Ok, so I got the idea late at night while my sister and I were watching an episode of Go, Diego, Go! A throwback to our days as toddlers. And as we were watching Diego crawl away from an elephant, I thought of Jason and I honestly could see him doing this. XD Enjoy!

The pretty brunette mumbled in her sleep, to which, Jason froze. As he watched her stir restlessly, he held his breath, hoping she wouldn't wake.


The woman rolled onto her tummy and sighed, relaxing.

Jason let out a breath, careful not to wake her.

Wait. I know what to do...

Jason shoved his wallet into his back pocket and lowered himself to the floor.

"Creep and crawl. Creep and crawl." He mumbled quietly.

As he whispered this mantra, the brunette once again rolled into her side and mumbled incoherent sentences.

Jason froze instantly, praying silently that she would stay unconscious.

It was once she sighed and nuzzled her pillow, signaling that she was not ready to wake, that Jason started crawling towards the bedroom door, repeating his mantra a few more times before he finally made it to her bedroom door.

Once he made it to the hallway, he shut her door quietly and stood up.

"Just need to make it to the front door now." He whispered to himself.

He managed to maneuver around her cluttered apartment until he got to the dreaded coffee table.

On his way to freedom, his foot caught on the table leg, making a loud bang.

He sighed in frustration and waited for her to come stomping out of her bedroom.

When she hadn't come out right away, he sighed in relief.

Jesus. This woman can sleep through a zombie apocalypse.

"Creep and crawl. Creep and crawl." He whispered to himself once more before reaching his destination.

He opened the door quietly and stepped out.

As he closed the door behind him, he gave himself a proud smile.

"Yes!" He exclaimed in celebration, before making his way to the elevator doors.

Thank you, Go, Diego, Go!

Dear god, this Jason! *sighs and facepalms* XD