Ch 6 I'll handle it

"A good time uh?" Hekapoo repeated with a lack of care. "And what do you say is a good time?"

The middle and biggest one stepped forward. "Well, being with us is a fair improvement over your present company. I could also tell you're quite new here to Echo Creek as well."

"Really now, how could you tell I was new?"

"Simple," the one on the right answered. "A hottie like you would have been the take of the town. For like, forever."

"Aw, really?" She puffed out her chest showing off its size. "That's very nice of you to say."

"Yeah," now it was the guy on the left to step in on the conversation. "Come with us and ditch this week limp dick simp and hang with some real men."

Hekapoo for her part just began tapped her finger on her lips in a pose of thought and came up with an answer.

"No." it came simply and sweetly. "Now leave, me and my boyfriend we're about to have lunch."

"What?" All three of the men said in a shocked voice.

Marco himself was confused. 'Did they really think that that would work?' He'd admit that all three of them were good-looking, but with all three of them coming together to hit on Hekapoo at the same time they were coming on way too strong.




Surprisingly, the three meatheads could speak each other's words as if they shared the same mind.

Marco looked towards Hekapoo with a raised eyebrow. "Boyfriend?" he questioned.

And her response was to grab his head to pull his face into her side boob to shut him up and for her to do all of the talking. It worked, as when his face hit her side boob Marco froze like a deer in headlights. Marco wouldn't call himself weak-willed or anything, but that changed with the fairer sex. He couldn't even talk to the girl he liked. So understand, when one finds themselves being squished to a big boob, one's mind tends to shut down.

"Why not him? He's cute, can cook really well, clean, and knows how to show a girl a good time." She listed off but saw one of the guys on the right was about to say something. It looked like she'd need to escalate things from here on out. "Forget it. You guys just don't compare to him."

All three looked mortified. "We, don't compare to this poor limp dick-" the guy on the right stopped when he heard laughter.

"Phhfff." Hekapoo faked a concealed giggle as a bit of bait for the three stooges.

"Hey, what's so funny?" The guy on the right asked first.

"Poor? That's the best you got?" This seemed to grab their attention. Good, because she was going to let them have it. "You see all this." She lifted one of Marco's hands that was carrying some of the shopping bags. "Do you think someone that can take their girl out for a shopping spree and get her all the things she wanted if they're poor? I know this kid here is way more loaded with cash than the three of you combined as he owns over 150 acres of land and housing. For a guy his age, that's saying something." A bald-faced lie, but a lie they seem to believe.

"So… you're only dating him for his money?"

"Bitch please, I'm wealthier than he will ever be." A very true fact. "I'm so rich I swim in molten gold as a way to relax after a hard day of work." That is also true, she really did. "He's just paying for things now because I misplaced my wallet." Somewhat true. "And lip dick? This bad boy here is packing a Zweihander inside his pants." Not a lie but also not the truth for she didn't know his was or not.

"Wait, what did you say about my dick?"

"Hush now baby, mommy is talking." Hekapoo, being the alpha chick she was she just shoved Marco's face from her side boob too deep into her cleavage to shut him up, permanently for now.

As stated before, Marco was not a man of weak will. However, every man has his weakness. Marco's just so happened to be the weakness that most of all the men, and some women. In his world have and many other worlds as well would have.

"I mean you should have seen him and me last night," Hekapoo said as she stroked Marco's hair with her hands lovingly and playfully. "I was just screaming his name all night long like a total animal."

The guys on the right and left were both agape with their mouths so open they looked like that carnival game where you toss balls into their mouths. The biggest guy in the center. Was not. His eyes were skeptical and Hekapoo knew it. Oh well, she had a plan for that.

The middle man stepped forward towards her, she was unmoving and undaunted by him as she was fought with creatures that were larger than him. Marco on the other hand was oblivious to what was happening around him. Still frozen in place between her breasts just where she left him.

The big guy looked down but not at Hekapoo. Instead, his eyes are squarely focusing on Marco who is still trapped between a soft and a firm places. He wouldn't lie to himself, he was jealous.

"I can believe the money part of him being rich, and I'll take that swimming in molten gold as an over-exaggerated metaphor for your wealth." It was no exaggeration. "But for him." He pointed an accusatory finger at Marco. "Having a dick that could be compared to a two-handed great sword from a guy that looks like his only now is hitting puberty? He doesn't seem like a guy that's suckling on tits that aren't his own mother's."

"You know what, you're right."

"Yeah, I am right."

"I should have it compared to something else. A Zweihander doesn't draw a really good scale of comparison. It just sounds like I was overblowing things out of proportion"

"Yes, this is true."

"How about I compare him to you?"

"Now that sounds more reasonable- wait, what did you just say?"

"Oh, don't worry." Before the big guy knew it, her hand gently cupped his privates. "I'll be gentle. Well, somewhat gentle." And she clutched down hard.

The pain was so sudden and unexpected he wasn't even able to scream. Only able to open his mouth out wide for a sound that never left his throat. His two friends behind him saw this and felt his pain, although not to the same extent. They were going to help him, but stop as soon as they saw it. Their friend was being lifted off the floor, hovering around about a foot in the air. Clearly showing off the disparity of her strength to their own.

"Mmm, I was expecting something bigger given your size." She said as she felt his junk in her hand. "But it's just plainly average. My boyfriend's bigger." She let go of the guy's crotch and the man fell to the floor writhing in pain. "You two, hurry up and pick up your friend. He's ruining the mood with my boyfriend."

Quickly, the two did what they were told. Picking him up, they hurried off and out of sight. Seeing them gone, Hekapoo freed her 'boyfriend' from her cleavage. With a gentle pull, Marco regained his bearings, no longer trapped in between two sort and firm mountains Marco could finally breathe in the fresh air.

"Aaahh… I almost suffocated in there!" breathing in and out heavily Marco managed to steady his breathing back down to normal levels.

"Yeah, but what a way to go, right?"

"No, that's not… never mind. Just don't do that again."

"Why? You seemed to have enjoyed it."

"I did not."

"Alright then, if you didn't like it then why didn't you move?"

"I-I uh… I-"

"Don't sweat it, Marco. No one can blame you. A little young virgin like you can't help but fall under my womanly charms." She stated as she jiggled her breasts.

"I've told you this before Hekapoo. I'm 15, it's normal, nay. It's expected for me to still be a virgin."

"I know, relax Marco I know. I was just messing with you." She affirmed as she walked past him towards the smell of food. "Well, come now. I'm starving."

Catching up to her Marco had to ask. "So, what happened to the three guys back there?"

"Get me some food first Marco. Then, I'll tell you what happened."

Doing just that, Marco easily found them a seating booth they could use close by a fast food joint and told her to sit and wait there while he went and grabbed the food. He was surprised she did was she was told. He half expected she'd argue or complain. Instead, she just sat down with all the shopping bags and told him to hurry up. Not long later Marco came back with two trays with chili dogs, drinks, and fires.

Hekapoo's eyes widened as she saw the tray in front of her. "Goblin Dogs!"

"Goblin Dogs?" Confused by the name, Marco corrected her. "Those are chili dogs."

"Oh!" Hekapoo's enthusiasm dropped after hearing that. "Well, at least it looks and smells appetizing." She picked up her chili dog and was about to bit down on it until Marco cut in.

"Be careful, it's spicy." He warned.

"Seriously?" she raised an eyebrow at that.

He now remembers that Hekapoo is a being of fire. "Right, that was stupid of me."

She smiled. "Hey, you said it. Not me." And then took a big bite out of the chili dog. "Mmm? Not bad, not bad but no goblin dog or your cooking."

"Thanks and are goblin dogs that good?"

"Oh, yeah." She swallowed her food and then shoved a fist full of fries in her mouth before speaking. "They're so good that people from all over multiverse line up for miles just to get one. You know what? When I get back my scissors I'll take you with me to get one." She said right before she grabbed her drink and slurped it down like a fish to water.

"That's cool. So, what happened to those three guys?"

'BUUURRRRRP' the answer he got was her belching right in front of his face.

"Hekapoo," Marco wiped some of the food debris off his face with a wet wipe. "You can't eat like that in front of people. Especially at school. People will look at you funny."

She shrugged. "Whatever. Anyways, those guys were no problem for me. All I did was tell them I was your girlfriend and that you and I were rich people. Well, richer than them." She looked down on her tray and saw she finished her food and looked at Marco's tray. Seeing as he hasn't even touched his food. "Are you going to eat that?" she asked.

"No, I lost my appetite." He slid his tray towards her and she proceeded to eat like some Dragon Ball Z character. "Was that all that happened?"

"No," she said with a stuffed mouth.

"Care to elaborate? Without talking with your mouth full of food."

Thankfully she was already finished eating his meal. "Well, you remember that threat I said I'd do if you didn't sleep with me?"

"Context Hekapoo, context. And yes I remember that." He didn't like where this was heading, like always with her.

"I told them that happened and that you were a big dick boy… and I also crushed the biggest one's ball in my hand. Problem solved."

Marco inhaled deeply and exhaled loudly, but very calmly as he did in his meditation sessions with his karate sensei.

"Why would you say and do that?"

"Marco, look, I've been around for a long time. And I mean a very long time. I know how the worlds all work and there are just some rules that are universal no matter where you go. For men, it's all about who they are fucking, which in this case is," she pointed at him then at herself. "You fucking me. How much money you have and how big your dick is. If you have all three of those things, 2 out of 3 guys usually back off."

"2 out of 3. So the third guy didn't back off then?"

"Yes. The fourth universal truth is power, Marco. You need at times to demonstrate that you are stronger than others. If not, then people will walk all over you and steal your shit."

"Speaking from experience?"

"Yes, but also no. There aren't a lot of people that are at my level, even less so beyond it. So at most time's people are real sneaky when they steal from me. Like this one time, I go to take a leak and leave one of my scissors unattended for like 2 minutes, and they're gone. I never did find out who stole them, but when I do there will be hell to pay."

"Well, that's disturbing to hear, however Hekapoo I need you not to do things like that if you're with me. Crushing people's balls is not an acceptable thing to do here. We can get into some very serious trouble. Since we have laws and regulations to follow so whenever we're in a situation like that again, let me handle it."

"You sure about that? They were pretty big."

"I'm more than capable of defending myself."

"What, as in a fight or are you going to nag them into submission?"

"I'll have you know I'm a black belt in karate and I've also started to do some mix martial arts and kendo."

"I have no idea what any of that is, but good on you." She gave a patronizing pat on Marco's shoulder. "But seriously, if there is a fight let me handle it."

Feeling insulted Marco had to say something for his warrior's pride. "I can fight better than you think I can."

"Have you ever been in a real fight, Marco?"

Now he felt like Hekapoo was treating him like a defenseless child. "Of course I have."

"I mean as in a fight to the death, not in a ring," Her voice grew dark. "Because those two things end very differently from each other."

"No," Marco answered now seeing that Hekapoo's job might lead them into a path where a life may be taken, that scared him a little. "Hekapoo, things don't work like that here in America. You need to let me handle things here or otherwise, it's going to spiral out of hand."

"Fine, you win." She conceded. "However, if it's anything outside of Earth it becomes my problem to deal with, deal?"

She put out her hand to finalize the deal she's made. Looking down on the hand, Marco knew this was the best he was most likely going to get. Nevertheless, that didn't mean he couldn't try.

"How about we talk things over with each other before we do something we might both regret doing?"

Sighing in exhaustion she could not really be bothered with this argument right now and just lazily agreed.

"Fine, but on one condition." She smiled her toothy grin, but Marco kept a calm face. "I want more food. I'm still hungry and I want something sweet."

Marco smiled at that. "Okay, deal." They shook on it. "Come, I don't think the chain is long enough for me to go there and back again."

"Cool, what are we getting?"

"It's called a banana split."

"Are they any good?"

"The one we're going to get is. They only use the freshest bananas and all of their ice-cream is made in-house."

As they were walking, Marco looked off to his side and saw Hekapoo was smiling. She seemed to be enjoying today, then even more so when Hekapoo tried her very first banana split. It was that very same moment Hekapoo declared she'd try every item on the menu in the ice-cream store. Lucky for Marco's wallet Hekapoo saw that she was stretching her human's wealth a little too thinly for now. After eating a few more sweet treats Marco bought Hekapoo a few more things she'd need for her stay on Earth and called an uber home.

Despite the trip only being a 15 minute, the traffic was heavy. Marco found himself falling asleep right onto Hekapoo's lap. Hekapoo herself didn't mind that he fell asleep. She knew she was a hard case to handle and he did do a lot of things for her so she let him have this. That and she did find it relaxing to comb her finger through his hair as she waited to get home. The driver seeing this in his rearview mirror smiled at her and gave her a thumps up.

When they got home Hekapoo didn't wake Marco up. No, he did deserve a little nap, and to the Uber driver's surprise when he dropped them off, Hekapoo just carried Marco and all the bags as well making clones of herself, not in her human form, to help out. The drive, later on, took a week off and stopped drinking and smoking after he saw three demons come out of a girl that was carrying a boy out of his car.

Putting Marco in bed gave Hekapoo the time to retry all of her new outfits and shoes without getting much hassle from the sleeping boy that got her all of her new stuff. She might reward him later by wearing that new lingerie he got her, but for now she'd wait for him to wake up or she'd wake him up when it was dinner time.

"So far, this has been my best day on Earth. And I hope there is more to come." Hekapoo said to herself in the mirror as she was thinking about what to wear next.

"Hekapoo," she heard her name being called by Marco from the bed. "What time is it?" Marco asked as he got up. Only to see a fully naked Hekapoo in front of him, in her human form.

"Morning, sleepyhead. What's for dinner?" She didn't get an answer as Marco took one look at her naked body and fell back in bed unconscious. "Oh, I'm differently wearing that lingerie now." She helped