Terry enters his 2054 Chrysler parked outside his home and reaches for his Batman suit hidden inside his backpack placed in the back seat and opens it up, looking upon the face of the bowel gazing upon his eyes.

He takes a deep breath and takes hold of it with his right hand, and at that moment he hears Inque speak to him from the passenger side.

"So now you prepare to risk your life for the city once again."

Terry, with the shift of his eyes, looks at her and speaks.

"I'm getting ready for work. You shouldn't be here."

With a soft and slight smile she answers his statement with a fact.

"I can make your life easier. Help you out and all that."

He slowly shakes his head.

"No. You should stay here, where it's safe. And let me do what I have to."

Inque shakes her head and sighs.

"Alright whatever. I'll wait for you and make up some excuse for your mother."

She opens the passenger side door and exits out of the car as Terry begins to put on the original Bat suit on, and drives off. Leaving Inque to observe him as he vanishes in the distance. Headed to the site of the crime scene. To the raid of the tower.

... elsewhere...

The man falls to the floor as the contents of his head spill out upon the floor like jello, chunks of brain fall to the floor as blood secrets out and creates a wide puddle.

"Fucking shit." Whispers the restrained security guard as he looks upon the dead body of his former friend.

"You can avoid ending up like him pal. All ya gotta do is tell us the access code, and you can still make it out of here alive."

The man wearing full body armor places his 45 magnum upon the man's head. These weapons had been banned ages ago, in substitute of the much less dangerous energy weapons. How he and his allies ended up getting hold of these weapons is another story. The fact that his life is in his hands is the issue currently at hand.

"I... alright... just give me a minute. I need to remember it."

Those words is all he can manage. He doesn't know the code, but with hope... and some lying... he can extend his life just a little bit longer.

The criminal cuts the rope restraining the guards hands. Releasing him from his binds. And the security guard slowly makes his way to the vault. Praying that someone can some to his rescue. These people will not wait for him to mess up multiple times. But they will wait for him to mess up a few times. And hopefully those few times will be just enough to make time for his rescue. He, is waiting for the Bat-man.


Terry lands atop the roof, the one right next to Tower 3. He slowly touches his communicator and speaks to Bruce.

"I'm here."

Bruce presses a few buttons and establishes the video link connected to Terry's optics.

"I have Vid Link. Time for you to make an entrance."

Terry steps on the edge of the building and glances to Tower 3. He takes a moment to figure out which window he wishes to go through and finds the best path for him, and the proper steps to take in this mission.

Observing his 3D readout of the Tower. He speaks to Bruce.

"100 levels and no fire escape going from the fifth level on up. Should a fire erupt from levels four, five or six. Everyone in that building would burn alive."

"Stay on mission Terry."