Harry walked inside the Manor Ron and Hermione beside him he walked into The Dark Lords Chambers Where he saw him going over some paper work he waited for a bit until he looked up and saw Harry ah your back how did it go? he asked Harry gave a grin your looking at the new Lord Potter-Back-Peverell-Slytherin-Gryffindor Tom looked at him Slytherin what do you mean Slytherin Harry gave a sympathetic look i have the Title of Lord Slytherin by Right of Conquest when i defeated you as a baby the rest are by blood except Black thats Blood and Magic Ron is the new Heir Of Prewett and Hufflepuff and Hermione is the Heiress of Lestrange McKinnon and Ravenclaw together we have full control of Hogwarts

you unfortunately have lost the title of Heir of Slytherin and of course you were never the Lord because you didnt take it up you were also banished from the Slytherin Line Anger and Sadness Flashed through Tom he was about to speak before Harry cut across him I Lord Slytherin Formerly Welcome Tom Marvolo Riddle Back into the Slytherin Family may he once again find Comfort in the Family Magics as the Rightful Heir of Slytherin So i say so Mote it be

a flash of magic solidfied the oath and the Heir Ring appeared on His hand unfortunately you won't have the lordship unless i am declared either dead incapacitated or unfit to Rule Slytherin house i also plan to take up the Wizengamont seats the Potter family has two Slytherin and Gryffindor have three and Peverell and Black have two so all together i have 10 seats i just need to find out when the next Wizengamont session is You'll have to ask Lucius that Tom said Harry nodded alright I'll do that now As he was walking out Tom called to him turning around he said what, if you take up your seats then Dumbledore will know your not under his thumb and your story won't stick

don't worry about it i'll just say that i went to Gringotts and the Goblins told me, and with that he turned around and left the room.