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Chapter XLVI: One Little Thing.

Last Time.

"Yeah, you're the only man that'll see anything. It's one reason why I started wearing jeans. You're the only man to see my legs from now on." She said before walking over. "You really don't care about me staying in one body over the other?"

"Nope, as I said, I don't care either way."

"You don't?"

"Nope. You'll reveal Jen to me when you're ready. And I don't care you were with Juggernaut-!"

"I did not! I never did!" She interrupted Naruto.

"Alright, I believe you."

"You do? No one believes me on that."

"I do." He said standing up. "If you said you weren't with him, then I believe you. He just lied or got too drunk and thought it was you. I mean, I'm from another dimension so there's that possibility or-HUMPH!"

Naruto was suddenly pulled into a kiss before she pulled back, pulled his shirt off, and broke his belt. She then quickly undid the button before pushing him back down on the couch before crossing her arms on her shirt then pulled it off before straddling him on the couch. 'Thank God I had S.H.I.E.L.D. reinforce the furniture.' He thought before She-Hulk pulled his head to her left breast.


Island, Night.

Shinobi, Power Man, Coulson, and Fury are wearing parachutes flying down zip-lines towards an island with a volcano. They then unhooked and opened the black parachutes to glide down towards the island. "Shinobi, attack pattern 26-Delta!" Power Man said as he fell past Naruto who glanced over.

Un-clipping from the chute, Naruto fell to Power Man who grabbed him and threw him down. Naruto reached behind him and pulled several bolas' as he saw Scorpio's Zodiac men on the ground before throwing them at several of them. Naruto then pulled a throwing knife that had white kanji on it before throwing it at the foot of another man and appeared at it to punch the man. The others started shooting from the sky.

"Got more incoming!" Power Man yelled out as more men ran up with laser guns.

He then grabbed a boulder and chucked it over at the group. Naruto then pulled out his communicator to speak to Fury. "What's the plan? We sure Scorpio's got that super-soldier formula here?" He asked after reading that Scorpio was recreating one of the formulas that Cap or Luke took.

"Stay on point Shinobi!" Fury said before Naruto heard shooting as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents flew down in armor.

The Tri-Carrier flew down and shot missiles at the volcano and created a hole revealing a building structure. Naruto and Power Man ran over and into the building before coming to two large computers. Naruto went to one and saw surveillance of jets and weapons being made before looking over at Power Man who was looking at his screen in shock. "Find anything Power Man?"

Power Man didn't reply, having Naruto walk over to see an African-American man with short black hair and a female with short black hair wearing white suits. "Those two scientists… They're my parents."

"You sure?" Naruto asked, having Power Man nod.

He went on to explain that while flying a plane, he and his parents were attacked by Scorpio who wanted the serum that gave Power Man his powers. And rather than give it to Scorpio, his mother took him to the back of the plane and had him drink it before pushing him off. And had the serum take effect before hitting the ocean below and survived to see the plane explode and crash. "But if Scorpio survived maybe they did too."

Naruto closed his eyes behind his mask and sighed. "Don't get your hopes up. Scorpio could know who you are after he tried attacking the Heli-Carrier and has lookalikes just in case you ever came here for a mission."


"I'm saying don't get your hopes up, I'm not saying don't go after them," Naruto said before Power Man ran out of the room before Naruto walked over to look for the Zodiac Key. After seeing what room it's in, Naruto then followed before Coulson called to say they made it in. "Well, we're on the way to the key, and it looks like Luke's parents are here as well." Naruto explained having Coulson's eyes widened. "looks like they're working on the serum."

"They're former S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists, they would never work for Scorpio, it must be a trap!"

"I'm not a rookie Coulson, I'm prepared for that," Naruto said as he ran down the hall and saw two men about to shoot Power Man in the back before picking up two small pieces of concrete and threw them at their heads.

He ran up to Power Man who looked back before stopping at a steel door. "I appreciate the help, but don't get into trouble following me."

"The key's this way as well," Naruto said with a shrug. "Besides as I said this could be a trap, be careful."

Pulling the door off the wall, they saw it was just a storage room before running down the hall. They continued down the hall checking several doors and started coming across more men before stopping at a door. Power Man opened it to show a room with the Zodiac Key in a large charging device. "I've got it," Naruto said as Power Man ran down the hall.

Naruto nodded his head and had his sonar come on to show a laser grid before he walked around them to come up to the key just as Coulson called. "Shinobi! Don't take the key out!"

"OK, got it. I'll wait for as long as I can."

Naruto created a clone that waited by the key before turning off the lasers and ran out to catch Power Man opening the door he was at. They walked in after opening it and had the two scientists point a gun at them. Naruto threw two kunais at the barrels and destroyed them before Amanda hit a button and had the door close before the place shook.

Naruto sighed before his clone ran in and handed him the key before poofing. "Scorpio tried to get the key but my clone subdued him. We got maybe 5… 10 minutes before the place goes up."

Naruto then reached in his pouch and picked up a small square magnet that had a snap end on it before placing it on the top of the key. He then put it on the snap end on his left chest before seeing Power Man break a hole in the door before getting sprayed with blue steam from a broken pipe. (1.)

"Look, this place is going up and everyone and everything has been taken by S.H.I.E.L.D."

"But our son-!"

"Was found by S.H.I.E.L.D. and has been working with them, so let's get out of here before this place blows!"Naruto yelled out as the volcano erupted beside the room.

They then walked outside where S.H.I.E.L.D. was putting Scorpio and his Zodiac men into the Tri-Carrier. Naruto turned to Power Man and nodded at him, having him walk to talk to his parents. And missed the blue glow from his eyes when he walked away.

A Week Later, Avengers Tower.

"Okay. Now, Sam Nice and slow. Just like we practiced." Iron Man said to Falcon as both are in the lab slowly moving a very small blue glowing energy ball via mechanical arms with needles on the ends. "Steady. Steady." A clattering rung came up having Iron Man look to his right to see that Falcon's white smartphone was vibrating on a tray that was on a cart. "That's not annoying at all."

"Yeah, I know, Tony. Sorry, I forgot." Falcon replied before Iron Man turned to him. "Just ignore it."

"Sure, ignore it. We're just trying to dispose of highly unstable Pym particles. No big." He said as they turned to continue moving the particle to a petri dish.

"Why get your armor in a bunch over puny particles?" Iron Man turned to see Hulk moving a large circular device in the room before flipping his faceplate up."

"Because if these puny particles escape that containment unit, They might just shrink everything on earth at the speed of light, including the earth itself, to the size of a dot, and that would be bad."

Falcon's phone started vibrating again having him look over. "What if it's an emergency?"

"This will be an emergency if you don't focus."

Hulk just walked over to the phone. "I can get it."

He got close to it before Falcon flew in front of him. "No! "I just bought it.

Hulk rolled his eyes at that. "I won't smash it." He then reached in his pocket and pulled a large smartphone with a metal case. "I have a phone too, you know." He then placed it standing up on the table by them having it thud loudly.

"Yeah. It's built to withstand a gamma bomb. Which my phone is not... Happening!" Falcon yelled as his eye visors disappeared before he ran out of the room. "Uh, I gotta go!"

"Falcon, I need you in here." Iron Man yelled out before Hulk walked over.

"I can get that."

"No! We need you on the containment unit. Any sudden movements can cause-" He stopped as Hulk's phone vibrates violently before it tipped into the dish pushing it off the table. "Ant-man!"

Suddenly, a man grew into the room to catch it. He's wearing a red and black bodysuit with a silver ant head helmet.


" 'Come to my lab,' you said. 'What's safer than the tower,' you said. Did New York just have an earthquake?"

"Nah, just my phone," Hulk replied with a shrug. "I'm popular."

"I say, 'help me dispose of unstable mass altering particles,' And you bring in a newbie and meat-hooks McGee. I'm supposed to stay subatomic, Make sure none of the particles escape." Ant-Man said putting the disk in the containment unit opened up revealing a wavy force field as a blue particular landed on Hulk's nose.

"Like that one?"

"Don't move, Hulk."

"Tingles," Hulk said before shrinking.


An alarm went off as a red light blinked before J.A.R.V.I.S. spoke. "Sir, there's a Pym particle loose."

"Not to mention, a teeny tiny Hulk." Iron Man said before kneeling to look for the Hulk. "That's a recipe for disaster. You're never going to let me live this down, are you?" He asked looking up to Ant-Man.

"No. No, I'm not."

"Guys, emergency."

They turned to see Falcon had run back in. "Don't panic. It's my mother. She's here.

"(Sighs) it's going to be one of those days." Iron Man said pinching his nose as Thor, Shinobi, Captain America, and Hawkeye ran in.

"What's the emergency?" Naruto asked, having Falcon look back.

"My mom's on her way."

"We have an alarm for that?" Cap asked as Iron Man stood.

"Or the Hulk was accidentally shrunk down by an unstable Pym particle. Thanks to falcon fielding phone calls from his mom. So, watch where you step." Iron Man replied before looking around for Hulk with his scanner.

"Ant-man, no one told me The incredible shrinking annoyance was coming in today," Hawkeye said walking up to Ant-Man.

"Hawkeye Unless you want to spend a day inside of your smelly boot again Why don't you let the past be the past And do something useful?" Ant-Man asked before hitting the buckle on his bet and grew several inches over Hawkeye before the archer was punched back by something and fell on his back. "Like that.

"(Groan!) I guess I found the Hulk."

"Ooh! You were just taken to the learning hall." Thor said looking down at Hawkeye.

"It's school," Naruto said, walking to the Asgardian who smiled.

"Indeed, and it was in session."

"I can shrink down and get him back to size, But more importantly, we have to contain That unstable particle or bad things will happen," Ant-Man explained before a doorbell rang.

"We have a doorbell?" Naruto asked, looking over his shoulder as Falcon gasped.

"It's too late. She's here!"

"Why the great concern?" Thor asked looking over at Falcon who pulled his cowl off.

"You don't understand. She doesn't know I'm an Avenger. My mom thinks I'm just a S.H.I.E.L.D. Liaison. She'd make me quit, knowing the danger I'm always in."

"Make you?" Hawkeye asked standing up. "How old are you?"

"The irony is, the more we worry about mom, The less we have to worry Because there won't be a world or a mom to worry about." Iron Man explained walking over having.

"Tony, I'm-!" Falcon stopped as the door closed when he stepped past it.


"Shoo, man! You were taken to the learning hall." Hawkeye joked as he and the others were also outside.

"I've never seen him that angry before," Falcon said before Cap walked up.

"Well, to be fair, you almost let Earth shrink out of existence over a lie to your mother."

"Right! I gotta get changed. Cover me!" Falcon said running down the hall taking off his costume showing he had his S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform underneath.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We are not lying to your mom!" Naruto yelled at Sam.

"Without getting something out of it," Hawkeye said having Sam stop and look back

"Ugh, what do you want?"

"Nothing, but the next time your mom makes cookies I want first dibs," Hawkeye said before they all walked down the hall.

Sam then frantically ran around gathering all the posters and pictures of the Avengers that had him included before hiding them under the furniture or behind the bar. "I would strongly advise you to rethink your course of action, Sam. Honesty is the best policy. Rip the bandage off and get it over with." Cap said to Sam as he hid a plant with a large poster and hid all but him on the top.

"Not this time, Cap. I never told her I became the Falcon. If I do now, I'm done. Finito.

"Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me." Hawkeye said, walking over and hitting the wall, having the poster fall to hide Sam's picture. "As long as you remember our deal about the cookies."

"And what do you want?" Sam asked Thor who shook his head.

"Nothing. I have similar figurehead issues with all-father Odin. I feel you."

"(Gasps) You used that slang correctly," Hawkeye said in shock.


"Cool." Hawkeye deadpanned at the Asgardian.


"Okay. I'm going in." Sam said before they all walked to the elevator and waited for it to open.

When the doors opened it revealed an African-American woman with very short brown hair and tinted glasses with red earrings. She's wearing a blue-green shirt over a white button shirt that's open to reveal her collarbone, and both of the sleeves rolled up and holding a box of cookies. She's also wearing a white belt and a darker shade knee-length skirt, a large handbag with the strap over her shoulder and white high heels.

This is Darlene Wilson.

"Sam, I hope this is a good time." She said as Sam walked into the elevator

"The best. Avengers, my mom. Mom, the avengers. OK, let's go." He said hitting a button

"Are you kidding?" Darlene asked putting her hand to stop the door from closing and walked in having her right hand rummage through her bag. "I want to see where you work, And I have to get a picture of my boy with real Avengers." She then pulled up a white phone before looking at Sam as he walked up to her. You remember when you used to pose with those cardboard cutouts.

"Heh-Heh… yeah. You sure we can't just go do lunch?" He asked before she raised her phone to take their picture as Hawkeye walked over to look over their shoulders just as the flash went off.

"Are those cookies?"

Later, they went to the living room/kitchen area before Hawkeye, mouth full of cookies opened the fridge to see an empty carton of milk. "Aw, you gotta be kidding me!" He yelled taking it out and walked to the table

"Why do you not just wash it down with something else?" Naruto asked leaning

"You can only wash cookies down with milk! Milk or nothing!"

"OK, OK." Naruto waved his hands as they waited for Sam to finish giving his mom the tour.

A moment later, Sam and Darlene walked in. "Sam has told me so much about you. I feel like I know you all. You're the one who thinks he's funny." She pointed to Hawkeye. "Captain America keeps his room neat And likes his french fries lined up." She pointed to Cap before looking at Thor. "And you're the one that sheds his yellow locks all over the place." She then looked over at Naruto "And you're the ninja ladies man."

"Guilty," Naruto said with a shrug.

"Well, you know, as a liaison, I liaise, which means noticing the details," Sam said with a nervous chuckle.

"where is that cookie-hogging Hulk? I made him a whole separate batch of treats. And I brought mints. I hear he suffers from chronic halitosis."

"He's training at the moment," Naruto said, crossing his arms.

"Hey, how about another picture?" Sam asked, taking his mother's phone and walked over to Hawkeye. "Then, maybe we can go get lunch before you say something else that'll get me fired."

"Sam Wilson, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to hustle me out of here," Darlene said as the others posed just as large robots with tread wheels popped up behind them.

"Uh, guys…"

"Just press the button and there'll be a big flash," Darlene said, bringing a finger up.

"That's what I'm worried about," Hawkeye said just as the lights turned to a bright yellow having the others look to see the robots.

"Contaminant found. Neutralizing. Commence cleaning." The robots said just as Naruto brought his left arm up and saw a seal on his shirt.

Putting his hand to it, a blade came out in a poof of smoke.

It looks like an elongated kunai without the ring and Konoha's symbol on the base.

Naruto quickly turned to slice the head of a robot off as Cap followed, throwing his shield before Thor threw Mjölnir at another.

"What's going on?" Darlene asked as she knelt behind Sam.

"Oh, yeah. That it's called, 'spontaneous training.' Yeah, guys do it all the time To keep them on their toes. so, how about lunch?" He asked just as Iron Man and Ant-Man holding a rifle came in and shot another robot.

"Are those my nano-janitors?"

"Maybe you should get some air fresheners Or an off switch," Ant-Man said as a regular-sized Hulk jumped in and started to fight. "Because of their instability, I can only contain so many Pym particles at a time with this rig."

"All right, here's the recap." Iron Man said as Naruto dropped down from the next floor up. "Hulk smashed an unstable Pym particle. It multiplied. Yellow makes things big. Blue makes things small. The second biggest brain on the team needed in the lab. Let's go." Sam, who had run over, guested with his mom. "Oh, your mom. Yeah. Sorry, Sam. No time for tact. Mrs. Wilson, your son's a part of our team. He's-!"

He stopped as a robot shot him before Naruto drove his blade in its head. "This doesn't seem safe at all," Darlene said as Sam pulled them behind a couch. "And-and what did he mean, part of the team?"

"Tony meant that I'm a team player. You know, always helping out with Whatever."

"Oh my God, Sam, man up, and let's go!" Naruto yelled, slicing the neck of a robot.

"Mom, I have something to tell you."

"Get down!" Ant-Man yelled diving over as a blue particle flew towards Sam.

"And there goes our expert on all things shrinking."

"Stark, the unstable Pym particles Are overriding my stable ones. I can't resize. I'm stuck until you siphon the unstable energy off of me." Ant-Man came up on Iron Man's HUD.

"Of course."

"Mrs. Wilson is a civilian. We need to get her to safety. Hawkeye, Falcon."

"Uh, Cap, Falcon's not here, remember?"

"Oh, brother. Just do it! Retreat to the hallway." He yelled just as Hawkeye was hit with a particle and grew large having Sam and Darlene run out of the room.

They continued fighting with Hulk tackling one through the wall before Sam ran back in and up to Iron Man. "Sam! It's about time. Why aren't you in your armor? You know, forget it. Mom, right? You've got to think about your team here, Sam." Iron Man said before he shrank.

"I'm going to get fired and grounded."

"Sam, you're now officially the smartest guy in the room. How much smarter do you have to be to realize this lie has gone too far? Get in the game, Sam." Cap said running over.

"(Sigh) Mom, stay with the guys. I've got to take care of something." Sam said to his mother who was by the large Hawkeye who was bringing his fists down on robots.

"So how are you liking New York so far?"

"We need to fall back to another room," Naruto said as they all got together by the door.


Suddenly, Falcon flew in with the rifle. "Hope this works.


"let me be the first to say, that gun-!"


"Vacuums well," Hawkeye said after Darlene turned to him before Falcon shrank him back to normal

"Do you have something to say to me? Samuel?" Asked Falcon who glanced down.

"Wait. You knew?"

"I don't know which is worse. That you think your mother's dumb Or that I'm blind. I have a blog."

"Uh, not to break this up, but we need to get the situation contained," Cap said before the building shook.

"What was that?"


They looked to see a giant Hulk standing in Central Park. "We're going to need a bigger containment gun."

"I know my strengths, Sam, but physics isn't my strongest suit. If we're going to stop this, it has to be you." Captain America said to Falcon who held the rifle over his shoulder.

"My upgrade isn't going to be enough. And the vacuum containment chamber in Tony's lab Doesn't have the capacity for this many particles either. We need to get Ant-Man back from the Microverse to modify it."

Naruto nodded at that. "Then do it."

Falcon then started to work on the gun before speaking. "Okay, Cap… Need your shield. The vibranium neutralizes the effects of the Pym particles. And with this copper wire, I'm essentially turning it into a particle magnet. Hawkeye, I need you, Shinobi, Cap, and Thor to guard the hold. Nothing gets in or out. Particles or otherwise."

"Sure thing."


"There you go." Falcon handed Cap his shield with copper wire wrapped around it and a device in the middle. Should give you more barrier latitude, Cap."

"Uh, thanks?"


"Yeah, honey?"

"Want to see something cool?"

Falcon shrunk him and Darlene as Cap moved around and had particles move to his shield and didn't shrink or enlarge it. A few minutes went by before Falcon, Darlene, Iron Man, and Ant-Man appeared beside them. "Good to have you back."

"Good to be back. Quick thinking, for a liaison." Iron Man said to Falcon after he vacuumed the particles on Cap's shield.

"Look, Tony, I'm sorry."

"Oh, I'm sure we'll think of a torturous laundry list Of duties for you to make this up to me, But first Let's get the Hulk."

"Do you know what happens when this gun reaches critical mass?" Falcon asked Ant-Man who turned to him.

"Uh, yeah. The world ends."

"Can you modify the vacuum collection chamber in the lab Before that happens?"

"Done. Now, go bring the hulk down a peg Or 40." Ant-Man said as Hulk did his best to stay still.

Falcon flew over and shrunk the Hulk before flying back in and threw the gun in the containment unit having it glow and shrink.

Later, The Avengers was seeing Darlene out before she kissed Falcon on the cheek as he had his cowl off. "Mom, quit! You're embarrassing me."

"It's the least I can do for you lying to me."

"Yeah. That was a big mistake."

"And if I thought you hadn't been through enough pain for that lie, I would be furious. But look, Sam. When you started this whole S.H.I.E.L.D. adventure, I had to give Fury my permission." Darlene said having Falcon blink.


"Sam is only 17. Ah-ha. And now, you're sorry. The point is, Fury told me when you became an Avenger. And I didn't make a peep. Even when you lied about it." Darlene said having the others stare at him.

"I thought you'd be worried. That you'd say no."

"Of course, I worry. It's my job. But it is also my job to believe in you. To help you follow your dreams. To let you fly."

"Ha! Because he is a falcon. Funny!" Thor said with a boisterous laugh.

"You're an Avenger, Sam. My favorite Avenger. No offense, Hulk." Darlene said, looking to Hulk who raised a hand.

"Just keep making me cookies. We're good."

"I'll never lie to you again, mom. I promise. For real."

"I know. Okay, enough mush. Are you superheroes or what? Now, get in here, guys. All of you. I need at least one proper photo to mark the occasion." Darlene said having everyone group up. "Everybody say, 'Near-death experience!'"

"Near-death experience!" Everyone yelled as she took a picture.

To Be Continued.

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