I pun weakly.

He groans over the phone and I can hear the eye roll.

"Please stop with the puns."


"Anyways, I gotta go. Rena's here."


"C'ya." He says before he ends the call.

Well. My schedule is surprisingly free.


"Black Cat. No. That's taken. White Cat? No, that's lame. Cat Blanc? Nuh uh. Hmmm..."

I'm in my room pacing back and forth, trying to think of a code name.

If LB were here, she'd say something like "pretty boy" or... something funny.

Wait, no Agrest. Stop thinking about her. She's DATING someone.

"Screw it. Chat Noir it is." I sigh. "So much for creativity."

Tap Tap Tap

"Adrien. Your father would like to speak to you in his office." Natalie's voice spoke from the other side of the door, muffled.

What now...

"Coming." He called.

"Cat Noir." He mumbled. "Yeah, Cat Noir." He grinned and trotted towards the door, excited to see L.B again, but dreading his talk with his father.

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