I do not own megaman star force / ryuusei no Rockman (the lyrics in this fic are from Megaman Star Force 3)

Wish I did though

Geo PoV

I hear the play button click and music starts to play, it takes a few seconds then I realize what song is playing, "of course you'd choose this one."

She laughs and I realize why she chose it "On both the Wave Road and in the real world. I looked up at the sky and I felt so alone. I wanted a connection but I didn't really try." She stops and looks at me with a smile on her face, "I was afraid to be lied to so I never got close I buried away the loneliness deep down inside and I just kept on singing until starlight shined on me." She looks over to me, "and touched my heart."

I grab the second mic from off of the table, "It was the day that I met you that our link was discovered you found me at my worst," I remember when I met Sonia I was trying to avoid everyone and I practically despised friendships because I didn't want to be hurt if they left.

Sonia's angelic voice sings the next lines, "Shooting star you guide me in the dark."

I take her hand as I sing the next lines, "your smile gives me hope," it really is true though, every time I felt like giving up Sonia was there to make me feel better, she was my first brother, she changed me for the better and she is the one I want to be with forever.

"I'm not afraid of anything I'll keep looking to the sky grasping for light," she smiles and I melt a little on the inside.

I breathe and start the next part, "your smile fills my heart."

"Shooting star," she looks at me and we sing the next part together,

"You guide me in the dark."

The song ends and I say something that I would never regret, "hey Sonia," I put the microphone down on the table, "I love you," with that I kiss her. The kiss is short but sincere, she didn't pull away which was good.

"You know, you should have let me respond first," I try not to laugh at the angry expression adorning her face.

"I'm sorry, what would you like to say?"

Her expression quickly changes and it looks like she's plotting something, "well now I won't tell you, unless you agree to one thing."

I sigh and roll my eyes, "and what would that one thing be?"

"Hmm," she fakes thinking as if we both don't already know what she wants, "go out with me again and be my boyfriend."

I'd tease her, but I'll do that after, "hmm, yes." Her face lights up more than it already has, "now what were you going to say before I so rudely kissed you?"

She can hear my sarcasm and responds in the same, "well I was going to say I love you too, but you didn't let me."

We both laugh, "ok, let's try this again, hey Sonia, I love you."

As I lean in to kiss her she puts a finger up to stop me, "I love you too, you dork," she pulls her finger away and leans forward.