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Two hundred fifty five billion, fifteen million, nine hundred eighty six thousand, two hundred and thirty four breaths. He has taken two hundred fifty five billion, fifteen million, nine hundred eighty six thousand, two hundred and thirty four breaths since he started counting. And calling them breaths is generous, for he doesn't have a form in this prison, so he can't quite call whatever it is he's doing breathing, but it almost feels as if his whole chest - or his whole being, that is - is inhaling and exhaling, growing bigger and releasing that energy with every second. They say that the average Hylian takes twelve to twenty breaths a minute. In an hour, they've taken a thousand two hundred. In a full day, twenty eight thousand, eight hundred breaths. In a year, ten million, five hundred and twelve thousand breaths.

Counting breaths is the only way to count time, and even that is unreliable. They did good with strengthening his seal this time. It's wearing down now, though. He feels it, slowly. Like a window cracked open just a fraction of an inch every year. He remembers their names and faces. Princess Zelda and the ever heroic Link. His anger still bubbles, but it's almost distant now. Harder to recall. A lot of things are getting harder to recall.

His childhood. He knows what he stole. He knows that he was small - a pint sized rat with a passion for power. He can still feel what he felt then - insecurity, fury, pain, confusion, empty, the overwhelming urge to just be whole-

He couldn't tell you what pushed him to wrap those greedy paws around that cloth. He couldn't tell you his birthday or his family's names. If he ever had a family. His friends. His classmates. His favorite treat. Why he took on magic. Even now, he can't quite remember how he felt that first time. What were his exact actions? Why?

Maybe that's what the Goddesses wanted out of him. Make him forget everything. Become some little vegetable. Something they could mold into a perfect upstanding citizen.

Well, no thank you.

He wasn't going to let them have things their way. He was stubborn, he knew that. He wouldn't be anyone but himself. Wouldn't let anyone else dictate what that meant.

But still, he was so so tired.

Tired of counting breaths.

Tired of staring out into the white. Was this staring or was he the white?

He wants to close his eyes and sleep.

Or feel the wind on his face. In his air.

He wants to lay down in Hyrule Field.

He doesn't want a heavy crown.

He wants what he doesn't think he's ever had.

He wants to be happy.

For the good guys, the moment you discover what you want, you get it. Like a flash of lightning. As if the Gods themselves were waiting for you to just figure it out so they could put everything in place. Right in your lap. Maybe that's precisely what they did. Farore's destiny or some divine bullshit. Door's open, Hero, your prize is sitting right in front of you, go get it.

Vaati wishes to be happy and free.

All he gets are more breaths to count.