A split moments choice

Terry looks upon the barrels investigating what the contents could possibly be. Reading the label, all he can see is the warning stating that it's volatile.

"You getting this boss?" he whispers.

"Yes. My readings indicate that it's giving off energy similar to butyl acetate and radioactive isotopes. A strange combination."

Bruce wonders about the uses for such a substance. Normally butyl is used in paints and lacquers. But to mix it with radiation... and other unknown substances... could mean the ingredients for a highly toxic bomb. Or even perhaps experimental energy.

"I'm going to contact the G.C.P.D. Make sure you hang back and observe the situation until they arrive. We don't want anyone causing any..."

Suddenly a warning signal lights up on the scanners. Stating that there is an emergency at the airfield. A break in no doubt. Or perhaps something even more intense.

Wasting no time Bruce hacks into the camera feed and takes a look.

"You still there old man?" Terry asks peculiarly, wondering why all of a sudden his mentor stopped speaking in mid sentence.

"Looks like we got a few people transporting some unmarked crates into a couple cargo planes."

Turning the cameras to see what else they are trying to load up, he spots more of those barrels with exactly identical warning labels.

"Terry, get to the airfield now. These people are loading up more of that stuff. GO NOW!"

McGinnis takes off without any smart comebacks. No wise remarks. His rocket boots turn on shooting him into the air as he aims for his cloaked bat pod. The G.P.S. system already containing the location pre-set for him.

Activating the thrusters he moves at full speed. Tossing his worries of this current bust aside. Holding strong faith and hopes that the Gotham police will get here in time to stop any and all further criminal activities.


Unbeknownst to them, Inque begins to make her way out of the shadows from between the darkness of shadows concealing her from prying viewers. Slowly she glides like water down and over the unconscious bodies taking her true form as she comes closer to one of the containers.

"Looks like Batman didn't disappoint. Did the job for me. I'll have to thank him later."

Picking up one of the crowbars laying around, she shoves the end of it into the top hatch and pops open the top cautiously. Observing the purple glow given off from the contents.

She glances at the inside and to her surprise, the substance isn't liquid, but small solid cubes.

"Well well. Look at this."

Not wanting to risk any poisoning from the possible radiation she closes the container back up and looks around at the passed out thugs.

"Better load up a car and get out of here."

Knowing that these men came here in some form of transport, she glides on the floor to the parking lot and spots some vehicles. One of them being an SUV. Another being a van.

"Everything fits perfectly for me today. My luck just changed I think."

She laughs a little as she goes back, grabbing a container and quickly returns to vehicles. Breaking into the van and sliding the barrel in the rear. Then quickly getting in the driver seat.

"Let's get going."