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Chapter XLVIII: Blade And The Howling Commandos.

Last Time.

Just then, a large robotic head of Arcade with missile launchers came up and shot at them. Cap blocked them before Naruto saw his shield glow. "Find the weak spot, hit the launchers!"

Cap threw his shield at one launcher before Wolverine jumped up at the other and started slicing it off. A purple laser came up on its forehead before. "Cap, shield!" Naruto yelled having Captain America throw it at Naruto.

Naruto caught it before jumping at the head and putting it on the laser having the head blow.


The room changed to a storage room before hearing Arcade on the other side of the wall before breaking it showing he has red hair, fair skin, and was wearing goggles and a lab cat. "Hey, stop what you're doing," Naruto said, bringing his laser knife to Arcade's throat.

And had him stop just as he cracked the fourth code before calling Fury to pick them up.


New York; Cemetery, Night.

Shinobi and the team are walking in a cemetery with him wearing his vest with his silver kunai and stakes.

"And when he woke up, the kid looked in the mirror and realized that he had changed into this!"

Naruto looked back to see Spider-Man telling a story to Nova who pushed him back. "You wanna scare people? Let them smell your costume."

"Come on guys, we gotta get to the drop-off," Naruto said before looking forward as Nova walked before being stopped by Spider-Man.

"Pretend to be brave all you want, my little light bulb, but look around. Creepy graveyard, Halloween night. Full moon. You'll all be crying for Fury before I can say 'boo.'" Spider-Man then looked at Naruto as he stopped by a tall tombstone. "Did our fearless, one-eyed leader say how long we'd have to wait for this so-called special delivery?"

They then heard growling before getting into their stances. "Remember, fear is only in the mind." Iron Fist said as Naruto looked around.

"Fear? I think you have me confused with someone else. I'm Spider 'Man'. Fear is not in my vocabulary."

"Boo!" Nova yelled behind Spider-Man wearing a Dr. Doom mask. "I got you. Let me get my phone, while I record your ladylike screams." He said as the others turned to him while Naruto picked up two kunai. "What are you all looking at? There's something behind me, isn't there?"

"Run," Naruto said, throwing the kunai and hitting a vampire that was behind Nova.

Suddenly, a UV-throwing glaive came out and hit the rest of the vampires turning them to dust before Naruto looked behind him as the glaive was caught by a man.

He's a tall muscular African-American man. He's bald with tattoos on his head, a mustache goatee combo, and sunglasses. He's wearing a black vest, pants, and boots with a pouched belt and a katana on his back with the handle between his shoulder blades.

"Blade, take your time getting here!" Naruto yelled as more vampires formed and started surrounding them.

"Huh? What are these things?" Nova asked, looking around as they were surrounded.

"Ghosts?" Tiger asked extending her claws

"Zombies?" Iron Fist asked, having his hands glow.

"Vampires." Blade said as he jumped over.

"Seriously? Vampires?" Spider-Man asked as Naruto sliced one vampire's throat before picking his crossbow and put in a long silver clip.

He then shot one vampire, having it burn up showing its skeleton before that burned as well.

"Run!" Blade yelled out having the team run.

"Blade don't order my team around," Naruto said, hitting one vampire on the head.

"They shouldn't be here, Shinobi."

"They can handle themselves."

Up with the others, Spider-Man dropped down to stop them. "Guys, we're superheroes. Just 'cause some dude with cool shades tells us to run doesn't mean we run. Those probably aren't even real vampires."

One vampire tried to bite Power Man's neck, only to break his teeth before Power Man slams him down on the ground, having him turn to dust. "Get off me, bat breath."

The vampire then reformed with new teeth. "Okay, so they are real vampires. They're still bad guys, right? This is no different from fighting, like, you know, Batroc the Leaper." Spider-Man said as they fought several before being thrown. "Okay, maybe a little different."

"They're, like, shadows or something," Tiger said, kicking one away.

"They have ninja speed." Iron Fist commented, hitting one away only for it to heal.

"And they can do that."

"Is that even in the vampire-fighting handbook?" Spider-Man asked before Blade and Naruto jumped over.

"There are worse threats out here tonight than these things." Blade said, pulling his katana out.

"Like what?"


Blade then dashed around slicing vampires with his sword as Naruto shot any that got near him before stabbing another as he reloaded.

"Whoa. That was so…" They turned to see Nova floating by clapping.

"Oh, welcome back to the party, chicken little," Spider-Man said to Nova before he looked at him.

"He said 'run'."

"You chopped those guys. Real heroes don't do that, delivery guy. Uh, I mean sir." Spider-Man stopped as Blade walked to him.

"The name's Blade."

"And these aren't people, Spider-Man," Naruto said, getting the arachnid hero's attention. "People who are changed still look human but with pale or grey skin. These were born vampires."

"Those things were shadow vampires, undead drones, magical manifestations never alive. You would know if you were the S.H.I.E.L.D agents I told Fury to send." Blade said to Spider-man before Naruto reloaded his crossbow.

"They don't read any reports when they're excited about a mission."

"More coming." Blade said, turning as more vampires came out.

"Nova, can you give me a supernova?" Naruto asked Nova who nodded.

"I'll need to get ready."

"Power Man, make a hole. Blade and I will drive them into that alley. We can control them there. Tiger, Fist, take the flanks. Drive them to the center. Nova, while you power up, you're the eyes in the sky."

The team nodded before running forward. "Spider-Man use your webs to hit any stragglers. We don't want any civilians bit tonight."

Spider-Man nodded before looking at Blade as they ran. "We got off on the wrong foot here. If you'd let us in on." He stopped as Blade threw a flash-bang before continuing. "I could do that too if I had flash grenades." They then fought into the alley before Blade jumped off of Power Man onto a fire escape before Naruto ran up the wall. "Okay, I'm willing to work with you here." Spider-Man then webbed up every exit before jumping up beside Naruto.

"Guys, herd them together. Nova, are you ready?!" Naruto asked Nova who nodded.


"Then light 'em up!"

Nova then started to light up before letting out a blinding light. The vampires then turned to ash as Nova dropped down and pants. "Ugh. I hope you don't need me to do that again soon. Or in the next month."

"Stragglers," Naruto said looking down before Blade spoke.

"Don't bother. Their master will finish them for this failure."

"Failure to do what?" Spider-Man asked as Blade pulled out half of a gold Ankh.

"To retrieve this."

"Is that the delivery Fury sent us to pick up? I was hoping for pizza." Spider-Man joked as Blade turned to the edge of the roof.

"Pick up? I was expecting a heavy escort. This doesn't leave my hands until I look Fury in his one eye."

"What exactly is happening?" Spider-Man asked as Blade looked up at the moon.

"Dracula is coming. To take over the world." He said getting Spider-Man to laugh.

"And, and delivered with that serious face. Oh, Dracula, take over the world. What? Why is no one else laughing?"

"Because he is real, Cap was an uneasy ally of his back in World War II because HYDRA wanted his land and he's part of the Cabal who's fighting me and the others," Naruto explained before calling a jet for them.

Tri-Carrier Training Room.

"What part of 'handing it off to my team' don't you understand?" Fry asked Blade as they stood face to face.

"Dracula's coming, Fury, and you are not prepared."

Fury then turned to the others to explain things to them. "Dracula… He's real and very dangerous. Most people think he's a character from books and movies, but those are based on history. Dracula is the King of vampires, an undead nightmare that wages war on the world of the living. He will not rest until we are all under his control."

"And if he gets his hands on this, the war is over." Blade finished holding the Ankh up.

"What is "it" exactly?" Tiger asked before Coulson ran in.

"It's Tekhamatep's Ankh. Well, half of one, anyway."

"Are you guys all just making this stuff up as you go?" Spider-Man asked before the room turned into the inside of a pyramid with hieroglyphs around them before Coulson explained.

"An ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol known as the 'Key of life'. It is believed to act as a bridge between the living and the dead. It was used by the ancient Pharaohs to communicate with their ancestors, but, as you might imagine, it became a bit of a problem for the living. So it was decided, by some of the smarter Pharaohs, to break the Ankh into two separate pieces."

"It's been that way for about 8,000 years, give or take. It's only in recent times that they have been unearthed and Dracula has learned of their existence. If the halves of this Ankh were ever found and joined together, any undead creature would become invulnerable. Dracula would be able to walk by day and have no weaknesses. No force on this Earth could stop it."

"Now you all know the seriousness of the situation. We need to find the other half of the Ankh before Dracula does." Fury said before Coulson turned to him.

"Oh. It's at the Museum of Natural History."

"You're kidding. Out in the open?" Blade asked before Naruto turned to him.

"They keep the most valuable items underground in a safe. I've helped them out with security from time to time."

"For premium, gold circle, card-carrying members of the Museum of Natural History fan society," Coulson said, holding up a gold card with a museum on it. "Obviously I'm the only person in this room who's a member." He said, handing Naruto the card.

"Okay, we move on to the museum."

"There's no 'we' in this." Blade said taking the card from Naruto and walked out. "You let me know when the real team arrives."

"'Real team'? What's he talking about?" Spider-Man asked Fury who shook his head.

"Sorry, kid. This is no longer an escorting mission. This is much more dangerous. If I had known that a bunch of shadow vamps were on Blade's tail, I would have never sent you to meet him. Blade's right. You've got to sit this one out."


"We'll help Blade out Fury I'm sure you gotta get the others ready," Naruto said before walking out and caught up to Blade.


After convincing Blade after he revealed he had fangs as well the group walked into the museum. "So we've never fought Dracula before. So what? We've all faced personal demons, and we know it's scary."

"I'm not scared." Blade said to Spider-Man who was swinging with his webs.

"I've heard that before. Tonight. And the guy who said it was just as convincing as you are."

"Yeah, it was you," Naruto said as they got to a wall with a gold statue of a bat with its wings wrapped around it.

Blade put the card to its eyes, having them glow red and open the wings, having another room open up with more artifacts.

"Oh, cool."



"Oh, Coulson wasn't kidding."

"Coulson said the ankh was somewhere around-!"

Naruto stopped as Spider-Man saw the ankh and swung over to pick it up.

"No, it's in a protective shield!" Blade said as Naruto pulled out two kunai as Blade took his sword out.

"No, look, I pulled it right out. There's no shield protecting it."

"That's because it's a cloaking shield. Now the vampires know it's here."

"What? Oh." Spider-Man said as vampires formed around them.

"Spider-Man, hold the Ankh. I'm getting you out of here." Blade said before a portal formed by him. "Too late.


They saw Dracula walking in from the portal. "Fighting alongside mortals now? Have you sunk so low? Hand over my Ankh and I will allow you all to live to see the morning."


"You mock me, Blade, Shinobi. You would send children to face me? I am Dracula, King of vampires, and I will have what is rightfully mine." Dracula said, walking up to the two.

"Go fuck yourself," Naruto said quickly pulling his UV light out and hit Dracula in the face having him jump back.

"You child. Blade has led you to your doom. Your team is severely out of its league."

"Wait. We're out of the S.H.I.E.L.D softball league? But we had a game next Tuesday!" Spider-Man joked as he webbed the Ankh on his back

"Hello, terrifying bad guy here. Not the time for jokes." Tiger yelled out at him

"It's his way of coping Tiger!" Naruto yelled out.

"Are we finished here?" Dracula asked before appearing in front of Blade who attacked before being hit through the wall

"Nova. Instant sunburn." Naruto said before Nova went super.

"Oh, yeah. Two in one night. Good looking and vampire wrecking. I am-!" Nova was then backhanded into a dinosaur display.

"Fools. Do you think I was not warned of your weak abilities by my shadow minions? There is nothing that you-!

"Sweet Christmas. Did you talk this much when you were alive?" Power Man asked, punching him as the others attacked only for Dracula to phase around the attacks.

"You know, you should floss more." Tiger joked as the others stared at her while Naruto and Spider0-Man helped Blade. "What? I'm trying to talk smack."

"Enough!" Dracula yelled, forming a sword.

"Blade, wake up. This is your party, and you got us doing all the heavy lifting." Spider-Man yelled, shaking Blade. "I was gonna use this as my trick if you weren't gonna give us any treats." Spider-Man then shocked Blade, having him wake up.

"Did you seriously just do that?"

"Uh, nope. But in other news, Dracula!"

Blade then tackled Dracula into another room. "How many times will we do this dance, Blade? The partners change, but the song remains the same. I am the undying Lord of the night. And you are a mistake." Dracula taunted before dodging Blade's glaive several times as the others ran in.

"Hey, wait for us!" Spider-Man then ducked under the weapon as Power Man caught it. "Close shave. Thanks, P. M."

"Thank me in candy. If we survive." Power Man said before Dracula grabbed him and flew up in the air as he threw bones at Naruto.

"Invulnerable? If I can't bite you, then I will control you." Dracula said, eyes glowing red.

"Power Man!"

"What's he doing to him?" Spider-Man asked as Naruto got out of the bones.


"Mesmer what now?"

"Your masks, are those reflective lenses?" Blade asked the two as Power Man was dropped.




"You're about to see." Blade said before Dracula spoke.

"Destroy Blade."

"Yes, my King." Power Man then ran to Blade, having the three attack him.

"Power Man, stop! Wake up!" Spider-Man yelled as Dracula stopped the others and smiled.

"Good. More slaves."

"Nice try, Drac. But it'll take a lot-" Nova stopped as his eyes glowed red. "I am your slave."

Dracula then looked to the others, having their eyes glow red too. "Destroy the interlopers. Bring me the Ankh."

"Yes, Lord Dracula."

They ran over only to stop as Spider-Man ran up. "Guys, stop! Drac's just Mesmer mermaiding you, or something."

Naruto blocked the other's attack before seeing a switch on the wall before looking up at the lights. "Spider-Man, UV lights are installed!"

Spider-Man webbed up Blade before hitting the switch with his web and had it turn on severely injuring Dracula.

"Lord Dracula." The others ran to Dracula to help him as he created a portal and walked in.

"This war has just begun."

"No, wait!" Spider-Man yelled as Naruto dived just as the portal closed.

"Are you crazy? You webbed me up."

Naruto turned to see Blade was free and had attacked Spider-Man. "You're a vampire. I was protecting you from the U. V. rays."

"Your buddy went supernova twice tonight and I didn't burn. I'm only a half-blood. A day-walker. - The sun doesn't hurt me."


"Blade has all of the strengths of a vampire but only one of the weaknesses," Naruto explained standing up.

"Oh. So what do we do now? Is he gonna turn our friends into full-on vampires?" Spider-Man asked, having Naruto shake his head.

"No, he'll keep them as hostages to keep us off his back."

"So there's still a chance."

"I'll track Dracula and your friends. You, however, must look into the true face of fear." Blade said as Naruto sighed as Spider-Man looked confused.

"True face of…? Oh…"


"So if it's okay, I'd like to skip the part where you yell at me so we can save our friends," Spider-Man said to Fury as they stood on top of the Tri-Carrier. "I learned that fear is in your mind. Except for monsters, and I hate monsters. That work for you?"

"If that's what you learned tonight, you're gonna love this. My team of experts is finally here." Fury said as Spider-Man's eyes widened under his mask.

"Experts? The big guns? The Avengers?! The Fantastic Four? Power Pack?"

"Not quite. Meet the perfect team for this mission, Spider-Man." Fury turned as a group came up in front of them.

One is a male mummy with pharaoh clothing.

The next is a tall muscular man with grey skin, stitching over his skin. He's wearing a fur vest with a large mini-gun on his back, and his left arm is replaced with a metal hammer with the S.H.I.E.L.D logo on it, blue pants, and combat boots.

The third and final man is a slim muscular werewolf who's shirtless with pauldrons with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on them, blue pants, and a pouched belt.

"The Living Mummy. Frankenstein's Monster. Werewolf by Night."

"Hey, guys!" Naruto waved before Frank put him in a headlock. "OK, big guy, nice to see you too." He finished before they all walked inside the main room.

"Hey kid, I'm Jack Russel," Jack said to Spider-Man. "And don't worry, I'm a vegetarian." He finished crossing his arms and grinned.

"You said we'd find warriors here Fury. Not children." the mummy said as Naruto looked at Spider-Man.

"This is N'Kantu."

"I like you," Frank said, having his right-hand shoot out of his arm with a chain connected to it and grabbing Spider-Man. "You're it."

"This is Frankenstein's monster." Fury said as Naruto crossed his arms.

"They're the Howling Commandos. Named after Cap's and Wolverine's old unit from the war. There are a few other members but they're all busy." Naruto explained before looking at Jack. "That reminds me, how's Nina?"

"(Growl!)" Jack just growled at that.

"Great, tell her, her favorite human said hey," Naruto said, having Jack growl again.

"You know them?" Spider-Man asked Naruto who nodded.

"Yeah, I helped them out a few times before."

"And Nina?"

"Jack's niece," Naruto said as Spider-Man blinked.

"By his reaction, you hit on her? A werewolf?"

"She's half-werewolf, half-vampire, and looks more like a vampire. And yeah I hit on her when I first met them when getting here."

"Fury likes to keep his monsters hidden." N'Kantu said, crossing his arms.

"We've been over this, N'Kantu, the world's just not ready to face certain truths just yet," Jack said, glancing over to the mummy as Fury put the Ankh in a container.

"I'm not sure I'm ready," Spider-Man said as he stared at them.

"You think we're freaky? Wait until you meet the big guy." Jack said with a grin.

"He's not the big guy?" Spider-Man asked, pointing to Frank.

"No, but I got a big heart… Wanna see?"

"Later Frank." Fury said, getting their attention as Naruto went to a table with a metal case on it and opened it.

Revealing a katana inside. It's a 27" full-tang sword that has a sharpened straight-edge blade with blue and black finishing as well as small tilted holes in the middle. The handle is wrapped in nylon rope with a circle on the bottom. (1.)

Naruto then went on to inform them that Dracula is after the Ankh to have him and his army walk during the day as well as hypnotizing the others. Suddenly a portal opened up having Naruto's team and Dracula walk in. "Weapons on stun! That's our team!" Naruto yelled out as Frank pulled his gun around revealing it's hooked on his back.

"Fire bad, but firepower is good." He then shot out blue energy at the others before Spider-Man pulled Iron Fist away.

Jack tackled White Tiger before Spider-Man webbed his hand. "Ah, kid! Look past the claws, we're the professionals, trust us."

Nova tackled Spider-Man having part of the Ankh fall when he hit the table it was on. N'Kantu then wrapped Iron Fist and Power Man in his wrappings as Naruto fought Dracula with his sword, having sparks fly off when they clashed swords. Suddenly, Tiger sliced into Naruto's back, having him hiss in pain before she handed Dracula the Ankh that she put together.

They then disappeared as N'Kantu started chanting for a containment spell. "Shit!" Naruto cursed when falling to one knee and leaned on his sword.

"Got any loved ones?" Jack asked Spider-Man and Naruto who nodded.

"Yeah, we're neighbors but you don't have to worry about me though," Naruto replied, picking up a nylon sheath and putting his sword in it before putting it over his back with the handle over his left shoulder.

Queens, Naruto's House.

Naruto in his costume walked in the front door with Jack before the light came on.


Naruto blinked before looking to his right and saw She-Hulk standing in the living room in her Halloween costume. She's wearing a sexy kunoichi outfit with a black half-mask, sleeveless and legless leotard with a diamond hole in front showing extreme cleavage and her hard midriff, shoulder gloves, and thigh-high heeled boots.

"You want a trick… Or treat~?"

"Uh…" Naruto's brain shut down as he stared at her chest and saw a hint of dark green peaking out before she noticed Jack.

"Who's that?"

"(Ahem!) This is Jack Russel, Werewolf by Night." Naruto said as she chuckled, having her breasts bounce.

"And your name is Jack Russel? That's good."

"As you can see, my house is protected from Dracula. You don't need to worry about her." Naruto said, pushing the werewolf out. 'At least until I get my hands on her tonight.' He thought when seeing her turn showing her leotard showed most of her butt cheeks and took a calming breath.

All five of them went to Peter's house before ringing the doorbell and had Naruto take his and Spider-Man's mask off. "Hey!"

"It's so she doesn't worry or think we're kids in costumes pulling a prank," Naruto said as May opened the door showing she was dressed as a witch.

"Boo! Happy Halloween." She said eyes closed before opening them and saw the group.

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" Frank asked before Peter spoke.

"She's a great witch, hey aunt May. Having a vampire-free evening?"

"Oh Peter, what a lame costume. I thought you were going as a ghost."

"Store was all out of ghost costumes," Peter replied with a sigh at the dig at his costume.

"At least Naruto put time into his. But these are great costumes." She said, looking at the Commandos before pointing at Frank. "Luke, Danny." She said pointing to Jack and N'Kantu. "And Sam. Where's Ava?"

"Meeting her at a party just stop by to check on you," Naruto said before May smiled.

"I thought you two couldn't be alone anymore. And why check on me? Peter's the one who hates monsters." That got the Commandos to look at Peter who chuckled nervously before May brought out a big bowl of gummy brains. "Gummy brain?"

Frank took a handful before she closed the door, having Naruto and Peter put their masks on. Spider-Man walked to the street before Naruto swung his sword hitting a vampire, having him turn to ash. Jack sniffed the air before growling, turning to his right to see Blade was about to throw a silver stake. "Blade! Fury didn't mention you were on this job."

"I wasn't. Until word's spread all over the underground you let Dracula get the Ankh and the vampires ready to take over. Now I see how he did it." Blade said having the others growl. "Tracked a swarm of shadow fangs hoping they would lead me to him, but I found you instead… Eating candy."

"We just stop to put protection on Spider-Man's house," Naruto said holding his sword.

They then started putting UV lamps around the house, spraying garlic spray around the house, and covering the windows as N'Kantu put a spell of protection around the area. Scaring Flash with a purple projected cobra before a large dragon-shaped monster truck flew down to them and opened its mouth having its silver tongue roll out to act as a ramp.

After getting in, they started to fly towards Transylvania with Blade arguing with Jack before Naruto sighed and looked back from his seat. "OK, you're both the prettiest! God, it's like I'm still with kids. I don't care what happened between you two to cause Blade to quit the team. But put it aside until after the mission. I won't take the blame if Dracula wins because you two can't work together!"

They then came up to Dracula's castle before walking up to the door as vampires crawled down the walls. "Don't worry, S.H.I.E.L.D's sending the big guy!" Frank said as another jet flew over them before a large ball of moss dropped onto the castle having green energy cover it and burned the vampires.

It then came up to the team and formed into a tall very muscular humanoid man with red eyes.

"Meet the big guy, the Man-Thing." N'Kantu explained before they ran inside the castle to see various halls winding around.

"Enter if you dare!"

Looking up, they saw Dracula floating at the ceiling with the team in glass coffins behind him. "Hope has no place behind these walls."

"Kicked your ass last time I was here," Naruto said, pulling his sword out as vampires formed around them.

They all started fighting the creatures before Dracula and the team disappeared. "This could be an illusion," Spider-Man said, turning to the others as they regrouped. "Don't trust your eyes."

"Kid's right," Jack said sniffing the air before looking at the hall in front of them. "Dracula's closer than you think. Will you follow me one more time, Blade?"

"I'm in, let's go!"

They ran down the hall and when coming to the next room, attacked Dracula who phased through each attack before flying down another hall having the Commandos run after him while Naruto and Spider-Man helped their team that was left behind. After waking them up and seeing they weren't under Dracula's control, they followed down the hall and saw the Commandos fighting Dracula outside.

After phasing through another attack, Dracula put the Ankh together just as the sun rose. "Frank!" Naruto yelled, running towards Frank. "Throw me!" Jumping in Frank's hand, he threw Naruto to Dracula, having him grab the Ankh when Dracula raised it before flipping and pulling it apart, having the sun start to burn Dracula who created a portal and disappeared. Naruto walked over, only to be wrapped up as N'Kantu pulled the ninja to him and took the Ankh. "What the hell?"

N'Kantu threw Naruto back as he put the Ankh together then grew to a giant, became human, and created a crook and flail. Spider-Man shot his webs, only for N'Kantu to push them away. He created a portal and walked in before Naruto whistled, having the Monster Truck fly down. Getting in, they flew in just as the portal closed showing N'Kantu attacking the city before Naruto went to the door.

"Man-Thing, get to the sewers that should have enough raw material for you to get to N'Kantu's size."

Man-Thing went inside a manhole before coming out the same size as N'Kantu and started fighting him. Naruto ran up the wall before jumping at N'Kantu's chest and cut the rope on the Ankh was having it fall and Man-Thing to catch it. And broke it having N'Kantu shrink as did Man-Thing.


"Howling Commandos, your work today is to be commended. On behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D, thank you." Fury said to the Commandos.

"Thank them," Jack said, gesturing to the others. "We wouldn't have won without them. Dracula's still out there and we're on that." Suddenly, Spider-Man's pants were pulled down, having him jump and pull them back up. "That's Max, he was guarding your place tonight."

"Allow me to introduce myself… I'm the Invisible Man." They heard a man's voice beside them before Naruto left.


May gave out candy to some kids before hearing a thump. Looking around and not seeing anything, she shrugged before walking back inside. And missed She-Hulk with only her mask, gloves, and boots on, right side of her face pressing against the window before bringing her hands against as well as her bare breasts while her eyes rolled back in her head.

To Be Continued.

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