It's now August 28th,1998

It's been two weeks the rest of the sleep over was great the girls gossiped and the boys had some harmless fun. Hermione and Ginny have been getting ready for their last year of school at Hogwarts. Harry and Ron chose to go into the Auror department at the ministry.(we start with Harry and Ron training)

Ron: Harry behind you

Harry: Stupefy. Watch out

Ron: Expelliarmus

(Harry gets hit with a spell)

Instructor: Potter head on a swivel!

Harry: (Gets up). Stupefy, expelliarmus. (Harry is firing off spells like crazy, he's getting angry. Harry miss fires and hits Ron)

Instructor: Potter what do you think your doing? If you can't keep your cool you shouldn't be here. I don't care how many times you saved the world, your just a average auror trainee! Class dismissed!

Harry: (storms to the locker room) Ron I'm done being treated so awful.

Ron: I know it's a step down, we saved the world and now we're just treated like garbage. It's awful!

Harry: I know,I hate it! We should get home.

Ron: Yeah let's go

(The boys floo back to the borrow)

Ron: We're home!

Hermione: Hey (kisses Ron hugs Harry)

Harry: where's Gin?

Hermione: She said she was going to Luna's to hang out with some friends.

Harry: I'm gonna go get her we really need to talk.

Hermione: Okay

Harry: (Disapparated to Luna's)

(As Harry approaches the steps, he hears laughter Harry looks into the window and sees Neville, Luna, Ginny and to his surprise Dean. Dean who had his arm on the couch just behind Ginny slowly moving his arm closer to her shoulder until it rests on her. As deans arm rested on Ginny's shoulder Harry's was infuriated. He stepped back and hit a watering can. The crash of the cab startled all inside.)

Ginny: what's was that?

Dean: Probably nothing babe.

Ginny: Don't call me ...

Harry: ( barges in) Get the hell away from her Dean.

Dean: Make me Potter

Harry: Oh watch me douche.

(The boys brawl on the ground)

Ginny: Harry James Potter, you knock it off right now or I swear to god!

Harry: You'll do what break my heart cause your already on track for that.

Dean: Better listen to your girlfriend Potter.

Harry: Shut your damm mouth!

(Harry punches Dean)

Ginny: Harry nothing happened!

Harry: Whatever, I'm going to the borrow join me what you decide to be my girlfriend not his! (points at Dean then disapparates to the borrow).

Dean: he doesn't deserve you.

Ginny: Hell of a lot more than you (Ginny then follows after Harry)

Harry: look who showed up!

Ginny: Please harry don't get so upset. I love you so much you are amazing and Dean means nothing to I am absolutely head over heals in love with you and nothing will ever change that.

Harry: I love you baby but seriously you thought it was a good idea to go there like it was some kinda double date shit with a man that's madly I love with you.

Ginny: I don't give a crap if Dean loves me as I said before I'm madly in love with a amazing, handsome and kind man.

Harry: I'm sorry I got jeaslous he just makes me so mad I hate when he hits on you.

Ginny: babe he is a little prat and you have nothing to be worried about you are absolutely amazing.

Harry: Thanks sweets

(Harry and Ginny kiss and it quickly escalates. The two heads upstairs where things are heating up, Ginny quickly stops Harry).

Harry: What's wrong?

Ginny: Harry I love you I really do and I want this but I also want to wait until I'm out of school or until we're engaged or something.

Harry: whoa who's saying anything about getting engaged! Getting engaged leads to getting married, married leads to kids. Future ,scary why are we talking about getting married?!

Ginny: why are you freaking out so much? Is marriage completely off the table for you?

Harry: it's just I'm only 18 I turned 18 what a month ago. I'm in love with you there's no doubt, you are my life. I just don't want to talk about marriage.

Ginny: Harry I'm 17, I'm not looking to get married now I was just saying that I don't want to do this until I know we'll be together.

Harry: I'm not pushing you to do anything and I'm sorry if you felt that way. I love you babe I want to be with you I'm just not ready to talk about marriage, and it's on the table completely. Once we're ready to get married then we will but I don't think either of us are. Babe can we just hang out for a bit I want to spend time together until you leave because it is going to be the longest 9 1/2 months of my life without you