Part 1, this is my first FanFiction so any help would be great I'm trying my best I hope you enjoy if you don't tell me what I do wrong by the way ' that means whoever is talking or is focused on is thinking this'

And this * means a action such as running or kissing*

May 2nd 1998.

Harry just defeated the dark lord what is his next move.

Harry thinks to himself ' it's over, I finally won. It's over. I need to find her'. *gets up and runs to the great hall where he stops just at the door entry*. ' here she is the most wonderful girl in the world ... standing over her brothers dead body, all because of me'

Ginny and Harry's eyes meet*

All Harry can see is the sorrow in Ginny's eyes. Because of this Harry can't handle it and runs at he door to the lake where he an think.

Mrs. Weasley sees Harry leave and taps Ginny's shoulder then nods at Ginny telling her she needs to go to him. *Ginny he's up and runs out of the hall *

In Ginny's thoughts ' he's either at the quidditch pitch or by the lake' *Ginny looks at the pitch in ruins* Not there she says. * ginny rushes to the lake where she finds Harry.

Ginny sits down by harry*

Harry: it's all my fault

Ginny: no it's not

Harry: yes it is in the reason he's dead I'm the reals. They're all dead

Ginny: It's not your Fault. Everyone that fought in this was knew that they might die but they fought so their family could live in a more peaceful world. They died to protect their family's your not the reason they died your the reason they didn't die for nothing

Harry: thanks gin

Ginny: it's true Harry none of it's your fault no one dying is your fault

Harry: why did I ever let you go

Ginny: remember some noble reason

they both laugh*

Harry: yeah I guess so, I just didn't want Voldemort to get to you because if he found you and hurt you I wouldn't have anything left

Ginny: oh harry

Harry: it's true your the reason I could walk into that forest I walked in there knowing that when I came out if I came out you would be safe and alive.i could only do it because of you, because Ginny ... I love you

Ginny: Harry, I love you too.

they both lean in and kiss*

They break apart and Ginny stands

Ginny: are you coming?

Harry: yes

They walk back to the castle hand in hand.

That is the end of my first episode, I hope you liked it tell me things I could improve I'll try to upload again soon this story was posted July 30,2018