Introducing my first fanfiction attempt ever. This takes place after Justice League vs Teen Titans but before The Judas Contract. Raven X Damian if I haven't made it clear in the description. [this is my first fic so Idfk where the description is (using the copy-n-paste method)]Big Thanks to Wolfeternity of DeviantArt for letting me use her art as a cover photo.

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Restless Nights, Comforting Companions

It was terrible. All around her, Jump City was in ruins. Smoke blocked out any light from above, leaving the city shrouded in darkness save for the raging fires that burned in nearly every building. Screams of fear and chaos echoed throughout the destroyed streets. Despite her best efforts, Raven's father: Trigon, conqueror of a million realms, bringer of death and agony, the Devil, had escaped imprisonment from the crystal shard. He used Raven as a conduit to come to Earth directly and, after destroying Titans Tower, laid waste to all he could see. Her teammates, her friends, fought valiantly, but one by one they fell. Kori, Jamie, Garfield, Dick, all died trying to protect her. The last one standing between Raven and her father was Damian.

"I won't let you have her you monster!" he cried, before lunging forward without hesitation at the trans-dimensional demon. With little effort, Trigon smacked him into the ground before him.

"No! Damian!" screamed Raven who, in pure desperation, threw disks of purple magic at her father.

"Pathetic." Trigon laughed as they glanced off of him. On the ground before him, Damian struggled to pick himself up. With one foot, Trigon slowly started to crush him into the asphalt of the street. Damian let out out cries of pain, while Raven could do nothing but plead to her father.

"No please! Don't hurt him!" She begged.

"You are a failure child," Trigon snarled, "you have become frail, pitiful, without my guidance. We are meant to be together, to rule all realms, but you're emotional attachment to these disgusting creatures, most of all to this boy," pushing down harder onto Damian, who was screaming now, looking directly into Raven's eyes, "is a weakness. I will tolerate no weakness!" And with that, Trigon smashed into the ground with all his might.



Raven shot up out of bed in a cold sweat, panting heavily. She could feel tears streaming down her cheeks. Her hands instinctively shot up to her forehead, feeling the crystal prison and making sure Trigon was still trapped inside. She took deep breaths, slowly regaining her composure. Raven had almost settled down when once again she screamed in horror. The door to her room had been kicked open, and rushing through the doorway, sword drawn, was Damian Wayne. He scanned the room, but saw no immediate danger besides the now four-eyed, red-skinned sorceress charging mass amounts of magic. Within seconds he realized who that magic was for.

Yes! Yes child! Crush this insignificant worm. Bring me one step closer to my return! Rang through Raven's head. Without thinking, she prepared to attack.

"Raven wait! It's me, Damian!" Shouted Damian, diving to the ground hoping to avoid the half-demon's wrath. This snapped Raven back into reality. Regaining her willpower, she began to chant.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos.." she recited. Slowly, Raven's hands lowered and her magic dissipated. She returned to her normal form, two eyes and pale skin, and fell to her knees. Damian took his chance to stand up and approach Raven, who he could hear was now sobbing, with her head in her hands. He sheathed his sword and leaned it up against the wall.

"Why would you do that?" she asked in between her sobs. With those words, Damian felt his stomach drop. He felt something he hadn't felt in a long time, if ever. Ashamed. Ashamed that he had frightened Raven, that he had made her cry.

"I'm sorry Raven I… I heard you scream and thought that… that something was wrong and you needed help so I came as fast as I could." Damian replied, his usual calm and calculated voice replaced by an uncharacteristic shaky and stuttery one. Raven looked up, her amethyst eyes meeting Damian's emerald. They stared into each other's eyes for a while, before Raven wiped the tears off her face and stood up.

"It's ok Damian, I didn't mean for that question to come out like that. You just frightened me is all, and I haven't been having the best night." Raven said, breaking the silence between the two Titans.

"A nightmare?" Damian asked.

"Yes," she replied. Damian once again closed the distance between them, slightly catching her off guard. He gently took her hand into his, and once again they made eye contact with one another.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked, in a very calming and soothing voice Raven noticed. She thought to herself about how to answer, she normally didn't like talking about these kinds of things. She always thought it wasn't others people's burdens to know what she was thinking, or what it was taking from her to keep her father locked away. But, as an empath, she couldn't help but feel Damian's feelings through their sudden hand contact. She could feel that he was genuinely concerned about her, and knew that he wouldn't be able to relax until she did herself. It was weird, but through their hand contact, and the feelings that she was feeling from Damian, she felt safe. She felt that she could open up.

Context, she thought to herself, context not content, I can share that with him. Suddenly, she became aware that her and Damian where now holding hands. Raven began to blush, and without a hood to hide it, Damian noticed and began to blush too. They both quickly let go.

"I suppose it could help to get it off my chest." Raven replied, sitting down on her bed, with Damian taking a spot beside her. "As you know," she began, "these nightmares aren't a new occurrence in my life, but ever since I've taken the task of keeping Trigon with me at all times, they're becoming more frequent and… vivid. His influence is much stronger this close to me, and I know he's doing this in hopes that I'll slip up, drop my mental guard and give him the chance to escape."

"But surely he can't always be intruding on your thoughts right? Otherwise how would you be able to function?" Damian asked, with a hint of worry in his voice.

"It's different during the day," Raven explained, "when I'm fully awake I can block him out, plus any distraction or chance for meditation makes him basically non-existent. But during the night, when I'm alone and unconscious, I have no defense. My mind is free game for that Demon." Damian listened to her intently, and noticed her voice began to get shaky again. "It's becoming too much, I can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. And I know one of these nights, I'll make a mistake and He'll break free." Raven began sobbing again, much to Damian's distress. He wanted to help her, but didn't know how. How could he? His years in the League of Assassins never trained him on how to deal with crying girls right beside him. He decided to act on instinct, and slowly embraced her. He held her close and whispered calming things into her ear until she calmed down. When she had calmed down, they looked into each others eyes for the third time that night now. Damian wiped the tears off her cheek and hugged her again, this time she returned it. When they finally let go of the embrace, Damian worked up the courage to move on the plan he'd been formulating for awhile.

"You said, one of your vulnerabilities was you feeling of loneliness in the night?" Damian asked.

"Yes.." Raven replied, somewhat ashamed.

"What if," Damian started, trying to stay focused and finish his sentence, "I stayed with you for the night? Strictly professional of course, I know first hand the threat Trigon poses and what might happen if he escaped."

It was a good thing that Raven was already sitting on the bed, or else she probably would have fallen over after hearing that. She noticed that they were holding hands again, and could once more feel his emotions. She could feel that he meant what he said, he was concerned about Trigon and concerned about her well being, that she knew. But there was something else, another feeling, something deeper down that he didn't really know existed in him. It was foreign to her too if she was being honest. An emotion she could feel but couldn't name. She became aware that she was not just feeling this through Damian, but in herself too. What was this feeling she could feel but not name? A feeling that appeared in both of them, strong but hidden. Wait, getting weaker in Damian she sensed. Suddenly, her train of thought was interrupted.

"I could always go back to my room if I'm overstepping my boundaries" Damian stated, sounding defeated and almost angry. Not at her of course, but at himself. He began to get up, but was pulled back down by his hands.

"No please," Raven said, trying not to sound desperate, "I think it would really help if you stayed here with me Damian, thank you."

"Ok, sounds good." Damian replied, trying not to sound too excited in turn. With that, they crawled over to the top of the bed and got under the covers. Damian shyly laid his arm out, and Raven laid her head down on his chest, just as timidly. They both got comfortable and relaxed, realizing just how tired they were. Although they were both slightly nervous, it didn't feel awkward. In fact, it felt right, and Raven knew she would get her first peaceful sleep she'd had in a while. Some other time she'll have to ponder more on that unnamed feeling between the two of them, but not now. Just before they fell asleep, they whispered one last time to each other.

"Goodnight Raven."

"Goodnight Damian."

Voila! My first attempt at a fanfic. Written between the hours of 8am to 1pm. Please God, criticize me. Tell me what you liked, didn't like. Too Long? Too Jumbled? Incoherent? Well done? Depending on how this goes will decide whether I continue this over the summer. Also I can take criticism, rip into me if you have to.