Hello my loyal reader it's me killingtheshadows101 and this is the first story I have adopted from Ybarra87 'A Flaming Bond' but don't worry I'm still doing my original stories like 'Squire to knight' this story was just an idea that was just too good to let die. So I hope you all like may spin on this story.

Ch 1 bound in chains

School had just ended at Echo Creek Academy and Marco was about to head home until he was stopped by Janna. "Hey Marco." She said causing him to jump in fright since she snuck up behind him.

"Jeez, Janna! Is it really necessary for you to scare me like that?" Marco asked as he tried to recover from the shock he was given.

"No it's not but it's really hard not to since it's fun." She said with a smirk.

Marco just rolled his eye. "What do you want Janna?" He asked.

"I just got a new book on summoning demons and was wondering if you want to help me with it?" She asked.

Marco just rolled his eyes again. "Janna you really shouldn't be doing something like that. You don't know what could happen." He said as he was now giving her a lecture about the dangers of her summoning a demon.

Janna just rolled her eyes at his lecture and then snapped her fingers while saying "Chicken butt." Causing Marco to pass out asleep on the floor. Janna then grabbed his legs and began to drag him away. "I tried asking nicely Marco now we're going to do it the hard way." She said as she dragged him to her house.

When Janna had gotten to her house with Marco, she had placed him on her bed with his shirt off and tied his arms and legs to her bed posts. She then snapped her fingers causing him to wake up.

Marco then woke up in a panic to see that he was no longer at school and was tied to a bed with his shirt off but thankfully he still had his pants on. Seeing Janna standing nearby wearing a black bath robe he yelled out. "Janna why am I tied to a bed right now?! And why are you wearing a bath robe? And for the love of god you better be wearing something under it."

"Well when I asked you if you wanted to help me summon demons and you started giving me a lecture on why I shouldn't do it but then Jackie walked by and said hello causing you to pass out." She lied. "And since you didn't actually say no to me I just took that as a yes. And the bath robe is because it's cozy and the last bit to your question is, do you want to see for yourself?" She replied.

Marco just groaned hearing that he passed out in front of his crush but realized he had a bigger problem right now. "Look the answer to both of them is a very firm no! Now untie me!" He shouted.

"Sorry Marco but it's too late to go back." Janna said as she approached Marco with a small sowing needle and jabbed his thumb with it causing a small amount of blood to come out from the wound. She then took a small glass and collected the blood with it. When she was done with that she took out a candle and lit it. She then pulled out a book, opened it, and began reading from it. "Oh ancient spirits hear my call. Take this blood and bond it." Janna then poured the blood on to the candle causing it to go out. Suddenly a bright light filled the room and when it went out a red haired girl with white albino skin wearing a yellow ball gown with a black tiara with a flame on top was laying right next to Marco sleeping.

Marco seeing this and thinking Janna's pulling a prank by having a friend pretend to be a demon. "Okay Janna, this isn't funny. I don't know who your friend is but I want you to stop this right now!" He shouted causing the girl to wake up.

The girl just looked around to see she was laying right next to Marco and he was tied to the bed. "Oh, I'm having one of those dreams again." She said as she gave a small smile and looked at him. "Well you're a little on the young side but you are cute." She said as she climbed on top him. "I don't care what your name is but you will address me as Mistress Hekapoo or lady Hekapoo. Now, what's the safe word?" she asked.

Marco began panicking. "Janna! Get her off me!" He screamed as his face turned red with embarrassment and panic to what may happen with him.

The girl just gave Marco an annoyed look. "How dare you mention another girl's name in front of your mistress!" She yelled. "You're lucky I find your panicked face cute but I still need to punish you."

However before she could do anything to Marco, Janna approached her. "Uh excuse me." She said getting the girl's attention.

The girl just looked at Janna. "Wow this is the first time something like this has happened in my dreams but hey I'm open to this. After all this is all just a dream might as well go with the flow" She said.

"You're not dreaming." Janna replied causing the girl to look at her.

"If I'm not dreaming then why am I here with this boy tied to a bed?" The girl asked.

"I summoned you here using his blood and I have him tied up since he would probably run away like any normal person would." Janna replied.

The girl didn't know what to think but decided to pinch herself to see if this really wasn't a dream and to her shock she felt pain making her realize she was awake. The girl then got off Marco while giving an embarrassed look. "Sorry about this. I had a rough day at work and decided to take a nap. And I thought this was a dream." She said as she looked at Janna and then Marco.

"UNTIE ME NOW!" Marco shouted. Janna then went to untie him. Once he was free Marco immediately put his shirt and hoody back on and looked at Janna. "Janna I don't appreciate you doing this to me! I don't know why you always do this to me but please stop!" He shouted as he then looked at the girl. "I also don't appreciate your friend here scaring me as well! I can't believe you would have someone dress up as a demon just to scare me like this!"

"Uh, Marco that's a real demon." Janna said.

Marco just glared at Janna. "You still expect me to believe she's a real demon!" He shouted as he then looked at the girl and walked towards her. "Oh please I can see it's a costume!" He yelled as he grabbed the girl's pointy ears causing her to let out a cute whimper and tried to pull them only to see they were real. He soon realized that he was holding the ear of an actual demon and turned blue.

The girl just gave out another cute whimper as Marco held on to her ear. Wanting him to let go of her she raised her hand and smacked him on the back of the head screaming "Idiot!"

Marco let out a scream of pain as he felt the back of his head burn. "Ow!" he yelled out as he let go of her ears. "What did you do that for?!" He shouted as he put his hand to the back of his head.

"You put your hands on me and you're asking me why I hit you?!" The girl shouted as she looked at Marco with anger. "Don't you know who I am?!"

"Some random demon girl my so called friend?! Managed to summon?" Marco replied not sure how to answer her.

The girl just looked at Marco and gave off an annoyed sigh. "I happen to be the forger and enforcer of all dimensional scissors! I am Hekapoo!" She shouted. "Also, fun fact. I'm not really a demon I'm more on the lines of being a cosmic entity."

Marco just stared at her confused and just said. "Okay?"

Janna on the other hand looked more impressed with herself. "Cool. I summoned a cosmic entity in my bedroom."

Hekapoo just groaned. "Figures you humans wouldn't know who I am. You are all just lame flesh wads after all." She griped out. "Though I still don't know how one of you managed to actually summon me here?"

Marco just looked at her. "Look lady, I'm sorry for what she did okay." Points at Janna. "I just had a rough day and did not expect Janna to actually summon you. I thought you were just a friend of hers helping her pull a prank on me. Please forgive me." He said.

Hekapoo just glared at Marco. "You honestly think and an apology is going to make me forgive you?!" She shouted. "It's going to take a lot more than that to make me forgive you!"

Marco just groaned. "You know what forget it!" He shouted. "I tried to apologize but if you won't forgive me then fine! I'm going home!" Marco then grabbed his stuff and headed for the door as Hekapoo pulled out some scissors and opened a portal.

"I'm leaving as well. Don't know how you did it but never summon me again." She said as she was about to step into the portal but before Marco and Hekapoo could leave a red chain appeared on both of their right hands and pulled the both of them right into each other's backs.

"What the?!" Marco shouted as he saw he was right next to Hekapoo.

"How dare you stop me from leaving you flesh wad!" Hekapoo shouted as she glared at him in anger.

Marco just gave out a groan. "In case you haven't noticed something stopped me from leaving as well so don't say it's my fault!" He shouted as he then noticed a red transparent chain on his right hand. "What the?"

Hekapoo just looked at the chain and just assumed Marco had put them on her. "Very funny now get them off!" She screamed.

"I didn't put them on you!" Marco screamed back. As the screaming match went on between the two of them the chain began to glow and then started to shorten the length between them. Noticing this Marco just stopped the argument. "Stop! In case you haven't noticed the length between us has shortened so let's focus on getting this off!"

Hekapoo realized he was right. "You're right." She said to him as a thought then occurred to her. "Luckily I have a solution to help us." Just then six Hekapoos began to form. Hekapoo just looked at them. "Okay, three of you grab him and start pulling as the other three help me pull." She said as the others nodded.

The clones did as she said as three of them grabbed onto Marco and the other three grabbed onto her and began pulling. "Lady you're going to pull my arm off!" Marco screamed.

"I don't care as long as I'm free from you!" Hekapoo shouted as the pulling continued only for the chain to glow again shortening the distance between them again to the point where this arms were side by side with each other.

"Well we tried." A Hekapoo clone said as she and the others then put out their flames.

Marco just groaned and noticed Janna who was sitting across the room eating a bag of chips like she was watching a reality TV show. "Janna you did this so you undo this." He said in a stern tone.

"Sorry Marco but I already check the book before I did this and didn't see anything about undoing this." She said as she finished her bag of chips.

Hekapoo just looked at her. "Let me see this book." She said as Janna handed her the book. Hekapoo quickly just flipped through the pages of the book and closed it. She then looked at Janna. "Where did you get this?" She asked.

"The occult store." Janna replied.

Hekapoo just groaned as she then reached into her dress to pull out a compact mirror. She then opened it and said into it. "We need to assemble a meeting now." Marco and Janna could hear voices coming from the mirror but before they could listen to what the voices were saying Hekapoo closed the mirror and looked at them. "You two are coming with me." She said as she pulled out some scissors and opened a portal stepping into it dragging Marco along and making sure Janna followed.


Hekapoo had just got done explaining everything that had happened to her, making sure to leave a few details out, to Glossaryck, Lekmet, Omnitraxus Prime, Rhombulus, and Queen Moon. Glossaryck pretty much had an idea of what was going on but before he could say anything Rhombulus spoke first.

"From what you said that girl is a witch and that makes her evil! I better crystallize her!" He shouted but before he could Marco spoke up.

"Wait! She's not a witch." He said trying to stop Rhombulus from doing something to her.

"I don't know Marco. I sort of think of it as a compliment that he thinks I'm a witch." Janna replied with a grin. "But if I had to choose I think I'm more of a sorcerer than a witch."

"Janna you're not helping your case." Marco said. "I get that feeling he's going to do something to you." Marco then looked at Hekapoo. "Who is that guy?" He asked her.

"That's Rhombulus. He's in charge of tracking down and crystallizing criminals." She replied.

Janna just approached him. "So you crystallize criminals huh? You must have captured a lot of criminals. I'm curious, what are the most recent ones you caught and what were their crimes?" She asked him.

Rhombulus looked at Janna. "Yeah, I caught quite a few evil ones but the recent ones were the most evil of all. There was that guy who littered and then there was that guy who didn't say bless you when I sneezed. Not to mention that guy who didn't hold a door open for a little old lady and then I had to crystallize the little old lady for jay walking! Then there are the delivery boys who deliver to the wrong address!" He replied causing everyone in the room to just look at him in disbelief for crystallizing those people for their 'evil' crimes.

Queen Moon just looked at Rhombulus in shock and disappointment then turned to Lekmet. "Chancellor Lekmet, I think we should go over a list of the people Rhombulus crystallized later and go over who should stay crystallized and who should go free." She said as Lekmet just let out a bah and nodded.

Rhombulus just gave a confused look. "Uh why should we do that?" He asked causing Moon to give out a sigh.

"Because Rhombulus, you crystallized people for making small mistakes and small crimes." She replied.

"There was nothing small for what they did!" Rhombulus shouted causing a huge shouting match to start.

Glossaryck just gave out an annoyed groan and then gave out a huge whistle getting everyone's attention. "Children in case you forgot we are here to discuss the situation concerning Hekapoo and these humans. So cease your argument for a later date so I can say what I was going to before being cut off by Rhombulus." He said causing Moon to look at him.

"You know what's going on Glossaryck?" Moon asked.

"Yes, I do your Majesty." Glossaryck replied. "Though I thought this was handled years ago."

Moon just gave a confused look. "What do you mean?" She asked.

"Well a long time ago when your mother was queen I heard a rumor that someone was making spell books and leaving them in different dimensions. I knew the trouble they would cause so I told the commission to look into it by starting at the library of ancient magic and see if the head librarian could give out any leads." He explained. "I wanted Lekmet to go but Rhombulus made it clear that he was in charge of tracking criminals." He said as he looked at Rhombulus. "I take it something happened."

"Well I had to crystallize her since she was shouting at me in the library! I mean she's the head librarian she knows better than shouting!" He replied in a loud tone.

Marco just gave out a groan and asked. "I think I know the answer but why was she shouting at you?"

"She accused me of shouting in the library! I mean this is how I normally talk!" He said in a loud tone.

Everyone just gave out a groan hearing that. Glossaryck just looked at him and then at Janna. "You said you got this book at a store right?" He asked.

"Yeah." She replied. "The owner said he got a real good deal for it. He said someone sold it to him for a dollar."

Glossaryck just remained silent for a moment both thinking on what to do next and simultaneously trying to figure out the value of a dollar. "Well, it seems the person I told you about is still out there making books and causing trouble. It's either that or Rhombulus is getting sloppy in his work, most likely the latter" He said.

"Hey!" Rhombulus shouted but no one paid him any attention.

"Well what should we do?" Moon asked.

"Well you can start by finding the head librarian and uncrystalize her though it may take you a while to get her to agree to help given what happened." Glossaryck replied as everyone just glared at Rhombulus who was starting to look nervous.

"Well what about us?!" Hekapoo shouted as she raised her right hand causing Marco's hand to rise with hers.

"I'm afraid nothing can be done until we find the right spell to undo it or catch the one responsible for this." Glossaryck replied.

"So we're stuck like this?" Marco asked.

"Well for now but only you two can create the distance between yourselves."

Everyone just looked at Glossaryck in confusion. "What do you mean by that?!" Hekapoo shouted. "I don't want to be stuck to him!"

Marco just rolled his eyes. "Well we can agree on that." He said causing the chain to glow increasing the length between them before disappearing from sight.

Everyone just stared in disbelieve at what just happened as Moon looked at Glossaryck. "Glossaryck, what just happened? Is it gone now?" She asked.

"Well no, not even close you see apparently when they reached an agreement in their relationship it grows in length and turns invisible or more precisely shifts to another plain of reality." He replied.

"What does this mean for them?" Moon asked.

"The two of them are now bonded together. They share a bond now and that chain represents that bond." Glossaryck answered but he could see they still didn't understand. Giving out a sigh he explained a bit more. "Okay think of those two as married now and their marriage is on the rocks, that chain is a marriage counselor. The more they argue and fight the shorter the distance between them is but the more they get along, understand, and trust each other the longer the distance is because it shows there faith in each other."

Everyone in the room just remained silent after hearing Glossaryck's explanation until Janna decided to ask a question. "So in other words Marco and her are married is that what you're saying?" Janna asked.

"In laymen terms yes." Glossaryck replied.

"Glossaryck, I'm confused. Just how could a spell do this?" Moon asked.

Glossaryck just shrugged "I don't know? I wasn't the one that made the spell, but if I had to guess from the looks of the spell and how it operates I'm guessing the spell you used on the boy bonded to Hekapoo simply because of fate" Glossaryck answered.

"What do you mean by fate?" Janna asked.

"Well, you know that old saying. Fate is not written in stone, well the spell you used simply made one of Marco's may possible fates simply happen" He explained. Hekapoo just gave out a groan hearing this while Marco just shook his head in disbelief.

"So you're saying I was destine to meet up with this meat wad?"

"No, that's not what Glossaryck is trying to saying Hekapoo." Omnitraxus steeped in to explain. "You were just one of many possible outcomes to be summoned to his side, even I or Queen Moon could have been summand. But don't think this was done totally by random. The chain only attached itself to you because in one of Marco's many possible fates you may have played a big part in one of those lives he could've lived. Having said that, even if the chain hadn't attached itself to the two of you. You mostly likely would've just met each other one way or another under different circumstances even without the spell brining the both of you together.

"Couldn't have explained it any better than myself." Glossaryck complimented then looked at Janna. "Although I am curious, why did you pick Marco of all people to use this spell on?"

"Well, I figured the spell would have work even better with someone pure like a maiden so I picked Marco. I mean he's the safe kid and I'm pretty sure he still has his innocence." Janna replied.

"Well, you're not wrong. Most spells do work better if you use the blood of the pure and innocent." Glossaryck admitted to her.

"Hey! I'm not the safe kid! And I'm not some pure maiden! I'm a misunderstood bad boy!" Marco shouted offended by what Janna said.

Hekapoo just started laughing hearing that. "That is so funny and cute!" She laughed out causing Marco to start yelling at her resulting in the chain shortening again.

Moon just sighed seeing this. "Enough!" She shouted getting the two to stop arguing. "Hekapoo in case you have forgotten you need to get along with this young man so stop teasing him and be nice."

"I'm sorry Moon but I find the reactions this kid makes so entertaining it's hard not to tease him." Hekapoo replied as she pinched his cheek.

Marco just gave out a groan. "I can't believe I'm stuck to someone worse than Janna." He muttered out as he lightly slapping the hand that was pinching his cheek off.

Janna hearing this said. "Oh Marco, I'm hurt that you think that. It just means I have to up my game."

Marco's eyes just grew wide with fear. Rhombulus seeing this just asked. "Is it just me or do you think she's a lot like Hekapoo?" Lekmet just gave out a bah while the other commission members minus Hekapoo just nodded.

Just then Marco's phone began ringing and he saw it was his parents. "Oh man it's my parents!" He shouted as he began panicking. "How am I going to explain this?! What am I going to do?!"

Janna just took the phone from him. "Let me do the explaining, Marco." She said as she took the phone and answered it. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz. Yeah I answered his phone since Marco's a little tied up in a way." Janna just gave a small smirk saying that. "What's he doing? Well he's chained to a cosmic entity that looks like a sexy demon lady."

Just then Marco started shouting "It's not what you think!"

"I thought it was." Hekapoo added.

Moon seeing that Janna was just making the matters worst just took the phone from her and began to explain the situation to them the best she could but made sure to let them know that there son would be home soon. When she was done talking to them she looked at them. "Hekapoo, you'll be staying with his family until we can find a solution to free you. You are to get along with him the best you can if you want distance from him." She said.

"But your Majesty, I don't want to live with him!" Hekapoo whined out.

"I don't either" Marco agreed making the chain shorten a bit.

"Hekapoo, you don't have a choice in the matter. He's still a child and needs to be with his family." Moon told her sternly.

"What about my job and commission meetings?" Hekapoo asked.

"You two will have to reach a compromise about when you can do your job and as for commission meetings you'll have to bring him with you since you're the only one who knows how to handle Rhombulus when he acts up." Moon replied. "Now let's go see his parents so we can go over your living arrangements."

Pulling out her own pair of inter dimensional scissors from her dress. Moon then cut open a portal to earth to get this part of the problem over and done with.

"Alright I and Glossaryck will talk things out with Marco's mother and father. While you three hold down the fort until we get back from this Earth got it?"

"You can count on us Queen Moon!" Rhombulus saluted.

With all that settled Marco, Moon, Janna, Glossaryck and Hekapoo all stepped through the portal leading to Marco's home.

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