Terry glides over the shipyard, observing the late graveyard shift. Looking over the uniformed men operating equipment and loading up crates meant for export. Taking note that on this night, it would appear that those meant to be on this shift, have not shown up. But instead, a different crew, and a different pattern.

He is familiar with everyone working here. Knowing who works on what day, and at what hour. Having to learn this due to the fact that the docs are a hot spot for illegal activity. And right now, everyone working in this section doesn't seem to belong.

Landing atop one of the cranes, he glances at the operator of a forklift and adjusts his antenna frequency to pick up and amplify anyone talking around him.

The man operating the forklift is barely able to get the machine to operate properly with his poor driving skills and clumsy hand-eye coordination. Quickly shifting gears and adjusting the level of the pallet carrying drums of an unknown substance. He slams on the breaks and hits the gas causing one of the drums to fall off and hit the floor nearly cracking it open.

"Careful you big clumsy ape! That stuff is worth three times over the expense of your life. One more slip up like that and I'll blast your head clean off! Do you understand?"

Terry narrows his eye's as his right-hand moves to the side of his head, he touches the controls on the side, punching in for his software to give him the readings on what those containers might be transporting.

His suit works quickly with the huge mass of containers set around the workers. The radiation is minor, indicating that those barrels are toxic to human touch. But the other data sent from the batsuit sights other worries.

The substance is actually cooling and keeping something else at the core of each barrel stable. They seem to contain almost no data at all.

"What do you think it is?"

Terry speaks softly as he jumps off and glides down atop a nearby storage building keeping himself hidden from sight. Still preparing for a well planned executed attack, rather than coming in swinging like he uses to.

Bruce speaks with calm and calculated steps. Already assessing what must be done. It's been more than a little while since they last worked on a case like this. Spotting the transportation of toxic and volatile substances near water. The fact they are transporting them indicates that it's man-made and possibly much more of it hidden someplace.

"Not sure yet. We're going to have to read off one of the drums directly when you get a chance. Right now just focus on taking out these guys quietly. Leave the one barking orders, maybe he might give us more information than just whats inside those containers."

Terry takes a moment to calculate who he should go for first.

"Maybe I should take them all out silently this time? What do you think?"

The tone of his voice hints at Bruce's old way of doing things. Nice and quiet, with minimal mess. The notion that he's making a joke about it, however, does indicate that the thought is crossing his mind. Which means he is playing around with the idea.

But Bruce knows exactly what to say in order to actually get him to do it like that.

"Honestly, I don't really think you have what it takes to do it the old-fashioned way."

A small little smirky grin graces his expression while finishing those words. Knowing that this toyish conversation is actually pushing Terry to become a better Batman.

"You know I can tell that was a little bit of a jab at my style of doing things. But just for that, I'll show you how I do your way."

Terry once again jumps off and glides down into the far end of the shipyard. Taking aim at one of the criminal workers. A small thud echoed in the night as he grabs the man and headbutts him, knocking him out. He tosses the man to the floor, turning around and landing.

"That's one down."

He runs into the shadows of the large crates stacked atop one another, observing the other men working carefully to prepare the shipment of this unknown substance.

"I got eyes on the man with the forklift, the one giving orders, and three more that are doing a bad job keeping an eye out."

Bruce listens to Terry while he himself is already performing a full scan of the area for the third time.

"You have one not too far behind you taking a leak."

Terry almost speaks out loud wanting to ask if he's serious. But resists the urge to do so knowing that Bruce doesn't joke around like that.

"I'll take care of him."

Turning on infrared he walks around to the corner of where the man is standing and waits for him to walk up as close as possible, and grabs him by the neck, lifting him up and slamming him down.

"He's out," Terry whispers.

"Good, now head on over to your four o'clock. One of them must be coming to check up on what was that noise you just made smashing that guy into the ground."

He quickly shifts back into the shadows, avoiding the crates and watches his footing. Allowing himself to become one with the shadows.

The sound of the thugs' footsteps echoes a bit louder as he comes closer. And once in his view, Terry can see that the man is carrying an old AK-47 with an advanced scope and silencer. Conventional weapons like that haven't been on the black market for a very long time.

Not only are they illegal to own, but they are hard to get. Whoever armed these guys must have seriously deep pockets. Deep enough to worry Bruce knowing that the suit isn't able to stand up to those type of rounds.

Taking no chances, Terry moves in quick and swings hard with both fists locked together, smacking the thug behind his head knocking him out.

"Playtime is over." He mutters to himself as he turns around and heads for the rest of the tugs.

However, unbeknownst to him, someone is observing and lurking over the rooftop. Watching him work. Studying his every move, and enjoying the view of Terry in that suit of his.

"Nice moves Batman. Very nice."

She whispers those words to herself in a thankful way, knowing that she's not going to have to go through the trouble of dealing with these men herself to get what she came for. But instead, she can wait for Batman to handle the hard part for her.

"I'm going to have to thank you eventually for this. You're giving me my biggest payday ever."