"I think I just blew my bar mitzvah money on a wintergreen tic tac." Jeremy stated.

"Yeah, not cool." Michael responded.

Jeremy looked over to where Michael was sitting in the food court and asked "Why do you rich came up with that crazy story for a tic tac?"

"He was scamming you, its all for the money, but i mean, yeah, you could ask rich if you want to tomorrow." Michael suggested.


-Tomorrow at school-

Jeremy was managibg his way through the hallway ahen he spotted rich talking to jake. Jeremy walked over to him and jake.

"H-hey, Rich? Can i talk to you?" he asked.

Rich looked at Jeremy, then to Jake and then the air before looking back to Jeremy. "Sure" he answered.

Jeremy and rich made there way to spot a bit away from rich's friends.

"What did you want to talk about?" Rich asked.

"Um, i was wondering whydidyoulieaboutthesquip?" Jeremy sputtered out.

"Can you maybe slow down for me?" rich said.

"Um well, i was wondering why did you lie about the squip? u mean muchael said it was for the money but-"

rich cut him off, "what do you mean lie? It was the truth."

"Rich, just admit it." Jeremy shot back disappointing of believing in something he never should have. Jeremy walked away leaving behind Rich, who was lost in thought.

what did Jeremy mean by he was lying to him? why did Jeremy not believe him about the squip? questions like these plagued Rich's mind.

Rich looked over to a shadow. quickly the shadow began to form someone or something in a black cloak. behind the hood was something with a green face and a felt-y look to it. a insane looking smile began to form on its face.

:soon: it thought.

REALLY IMPORTANT! the squip will be speaking with these : around its words, so yeah, that important. also the next chapter will take a while because even this part took some time.