Hello fellow fan fiction readers/Writers this is my first story published on most of my stories have been published on other sites such as Wattpad just a heads up in advance there will be times where the will be major breaks between chapters as i do have a few things going on in my life right now so i thought i should just get it out there now anyway please enjoy the story thank you

Harry was sitting on his bed in the room he shared with Ron in Number 12 Grimmuld Place trying to nurse the massive headache he had gotten Ron and Hermione had gone downstairs sometime ago he was just about to get up himself when the headache came up tenfold the pain was so great the he passed out


Harry was in Sirius room upstairs Harry i need to let you know something Sirius said whats up He asked Sirius gave a sigh before Harry Dumbledore isn't the man you thought hes been manipulating you Everything thats happened has been tests designed by him to see how well you would do and if your up to scale with his plans he knew That Voldemort was in the castle in your first year and he knew who was hosting him he also knew the location of the Chamber he knew i was innocent and last but certainly not least he knew there was a way to get you out of the Triwizard Tournament but he didn't and just now i heard of his plan to Ki but he didn't get to finish the door burst open and Dumbledore stood there fury etched on his face You forget black walls have ears he snarled OBLIVIATE


Harry was outside the kitchen listening in on what Dumbledore was whispering, we need to find a way to dispose of Black his getting to troublesome i have had to Oblivate Potter multiple times now because of him i just might have to kill him myself and then dispose of the body and then tell potter he died on a mission for me there was a pause and then the door was wrenched open Harry tumbled inside his wand flashing out and turning around he went to curse Dumbledore but never got the chance OBLIVIATE


Harry was in the department of mysteries He was fighting a Lucius blasting the blond man aside he saw Bellatrix cast a stunner at Sirius but out the corner of his Eye he saw a jet of Emerald Green light blast out of Dumbledore's wand and hit Sirius square in the chest.


Harry was standing before Voldemort a smirk on his face so we have done as you ask my lord Potter very good Harry you and your friends have pleased me i knew there was a reason i accepted you into my ranks as my Heir Voldemort replied now get back to the orderHarry nodded once and disapprating back to grimmuld place only to have Dumbledore's wand pointed at him OBLIVIATE

Flashback end

Harry's eyes snapped open his Magic swirling around him snapping up the room rage clouding his thoughts the room door flew open and Ron and Hermione Stepped inside stopping at the sight of Harry's magic lashing out Hermione stepped forward a gleam in her eye Harry whats wrong she asked

Harrys attention snapped to her in a calm deatly voice he said i'll Kill him i'll kill them all they dare betray me they dare mess with my memories He dare kill Sirius. Good you've remembered Ron said as he stepped forward yes i have and Dumbledore will Fall he said now we need to let the Dark Lord know we have returned we will stay at Malfoy Manor for the rest of thr summer before we head back to Hogwarts we will make up a story for Dumbledore once we return both of them nodded before they fixed the destroyed room before sneaking outside after making it look like a duel had took place they disapparated to Malfoy Manor